Monday, January 30, 2012

Steven Tyler's Got "Nothing on Me!" New Hair "Bling,,,,,aka, Shell the Guinea Pig!

Have you ever tried to take a picture of your hair, yourself? Yes/NO? Well, it's not easy! But I had to show you my "Latest",,,,,,,,"Hair Bling" from my stylist, Erica at Tom Walker's- Red Strand Salon.

More hair stuff,,,,,,,,aka Bling!

If you've followed my blog for a while, you know I got "Pinked" about a year ago. I have strands of Hot pink running through my hair,,,,,,,,and then,,,,,,,What the HECK,,,,,,,,I got some "hair tinsel" in pink too!
And then,?,,,,,,,,,Not to be TOO predictable,,,,,,,I had lime green feather extensions added...........Why not?

Several months ago, I ran into an "Octo" friend of mine,,,,,,The liberal, social, and funny Joanne,,,,in her early 80's and she circled my body slowly, all the while looking at my hair and said,,,,,"What is THAT?"
Moi- "Pink Streaks."
And "What is THAT?"
Moi-"Pink Hair Tinsel."
"And THAT?"
Moi- "My Green Feathers."

She earnestly looked me in the eyes and said, "Honey, you've got to keep MOVING when you're in the Salon, or they're just going to keep adding MORE stuff!."

We laughed  together, and I took it under advisement, but knowing Joanne, she was more amazed than judgemental..........

So Today? I got "Newly Pinked." Newly Tinseled, and had my feathers put back in,,,,,,,,But Wait!
"I got "Blinged" too!  Well, a gal with a blog aptly named "Bungalow Bling" doesn't have to think for TOO long when her stylists suggests she tries something NEW!.........So Erica flat ironed a row of rhinestones into my hair as well,,,,,,,,,,,,,Lovin' it, but I'm an "experiment." A First for the Salon.  We'll see how long it lasts........No Charge, mind you,,,,,,,,,Shell, the Guinea Pig!

And,,,,,,,,My haircut was "FREE" today, from referral clients.
"Love your hair, Who does it?

Special Prayers and Love going out today to, Jodene,,,,,,whom along with her awesome husband Tom (Tom Walker's) started the Salon. Jodene is dealing with Lymphoma, to put it mildly. They are LONG established members of my little town,,,,,,and as close to family as you can get,,,,,without acutally being family.

Love them ALL,,,,,,,my heart, prayers and Smiles go out to all of their family/friends/clients!
And,,,,,,Even though I know she'll never read this,,,,I'm sending this message right now...."Okay Jodene,,my language may shock you and others......"Kick Some Cancer's Ass! Right now!" and,,,,,,,,on the other hand,,,,,God Bless! And I'm praying and thinking about your situation!

Life is Short,,,,,,,,,,Seize the Pink
Or the Bling

(Or just hold those you love a bit closer!
My love and Prayers to you all.)

Hugs, Love and a "Blinged out" Bus on the Cheek!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Sometimes, it's good to be Last,,,,,,A Winner and a Busy Day!

Congrats to Cari Bruno of "Lucky Girl Gifts" Blog fame! Cari's name/comment was picked using the Random Number Generator! She was the last one to comment regarding my giveaway-so last isn't always a bad thing!

And, Cari winning? Is rather Ironic, given me being published and talking about when I first got started. Cari was pretty much "there" from the beginning. I bought some things from her Etsy site,,,,,and got to know her.
She's a young mom, has a busy life, but is Uber talented,,,,,,,,so check out her blog/Etsy site! You'll love it/her!

And, I'm sure you've heard this before when entering  other Giveaways, but truly? If I COULD I'd give everybody something! Thanks for Entering, I guess the odds are just THAT much more in your favor for the Next time!

So,,,,,Today? I worked on a couple of things, some larger wreaths and a few Pins......

"Hints of Spring" Wreath

Honestly? I LOVE this wreath,,,,,,,,,,if I do say so myself. My favorite colors,,,,,,,,Neutrals, touches of Spring green, and apricot. And I've been "playing" around with this "heavy duty" crepe paper I bought at Maxine's Floral in Seattle

Maxine has this A-Mazing Crepe paper that I've never seen before,,,,,,,,it's Truly heavy Duty! She's got TONS of colors, and I'm kicking myself now, that I only bought TWO! I made a FEW Huge flowers with it,,,,,,,and some leaves and simply loved it's texture, strength and possibilities! So this morning?, I made some smaller flowers and added to the wreath shown above...........but here is a closeup image............

I had some "berry bobs" of sorts, for lack of a better term,,,,,which I used for centers, and then I made several of these "lily-type" flowers for the wreath. I just kind of cut/glued and curled....this was an experimental project, that went "right!"  (Trust me, this is NOT always the case! ask me about the "Bunny from HELL" sometime -or other trials that ended badly,,,,,if you'd like! (Sometimes? You try stuff and it just Doesn't work!)

