Friday, April 30, 2010

"May Day, May Day" No Way!

Can you even believe tomorrow is the first of MAY?? Honestly, we had days in February HERE, in Washington State that were SUNNIER and WARMER! If I was a knitter,like some of you that I know and have come to love, I'd be putting little sweaters on some of the flowers and shrubs trying to bloom! Ackkk!

Nonetheless, today I made May Day Baskets, or "Tussie Mussies" for some friends. I delivered a couple today because I work tomorrow!

The first one I delivered was to my BFF, Laura. She and I are different as night an day in many respects.
A) She doesn't  "Do Arts or Crafts."
B) She can read a Tidal Chart and Sail a boat like you wouldn't believe; she is a competitive racer.
C) She's petite and has a darling figure and is clueless about clothes- (and if you may recall, I worked as an Assistant Clothing Buyer at Nordy's) and although I DO NOT do the "Mall Thing" with anyone, I've been known to help HER pick out clothes.
D) She doesn't blog, facebook AND totally unlike me, she is ALWAYS glued to her cell phone for business.(Real Estate and property Mgmt.) (( We've had THE Safety Chat about phones/texting.))
BUT, we both take an active role in the Community, love animals, share laughs, and I guess primarily we respect and admire each others differences. And, we've been through a LOT of life's changes and adversities together.

But, I digress-
Based on her personality-(Anti Frou-Frou) and beachy,,,here's the Tussy Mussie I made for her. I filled it with "Flora and Fauna" and brought it to her home tonight!

I also hung one tonight on my dear Penny's door. Complete with White French Tulips, Vibernum, Hosta and White Aylissum. (Shown below-She's a Francophile and her livingroom is done in Browns/creme and aqua.. I thought this was "very" Penny.)

The Rest of my Tussie Mussie's were all along a similar vein. Subtle tones with hints of aqua. With a few "tweaks" to suit the recipients!  

I gave another to my friend Deb of Garden Party. minutes after hanging Penny's,,,as she was driving through our neighborhood, we FINALLY had a few minutes to chat about upcoming events.........She's been HOPPING! Getting ready for the event at Sand Point in Seattle and THEN....Ta-da!  She will have a booth at Farm Chicks in Spokane!

Deb's Tussie Mussie!

Deb (Bock) is SUPER talented! We worked together for a while a couple of years ago and I really got to SEE what she does and what she is capable of...Gorgeous, innovative work! If your local and you need a consultation on oh,,,let's say your garden, or "mixing up" your decor, or an interior design "Nip and Tuck," Deb is fantastic! Check out her link and blog if you haven't she is unreal!

So, I've got a couple of Tussie Mussies left to give out tomorrow morning, complete with French Tulips and Vibernum......those go to two friends/ local bloggers and shhhh! They are a secret!

Tomorrow night after work I will post my "Swaps" for the Tussie Mussie Event for a "Swap for all Seasons" and my May Day Basket Swap!" And of course, Tomorrow, MY giveaway ends!

Have a great weekend. I'll be working at Joyworks! Make sure you visit Jana's new blog it should show up in my sidebar,  for clothing and accessories and  also, check out her new FACEBOOK presence!!!

Hugs and Love,

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I was Robbed! Thief IN the house!

You know, you think you are safe in your own home, and THEN,,,,you are reminded how vulnerable you are!

Here is the Thief,,,,,I know, I know he looks somewhat innocent. However, he can clear a kitchen counter (or a raised cat dish) in a single bound!

He might be 120 pounds of "Golden love" but look at those eyes, he's guilty as Sin! He stole about a 1/2 pound of  French Brie right off the kitchen counter in ONE bite!!! Devil dog! Does he look the LEAST bit remorseful? No!!! Guilty as Charged! Bad Kodi!

Here is the demure Shadow, looking at me and asking why I'm mad.....

Oh yeah, don't let her make you go all soft an fuzzy either,,,,,She's the Alpha dog,,,,no part in this "Cheese Scheme" but dont let her fool you she RUNS this house!

