Monday, June 6, 2011

Chicks, Junk and Friends.....Farm Chicks 2011 Part 1

Wowza! What a fun weekend in Spokane! My Sister in law Mary and I headed out on Friday Morning, for the 300 or so Mile Drive -to Sunshine, the Davenport Hotel, Friends, Antiques and Junk galore,,and Oh yeah, a couple of REAL chicks thrown in for good measure........

This is a long post,,,,but it was SUCH a fun filled weekend,,,,it was hard to leave anything out! So read, or peruse as you will........

Historic Downtown Spokane.....

Mary, my awsome "sis-in-law" since the age of 9 and "Antiquer extrordinaire"....... and "Mr. Davenport "in the Lobby of the "Old Davenport"
Gorgeous Hotel! (We stayed in the "Towers" across the Street)

 A few Random Images from Both Buildings........

After we got settled in, it was back over to the Main Hotel and the legendary Peacock Room for Dinner.......

Complete with an Albino Peacock!

When WHO should we run into? But Some other Gorgeous "Chicks!"

(Andi, Cheri, and Jana (my co-worker from Joyworks))
Tired, but we're SO happy to Be here! We had an awesome Dinner and a Glass of the Local Wine! Yummy!

And in the Morning,,,,,,,on to Farm Chicks! (I know you're saying, Shell, it took you long enough to post what we really wanna see!)

First Stop, my dear friend, Deb Bock's "Garden Party" Booth!

Stop IT! She was Hoppin'! So a Quick Hi, and Back later for a "Photo-Op", How Cute is She,,,,and her Booth!

Deb's Fun "Live" Dress Form,,,,complete with Flowers.......

Too Pretty!
(If you're local and you missed Farm Chicks, You can catch Deb and the "Junkin'" Gang NEXT weekend at Second Saturdayz in Seattle)

Then I was on to-----(Breathe Shell, Breathe)  my "Drug of Choice" Dealers,,,,,Jennifer and Diane......

Jennifer and Diane,,,,
Vintage and Antique Ribbons/Trims, Pearls, Millenery, Oh My,,,,,,
This is my FAV!!!!! I want it ALL!

A few of my Finds there:

Vintage Velvet Ribbons ,,,,,I'm in LOVE!

Pearls, Feathers and MORE Ribbons, DUH!

And, of COURSE, I found MORE Lace,,,,,and a few fun Porcelain Heads elsewhere!

During my Hunt, I ran into a  lots of Snohomish friends and Joyworks Customers,Vendors and shop owners, including a couple of Folks that I've come to know and Love this last year....

The talented and Colorful Maxine (Ctr) of Maxine's Floral Design fame in Seattle and the dear and handsome Todd, from Bountiful Home in Edmonds, along with a dear friend of theirs, that, honestly? They introduced me to, and in the Chaos of the Show, I've forgotten her name! (Maxine was my pink hair inspiration, after I met her last October,,,,,and I thought, I am SO about that!)

Much more to share tomorrow in "Farm Chicks, Part Deux" but I'll leave you with a pic of Moi and Jenny Doh at the Saturday Nite "Farm Chicks Dinner."

Jenny and Moi,,,,,too fun! She's the Bestest!

 I knew she was coming to Washington to promote her awesome new book, "Signature Styles," but, it was SO fun to see her this weekend again! My "Crafting Buddy" from Silver Bella in Omaha. Jenny and I shared supplies and tools at the last art session of Silver Bella and then chatted extensively over cocktails on the closing nite. I really enjoyed getting to know her and sharing our mutual "horror" stories of growing up as "1st generation" Americans to immigrant parents.

But, too funny, at the  Farm Chicks Dinner? Jenny introduced me to Heather Bullard as her "Party Friend from Silver Bella." So,,,,, I just had images of wearing a Lampshade at the Next venue Jenny and I attend together! Okay,,,,but it's going to be an ALTERED lamp shade! (Too bad I can't attend Kim Caldwell's next event in a couple of weeks-I'm sure there will be a few gals there that would be game too!,,,,)

I'll share the rest tomorrow-more fun booths, friends, purchases, etc! And I'll link to some other Farm Chick Posts.......please feel free to add YOUR link to this post, or tomorrow's, if you attended the show or had a Booth! I'd LOVE your "take," and I'm sure others would love YOUR perspective/Pics too!

Hugs, Love and a "Chicky" Bus on the Cheek!

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  1. Thanks Shell, I wanted to go this year but alas other things took priority, so next year. But I am living vicariously through all the good photos, like yours.


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