Well, and this wreath, almost "bit the dust," because well, if you follow my FB comments,  or not,,,,,,my son had an car accident yesterday,,,,,,(Ice on his college campus at (WWU) hit a light pole/my/our car totalled)  and we were on the phone today, talking insurance, soreness (he's OKAY!) etc,,,,,and when I walked back in the livingroom-my Studio in the basement has just been TOO cold to work in right now....... and found my Lab, Shadow, had not only upended said wreath, but had chewed on/ate part of the wreath! (Apparently German Cotton Spun Mushrooms are a Dog's delicacy!) So, if you refer BACK to my first pic, you'll notice, on the left, side, Large mushroom is replace by two smaller ones,,,,,,,and a decent "re-glue" job,,,,,,if I DO say so myself!

I worked on a couple of other wreaths that need to be "tweaked," but then switched to some jewelry/Pins because I am never one to do one thing TOO long......(You know about the ADD, already, right?)

So here's a few new pins I worked on today...........The Color rendition is a BIT off, as I waited till right before posting (dark) to photograph,,,,,,,but you get the idea.....

Vintage Millenery, Tulle, Ribbons, pearls and old lace......
I even had fun incorporating some feathers into a couple of the pieces that I worked on! I love trying/testing new things. Gettting more texture, more "Surprise!"

I hope you ALL have a Great Weekend! As for the "Norm," I'll be working at Joyworks this weekend!
I drove by on Thursday and noticed TONS of packing boxes outside our store. I can't wait to SEE what's new!

Hugs love and "at last" a BUS on the Cheek!
(Partially in remembrence to one of my all time FAV's, Etta James)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fun, Easy Valentine's Quick, "How To"

Sometime around 4:00am, I started thinking about making these Valentines out of doilies,,,,,isn't it weird when you get ideas in the middle of the night out of,,,nowhere? Anyway, will having my morning coffee, several hours later, mind you,,,,,,,this is what I'd thought of....

Doillies, ribbon, and a few shells or Buttons.....
These "Open" at the top between the ribbons, so you can put a piece of Candy or a little somethin' inside.....

Just glue(gun) two doillies together leaving the area I marked Open
(I did one side, then the other, so I could line the doillies up evenly.)
Then add your trims......
I used narrow seem binding on these.

I stamped my top one with some script before gluing together,,,,but you could leave plain, add a sticker, etc.
The doillies I used are smaller ones, about 4" but you could use the larger ones too.
I might try tea staining some of these before assembling.

If you make some, send me a link or photo, I'd love to see your versions!

(It's a "Helen Day" for me, we haven't been out since the Snowstorm,,,,,,92yo bones and Snow do NOT mix! So,,,,,Groceries, Pharm, Bank and a lunch somewhere!)

Have a great day!

Hugs, Love and a "hearty" Bus on the Cheek!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A "Simple" Blog Giveaway? Not so much!

It appears, that SHEWonce again,  (Thank you Blogger) I Am able to get/read Post Comments ! At least today. And, I've got to say, the comments I've gotten as of late, for my Giveaway, that ends on the  27th of January, have been incredible.

I'm not talking about the volume, or the "Prize." I'm talking about the Comments I've gotten about "Wishes." For, you see, my Initial Giveaway featured "A Fairy Godmother" and what you would wish for? Wow. Wow.

(Vintage wallpaper and millenery heart)

And Girlfriend? We are NOT talking about wishes for wealth, trips, "Prince Charming" or for that matter, anything self-serving. Anyone that left af Comment about their "Wishes"-did so for something VERY serious, or for someone else! You can go back and read some of the comments if you'd like,,,but when I hear things like, "wishes for friends and spouses with Cancer" or other life threatening situations? It kind of stops me in my tracks! When I hear comments from Blog friends that either THEY or their friends are going through the "Big Stuff" it totally puts things in perspective
for me.

(vintage wallpaper heart)

If you've known me for a while, you KNOW, I've been through a LOT of "Big Stuff" myself. Perhaps that is why my creations are either whimsical, or romantic.  I trust I'm not alone in this. Artists that create Whimsey, humor, romance or nostalgic themed items fill a "little corner of their life" in the process-and Wish/Hope to "lure" you in to those creations and memories. It's not a tactical ploy,,,,,,truly, we just want YOU to love/remember/embrace too! 

Yadda, yadda Vintage "Stuff and embellished key.........

If you "throw Aunt Edna's" quilt over your bed,,,,,,,,it's probably not just for warmth. If you've kept "Grandpa Ed's Cardigan" it's probably because you remember him telling you stories or providing  family history and antics while wearing it.

