Monday, January 31, 2011

One World One Heart Event!

Do you know what Today is??? (Well, yes, for the record,,it's "National Bubble Wrap Day.") But do you know what ELSE starts Today? The Beginning of Lisa Swiftka's One World One Heart Event,,,,,,,,aka OWOH! -Which runs from Jan30th-Feb. the 17th.
Contact Lisa, or read about this Great Event on Her Blog, link, above If You would like to participate.......and haven't yet done so!

Otherwise, If you are visiting my Blog for the first time,,,because, I would imagine there will be many passing through in the days to follow, Welcome! If you've followed my Blog for a while and/or a Blogger you might want to check out the Link for the 1000's,,,,yep, that's right 1,000's of blogger's Worldwide that take part in this Annual event- 4 years running,,,,,,and THIS, being Lisa's 5th and FINAL year for the Event.

Everyone, WORLDWIDE involved in this Blogging Event has a Giveaway......And, IF you Blog and you want to participate,,then Choose a Craft, a Book, a Tool, a Supply to offer. Your choice. . .Okay, so? Enough about the EVENT and the magnitude of Bloggers and types of Giveaways you can win........Go to the Link to learn more!!!

So, again, if you ARE new to my Blog, Welcome!  I've been blogging for about 2 years now. I live in the Seattle Area of Washington State. You can see my whole Profile on my Sidebar, but, if you read my blog a bit, you'll see that I post about just about anything--from Crafting, to Junking, to my Animals, my Co-workers and family-Cooking. Basically, whatever I'm doing, working on at the moment.

I  Created the Blog, because, well, basically, I love to CREATE,
 incorporating Vintage items such as lace, papers, ribbons, old millenery (hats) and Glitter!!!  I'm not big on "Mass Production." In fact, I can honestly say I don't think I've ever created TWO things exactly alike. I enjoy trying new materials, different textures, images, etc. Frankly, I think, because I do so many different posts and create a lot of different THINGS that we'd all be better off if a friend or two of mine did this part of the Post..

So, with THAT all in mind,,,,,,here's my Giveaway (s),,,,and as long as you have a Blog, regardless of whether or not you take part in the rest of the OWOH event, you are free to enter! (If you don't have a BLOG, I'll have another Giveaway soon, because I just hit the 200 follower mark)

IF YOU have a Blog and leave a comment HERE, You actually have your choice of ONE of the Following Hand Crafted, One of a Kind Items of your Choice! If I reach 250 Followers, I will create another and a Third if I reach 300 before the OWOH Event is Over! 

Custom "Badge",,,,Can say whatever,,,your name or Wish, Bloom, etc. Choose your own colors/words
Custom "Mini Cake" Topper
Birthday/Anniversary/Wedding or Baby,,,,,,,,,If you win, we'll talk-I'll design a piece for your Event!


One of my Whimsical Bird "Cages"
I use Vintage Birds,,,,,,and Music paper, but other than that, you can select the other Colors you'd like to Include!

A "Made to Order" Mini-Top Hat Head Band

Here is an example of a Neutral toned Top Hat I made,,,,,,but again, you can choose your Colors/ Theme.

That's it,,,,,,my OWOW Giveaway (s). If you'd like a chance at winning your choice of Any of these, just leave a Comment IF you Have a BLOG!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope if you've never been "HERE" that you'll take a look around and see what I create, what I LOVE and what I'm up to! I'd LOVE it if you become a follower if you are not already,,,,,,and if my followers increase, it makes winning a bit  easier for YOU!!!

Most of All? I hope you have fun, meet some new friends as I truly have in the last two years I've been involved. I hope it opens your eyes, truly to ALL the aspects of "Blogland." Truly this event in prior years gave me a broader perspective of Blogs, Artists, and New and Dear Friends!

Thanks for Stopping by ,,,,,,,and I'll post a Giveaway tomorrow as Well, for All my Followers! Ackkk, I just, (prior to this event) reached 200 Followers! ( No blog needed to win THAT one!)

I hope everyone has a wonderful "Ride" on the OWOH Carpet! (Thanks again to Lisa-you're the BEST!)

As is Customary for Moi---"Love, Hugs and a "Bus" (Which is a loud Kiss on the Cheek generally given to a Friend, or "Non"-Love interest but dearest Friends!)

