Thursday, May 31, 2012

Headed to Spokane!

Dog/ House Sitter? (Son) Check!
Camera? Check!
Cell Phone ( I use this about 4 times a year) Check!
Funky/Farm Chickie Comfy Clothes? Check!

Shopping List and "Want List" :
Vintage laces trims, ribbons
Old Cotton tablecloths
Mid Century Whimsey- Ballerinas, Clowns, Wedding Toppers......
Vintage Wallpapers
"Cubbies and organizers" for my Studio........
Mis-matched China,,,,,for Moi

If you can't attend,,,,I'm curious,,,,what would be on YOUR Wish list???

Hugs Love and a "Chickie" Bus! I'll share photos soon!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sew? What's new with you?

As I recently mentioned, I wanted to start sewing again. I've had fun this last week playing with Cottons, Linens, Vintage lace and Tulle,,,,,,,,I've got several pieces in the works and almost finished, but this morning I put the last "ruffle" on this Shrug.......

I really liked the way it turned out and will be fun to wear over sleeveless dresses and tunics........

The body is natural Linen, the sleeves are from an old lace table cloth and I added a Muslin lining some Crinkled Ivory tulle ruffled collar and a cascade of Vintage lace trims" to "tie" it all up!

I could have ironed it prior to the photo, but I kind of liked that "crinkled" Linen look. Having fun Sewing again and looking forward to making and sharing some other pieces soon,,,,,,although don't be surprised if I throw in a Birthday Hat or Wedding Cake topper in too,,,,,,,

(OH! And to be perfectly candid here, I cannot currently sew in my Art Studio...My art table is too high!)So,,,,My dining room table is covered in Lace/Tulle/Muslin and the likes....this creating thing isn't always pretty,,,,,I'm just sayin'!)

Hope your week is going well,,,,,are weather is OK,,,,meaning it's not raining, but a bit Chilly! Hoping that when I head over to Spokane for Farm Chicks,,,, it'll be a bit Warmer and drier!

Hugs Love and a "Gathering" of "Buses!"

Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Finds,,,,,,,

Once again the sun was out here in the PNW,,,,Fri? Sun? = Junk time! There weren't too many Garage sales locally,probably because of the long weekend, but I found a couple of fun things.......

I think this may have been my fav,,,because it came with a bit of History of the original owner........

complete with the purchases and stamps on the back side......

Would you LOVE to know WHAT hats she bought? I wonder if I can still use this card...........

I also found some fun China pieces,,,,,and this cute little porcelain doll from Japan....

A couple of other China/Porcelain pieces.....

"Teapot for Two" w/ 22k Gold,,,,,,,a Buck

Some great Rosaries

A great little Spice Rack to hold paints in my Art Studio.....

Some Cigar Boxes, Lace, and a "Mini" Apothecary Jar........

And,,,,If you missed my Facebook Post earlier this week, I have to share my Vintage Pink Hair dryer with you! Ackkkk, I bought it on Wednesday at a local Thrift Shop,,,,,It reminds me of my Childhood. Sleepovers, 45 Records and Fun Childhood friends!

I Hope you've all had a good week and enjoy your weekend! I, for one, will be taking time to remember our Veterans and those currently serving their Country. Thank you to all of YOUR family members past and present who have defended and protected our Nation!

Hugs, Love and a Proud and Nostalgic Bus!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Almost Farn Chicks Time! (Sorry Vendors, don't mean to make you Anxious!)

Farm Chicks is just a little over a week away! Hard to believe, it seems to have come so fast! I am looking forward to attending,shopping and visiting -Not being a Vendor.

I left it "Up in the air" for the last month or so, waiting to hear what was happening with my Sister-in-law, Mary's health and treatment. She actually let me know months ago that she'd be "doing" a High School girlfriend thingy that weekend anyway,,so even prior to learning about her Cancer, I knew she wouldn't be going with me.

We had SO much fun going together the last two years. And, honestly, I didn't know IF I'd even feel like going while she was sick. The Docs have postponed her kidney removal till the End of June. It's a "heal from radiation/rest/watch, wait and see situation" right now...I feel somewhat in emotional limbo- I can do NOTHING, just wait. Wait and worry,,,but keep myself busy.

So, I'm planning on heading over to Spokane NEXT Friday, and although I'll be thinking about her, missing her, and probably even be shopping for her a bit! I'm sure if the situation was reversed, she'd do the same.