I Cannot take away your pains. I wish I COULD. Truly. What I HOPE to be is a friend,,,,,near OR far, that can hold you, make you laugh, make you forget --at least for a FEW minutes. Encourage you,,,,,,,,or just plain "Give you a HUG," physically OR "virtually."

It seems right now that SO many are going through SO much! My heart, prayers, thoughts go out to ALL of you!

Hugs, Love and a beloved "Bus" on the Cheek!
My Heart/"Hearts" go out to all of you!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Too Funny~ "Barbie's 50th!"

My Sister in law Mary sent me this image and I could not NOT foward it to my blog friends!

Too funny! I LOVE the fact that "Barbie" is in worse shape than I am! Maybe I can re-connect with "My Ken" before she does! And, from the looks of it,,,,,,,"the B**ch does NOT have everything!

3 days left to enter my Giveaway,,,,,,,,,post wherever, at this point! LOL I'll sort it out by Friday!
(I still am having comment issues,,,,,I can get them once I log on to my site,,,,,,,but I can't "Link" to posts or respond as normal........) I'd really like to email SOME of you that left earlier comments, SO, if you read this, please either Email me, OR, leave an email in the body of your I can respond!

Hugs love and hope you get a BIT of a laugh or smile from this post!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Penny's Heart, Friends and you can still scroll down to enter my Giveaway!

I was looking forward to today SO much! It was my first "Non Snow/Non Work Day!" (Well, if you create things for a living, or at least PART of your living, you kind of laugh when people say, "Are you Off today, or working?" ) I don't take many "days off "anymore,,,,I AM either working on stuff for Shows/Customers/Stores OR I'm working at Joyworks!All of which I LOVE, but in general keeps me hoppin'! So, Shell, are you "Working today?"

Today I'd say NO. Nadda. Zip. I had "this" a couple of weeks ago and it went away,,,,didn't get sick. But today, once again I woke up with an ear ache, a swollen gland that hurt and a headache when I tried to look up. Weird. Sinus? Allergies? Or fighting a bug,,,,,dunno. But I laid low today, read a bit,,,,,okay, quite a LOT and waited to feel better,,,,Chicken Soup? Check! Fluids? Check? And rest. Well, I hope I've knocked it out of the proverbial Ball Park once again, as I've known several friends and co-workers that didn't!  Anywhoo,,,,The Snow is gone and I managed to deliver a Basket and a little "somethin' somethin' to my dear friend and Co-Worker Penny's porch today!

I'd been working on some Valentine projects and had a bunch of Materials sitting around,,,,,,,and thought I'd make her something with a neutral themed "something."  I found this handmade paper I had,,, Some ribbons and vintage lace,,,,,,and well, I figured any "Francophile" would appreciate a "Frozen Charlotte" in the mix,,,,and this is what I came up with. (Penny Girl, You'll have to tell "Mr. Bill" That the broken arms/legs are part of the charm,,,,,,otherwise he'll think I gave you something BROKEN!)

One of the BEST things I love about my life right now, is that I have friends of ALL ages. Of course I have my Joyworks co-worker's and consider them all friends,,,,,,,some older and some younger than me. I feel blessed that my "Penny Girl" is one of those friends and co-workers that has entered my life. She and her "Hubbs" Bill,  have  helped me with Shows and Events, and I hope I was a good friend, back when Bill was having health issues. I love and care for them both more than I can say. Their friendships mean the world to me!

And as I type this? I'm waiting for a knock on the door from one of my newer and younger friends, Kelly. She moved in -two doors down from me recently. We walk dogs together.  A Golden  retreiver(My Kodi) my Black lab, Shadow and her "Jessi Girl",,,an aged and OH so SWEET Chocolate Lab!,,,,,,,,But more than that, we talk about work, life, decorating, dogs and "stuff." She's in her late 20's,,,,,somewhere in age between my two boys, and now? I can't imagine my life without her! Truly.

Now, I've got to sign out and call my dear little Friend Helen (92) who has been somewhat "snowbound" and set a time tomorrow, to get HER out and about once again! (She fell during the snow/ice even after I told her NOT to go out and "clean up" after her Pom....Mikey. ) She's okay, but sore,,,,,whaddya gonna do?

Blessing to friends, near and far! We can ALL learn a thing or two from our younger OR older Friends!

Hugs, Love and a "Friendly" Bus!

If you haven't yet left me a msg or comment on my giveaway, scroll down, or if you're having problems, you can email me and I will still enter you! Ends JAN 27th!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Okay, Enough Snow Already! And Giveaway Reminder

Collector's Choice Restaurant's Deck Today...........