Truly, I hope all you blogger enjoy and explore this Worldwide Event Lisa has offered..........It may change your LIFE!............ (Hugs and OH so special Love for the women I got go know throught this event LAST YEAR.......Including my DEAR, DEAR friend Jill, whom I hope to meet and visit in March,,,,,,and Truly? All the bloggers and Artists I met LAST Year during this event! It Can be, and WILL BE life changing for many of us!!!


Again, tomorrow I will post a Giveaway for MY Blogger friends,,,,,,You need not have a blog to Enter THAT giveaway,,,,,,,but truly? I'd recommend checking out some of the WWW Bloggers above.....they are/can be amazing and inspirtional!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

What the Heck is a Yard Egg you may ask.....and linking to French Cupboard Valentine event...

(Please refer to bottom of this Post, if you're Only looking for Handmade Valentines (French Cupboard Event..But You might enjoy these Handcrafted Eggs as Well!)

Happy Friday All! Hope you had a GREAT week! I've been busy in "Shell's little Sweatshop" making goodies for the Ruffles and Rust Event in a couple of Weeks......(See Sidebar for details.) We have kind of a Garden/Spring "Thingy" going for the Event.... Lots of Birds, Eggs, Flowers, and I decided I'd do a BIT of Easter. And,,,,,I had these "Yard Eggs?"

Yard Eggs??? Yeah, well, they WERE the Cheapy, molded plastic BIG eggs that people used to hang in trees Outside at Easter......You know, the houses you'd drive by and they had all those Funky eggs hanging or place around the place. (Kind of on the same scale as plastic pink flamingoes...only think EASTER!)

(They are/were HUGE,,,,,,10 inches High!)

But then??? A couple of years ago, Tracey Porter did a Video tutorial on her blog with all these amazing eggs- Festooned with lovely ribbons, flowers, decoupaged images and eggs she "sanded" in like  colors....(So the purple eggs got purple sand and the pink got the pink,,,,yadda yadda)......And they were all displayed in Gorgeous Urns, Soup Tureens, teacups,,,etc. Truly? They were gorgeous and I went on a HUNT for the stinkin Yard Eggs! Only to find? They don't make 'em anymore! Ackkk! I bought a couple on EBAY for about 6 bucks a shot,,,,because I wanted to make "Glorious Egg Creations" like Tracey's. Shortly after I bought my first "Yard Eggs" on Ebay I found a half a dozen at a Garage Sale,,,,,25cents EACH,,,,,,I Know, SHUT UP!!

So,,,,,I reviewed the tutorial?,,,,,And tried to create one of my own.....Well, THAT craft project would be right up there with the "Bunny from Hell" that I tried to create last Easter out of Paper Clay,,,,,,if you remember that.. a whole nightmare!

But this week,,,,down in the bowels of my albeit dryer but STILL a bit DAMP Studio,,,,,,I had an idea.....and, ahem, half a dozen or so Yard Eggs left laying around,,,,,,,Here's what I ended up with!

Stage ONE,,,,,,Big Ole' Egg Covered in Music Paper decoupaged on,,,,,(God Bless Modge Podge!)

Then, I added Vintage Images,,,,,this one above, part of a 1909 French Postcard-which is one of my Fav's,,,,, Scrunched Ribbons,,,old Millenery, Lace, Vintage Wallpapers,,,, and Voila! "Tres' Chic Yard Egg!"

I'll tell you how I made them,,,,,and My Stars,,,If you can scare up a Yard egg or two, embellish some of your OWN, if you'd like.....Who knows? Maybe you'll get lucky at the Thrift Store. AND,,,,if you don't wanna make your own,,,,shoot,,,,send the lot to me and I'll make you one! But alas, I think they've gone the way of the "Dodo Bird."

Here are a few Valentine Images from a previous post. I'm linking this post to both the French Cupboard this evening and Debra's Vintage Friday Event at the Common Ground!

(Wallpaper from "Hidden Treasures" in Iowa during the Silver Bella Event...........)

Victorian Themed Heart,,,,,,,(I had fun learning to Sew Paper for these!)

Etc., Other "Kitchy" and Victorian Valentines..........Part of my ADD, or Whatever is I can never decide WHAT Era, theme I like.......So I always seem to do a bit of "This, and That!"

(Linking tonight to BOTH,,,, French Cupboard 's Valentine Event and  Debra at Common Ground   .........)

Have a Great weekend! If you're local,,,,we've got some Awesome new things in Joyworks! New clothes, New pictures, New goodies from Kelly Rae Roberts and much more! And make sure you stop by and get your $3.00 OFF coupon for Ruffles and Rust!