Okay, and just LOOK at this CAT! She has sinister written all over her! And she's NO friend to the dogs, trust me,I think she "copped a deal" with Kodi though, because she knocked my digitial camera off the desk when I was ready to post his caper!

Kodi, and  now, I are apparently on a "Brie Free" Diet,,,,,,,,but let me tell you there will be NO "cookies" for the "Code Man" aka Kodi for several days!

and Hugs,

Oh yeah,,,,,I'm just  5 SHORT of 100 members for doubling my giveaway  (which affects ALL of YOU) so if you haven't posted about it or you want to email or let someone know about my giveaway and get them to "follow my blog." That means YOU and of course everyone else gets TWICE the Chance!!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Crafting for May 15th.........

On May 15th, we are having our big Antique and Crafting Faire in Snohomish. My dear friend Annie of Annies in Snohomish initated this venue last year, and it was spectacular! We had Vendors from all over Washington, Oregon and Idaho participate in this event.

Joyworks will have a booth again this year, right outside the shop and we will be featuring a lot of handcrafted and "repurposed" items for this Event. The last couple of days I've been constructing some funky crowns, flowers and hats that will be included in the Joyworks mix! I kind of had to think ouside the box, because a lot of my crafts are more "exacting" but I had fun making some funky items for the show and have several more on my list!
Marla was a good sport and sat still for her photo session. I think she's likin' the funky headwear!
Bits of lace, hand "dotted" Tulle, a feather here, a pearl there......
fancies up some DOLLAR Store headbands.

Paper crowns, big and small, un-bleached coffee filters makes some fun fringe! And DOLLAR store doillies make for fun and funky flowers!

Marla's sporting a funky crown made out of 88% recycled papers okay, well figuratively, not literally,
Marla can relate to this one! Shes a recycled Head-a Landfill Lady, although she's forgotton the whole experience, I think she was "Brain Washed!"

This little Garden Cherub got a Polynesian crown of sorts!
Coffee stained and stamped cardstock turned into leaves, burlap, and MORE coffee filter fringe!

And I've mae a ton of these funky flowers with clip backs to hang about. The gal at Mc Daniels did a double take when I appeared with bags of what appeared to be "roach clips." Then again , they give me double takes when I keep by cans of air that I use to blow off extra glitter too!

And well, I had to do at least one girly frou frou hat today,,,,,,,

Did someone mention Cake? I'm suddenly hungry!

Now, if I could just figure out something to make out of those 30lb dog food bags, we'd be talkin! "Anyone? Anyone?"

Of to the grocery store for ahhhhh, milk, yeah that was it!
Have a great Day!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wall of Whimsey

Lulu recently sent me a book called "The Find," a book on repurposing/decorating and one of the photos featured designer John Derian's home in NY where he'd wallpapered his entry with old the pages of an old book.

I'd been trying to decide what to do in my studio (former playroom for two rough and rowdy boys and more recently throw everything in there and close the door room). On Friday, I wallpapered one wall with an old Fairy Tale book called the Blue Fairy. Tons of fun illustratrions in Black scattered here and there!

It certainly isn't perfect, I simply tore out the pages and adhered them to the wall with wallpaper paste. But it's fun to see all the images and read a line of "Gulliver's Travels or Snow White and Rose Red"  while crafting!

One of my goals for this year is to get the studio in top shape, this wall was a start. Now,,,,,for the OTHER 3 walls!

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Amendment to my Giveaway! (Per Sassy Mini Dolls Comment)

Okay, FYI,,,,,,,I do NOT own a cell phone any longer! (They all GASP!)

I used one for YEARS, and in some cases before some of you reached puberty! In fact, I had one of the first models (working close to Microsoft in Washington State) -It was the size of a small suitcase and could pull in Tokyo.....I kid you not!( I'm waiting for the Brain tumor to kick in anyday!) Then, I had one that fit into a (large) purse. And eventually a smaller model.
I've even been known to purchase a cheapie at the drug store if I'm going on a road trip and just need something for emergencies.  That said, I currently have NO cell phone! I know, weird, huh?