"Storm Watch 2012!"
Okay Really? Enough already! I must have 14 inches of Snow some places in my yard! This is day,,,,,errrr, lemme see,,,Day 6 of Snow here!  And we live in Western Washington, NOT Minnesota! (I heard it was actually quite NICE today in Minnesota, thanks to one of my FB friends!)

I only made it out today because I was traveling with my son  and his girlfriend in the 4x4. This may be a record if not CLOSE and it's still coming down!

We managed to get out for a BIT today, get a few "Provisions"-fire logs for me,,,,,the power's gone out a couple of times and  we had breakfast at Collector's Choice-one of my "Fav's" where I ran into my Joyworks co-worker Kim and her Hubbs, escaping their house-no power. I had to go out on their deck and take a quick pic,,,,(No doggie tracks all over the Snow, like at my house!)

I worked on a few projects while snowed in, and did a LOT more cooking than I generally do,,,,,,Including some stew and some Chicken Pot Pies,,,,,,,,,most for the freezer, but some for right now. I also had fun making this "Faux Cake." I THINK it was better than making a REAL one that I may just have devoured,,,,,,,,,,,

Faux Cake........

Don't forget to enter my Giveaway Below,,,,IF you can't leave a comment, send me an email, it'll count too,,,I've been having some problems with my Comments.  Trying to figure it out and if YOU have any suggestions on how to fix it!, let me know!

Okay,,,,,going to go build a fire,,,,before the lites go out again!

Stay Warm, Stay Safe, and Stay Healthy!
(My families "health scare" turned out to be just that,,,,,,,a "scare." for which I am VERY thankful!)

Grateful Hugs, Love and Warm "Bus" on the Cheek!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Someday's? You just Need a Fairy Godmother,,,,,,and a Giveaway!

Okay, first of all, you need to know that we do not really DO Snow in the Pacific Northwest........Near Seattle, we get a "teaser" now and then, really it's rare, WET and when we get it--- Commerce comes to a stop unless you're a Grocer or a Tire Store..... And, if you watch/listen to the National News, Seattle got a TEASE,,,,a dusting--- which pretty much slows or stops everything,,,,And those of us up here in little Snohomish? We've got/had Major "stuff to deal with! That said,,,,,,,,,whether or not you're local? We could ALL use a little "Fairy Godmother" right now!Here ya go,,,,,,and scroll down for my latest Giveaway!

Can you even STAND how cute she is? I found "her" in an Antique shop in a "bin" missing her arms,,,,,and half of her feathers,,,,,,,,butcha know? She had potential! So- I picked her up for a couple of bucks, gave her new arms, Splendid German Pink Foil Dresden Wings,,,,,,,and a "new Home!"

I made her a "Wand," and surrounded her with Vintage Mushrooms/flowers atop a box covered in Vintage wallpapers/trims. I had SO much fun "reviving her!"

What 3 Wishes would YOU have, right NOW???

Since I still had this chunk of Vintage wallpaper out, I covered the top of a LITTLE heart shaped box and embellished it.......It'll hold about ONE truffle,,,,,,,but it was fun to make in this colorway..........

And finally,,,,,I ended up making this "Romantic Heart." (You can win this, or one similar,,,,,,read on!)

Mostly neutrals, but as you can see, bits of vibrant Pink/soft pink and touches of Aqua. It only measures about 6"x6" but would be fun to hang on a cabinet/door or to include in a "romantic vignette."

It was funny, because right after I started shooting images of these projects, I got a couple of copies of the Romantic Country Magazine from Harris Publications,,,,,,,or Mary Forsell, the Publisher of said magazine......And I looked at the Colorway THEY had on the Cover and what I'd been working on today,,,,,,,,and loving as of late,,,,,,,,,,

So? Here's the deal.  Leave me a comment on THIS blog post for One Chance.
Mention my Giveaway on your Blog or sidebar if you're already a follower,  OR Become a New follower and let me know HERE that you've posted and/or are following..
If you also leave me "One Wish" you have for the new year, I'll enter you a third time!!So,,,,,3 Chances to Win!

I'll send the Winner a copy of the latest Romantic Country Magazine (Spring Edition) And either the "Romantic Heart" Wreath above or one  similar,done in all Neutrals........your choice!
Deadline for Entry on THIS Blog post is Friday, January 27th.

(I'ts Still Snowing here and we're expected to have "Historically recorded" Snow fall tomorrow!),,,,,I just got home from a super FUN "Doggie Walk" in the Snow!Hope you're warm, Cozy, and safe wherever you live!

Hugs, Love and a Blessedly "Cozy" Bus on the Cheek!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Looking Back,,,,,,I had to! Laughs/Smiles and thanks!

I started my Blog several months after my co-worker Jana started one for our store, Joyworks........This was a time in MY life (shortly after my mother had passed away and my youngest son was a Marine serving in Iraq) when I started to Make "STUFF."