Hugs, Love and a Bus!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Penny's Birthday Celebration at Joyworks!

Today we Celebrated Penny's Birthday at Joyworks. Amy and Jill did a GREAT job decorating for the event--Everything was done in Aqua and Black and White.....Too cute!

Here's the Birthday Girl, Penny dressed in Aqua,,,,,,, (apparently she got the "memo" about the theme!)

We all dished up Lunch and our coworker Rita arrived a BIT late,,,,,,,,but with Novelties in hand.......we all received and donned "Happy Birthday" know, some times it is just GREAT to be on the OTHER side of the Camera,,,,,,,But THIS turned out pretty Cute!!!

(Amy, Jill, Luanne, Rita, Birthday Girl Penny, Sandi and Jana front and Center!)

Our dear leader and Joyworks owner Clarice, wasn't here.......She's got a respitory Bug......I'm sure Days and days of buying for Joyworks in Atlanta and then hitting the ground running,,,,,back to work at the shop, didn't help!

We all missed her,,,,,,and hope she'll rest up and get BETTER!!!

"Les Cake"

Penny and I suffer from the same condition. We've both been to Europe and developed a taste for TRUE, Artisian Bakers,,,,, authentic European pastries/desserts. I KNEW her pallet was defined,,,,shortly after I met her! Traveling through France, Belgium, Italy, and the likes,,,,,,there is dessert,,,,,,,,,and THEN there is DESSERT!!!

Voila........the Cake.........

We had a great afternoon! And, Oh my Stars......Next Friday is Clarice's Birthday Celebration!  And then Luanne's and then,,,,,,and then.........

Hugs and Love to all my coworkers---especially Penny because this was HER event!  And warm hugs and thoughts for Clarice,,,,,,,hope she's starting to feel better!

I can never elaborate enough about the tremendous group of women I work with! They light my life, my days...I treasure each and every one of them. Penny,,,LOL as we periodically joke about is the newest Joyworks member.  Joined our group approaching 70..........

I simply cannot imagine my life without all the women I work with. They are ALL truly the best of the best. And Penny has been a fantastic, new addition to the mix. She's Timeless, to me. I've gotten to know her pretty well and frankly, I never think about her age.  Or our age differences. I simply LOVE having her in my life, working with her,,,,,and getting to know her better.  And her "hubbs," Bill is a dear!

Happy Birthday Penny! I hope you enjoyed your Special Celebration! So Glad to have you in my life,,,and I'm sure all the Joyworks Gals appreciate you as well!!!

Get Healthy Clarice!!!!!!!!!

Hugs, Big Love and a Bus,,,

"Do what you Love and love what you Do!"

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baskets and Birds,,,,,,Feedback please! And thanks for comments yesterday!

First of all, Thanks to ALL of you for your comments yesterday! Since I learned of my "Adoption" by my step dad and later of the other part of my bio family, I've been pretty candid.....You are who you are,,warts, skeletons in the closet and's interesting to explore, truly. And, although a bit scarey,,,,,to open "That Box"- I'd highly recommend it to anyone. At any rate,,,you learn a bit more about yourself!

So,,,,,,I'm getting ready for Ruffles and Rust,,,,,and I just HAD to make these baskets and birdhouses,,,,,,Floral wire, Music paper, Vintage Millenery,,,,,,,,Whaddya think? In no particular order and photos are, ahem,,,,,,still my bad self....

Mini basket.......I loved twisting all this floral wire into "baskets" and cages" and making obscure projects............

Hard to see this little "Chippy" Vintage Cotton spun bird here,,,,,,,,,But she's perched amidst Vintage Wallpaper Butterflies, Sheet music leaves and old Millenery..........

Bluebird "Cage",,,,,,,,,,

Closeup of the "Bluebird",,,,,although again my camera doesn't reflect the best image........

The smallest basket in this grouping...........

I think I'll add a Bit of Glitter here,,,,,,,what do YOU think???????

And, I may still add a few more pieces to this grouping,,,,,but heres one more, for now......

Vintage Green Bird in Cage.......

I had too much fun, twisting wire, adding embellishments of Vintage spun cotton birds, old millenery and sheet music.....And, well, if nobody else loves them as much as I do,,,,,I'd gladly keep them all! But hopefully, a few will find "homes" during the Ruffles and Rust Event......

What do YOU think of these pieces,,,,I'd love some feedback!