So here's the dealy-o.......Obviously I don't Tweet/twitter either. BUT,,,,,if YOU do,,,,,,and you want to tell post about it,,,,you CAN post on my blog giveaway  from yesterday and get ONE extra point too! Only ONE condition!

And here, I'm going to go all "Oprah" on you! I was widowed in 1994, as many of you know. My husband Karl, died in a car accident coming home from an aerial photography sesssion (he was a pilot and photographer.) I never could determine from Police reports whether he was physically on the phone, talking to ME at the time of the accident. The cell phone records weren't as accurate then. Maybe, he wouldn't have been in the accident IF he weren't on the Cell phone to me,,,,,,,I'll never know.

So, I've gotta say,  I'm a biggie for "Hang up the phone and drive." I'm also a "biggie" for hang up and actually interact with the people/environ which is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!

So, Cell phones? Yes, they have their purpose. But be safe, curteous and interact with the people that are right THERE in front of you!

Twitter/tweet, facebook, whatever, just be SAFE and truly think about how others could be affected by your actions, and by all means, be curteous!

Hugs and love,

Friday, April 23, 2010

100th Post Giveaway!

This is my 100th post for "Bungalow Bling!" And, I'm having a Giveaway to commorate the event! I have come to know, love and have visited some terrific bloggers! This is my little way of giving back!

What, you may ask, Am I giving away? Well two different things, actually.

The first, is a handmade item by Moi. This can be a custom made Crown,  Birthday Hat, Themed keepsake box or a Cake Topper- (for you or someone you love) for a wedding, baby shower, birthday,,,,,you get to choose! You pick a "theme,"event, and colors and I'll do my best to make you something really special! I'll spend a bit of time getting to know you or the recipient first, what ideas YOU have and go from there............

The Second part of the Prize is a :$40 "Shopping Spree at Joyworks." Now, if you've visited  Jana's Joyworks blog, you have learned "we" don't offer online shopping. BUT, Jana posts new items on the  Joyworks blog all the time, so you can get a FEEL for what is available. Basically, we sell home decor, gift items, clothing, accessories, "baby," and seasonal goods- a bit of Vintage and hand crafted goods. So,,,,,,,I will converse with whomever wins and act as your "Personal Shopper" to show you pics or tell you about what is available,,,as needed. 

So here is the "Schpeel"-
Leave a Comment  on THIS post any day  between now and May 1st, and you get ONE entry.

Grab my button  on the Sidebar and post about my giveaway on your blog and you get TWO MORE entries. (Please send me a separate comment  on THIS post, if you have done this.)

Send a comment on Facebook and  let me know  on THIS post, to get ONE additonal entry. (If you do all 3,,,,,,you get 4 entries.

Also, If I reach 100 followers by May 1st, I will DOUBLE the prizes.......that's TWO custom items and TWO $40 Joyworks Shopping Sprees for ALL entries.

Good luck! And most of all, thanks for stopping by!

I will draw the Winner(s) on May 1st, and I will send both the Custom requested item(s) and Joyworks item(s) by May 15th~!

Have a great weekend! 

Oh, and Check out my little Historical Bungalow depiction on the LEFT of my sidebar that was recently completed by reknowned Artisan Patti Simpson Ward! (My little house is famous!). She will be featuring my home and 5 others in the 2011 Calendar (of Snohomish) and her original oils and prints will be available during the  Snohomish Historical Home Tour.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Box of "Love" from Lulu! Ackkkkk! Too fun!

Yesterday, in the early evening, this box arrived from my dearest Blogland friend, Lulu, of Coastal Sisters . I had nearly finished a post and I KNEW it would be SO fun to dig into, but I figured I'd wait till today to post about it. Glad I did, because it certainly warrants a separate post! Look at the labels.......and low and behold, " A little bit of Magic!" Okay,,,,a LOT of magic!

First the darling card,,,,and then we'll tear into this sucker together! LOL
Too cute! I love this image! But what was written on the back was even BETTER!