(If you go to my sidebar and read my profile, you'll see that basically, I was asked to make Wedding Cake Topper for a couple I knew and loved,,,,,,,and then, "it--the rest of IT, all has grown from there~!

I KID You NOT! THIS was a blog picture,,,,,,,,,I posted,,,,,,whenI I first started, and asked Blog friends to "tip their heads" to view it.......I was "So green, so, uneducated, that I actually Posted this image and asked my Handfull of followers to peruse this Image!  (Circa 6/19/2009)

And yet? I still had some followers,,,,,supporters! A handful, some co-workers from Joyworks, some blessed souls that managed to stumble onto my blog and,,,,,,,,God Bless them,,,,,,,Follow!

Karen Valentine, of "My Desert Cottage" fame, came into my blog life about a year later.-she'd been "following" me,,,,,,,,,,,and THEN-She set up my blog Format........with all the "horns and Whistles",,,,,,,,God bless Karen! And Then, a year or so ago? I asked my Dearest, nearest, Blogger friend EVER,,,, to create a Header,,,,,that reflected ME,,,,,,,,,And my dear Lulu Kellogg, created the most Fantastic/personal Header I could have wanted! ( I want a BIT "Marie," a BIT of pink and green, a Bird, something French and Voila! Lulu made it happen!)

The "heads up"/ article in Romantic Country Magazine is Fantistic! Delightful, and I feel truly blessed to be acknowledged. But, as stated, I cannot imagine OR accept this feature, without giving a "Thank You" and a heads up for ALL of those that have helped me , followed Me, in the last several years!

And,,,,,,I am SO thankful,,,,,LOL that those of YOU who have been with me from the begining,,,,,or from the near start, put up with my BAD photos, encouraged me, supported me,,,,,,Warts and All!

Love and hugs to ALL of you,,,,,Old and New! This blog thing is interesting and enlightening! I cannot image my life without my blog friends, new and Old,,,okay, "dedicated",,,,,near AND far!

(Still Snowing here in Washington! Hope you stay Cozy and Warm! I'd truly appreciate any Prayers and good thoughts this week..........We/My family needs it right now!)

Love, Hugs and a Nostalgic  an apperciative BUS to you all on the Cheek~!

Friday, January 13, 2012

This friday brought to you by "3M's" and no, were not talking Post-its!

I had a delightful Friday! I spent the day with my wonderful sister-in-law Mary,,,,,,,whom I love to pieces! I may be "beating a dead horse" or redundant when I mention that she's been my sister in law since I was 9! She helps me AT shows, (Ruffles and Rust, ie.) Goes to shows with me, and sometimes, we go Junkin'/Antiquing and Shopping like we did today!

We headed into North Seattle and stopped by "Maxine's" Floral! Ackkk,,,,,,this has been on my "bucket list" of shopping for quite a while.........I didn't take photos inside,,,,,,,because Maxine was SO busy with orders we only had a brief chat and I'd never take pics without permission. I wanted to MOVE IN! Her store contains everything I love!  Whimsey, fantastic Color,,,,,flowers-real and spectacular paper/birds and bling! Here's a quick shot of the exterior
My photo doesn't do it justice, but if YOU saw this on the OUTSIDE,,,,,wouldn't you want to go INSIDE??? And trust me, it just gets better!
Sis in law Mary and I did some junking,,,,,,,and I'll share my "finds" in the next couple of days! (I have to get rid of all the Cra*,,,,,,,,err STUFF first on my dining room table to take the pics.) But I did manage to take One final photo today of ...........

One of my "Mannies/heads/dress forms." This one is Marilyn -a partial dress form from the 60's, or 70's. She's "sporting" a crown I made out of some of the "Old Lady Pink" Wallpaper. ....

I hope you had a good week! I'll be at Joyworks tomorrow,,,,,(Clarice and Jana are on a  big buying trip in Atlanta,,,,,,and Penny and I may get some SNOW while they are out of town!)

Don't forget, if you're local, tomorrow is Second Saturdayz at Magnuson Park (Sand Point) in Seattle! Doors open at 8:00am!

I guess that Techinically makes it a 4M's post! Mary/Maxine's/Marilyn and Magnuson Park!

Have a GREAT weekend, whatever you do! And MM,,,,M...MM,,,,,,,mmmmm Love you all and Hugs and a Big Bus on the Cheek!


(Still sending out Tons of thoughts and prayers for friends and family dealing with health issues,,,,,,,,,,and now, major health issues in my OWN immediate family. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers too! )

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Old Lady Pink and Goin' Junkin' Tomorrow!

Two of the things I love most in the world,,,,,,are "Old Lady Pink" and  goin' Junkin'!