And tomorrow? On to a few more pieces,,,,,,,,,and......TA-DA! Penny's Birthday Party at Joyworks!
She's the Bestest,,,,,and we'll have a GREAT celebration tomorrow and ahem,,,,,I'm bringing the dessert! Eat your Heart OUT! Can you say "Oooh La La??" a French dessert! Mon Ami! Oui Oui!!

Hugs,Love and a big ol' Bus,,,,,,and again Thank you all for your comments on my "Adoption" and Family discoveries yesterday!!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

"One Up on Oprah" ......or Finding my own two Half Sisters

Oprah's announcement today-of finding a new Half Sister, Patricia, for me, personally, was interesting and emotional., Although my family dynamics were substantially different, not only did I find ONE half sister,,but TWO, about 10 years ago. 

(Oprah and newfound half sister, Patricia)

When I was 15, and having HUGE frustrations and what I considered humiliations from my "Dad," Milt,,,,of which I'd been venting to my Mother,,,she pulled into a gravel church parking lot, turned off the engine of her little Red Rambler-looked at me and declared, "He is NOT you Real Father."

I turned my head- Right, Left, looked through the car windshield and thought to myself, "are we in a Movie, or am I in some weird dream???" Okay, so, my family was pretty Normal,,,,I mean, I thought it was Normal,,,,,,


My mother had me at 40,,,,,,and I had 3 ,,count 'em 3 brothers.My youngest brother Ross,  was 10 years older than me,,,,,,and, I had two OTHER "brothers" 16 and 17 years older than me....

As a teen, all of this kind of registered. And my Mom, who was my dearest, best friend,when she finally "told me," only didn't really,  didn't elaborate. I got scared. Scared to ask questions,,,,scared to Rock the Boat that was my family, my life and my existence. Truthfully? I craved a  story \an answer to all the questions that started piling up in my head-once she unleashed the truth..... I longed to know,,,,,Who was my bio dad? But I loved my mother so, and she didn't seem willing to share elaborate, and so I was afraid,,,,I didn't ask more.

A funny thing happened after she told me. The "Dad" that had raised me took on a different light in my world.
Prior to her announcement,,,,,all I thought was,,,,,He could be ill-mannered, swear like the sailor he formerly was,  embarras me, And in spite of their affluence/wealth, he'd wear thrift store or navy issued clothing, when he could have afforded much better,,,,,and periodically brought things home from the thrift store,,,,But,, i started to accept,,,and shortly thereafter, I "warmed."

With all of his faults and flaws, He gave me a happy childhood. He "raised me up." He made me believe I could BE and do anything. Yeah, I "did" all the girl things,,,but I did the "boy" things too. I went Fishing and Camping and I even learned how to shoot a gun, although all I ever shot at were tin cans,,,,,,,and truly, I could NEVER understand how the guys could go off and shoot Birds, Deer and Elk. But I was HIS princess,,,,,He loved me,,,,and always, always treated me like "his own." And even AFTER I found out he wasn't my "Real Dad," I never elluded to the fact that I'd learned that. He WAS,,,,,,my "Dad."

But later on, after having my own kids, and watching them grow, and my mother grew older I truly craved to know more about the "other half of my DNA,,,,,my bio Dad. And I researched and researched on the Internet and made endless phone calls and wrote  emails and letters........and Finally,,,,,,,,I found out about my "Bio Dad". And the other half of my Family.

By the time I  completed my researchsh,,,,,My Bio Dad, James T. Flanigan had passed away. He died just prior to my being widowed in 1994. His mother, my Grandmother outlived him, but by the time I finished my search, she was gone too. ...

But here's the "Oprah" part......or better yet! I finally "found" two half sisters, I never knew I had . One, Theresa, lives in Cork, Ireland- and also has two boys,,,,,,,. And my other sister Patricia,,,,,or Patty,,,,,lives in Germany with her two boys!

We're not close,,,,,,yet, or at least as close as I would like to be with either. After all, it's a newfound alliance and the Miles make it difficult. And yet........If you were to ask me......"How many Brothers and sister I have?" I'd  say, "Five." My Step Brothers, Bob and Bill,,,,,My Half (and closest) brother Ross, and My half sisters Patty and Theresa.

Life can throw us ALL curves........Me, Oprah.............perhaps you!

I think you need to embace it ALL~ Inspite of "irregularities," I had a GREAT childhood, full of "brothers that loved me,,,,,,a Mom who protected me. You cannot change your past,,,,,only accept and embrace the future!

