Monday, July 30, 2012

Anniversary Topper

Happy Monday!

Made a little 25th Anniversary Cake Topper today.......

used a little vintage nut basket, some vintage birds and millenery and old lace trims. They can remove the "Celebrate" banner after the party if they just want to keep the little box as a keepsake. Always enjoy making these and fun to be a BIT of their special celebration!

Filling it at "Beat Street" tomorrow, the Shop next door to us at Joyworks and working on my "To Do" list for Island Chicks on September
15th. I already feel like this week is going to go Waaaaaaaaay too Fast!

Hope your week is off to a good start!

Hugs love and a "Silvery" Bus!

Friday, July 27, 2012

All That and a Cherry on Top!

It's a "Cherry on the Top" kind of day when,,,,,,,

You drop off an order- (Party hats and Banners) and not only go home with payment in hand BUT,,,,,,leave with the Bestest Cuppycakes EVER AND a HUG! Thanks LISA,,,,and the gang at New York Cupcake, you're the BEST!

(The China shown is some of my Meissen which was purchased by my grandfather for my Oma, in the early 1900's.)

I'd share the Cupcakes with all of YOU if I could! Brought a bunch into Joyworks this afternoon too! If you need cupcakes, or cakes for an event and live in Western Washington, Check them out! Lisa and her staff only use the BEST stuff to create their creations. I'm always honored to be a little part of their Shops!

I'll leave you all with a bouquet of some of my Hydrangeas ,,,,Blues, lavenders and Pinks....Hope you have a Great weekend! As is more often than not, I'll be working in Joyworks! We got tons of new merch in again this week, so if you're local, stop by and check out the latest (and the greatest)!

Hug, love and a "sugary" Bus!

(You can still enter my Giveaway if you leave a comment on one of my posts BY the 1st.. You'll have to scroll down to my "Where Shell Creates" Post, part of Karen's Valentine's "Where Bloggers Create" event to find out what the heck you could win though!)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Banners..........Simple and Sweet

Tomorrow I'm delivering to one of my FAVE shops, stores. I'll be bringing a bunch of Custom Birthday hats and some of these simple banners.......

Lots of the simple Pennant Banners in various color configurations on Baker's twine......

Several of these Star garlands,,,,,also on Baker's twine in Various patterns and colors.......

Some little flower Banners with a bit of "Bling".............

And this pastel floral banner,,,,,,,,I loved making this one,,,,with a BIT of Bling.......

Always fun to try something new.......I'll keep an eye on which of these banners sell first!

Happy Wednesday! Hope your week is going well! If you've been busy and didn't check out my or the other Studios, you can still leave a comment HERE for my Giveaway, although you'll have to scroll down to my Where Blogger's Create Post to find out what you might win....Ends on the 1st!!

Hugs and Love,

Monday, July 23, 2012

Party On! (More hats & More blog Visits)

Mondays? I'm always trying to play "Catch up." Catch up around the house, catch up on projects that I don't enjoy and sometimes those that I DO enjoy! I finished some other Birthday hats today and worked on some little Banners that I'll share soon for some of my Cupcake Shop clients and upcoming shows......Here's a couple hats I got done today......

"My Tresor" ,,,My Treasure. I'm all about the Aqua as of late. And I found a box of French Vocabulary cards at a Thrift store for .50 Cents,,,,,fun to make little "Banners/flags" for various projects!

"Folie" Hat

Hmmmmmmm, Blogger isn't letting me add any additional images at the moment, so I'll go "over and post them on Pinterest under my "My Creations Board" if you want to see more........

9An important Sidebar here, I have to give credit to a long time Blog/internet friend Jo Ann of Jo Ann's Holiday Frivolities for the Polka dot idea. She was the Original polka dot gal and while I've used her technique in various projects and give it my own twist,,,,,She was my inspiration!)

I've made a "good dent" in the posts on Karen's "Where Bloggers Create" Links! If you get a few minutes here and there,,,,,,click on the Badge/Link on my sidebar for the Event for some creative space inspiration!!!

Hope your week is starting off well! This old house is suffering some plumbing problems, but the "boys"/my sons are helping me with that! My Golden ate a bunch or Garlic Butter last nite, other than the GAS,,,,,I think he's okay. "Thanks Kodi" for stealing the Garlic Butter of the kitchen counter! If that is as rough as my week goes I'm doin' well!!

Hugs and Love and a "aromatic" (sorry) BUS on the Cheek from all of us!!

PS.....If you didn't visit during my Studio post for the Where Blogger's Create Event OR my last post....You can still leave a comment here for my Giveaway,,,,I'm just sayin'! Just a comment,,,,,nothing else required.

Friday, July 20, 2012

HA! My REAL Studio......One week later

Okay, so really? A week later THIS is what my Studio looked like when I shut off the lights a few minutes ago.............If you missed my Where Bloggers Create Post from Karen's event you can scroll down to the the last post. But this is more realistic!
Raise your hand if you relate!