I can't wait to see the booths, see my Vendor and Blog friends! I can't wait to see the outfits shoppers and Vendors will "sport." I can't WAIT to "Find" the "Ultimate Find" to bring home for my creations or studio!

Best Wishes to all the wonderful Vendors---After doing shows myself the last couple of years, I KNOW how hard you all work to make things lovely, to make things special!
I Know how you load your trucks, trailers to the Max. I KNOW how you ache and remember a day late what you forgot to grab! You're the Best! Have an awesome Show!

If you're Somewhat local, hope to see you there! If not,,,,you REALLY should put it on your Calendar! Serena puts on a GREAT event!

Hugs, Love and a "Chickie" Bus!

Monday, May 21, 2012

A new, exciting and "driven" direction.

Wow! I am so excited/nervous and my brain is going a mile a minute! In my "blogging life" so far, I've primarily done mixed media art and crafts. However,one of the FIRST creative things I ever did was to sew. So.......Here are some Rough(and I DO mean Rough) sketches I worked on on......

I used to make most of what I wore back in High school, sew for others, made many of the Drama costumes and selected the fabrics/patterns and trims for others to sew.... I even made a lot of my clothes back when I worked at Nordstrom's and would add the store's accessories to complete my outfits. Wedding dresses/ suits/ski name it. But, I kind of "tucked it" all away after I designed the nursery for my youngest,,,a boy, of course,,,and then work,,,,and another boy,,,,,,well, sewing went to the wayside.

But lately, in my Size 16 body,,,,I've been frustrated that I can't buy many of the cute "Boho"/ Gypsy/Farm girl styles that I love. We've had a "Tease" at Joyworks, and I've love buying a few of those pieces,,,,But,,,I can Sew stuff! And I know, I'm not alone in my love of these feminine fashions......And this "Creative Fairy" has been buzzing in my ear,,,,,,,,and well, when the "Fairies" speak, I listen.......

So here are my BAD sketches,,,,,I'm NOT an illustrator,,,I can't draw to save my life.
My son Andrew and a couple of my Cousins could draw/paint circles around me,,,us all,,,,,,So these are the 8 pieces I'm going to be sewing.....with variations in trims/fabrics and colors,,,,but you'll get the gist.......And trust me, they'll be many in sizes 14-18,,,,,because that's just how I roll.......

Again, forgive my sketches,,,,but you get the idea where I'm headed,,,,,,I'll have finished garments soon.......

Basically, they'll be 8 designs,,,,with various colors/embellishments and trims. Again, excuse my illustrations,,I did these in about 45 minutes while my brain (Hamster wheel) was going a bit crazy.....I'll show you finished goods soon.

I worried a bit about offending some of my fellow artisans that "do" similar things. I also worried about people thinking that I'm abandoning my paper crafts....Crowns/cake toppers and the likes....

But I think MY upcoming clothing items will only compliment pieces that are out there,,,and I'll still do Paper crafting and the likes .....

I'm really excited about creating some One of the kind clothing pieces,,,and I'll be making some things for "US" larger gals,,,,,,,,

Me and the "Fairies" are off to have dinner......and soon to DREAM of designs to come!

Hugs, Love and a "Fashionable Bus"

Friday, May 18, 2012

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Where's the best junk of all? (Friday Finds)

I had a GREAT time junkin' today! I may not have found "the best junk of all," but I did find some great stuff today! I've been looking for mirrors for my studio, I never seem to have enough light down there, so in addition to adding more lighting, I thought mirrors would help brighten things up!

( I tried to stay out of the photo, which isn't easy with mirrors/glass,,,,"doggies in the looking glass.")

Love this one! Bought it from one of our Joyworks customer's at her sale! ....Then, I found another at ANOTHER Joyworks customer's sale.......

This one, from an old dresser,,,,,,,$5 Bucks! I also found this Fabulous box of Pricing labels at her sale......

Loved the BOX and it was still full of all the labels

And,,,,the instruction Sheet!

I have NO idea what I'm going to do with these labels,,,,,,if you've got any fun ideas, let me know! (Can't exactly USE them at show for pricing,,,,,they're from 1920 and even use 1/3 and 1/2 Cents!)

Picked up a couple of Free Hand Mirrors,,,,,

Lots of Mirrors and Glass today!

I also found this "Old Lady Pink" and Gold glass-topped Wicker end table. Yummy!

BUT,,,,,,,HERE is my FAV FIND of the Day! This Wood and glass display case! Ackkkkkkkk!