Hugs, love and Bus,,,,,,and share it all with those that need it right now!
(Lots of empathy, lots of healing, lots of prayers going out to ALL  those we love!) As I've grown closer with Blog friends, I've learned of their trials, their pains, their losses AND their triumphs!  I wouldn't have it any different! My heart and prayers go out to you all,,it's been a tough couple of months for many of you!
Take care, be strong!


Friday, January 21, 2011

"Finis", Friends and Family

So, How did your Week end? Guess What? I got MORE rain? And, more flooding in the Studio,,,,I'm thinkin' about starting a Mushroom Farm down there! And,,,,,Oh yeah, My Roof is leaking again! Falling just short of the Diningroom table. Of course, the inch and a half of RAIN that fell in the last 24 hours probably didn't help matters!! I THOUGHT I had that leak fixed last year,,,,,apparently not! Anyone know of any single, capable, animal loving, well-read handyman that is readily available???? Please advise!! Otherwise, can you at least say a little prayer for me that the rain lets up a BIT????? Ackkk!!!!

But truly, other than Rain and leaks??? It was a GREAT week! I finished the Green Silk Corset today........

Remember Stage One, Yesterday???

I added some Vintage Trims and lace,,,,,,including some Flower appliques that I picked up last summer at Farm Chicks.........Ohhh, shoot, I wish I could remember the gals name or her Website,,,,,but she was from San Francisco,,,,,,,,I for ME it was love at first sight! Well,,,,,,at least for her Millenery and Notions......Her booth was to DIE for!!!

Then I added some Vintage millenery bits in delicate Ivory flowers and Mocha Tulle....they just don't make it like that anymore!

Last image, I promise..but again this was fun to make/alter! I'll make a few more,,,,,but will spare you all from the images for a while! I've got other "Fish to Fry",,,,,,errrr Stuff to make!

I was just about making my last stitch, when my youngest, Andrew walked in the front door! I was expecting him to drop by sometime this weekend, but was pleasantly surprised to see his handsome face. He's settling in nicely in his first (Junior) year up at Western University in Bellingham. And as we were chatting my BFF Laura stopped in an suprised me with lunch from my FAV------Taco Time!!

Laura's helping me look for a space, either for a booth/venue of sorts or perhaps an event venue  here in Snohomish, sometime soon! Too fun! I've been feeling like I need a new venture,,and although in no particular hurry,,,,,it'll be fun to explore the possibilities and sites. She's in Real Estate and Property Management,,,and I truly believe that "if it's meant to be,,,,,it'll happen! We're exploring a lot of different possibilities,,,,I'll keep you posted!

Can't wait to find out what Clarice and Jana saw at their annual buying trip in Atlanta for Joyworks! I'll get an overview tomorrow about what they saw and bought at the gift show!

Have a GREAT weekend! Stay Dry & Warm! And I hope you "Do What you Love,,,,,,and Love What you Do!

Hugs, love and a soggy Bus!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Books, "Buds" and Bra's.....aka.....a Fun Lunch and some Great Finds!

As Many of you know, I have a Kindle. I don't have a lot of electronic gadgets, a fancy car, a dishwasher in this Old house, or many other things people just take for granted. But I DO love my Kindle,,,and reading is one of my BIG passions......So, I'd like to recommend a book, that I finished yesterday! "Unbroken-A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience and Redmption," by Laura Hillenbrand. (She's the author of Seabiscuit,,,,,and I've gotta say, this was one of the BEST boooks I've ever read. Not my usual Genre selection by any means,,,,but what an incredible life Louis Zamperini lead!

And Today? I met up with my dear friend and neighbor Deb Bock, of Garden Party fame! She's always a busy gal and we finally had a chance to have lunch together! Look at the darling bouquet she brought me!

Too cute~ Peruvian Lillies, greenery, feathers all tied up in a coffee filter and pink bias tape! I'm tellin' you, Deb has an incredible eye and is truly talented! She's helping coordinate the "Second Saturday" shows in Seattle as of late and will be taking part in the Seattle Garden Show in February! Can you say Busy???

After a fun 2 hour or so lunch and chat with Deb, I headed to Monroe and hit the craft store and managed to get out of there ONLY with the things I REALLY needed,,,,,,and about $20 bucks! Unheard of! No extra Ribbons, papers, tools,,,,,,,what a concept!