Brief Prelude to this lovely box of goodies from Lulu:

Lulu and I "clicked" a while back, about a year ago. At first I couldn't put my finger on what it was about her that I felt such a connection for. I mean, me, a Pacific Northwest Gal,,,,,,,never been "South" of Chicago,,,,okay well, other than to "jump" over to Europe. And yet, I felt an affinity with this woman that for some time I just couldn't put a handle on.We both loved Animals to a fault (a big clincher there) and we both loved to craft, were both educated,  former careeer oriented/professional women,  although  now she primarily does jewelry and blog headers, And had this great sense of humor which I adore, and hopefully I share a bit of that quality, But then, one day, it hit me! And I had to email her and let her know!

It was the strength through adversity that made me truly appreciate her. We'd both been divorced.  She'd dealt with breast cancer and I'd been widowed and dealt with my son, as a Marine doing 2 tours in Iraq amongst other things. But it was HER courage, her strengths, that linked Her to my heart. Moving on, trying new things-both of us. Laughing and creating, meeting and sharing in THIS crazy new venue.  

I sent her an email when I finally realized what got to me and said, YOU get it! How to pick up, reboot, rethink, grow, let go and don't sweat the small stuff! THAT is Lulu! And that is why I love her!

So,,,,,,,,this package,,,and more importantly this "gift" of her wonderful friendship means a lot! Not the monetary aspect, but just because she knows me!

So, the wonderous goodies-

Lulu ordered ONE pair of these lovely Garden "Wellies" and they sent her TWO by mistake! It's great to have a friend that wears the same size as you!  I LOVE 'em! I guess I need to get busy in the yard now!

Inside the box was the gorgeous ring Lulu made! I absolutley fantabulously LOVE IT! I primarily wear Black/Creme with  bits of Hot Pink of Sage Green thrown in,,,,,,and always, always, Silver. Couldn't be more ME!!! This means SO much! And I cannot wait to tell everyone my friend Lulu made it!

Lulu also sent me this gorgeous read, called "The Find" by Stan Williams. This is the "Go to" book for junkers and antique hunters. It tells you what to look for, what to think about when your shopping and HOW to "rethink" a piece for your home! I love it,,such great ideas!

As previously stated, I LOVE love love, pink and green! And these napkins are delightful! But Green is probably my fav color-it is the only consistent in my home....I have green in EVERY room. And, I adore anything with polka dots! (How did she KNOW that?) I can't wait to use this darling spreader!!!
Too cute!

True Confessions? I am a ribbon and trim hoarder. I love them ALL! Big FAT ribbons, skinny little lace and metallic ribbons, Wired ribbons and trims......a girl can NEVER have TOO many ribbons and trims! You can quote me on that!

I've been saving ribbons for years. I blame my wonderful Aunt Lila, who got me "hooked" on the perfect package. But now I use these gems in crafts and art....Thanks Lulu for adding to my collection! Oooh la lah! If they decide to feature me on hoarders, it will, be gorgeous, but I'll have them fly you in as my accomplice! Love all those colors and textures, girlfriend!

And finally, some great "Fiesta" Festooning "Reeeeeeeeba Reeeeeeeba" and the Vintage Paper umbrellas shown below, which I will also use in various craft projects!! Oh they are spectacular!!! You KNOW I will have fun using ALL of these!

Let me tell you Girls, your "Hubbs" may give you a bit of romance and remembrence, your Kids may pull at your heartstrings with cards and sentimental gifts, but there is NOTHING like a girlfriend who really "gets you" and "knows you" to give you the perfect gifts!

Thank you Lulu for EVERYTHING! I love, love, love it all! But most importantly I love the fact that you KNEW what I would LOVE and that you took the time to prepare such an awesome package of things from the HEART for me!!!

Go Hug or thank a Blogging friend, for an idea, an inspiration, a pat on the back, or just taking the time to get to know YOU!

Hugs to you all, and especially for you that have become an intergral part of my life,,,,not matter the physical distance!