Sorry,,,, tons of reflections here again,,,,,This case is a little over 2 feet tall and about a foot deep......

I basically "Stole" this one! It's headed down to my Studio as a display case!

I hope your week has been going well! Please link to this post, if you find any goodies this weekend! I'll be working at Joyworks, so this was "It" for me Junkin this week. It was REALLY fun to start Junkin' again for the Spring/Summer!

For me, in the last couple of years, it's become an obsession/addiction! I run into friends/customers/neighbors and the likes on the same "Quest." Too Fun! (Waves to Deb, Candy, Rita and Stephanie today!)

Hugs, Love and a "Reflective" Bus on the Cheek!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Everything Old is New Again! ( My BFF and my Youngest, Andrew)

I simply cannot remember a more beautiful day in Washington! May is always pretty, but we've had Awesome sun, for days,,,,,and days!

Today? I was exceptionally happy, it was my BF Laura's Birthday! And she moved into her NEW historical building! Not only did SHE move in, but she's got my youngest, Andrew working with her. Which is ironic,,,,,,,,

(The Old "Thurston Agency Building on our Historical 1st Street)

Andrew's FIRST Job, was with Laura. She owned a nearby Historical Chapel-where she proceeded (as an ordained Minister and daughter of a Methodist Minister) over many a Wedding. Andrew started working for her back in his early teens, doing yardwork/painting/maintenance.

Now? After 4 years in the Marines, getting his BS at Western, he's helping her with Real Estate and Property Management. All these years later, I think they are a good match!

(oops! I forgot to take Pics with them inside,,,,,,,these are right at "closing" so Laura could go home and have Bday Dinner with the Hubbs.......)

I'm excited about her new Venture, and as always, I am proud of her and feel SO lucky to call her my friend.

She's the ground to my "ungroundedness."
She's the "Rock" on my Shoreline.
She's the "Practical" to my Whimsey.

I HOPE that I am the Whimsey that challenges her.
I HOPE that I am the Artsy that makes her smile.
I HOPE that I am the friend she never expected, but will Always, always be there!

Wonderful Day! I hope yours was Half as Wonderful as mine!
Hugs, Love and an OH so Grateful Bus!


Quick (Update on Mary- my beloved sis-in law. ......She saw 3 Docs today at the University of Washington and will see a Kidney (Cancer) specialist tomorrow.......keep her in your prayers!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Junkin Today and a Winner!

I was SO going to work in the flower beds today, I was SO going to Clean and organize,,,,but instead, after recent hectic days, I went Junkin' and Antiquing!

My first stop? Was at the newly relocated "M&M Antiques" in Monroe, Washington. The new store looked GREAT,,,tons of new Vendors, lots of "Yummy Goodness" from friends/Vendors I know and love! This new store ROCKS! I managed to get out of there with some Cotton Laces and a China plate.......

I don't EVER seem to get enough of this "Cotton "Lacey" goodness! If you haven't yet checked out their new local,,,,,,make it a priority!

No trip to Monroe is complete without a stop at the Goodwill Thrift Store!( I won't say WHO I ran into there,,,,,but lets just say they are BOTH cute as the Dickens and run a Fantastic Day spa in Snohomish!)

It was a Four Star day for me at Goodwill,,,,,,,"Kitchy" bead and pin basket..

A couple of Vintage slips.......

Cottons and Lycra,,,,,,,,,,

I've been collecting some "Beach Kitch" for a while,,,,,and I loved this aquarium piece and this OTTER, made out of little shells, complete with moving eyes! They'll either end up on my sitting porch, or in my Funky Bathroom!

Today, I also found this upright Vintage Buxton Jewelry Chest, that will be GREAT in my Art Studio. I've never seen one quite like this,,,,it was $10 bucks, but I think it will be GREAT for "Bits and Bobs."

I also found this Vintage "Orcas Island" souvenir Pennant. I LOVE this! I spent a couple of Summers back in the ahem,,,,,,,6o's at a Camp on Orcas Island...... (One of the largest of the San Juan Island Chain that runs from Washington State into Canadian Waters.....Beautiful!)

My LAST find shown MAY be the most valuable. I found a plate at Goodwill with Meissen Markings on it's underside,,,,,,it appears to be authentic Meissen,,,,but we'll see!

Okay,,,and Finally? I used the "Random Number Generator" and drew up #5 which is my friend LISA Davies or Sequim Washington! (Email me Lisa and let me know if I have your Current addy!)