Since I started this whole Corset "Concept,,,,I've been gobbling up camisoles and underwire bras to be cut down and modified because buying good quality thrift store bras is cheaper than buying the supplies at the fabric store.......So,,,,I hit the Goodwill for more bras, to fit my supply of Silk and Satin "Cami's"....."SHUT the FRONT DOOR!" (Lulu and sis Lisa got me started on this expression when I attended Silver Bella,,,,you are BOTH in so much trouble ! HA! I say it all the time now,,,and it's rubbing off on

But I digress,,,Goodwill was having a stinkin' HALF OFF BLUE TICKET Event!!! I bought some bras that were darn near free,,,,,,,,

Here's a kind of "before" Corset, after I fit it with an underwire from Goodwill. I 'm  currently Coffee and Tea staining lace and ribbons, so I'll have to wait to finish! I don't know about you, but I absolutely LOVE this celery green silk and beige lace.....can't wait to finish it!

How can it be Thursday already??? The weeks are flying by! I have SO many ideas of things I want to make for the Ruffles and Rust Event next month,,,,,,Focus Shell!

Enjoy what is left of your week, and I hope you have a great weekend! Thoughts and prayers for those going through some difficult times.

"Do what you Love, Love what you do!"

Hugs, Love and a Bus!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Of Corset Is!" (Altered lingerie)

Last Spring we had a Birthday party for Amy, Clarice's youngest daughter and my co-worker at Joyworks with a Paris Theme. We all dressed up as different characters,,,,,and I was supposed to be a "Can-Can", I made a makeshift Corset. It was TOO fun to make. I wore it again, the opening night of Ruffles and Rust in November, and had lots of comments and then offers to BUY it. So, as fun as it was to make,,I started thinking about making a few more...........Here's the first, in several that I will make and sell.......
 I altered a light pink and creme Satin Camisole that I found at the Goodwill, or the "Ladies Auxillary Guild" Thrift Shop,,,,Not sure which, as I've been collecting the Camisoles to alter for a while. I added Stays, underwire and tons of Lace, both Vintage and new,,,along with some tea stained bias tape........The lace on the bottom was given to me-an incredible full spool of Vintage goodness!

The Bodice is embellished with Vintage lace and phenomenal  vintage appliques which came from the stock of an old Millenery shop in Seattle..........

Technically, IF you are petite enough, you could wear this,,,,,,but I'm making them primarily to put on dress forms, or hang on the wall on a fun hanger....

I hope to make several more to sell for the Ruffles and Rust  event and elsewhere in the next couple of weeks!

My studio is STILL flooding,,,,we've had Epic Rains here and our River DID flood and roads are closed and housed are flooded in the farm lands. Again, I may have my OWN flooding issues,,,but the river isn't affecting ME or Joyworks......

Hope you're having a great week!
Love, Hugs and a Bus!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Ladies ,,,,,we have a Winner! (Next Giveaway starts in Two Weeks for the OWOH Event!)

Thanks to all of you that entered my Giveaway! Before I announce the Winner, I will say that I think I have something truly special planned for my One World, One Heart Giveaway at the end of the month! More on that Event and Giveaway in a moment,,,,,,,So stay tuned,,,,,,,You truly, don't want to miss the Epic Event!!!
But First??? Congrats to the Lovely and Dear, Suz, of Katsui Jewelry~ You made the first comment, but also, were the number picked by the Random Number Generator!!!!!!! (Send me a Snail Mail Addy to my Email,,,,,,It's yours!)

So, Lots going on for me and "Bungalow Bling," But, first, I want to reiterate on the One World One Heart Event that Lisa Swiftka will be hosting for the LAST TIME, apparently, this year.

If you HAVE A BLOG and want to sign up  to participate,,,,,you can read all about it at
This is apparently, her 5th and Final year. Even if you do not have a blog, you may want to check out the literally, 1,000's of Bloggers that take part from ALL over the world. Truly? I visited blogs in the Eastern European Block, Trinadad, South America,,,,,etc. It's facinating and enlightening to see the wide perspective of bloggers, Everywhere! This Event runs for several weeks,,,,,so it's not like you have to visit hundreds of blogs in a day......But again, I cannot tell you how FUN and enlightening it is!

I'm truly saddened that this is supposedly the last year,,,,and I KNOW it's a lot of work for Lisa,,,,,I hope NEXT year someone else picks up the reigns,,,,,,,,and continues the event. But, this may be the last of it! Check it out-even if you don't have a blog. The participants blogs, all over the World, are amazing. You'll be glad you did!