I always Called it "Coral" or "Warm Pink",,,,But my friend Deb Bock informed me one day when we were out Junking and I kept gravitating towards it,,,,,,"It's Old Lady Pink!!" You know? That shade of pink satin your Aunt Lila had in her boudoir. I LOVE IT! Ackkk!  My bedroom walls are this color,,,,,,and it lends itself well to this old house! Time for a renewed paint job, but I'll do the same color!

I recently bought a couple yards from Hannah's Treasure's  (She's got an awesome Etsy Site) And had BIG fun playing with  a few chunks of it!

Mini Crown........

Low On Birthday Hats! Eeek,,,,,,,,Love this shade of Pink with Turquoise and Creme.......
This was a fun Crepe Fringe to make,,,,(I found this "Old Lady Pink" and a SOFT turquoise Crepe at my local dollar store,,,,,all soft and faded in a Close-out Bin,,,,,,oh yeah and 4 rolls for a $1.00~ I bought ALL they had of both!)

Another Hat,,,,,,,This one a bit more traditional pinks!

Tomorrow? I'm looking forward to some LONG awaited Junkin' once again! My Sister-in-Law Mary is headed over from the Penninsula and we're headed to Seattle to check out some new stops! Can't wait!
Love her to pieces and it's always fun to catch up! Hopefully, I'll have some fun "Friday Finds" again tomorrow!

I hope your week is going well, going to try and catch up a BIT more this eve! Brrrrrrrrrr, it is COLD here in Washington,,,,,,,and we may have SNOW brewing!

Stay Warm, Stay Healthy!
Hugs, Love and a "Pinky" Bus on the Cheek!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Romantic at "Heart",,,,,Grab this Image if you'd like and New Projects/Distractions today!

Okay, I'll admit, I am NOT the most Practical person in the World....for that matter probably not the most practical person on my BLOCK,,,,,,,So,,,,instead of focusing on practical matters today,,,I glued/glittered/cut and pasted......Escape mechanism? Oh YEAH!  So here's ONE finished project,,,,,,read on if you'd like the image!

Vintage Cupid's Box

I worked on some other projects today,,,,,,but I'd found this Awesome/unusual Monochromatic Valentine and decided it would lend itself nicely nesting "inside" one of my Natural Moss heart wreaths. It could have been a "hanger" all on it's own, but I decided to put it atop a box,,,,,,covered w/ Sheet Music.

I added a "titch" of Ribbons and  Vintage Lace,,,,,and a Gold Dresen heart. And Look at those cute little Cherubs!
One banging the door knocker, the other with a message/verse........Too fun!

I'll put a little "surprise" inside the box...........

Rare 1900's Monochromatic Valentine Image

You can "Grab," Copy this image and use it for your own  "non-sale" artwork/projects. But,  Please do NOT use it for  any retail/resell or wholesale projects.

Some day's? I sit down to create,,,and things just "flow." Other days, like today,,,,it's a "bumpy road" for a while,,,,,until I get my rhythm or "the Creative Fairies" decide to pay me a visit. I started working with some Vintage Wallpapers, that just buckled and tore.

Then? I got a phone call from a dear, dear friend, who shall remain anonymous and we talked about Change, Challenges, growth, trials, Conviction, acceptance and Faith. Funny, but after that? It all kind of "kicked into gear."
Encouragement? You betcha! Understanding? Absolutely! Love? Unconditionally,,,,warts/  my "unshaved legs" HA! and all!

There is NOTHING like a good friend to help you see things clearly,,,,,,,encourage and support you...And sometimes, send the "Creative Fairies" your way!

Happy Tuesday! And again, thanks for all the LOVE, understanding and support the last couple of days! It means/meant a lot!

Hugs, Love and a somewhat "ADD" Bus on the Cheek!

(PS.......It feels SO odd not to have my Old lady kitty winding around my ankles, driving me "nuts" and reminding me it's time for Breakfast/Dinner,,,,,,or maybe a midday Snack! But the other Kitty, Tuxie and my dogs seems to KNOW that Mom needs a BIT more attention and love,,,,,They have been SO Cute/Sweet! Thanks again for your love, concern and support!)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Do YOU "Second Saturdayz?" You Should! And Lulu's Giveaway!

Tonite I thought I'd send a "shout out" to some of my favorite people,,,,,,and their events! So first a BIG thank YOU and then,,,,,Check a few things out!

It was a tough day, truly,lots of tears but also smiles through the tears as some of YOU (thank you SO much for your kind words) and some "locals" that offered a "shoulder"/ virtual and real hugs (they BOTH count in my book) over the loss of my "old lady kitty," Holly!

If you're local, you should check out the Second Saturdayz Vintage Market at WarrenG. Magnuson  Park (Sand Point Way, Seattle). My friends Deb Bock and Linda Morrison host this awesome Monthly event, tons of Vintage/Antique Goodness, Tasteful Handcrafts, Artisans, and a delightful  bohemian atmosphere! Doors open for "Early Birds" at 8:00am. (Be one of the first 20 in line and get a special Vendor "goodie bag!"