Thank you ALL for Entering. This was the smallest group I've ever had for a giveaway, honestly. And I think, the Garden Crowns are gorgeous! I'll be having another giveaway soon, so stay in touch!

I hope your week is going well!

Hugs, love and a "Junkin Bus to you all!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Mom's Day (My Mom)

My Mom, in her 20's.

I Lost her a couple of years ago, at the age of 92. She was truly an amazing woman. She came to the US, from Germany at the age of 13, in 1929,,,,,,and of course, as most of us know, was THE year of the beginning of "The Great Depression."

They (my Oma and Poppy, mom, her brother and sis) moved to Eastern Washington.....Eventually had a Farm of their own, and Mom left "home" to go to school at the University of Washington.

Over the years, she lived in both Seattle, San Francisco, and eventually settled in Snohomish County. She worked for " I Magnin's" in San Francisco, taught "Shorthand/Typing/Filing at a business college in Lynnwood, (north of Seattle) She had a great job with Snohomish County in the Assessors and Commisioner's office" Around the same time, she started her "Great American Novel." Which, she never finished,,,,,,,one of my goals is to "co-write" that novel with her.

She had me at 40. We were always best friends. I learned SO much from her and my Grandparents of different cultures, different places, opportunities, change/growth. Acceptance.

I hope, if you've still got your mom, You give her a BIG hug! I'd give anything to be able to spend JUST one more Day with my Mom. But I'm thankful that I WAS There at the very end.

If you are a MOM/Step Mom, I hope you have an awesome weekend! If you aren't a mom, I hope you embrace your impact as an Auntie/friend or neighbor! (One of the biggest impacts I think I ever had was as a girl's neighbor-when she couldn't talk/share with her own mother)

Have a GREAT weekend!
Hugs, Love and a "Motherly" Bus!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Gorgeous day in Washington State! My "Old School Azalea" and Heirloom plants/ fruits/veggies

If you walked up my stairs today, You'd get a Heady scent of Carnations. But it's actually from an Heirloom Azalea plant I picked up in the "Close Out" bin several years ago for $4 Bucks.

Most of our Azaleas around here are evergreen,,,this one is deciduous, BUT when it blooms it is gorgeous and you can't bottle or buy THAT fragrance!

I worked in the yard quite a bit today,,,if you're local, you KNOW that things GROW out of hand quickly,,,,,Rain/Sun-Grow,,,,Rain/Sun-Grow! I had today off, and again tomorrow and Wednesday I'll be working in another local Shop (filling in for a Vaca)

Hope Your week is starting out well! What have YOU been up to? Our weather here is supposed to "hold" for several days!

Not sure if it's the time of year, and folks are busy, but few comments on my Giveaway....You can STILL scroll down to the May Day post to Enter. You do NOT need to have a Google account,,,Just sign in "anonymous" with your Email addy to Enter!

Several weeks ago, I had a "tummy" bug and finally started "Pinning" on Pinterest. There is a linky on my right sidebar if you'd like to head over. It's kind of like a "Wishbook" that you create of all your Favorite things. If you haven't clicked on over,,I'd highly recommend it. So MANY gorgeous images/ideas and inspirations for what ever YOU like to do!

Off to walk the doggies! Have a great evening!

Hugs love and an "Old School/Heirloom* Bus!"

* Did you KNOW? When you plant Heirloom plants-whether flowers/trees OR FRUITS and Veggies, you are preserving diversity in your gardens AND for our planet.
Most of the flowers/produce/plants you buy have been raised for the "popularity of the Masses."

In the domestic Animal world, we've learned that certain purebreds are affected by certain diseases,,,,Hip problems, tumors, etc. It's the SAME in the plant world. Get a "Mutt" whether plant, animal, (Human) and your less prone to problems. And most importantly, Diversity IS key to health!

Okay,,,,Bio lesson done,,,,but basically, Heirloom plants are OUR friends!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Etsy or a new Website, I could use some input!

So, My business has been growing exponentially, and I'm wondering whether I want to go BACK to ...Etsy, where I did pretty well, or set up a Website.

If you have/do either, I'd love to hear your insights. Please leave a comment!

(My "Vintage Elements Garden Crown" Giveaway is STILL going on,,,,you just have to scroll down through a couple of older posts to get there. )

Truly, I'd love your thoughts,,,Reactivate Etsy or Get a Web page up and running???