I have a creation planned for my own giveaway for the Event that I think will be unique, creative,fun and truly one of a kind. So far, it's just a thought,,,,but in Two weeks,,,,,,when the Event begins, I hope my creative thought will be a reality! You'll be able to enter MY giveaway, of course, even if you don't delve into the whole OWOH....One World One Heart Event,,,,,,But, you WILL need to have a Blog to Enter.

 And,,,,, IF you have a Blog and if you want to do some sort of a Giveaway,,,,,,,,,trust me,,,,,,it'll come back 10 Fold and you'll meet Bloggers all over the US and the Planet!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week. I know it's early on,,,but I personally have a Uber busy week ahead of me. Stay Warm/Dry/Safe and I hope that the "Creative Fairies" are filling your days!!!

Hugs, Love and a Bus!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Impromptu Giveaway, Flights, Floods and Football!

If you follow my blog, you know that I routinely make Wedding Cake Toppers for our local, "Snohomish Bakery." I've gotten a couple orders and some great PR from them for "doing up" their Window Case for various Seasons.
Before Christmas, I made a cake topper,,which frankly, I just loved. But it didn't sell and I still have it. It's not exclusively Wedding  and could just be a fun, decorative box.....take a "look see"............

The little round box simply says "Love." (The box actually opens for keepsakes.....) So,,,,I could Keep it,,,,or Give it away. So......Easy Peasy.....If you'd like it-
Leave a comment - 1 pt
Follow or tell me you follow- 1 pt
Post on your blog 1 pt

I'll Draw a Winner Monday the 17th

Shew! I have had a busy week! I spent a lot of it crafting, a few more Valentines for Joyworks, but mostly getting ready for Ruffles and Rust next month! I share a few more of the items I'm working on for that soon.

The weather has been Uber Crazy everywhere! As I stated in my last post my Boss Clarice and Jana had their flight to Atlanta Cancelled....The BIGGEST Busying session of the year postponed....But they got out of town yesterday, finally! And there was also OUR little snowstorm to contend with,,,,and winds and then rain.....

And wouldn't you know it? My Studio flooding again after lots of wet snow followed by the rain. Ackkkk!
I don't have anything "down" where it will get damaged but what a PAIN in the backside!

Okay,,,,and another "Flooding thingy," just so you all know. . .Once in a while Snohomish, the little town that I live in AND where Joyworks is located is on the National News. The RIVER floods every decade or so,,,,and more in recent years (Can you say Global Warming??).  And when it DOES flood, you'll see our little town mentioned from time to time. I ONLY mention this because:
A) I live 4 Blocks Uphill from the River
B) Joyworks has NEVER flooded nor have other Shops on 1st Street because of flooding......

Its the surrounding farmlands and yes, often even our little private Airport that DOES get flooded out.
Now, they're talking Floods in the next couple of days.....and it'll be "soggy" around here...but we're all fine!

And, I've just gotta say in closing, that I LOVE Football! Yeah, I know, I'm in the  female minority. I used to take Statistics at the Games back in High School....and glitter, ribbons and lace aside...It's too FUN to watch! I work on weekends so I don't get to go to Seahawk Games or watch as much as I'd like to,,,,,But I'm SO proud of our Local Guys and ahem,,,the game may just be on the radio this Weekend at Joyworks!

I hope you enjoy the remainder of your week! I know I am overdue on reading blogs, replying and emails! But,,,,as Debra from Common Ground would say,,"Blogfriends ARE true friends." Know that even if you haven't heard from me recently, You are in my thoughts, my smiles, my prayers!

Hugs, Love and Hand me a Towel,,,,,it's WET around here!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Brrrr, "Baby it's Cold INSIDE" and it's for the Birds!!!!

Saturday Night? I woke up during the night to well, as I refer to it,,,,"Make a Deposit and make a Withdrawal"-otherwise known as getting a drink of water and using the "Loo." But, when I walked through the house the livingroom was like a Bazillion degrees! I checked the thermostat,,,,and I'd shut it OFF when I went to bed. . . hmmm. So then I worried about a fire, and lay on the couch half the nite awake. Sunday, when I headed off to Joyworks to work, I shut the whole electrical panel down in this Old House.....
Well, I finally figured out which switch on the box controlled the heat when I got home and turned everything ELSE on,,,but NO heat. I darn near froze my fingers off today, but still managed to craft a few things Upstairs,,,
Frankly, I finally got warm at the Grocery store by sticking my hands under the heat lamp in the Deli! I told one of the "Regs" there that I was darn tempted to climb into the case,,,,the Deli Roasted Chickens be Damned!!
I worked on a few more Valentines for Joyworks, a bit of Stuff for the "Ruffles and Rust Event" next month and even made this quirky Bird & Cage.......