And if you're NOT local, Check out my dearest Blog friend Lulu, of "Coastal Sisters" fame on my sidebar for HER awesome Necklace giveaway! Just "Click" on my Sidebar image to Enter! But Hurry,,,,,it Ends, Friday, the 13th. (You just need to KNOW Lulu a BIT to know HOW apropro THAT IS!)

Again, thank you all for your comments here and on Facebook about my Kitty, Holly. It meant a LOT!

And you know? Most of the Time? I don't mind being single. But -dealing with "stuff' like pets passing away, starting the lawn mower, moving a heavy piece of furniture and the likes,,,,,,,being Single is HELL!  No "Hockey sticks" about it! (That basically means that I don't generally swear,,,,,,,and instead of saying "Hell" I'll say ..."HE,,,,,,,,"double hockey sticks) But today, amidst shovels of dirt for my kittys grave, I swore a bit, amidst the sweat and tears....

I've got 3 fabulous pets to comfort me now. My "other" Tuxedo kitty aka "Tuxie," my "Golden" Kodi,,,aka "Codeman" and Shadow. But it's awfully quiet around here without the "Old Queen."

Pet your dog, love your kitty and Give your spouse or partner a BIG Squeeze~! Life is short! Carpe diem! Attend local events if you can,,,,,,and check out NEW or Known Blog friends!!!

Shew,,,,,,is Monday OVER YET? I'm Exhausticated!!!

Hugs and Love through the tears today,,,,,,,,and a Sopping WET Bus on the Cheek, I've been a Mess! And I'm Exhausticated!

Sad Shell This Morning

My Holly kitty passed away during the night. : ( 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Does She,,,,,or doesn't She? And Girlfriend we are NOT talkin' about hair dye!

SO? My Golden Retriever Kodi? Registered purebred- (don't get fooled by that sweet face!),,,,,,Aka,,,,,and Alias Name "Kodiak",,,,,Chased my old lady cat under my computer desk.............

He managed to destroy the USB cable from my Keyboard to the mainframe  of my computer this week..........Chasing  the,,old lady/senile kitty Holly ....

So? Shell went out and bought a NEW Laptop Computer........I know, this old Relic that takes me,,,I kid you NOT-- Hours to boot up ( Yeah, well, the provider isn't the fastest in the Internet the world either!),,,,,,,, (tonight is case in point) But I haven't even taken the new one out of the box yet........

I got a NEW keyboard and a NEW USB connection for the OLD computer,,,,,,,,,,So,,,,,,,,,Do I pull the plug on "Old Betsey" or let her "serve out her time?"

The older I get, and also after spending some time with family in Europe several years ago (Germany/France/Ireland/Holland) ...Where everything is saved/reused/recycled,,,,it honestly make me ill how "we," American's live in such a disposable society. It's been several years now, since I made that journey,,,,,,,,But I learned a LOT from my Family and the Euro Culture. "Re-use, Re-Condition, Recycle!"

Our Culture?,, our Country HAS been wasteful. I think one of the lessons we've learned from these hard economic times is to reconsider,,,,,,,WHAT we have,,,,,what we use and how we can RE-use. The poor economy has created, innovation, re-creation and imagination! I Like that!

So?? Do I take that new laptop out of the box

Or, take it BACK to the store,,,,,,,until old "Betsey" goes to her great "reward?" She's been a Great little Computer,,,,,albeit, slow!

Hope you had a GREAT weekend! I've been thinking/praying a LOT about friends AND family of friends, who have major health issues right now,,,you are ALL in my thoughts and prayers! And for My "Holly Kitty," who is old and senile and weighs no more than a feather duster these days........But still manages to purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Change is Good,,,,,,,,Change is sometimes sad. Change can stimulate and change can stunt. A new Year for us all,,,,,Let's hope we ALL Grow,,,,,,,,from Change!For me, change has brought both the Good and the bad......But hoping I'll stay strong; for those facing the Biggest Changes and Challenges!

Hugs and Love to ALL of you, near and Far! Big "Bus on the Cheek" to SO many blog AND Local friends going through trials right now!


Friday, January 6, 2012

A Winner & Some Valentine Stuff........

Funny,,,,,,This Card I made today, Even reminds me of the Winner...........

Random Number Generator dew #21,,,,,,Karla Nathan of Karla's Cottage! Congrats to Karla. Karla and I met at  The Silver Bella event last year in Omaha! She's uber Talented and Fun to Create with!


Random numbers generated Jan 6 2012 at 13:15:53 by
Free educational resources for parapsychology, psychical research & mind magic.)