Hope you're having a good weekend! We've got TONS of new clothes and home decor in Joyworks,,,,,Stop in and see what's new!

Hugs, Love and a "vacillating" Bus,

Friday, May 4, 2012

May Junkin! (Friday Finds)

( Scroll down TWO posts, if you want to Enter my Vintage Garden Crown Giveaway!

I thought I was just taking my friend (92) "little Helen" to lunch. On the way home I saw the "G" Sign.......The junk Angels heralded their horns,,,and there seems to be some "Magnet" on the front of my car that makes me automatically pull towards said signage......

But, I found some great China today . For pennies on the dollar....

I have more China and Pottery than a person should own,,,,,but I recently made a decision that I am getting RID of anything of it that isn't Vintage or Antique!

I currently own quite a bit of Fiesta, from my Oma (Grandmother) and also all the Meissen my Poppy (Grandfather) bought for her shortly after WWI,,,,,yep WWI. I USE the Fiesta,,,,but break out in a cold sweat every time I even TOUCH the Meissen, which for the most part,,is "Priceless."

The pieces in the photos ranged from $1.00 to $4.00 WITH the cup and saucer....I!'m looking to build a collection of inexpensive but antique/vintage goodies for Brunches/Teas/desserts! Today's finds fit the bill!

And, I am always on the lookout for Italian Gold pieces...I have Glassware, vases, stemware,,,and picked up this plate for $1.00 today!

Fun finds, at Great prices today,,,I'm looking forward to MORE "Friday Finds" as the weather gets better!

Quick updates:
M&M Antiques,,,,which is one of my favorite "Haunts" in for Great Antiques, is opening in their NEW location in Monroe, Washington tomorrow! I won't get to check it out till Monday,,,,,but I wish ALL of them the BEST for their NEW location opening tomorrow!

My dear, dear sister in law Mary will have Radiation treatments till the 16th, on her spine. At that point, they'll remove her Right Kidney (Per Fred Hutch's advice/protocal.)

I had Planned on visiting with her next week, over on the Penninsula, but the radiation is going to make her
throat really really sore (Liquid diet) and my Bro said to put the visit off for a while...

Frustrating when you want to BE there to support, but also know that you don't want to cause extra effort/stress
Have a GREAT weekend! I'll be working at Joyworks! Tons of new goodies in,,,,,and Jana is BACK from a TWO MONTH trip to Africa and India! Cannot WAIT to hear more about her trip!

Again,,,,if you haven't yet entered my Giveaway, you can scroll down a couple of posts to do so....... Have a great Weekend!

Hugs, Love and a "May Junk Finds" Bus on the Cheek!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cuppa and a Mini

It was a good day for a cuppa and mini.

If you haven't yet tried "Paris" blend Tea, I'd highly recommend it! My new Fav,,,,Thanks to the Whimsical Whites girls!

(Scroll Down if you want to enter my Garden Crown Giveaway) I'm linked to

Hope your week is going well!
Hugs Love and a "bloomin'" Bus on the Cheek!

I'm linking to Debra's Friday Vintage Finds,,,,,Visit

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Giveaway........Garden Crown

Happy May Day Giveaway!

I haven't had a Giveaway for a while. And since today is "May Day," I thought i'd give away this "Garden Crown." You don't have to WEAR it, you could "toss" it on a mirror, shutter, hook. It's not just a head piece, it can be added to a lacey vignette. Primarily neutrals,,,,,with a FEW hints of aqua. I retail these for about $50, so hope you'd enjoy adding it to your decor.

To Enter leave a comment. (1 chance)
become a "new follower" (1 Chance)
Post on your blog/sidebar or on facebook (1 chance each) let me know......
Tell me Why, you'd like a garden crown for 2 additional chances to win!)
Good luck,,,,,I'll draw a winner on the 15th!

Hugs, love and Happy May Day!

New Shoes,,,(Or how I "Spent" my day!)

Every once in a while, I help out the Shop next to us at Joyworks. "Beat Street" has some great clothes, and their shoes are awesome! And somehow, I always manage to SPEND more working there than I make!

Tonight, I came home with these cute "Jambu" shoes! I love this shade of green and these are as comfortable as they are sweet! They still look cute, even on a size 9 1/2!

I have some clothes on hold for tomorrow.....So much for a paycheck!

Hope your week is going well!

Happy May Day!
Hugs love and a "Springy" Bus on the Cheek!