Finally, early this evening the Electrician Showed up and fixed the darn Heating! (Thank you Lord and thank you Chuck) Fortunately it cost me less than a New Winter Coat would,,,,,,So, I'm once again a warm, happy Camper.....

(Tomorrow, Jana, Clarice and Amy leave for Atlanta for the Annual Big Gift Show,,,,,,I hope they get there safely,,,looks like the weather may be extreme! Hope the rest of you are WARM and safe too! We're supposed to get our OWN Snow tomorrow here,,,,but I don't think it'll last long!)

A Big Warm Hug, Love and a Bus!

(PS........GO Seahawks!!!)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Great Start to the New Year......Valentines and My upcoming Show!~

Okay,,,,so a couple of days ago, I posted the Start of some Valentines.....Sheet Music and Crepe Paper ruffles that I Sewed together on my machine......They were Great fun to make! Here are a Few of the embellished Results. The one Below?,,,,,I call my "Iowa Heart" because I used some of the brocade wallpaper I bought at Silver Bella to create it........

I rarely keep anything I craft for myself,,,,,but I may need to reproduce a similar piece for me,,,,,,,because it reminds me of my Wonderful Trip to Silver Bella,,,,,all the Wonderful Women I met,and visiting both Iowa AND Omaha~Too fun!

I made several  other neutral  "hearts" using various goodies......Too fun to make! (All of these will available at Joyworks,,,,or email or leave a comment if you want something similar!)

And, True Confessions? I love anything Victorian,,,,,,Lace/Pink/romantic/ Gold? Here's another embellished heart version.....I absolutely LOVE the colors and textures on this one......I'm a "throw back"what can I say,,,,,,I either lived in an earlier time,,,,,,,or just WISH I had........

A few more "Hearts",,,,,,,,,,Less Victorian and more "Kitchy" Too fun! (Geesh, If I could just ever PICK ONE genre and be done with it, my life And my creative life would be SO much easier,,,,,,,,but I love it  ALL! Ackkkkkkkk!)
Kitchy Hearts...........for the 50's and 60's lovin' Group! Grooovy! Too fun to work again, with these images from Cavellini...............

Truly? I could make Valentine images for days,,,,and well, I'll probably do a few more!

Today I signed us all up for the Next "Ruffles and Rust Event! Ackkkkkk! My second show, with my friend Kim Brandt,,,,,,,doing her Garden thing and we'll Both be representing JOYWORKS too, since Jana will be  on a Buying Trip in Vegas .........Stay tuned for Event Details, Discount Coupons and MORE!!! Mark you Calendar for the 18th & 19th of Feb.!!!!

Happy FIRST week of January! Love you All! Hope you are enjoying the New Year!
Hugs, Love, and a  Big ol' Bus!

Monday, January 3, 2011

"Sew What, Sweetheart? And Family Changes.....once again!

Again today, I worked on some Valentines. And well, all of a sudden, it kinda "clicked!" I cut out Sheet Music paper hearts and then, decided to add some ruffled crepe paper to them. Glue? Nah~ I "ruffled up" the crepe paper on my sewing machine and sewed it on! Too fun, this "Paper Sewing!"
These are just the bases, and I'm going to embellish them,,,,,but if you want to make your own,,,,I just used Pinking Shears to cut out the sheet Music hearts and then, I "ruffled" Crepe Paper on my Sewing Machine........Too fun! I'll show you the Finished products soon...........Email me, or leave a comment if you make your own versions,,,,I'd love to see!

And  Today? MY own "Paper Heart" is swelling with Pride today. My youngest? The Former Marine, Andrew,,,,,or Andy as I call him unless he's in trouble-(THEN he is "Andrew Ross Powers!!!" )Moved out of my little cottage in back this weekend to start his Junior Year up at Western Washington University!!! I'm SO proud of him, I could just BUST!

Oh my stars, though, he's living in a Dorm room,,,,at 25! After living in Marine barracks in various countries, then having an apartment in Virginia, then living in the back HOUSE and NOW,,,in a Dorm after all these years! But, he's working on his Bachelor's Degree,,,,,,and making some adjustments to do so. I "heart" him SO!

New paths, new dreams, new pursuits and new visions for ALL of us this year! I hope your New Year is getting off to a good start!

Hugs, Love and a "Bus," Whatever you are up to!