Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Blogger Friend Joann and Crafter Extrodinaire!

You need to meet this woman and enter her AWESOME giveaway!!

Okay,,,I kind of came across Joann and her blog somewhere.....LOL. I'm frankly not sure WHEN or HOW. But, she primarily "Does" a lot of  media paper and mixed media crafting, like I like to do....And well, one thing lead to another and somehow I found out that she KNEW and SOLD Stuff to Jana and Clarice for the shop I work in, Joyworks.

Jana and Clarice met Joann, LONG before I "met" her in "Blogland."  Joann was selling her crafts and wares at the BIG "Atlanta Gift Show." She has sold her wonderful  hand crafted items all over the US,,,,,,,,to various shops and venues..........But, Her blogsite is still, pretty new, undiscovered and, pretty small,,,,,but "Ladies and Gentleman,,,,she is BIG "Potatoes!"  Ahh,,,I guess I need to say for you YOUNGER bloggers.....she has done well, has been successful in her crafting,,,,in spite of being unacknowledged by Bloggers and Blog followers) So,,,,,what are you waiting for? GO......Check OUT her fantastic Crafting blog! Follow!

She's the BEST- in SO many ways!! Let her know what YOU think, by commenting on her giveaway, which ENDS Wednesday the 4th of August!  and YOU might just be lucky enough to win one of her unique, handmade, embellished and wonderful crafts!

Her talents, sense of humor and fortitude! Couldn't meet or get to know a better blogger or crafter,,,,,in MY mind!

Hugs and love to you ALL,,,,,,,,And special HUGS to Joann!


  1. Eeeeeeeeeek......I can't find the link to her Blog in your posting...please send me her link so I can visit her :)

    LOVE and PIECES!


  2. Oh Shelly lol you are just too sweet!!! Is that ME you are talking about? lol I sure do appreciate your publicity. wish I could come out there and give you a big hug. hugs JoAnn

  3. Thanks for the heads up Shell. off to take a lookie!

  4. Thank you for pointing us in JoAnn's direction.... checked out her blog and her goodies.... such beauty! I'm near 50 myself, and sometimes feel like us "old crafters" get lost in Blogland! JoAnn definitely deserves recognition for her craft!


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