The Card I made this morning reminded me of her,,,,as I was "Sugaring" the Wings of the Cupids Wings! (If you know Karla, she posts often about her grandaughter "Sugar Wings." And then I went and drew her name! Wow,,,,(Insert Twilight Zone theme music here!!)

So,,Speaking of Music? Here's a few other little guys I worked on today,,,,,too fun but MESSY to make!

Made with Neutral Toned Spanish Moss, Sheet Music, bits of dried flowers, and bits of lace. They're about 10" tall.

(Don't even ask where I started working on these babies, because it isn't pretty!) No, my Studio was spared,,,,,I'd best go clean up!

Thanks to all you that entered. Have a Great Weekend! I'll be at Joyworks tomorrow,,,,,

Hugs, Love and a "Mossy" Bus on the Cheek!
(Hey, at least it's not a Moldy one!)


(I had Major problems with this linky today,,,,,,,,,,Tons of "Pop ups" and freezes....Hopefully it is all resolved!)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Finally got my Hands on a Copy,,,,,,or Three! Romantic County.....Spring Issue!

Okay,,,,,,so? If you read the post prior to my Giveaway, You already KNOW that:
A;) My little Blog/Crafts were published in the latest issue of of Romantic Country Magazine.

B) The awesome Shop that I work in, Joyworks was also featured! Jana, my friend and Co-worker was my "Blog" inspiration! That we should be featured in the same issue was amazing!

C:)And THEN? That I got a "Teaser from my Dear long time "blogfriend" Annie Lorys of "Fiona and Twig" Fame. She's been a contributing Photographer for the Magazine for a while! Awesome stuff!

And,,,,",La,,,dee, daa",,,,,,her hubbs went to the pharmacy to pick up some meds for her,,,,and,,,,,ahem, Casually picked up a copy of the "latest" Romantic Country Magazine and brought it home for her. .....And well, yeah, (Yawn, sigh, avert eyes towards the heavens) She was  inadvertently Published. Oh,,,,Whatever, (submit photos/images randomly  to the Editor in NY and end up, once again Published in an AWESOME National Publication!)

I'm Making a bit of "Fun" here, I hope you see! Annie Girl is SO talented, so Gracious,,,and I'm sure ANY magazine would be honored to have her images....but she just sets her course for THE BEST!

I'm just SO honored to be Published in my Favorite ,,,,,,truly, Magazine,,,,,and honored to share those pages with my Co-worker, Jana, at "our" fantabulous Store, Joyworks, and my dear, talented friend Anne Lorys! If you don't yet have a copy, it should be out soon! If you live in MY area,,,,,,,I purchased several copies at Barnes and Noble today in Woodinville,,,But, they should be out on MORE local newstands SOON! It's a Quarterly, so you've go some time! :)

Yep,,,,,,I'm feeling pretty blessed right now. With Friends, getting "Published"  and tomorrow,,,,I'm exploring an exciting business opportunity! Great start to the New year!

Make sure you get your hands on this Publication! Truly, it is awesome! Great Ideas, Home Decor, and images to get you in the mood for Change/Spring!

I've got MORE Changes/potential growth on my plate for tomorrow,,,,,,,so, "I'm OUT!"
Love to you all,,,,,and hope your NEW YEAR is starting out with promises of NEW THINGS and growth!!

Oh, Shoot, and Don't forget, if You didn't read my LAST POST,,,You can STILL scroll down one to ENTER MY GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Hugs, love and a Busy, but Happy "Bus" on the Cheek!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Monkeyin' Around Today..... Giveaway

New Year's Part Deux??I don't know about the rest of you,,but today just feels plain WEIRD! I mean, it's a Monday, after the New Year,,,and it's a Holiday too! So,,,,I'm a bit out of sorts, but spent some time working on some Valentine Stuff. Yeah, I know, the Tree is still up and I'm cutting out hearts...... (I'm sure I'm not the ONLY one!)

So, here's a little Giveaway Box..........a bit of Romantic Whimsey.........

Just leave a Comment  on this post, if you'd like to Win,,,,,I'd love it if you Share on your blog,,,,but I'm going to keep it simple and Just draw from the comments. I'll draw the Winner Friday, Jan 6th....

Monkey Box (Giveaway)

I found a dozen or so of these Fun little Animals from the 60's, I think. Monkeys, Elephants and Mice. They've been fun to play with on some Valentine themed boxes......

I gave them "eye lashes," in some cases hats or bits of "bling."
(There are a few more at Joyworks, which I forgot to photograph before I took them in.)

This Mouse box has a box ON the Box
(lid comes off for MINI suprise)

I hope you're enjoying your day, whether you go an extra day off or are working! Happy New Year!

Healthy and Prosperous Hugs and a Hearty Bus on the Cheek!