This is what my desk REALLY looks like when I'm in the middle of something....Right now it's Birthday hat orders...

I make Hats for a couple of Cupcake Shops......

Have the "Bones" done for about 12 more, so they'll go together more quickly. My biggest problem is that I never like to make two of anything identical, so I pull out a bit of THIS and a bit of THAT...........Hence the Chaotic work table!

Last Friday before i shot my pics for Karen's Event (Nothing like waiting till the LAST minute!) we had a Garage sale HERE,,,,,my neighbor gave me these cute little Vintage Ceramic Poodles....Which ended up on a Box........

It was a no brainer WHAT to do today,,,,,it's cool and WET here again! We had HUGE Thunderstorms all night long! Tomorrow is my little town's Summer Festival,,,Kla-Hiya Days,,,,,and it's not looking too promising weather wise! (This is SUPPOSED to be our driest weekend of the YEAR!)

I'll be at Joyworks working all weekend. Always fun to see whats NEW in the store! Have a GREAT weekend whatever you do, wherever you are. Special thoughts and prayers for the Families and loved ones in Colorado and I SO WISH I could wave my Magic Wand and send all our rain to those of you that are SO DRY and Hot!

Hugs Love and a "REAL" Bus!

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Where Shell Creates 2012

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I'm just one little stop on Karen Valentine's "Where Blogger's Create Event,,,,, You can click on her Button on my Sidebar to see all sorts of wonderful Studios.......

Come on into my Studio....Here's my little 95yo basement,,,,,,Hope you find a thing or two to enjoy! Giveaway below if you leave a comment here by August 1st. Have Fun Visiting all of the stops!

I started out this blog making Wedding cake Toppers,,,,so I thought this grouping was appropro....

This is my Desk,,,,always covered in Paint/Glitters/Glue and the likes......this is as clean as it gets! Quick, Look!

I have lots of "Girlfriends" that inspire me in the Studio, here's a few...

I have Lots of neutral in my studio,,,,,you may notice that some of the walls are covered in Old Book pages,,,,But I also have lots of Color!

Lots of Pinks and Aqua....

One of my Fave inspirational pieces, a piece from a local artist Paisley.....

A girls GOTTA have Sparkle and Bling!!!

Back to my work area......

I Love these old French Tins I found to hold Paint Brushes and Tulles handy AND cute! And the old "45" Record Case!

I Love Old Wallpapers,,,well for that matter, Papers of ANY Vintage kind......some of my stash.......

Several Cabinets full of Vintage images and papers,,,,I love this old Cabinet....

This little old Cabinet is Perfect for Scrapbook papers......They are all in here in order according to the Colors of the Rainbow.....

And Old Hat boxes, suitcases and Jewelry Boxes........And Oh yeah! I have a "Thing for Vintage Flowers,,,,I kind of Hoard Them......

There are tons more,,,,,,but you get the idea......

This was my Mom's typewriter. She didn't like "Old Stuff." But she used it into her 80's....Love it!

This little Cabinet contains some other of my "girls," and the Photo at the top middle is my mom as a child......

I love my old Dress forms......

A Stash of Turquoise Supplies in an old Suitcase............This is an old family one,,,I've had it for years full or old pictures

Dolls & Heads.....Love these girls, they are always an inspiration!!

I have a BIT of Lace,,,,and a FEW Ribbons,,,,and Pearls......okay I have TONS

More laces and trims in this funky little 50's padded dresser.....

Love anything that Sparkles,,,,,,,,

Or,,,,did I mention Flowers???

And Paper??? Some of my Paper Flowers......and themed boxes?

I have a LOT of Vintage Supplies I've gathered to work with,,,,,,,,Here are just a FEW!

Just a small stash of my Vintage Cotton spun Birds..I use these a LOT in art projects!

And Cigar and Jewelry boxes full of Vintage Bits and Bobs......

The Big Gold one was my moms! Great for Storage and for taking to classes with various "Bits and bobs!"

Oh Yeah,,,,,and did I mention Vintage Paper? Postcards, Dresden, Old photos.......

This was my Mom's suitcase she use when she left home-the Family Farm in 1936 and
headed to San Francisco.......Love it!

And finally,,,,,,,This old Wicker Trunk, It came over from Germany with my Family in 1929,,,,,,It's got a few sags,,,,but I LOVE IT So! I've filled it full of Old Lace, Linens and embroidered pieces........

Thanks for Stopping by! If you leave (or have already left a comment) I will enter you to win your choice of a custom themed Ballerina Box OR a "Flamingo Themed" Box (example on my left side bar,,,,in your choice of Colors! I will draw a winner on August 1st. I hope you have fun visiting the other "Virtual Studios!"

Thank you SO much for stopping by,,,I hope you enjoyed your Visit! I'll post a few more random images on my Pinterest Board, Where Shell Creates if you'd like to see more! Have Fun! Thanks again Karen for putting this all together!

Hugs and a "Create" Bus on the Cheek!