Accccckkkkkk! 100th post is FAST approaching, stay tuned for what I HOPE will be a fun giveaway!!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Baby Cakes" Toppers and a Package from Lulu!

Today I finished two "Baby" Wedding Cake Toppers. I had big fun making these guys! They will work on either the top of a wedding cake, or with cupcakes. These are generic,,,not custom orders. They may end up in Art and Soul Gallery,  or at an event a friend of mine is participating in. I just hadn't made anything wedding related for a while and the "creative fairies" told me it was time.

I had this "Garden Thingy" going on and this one is certainly the BRIGHTEST one I've ever done! I constructed a little "gazebo" for the background, complete with a bird fountain.
The text is a bit hard to read, but says, "Happily Ever After."

The second one is a bit more subdued, and like many as of late, I love working with these aquas, beiges and
bits of brown. I found a big old song book from the 50's in my basement and used part of a "Spring" song on this one.

When I started working on the first one (top piece) I was trying to decide how to fashion a birdbath for my "gazebo" when all of a sudden a thought came to me. I cut a spun cotton ball in half with the little hole top center. Then I used a vintage plastic candle holder (like you'd use on a cake or cupcake) and hot glued that into the cotton base. Then added a couple of really tiny doves and glittered the daylights out of it!

I had so much fun making the first "birdbath" that i felt compelled to make another for this one.
TP roll Gazebo's and candle holder Birdbaths, Fun projects!

Tomorrow I'm constructing the Eiffel Tower out of Toothpics!
(just kidding)

I was just getting ready to sent this post to that Great Blog Publisher in the Netherworld, when my son Andrew announced I have a package,,,,,,,,From Lulu!  Ooooooooh!

Oh my Stars! The box weighed a ton! And, there is a box within the box! "Things to have Fun With!"
Lulu told me she was sending me some "Wellies" aka Garden boots, and well, they are just too cute! I think I'll just post this tease and show you what's in the box(es) tomorrow! Ackkkkkkkkk!

Have a good evening! Stay posted, I'm almost at 100 posts, and I promise a fun Giveaway!


(Dying to dig into that box!)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Got a Facelift Today!

Okay, not me, but my blog! Wow! I had the best "Doctor" around! It's Karen Valentine of course!

Check out my new "do!" I'm loving it! I even have a button now! Feel free to grab it! Best thing about this facelift is it was painless! I just gave Karen an idea of what I wanted and she worked her little fingers to the nubbin's this week to get it put together!

If you'd like some help, just pop over and see Karen, her button is on my sidebar!!!

Big Hugs and Thanks Karen!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Making Transfer Pillows and some tips!

Last week I tried my hand at my first graphic transfer onto a pillow. It was too fun and with all the graphic images available thanks to blogger friends like Karen at and Elizabeth at the options are endless!

The one below is from a digitized graphic Elizabeth posted this last weekend.  (Elizabeth is the one that recently sent me the extrodinary box of goodies!)

When I saw this image, I absolutely loved it and couldn't wait to see if it would work on a transfer because it is SO detailed!  No burlap on this one. It's natural toned muslin with cotton lace and black velveteen ribbon. (The back side, shown right, is black velveteen overlayed in a cotton crochet fabric.

Then, this morning, I made one with a French illustration from Karen (GraphicFairy link above.) Okay, cute Frenchy girl, pretty little bird and blossom and then you throw in Chocolate????
What's not to love about this graphic?

The photo background of the tranfer appears pinker than it actually is, I kept trying to adjust the color,,,but here it is. (Go figure, it was sunny in my office, a rare occurence in Washington!)
This is a larger square pillow, about 15" square. Again, I used crochet lace trim, which I just love and this one was applied to burlap.

The back is burlap also. I used some wide industrial cotton twill tape to reinforce the closure on the backside and an assortment of vintage buttons from my grandmothers old button stash!

Tonight, I'll be stiching some snap closures under the buttons to finish it off, good project while watching TV.

And I thought I'd post my first attempt I made last week for our "Junky Swap Party." And then tell you a bit about what I've learned from the whole process, in case you want to try some!

The first attempt had a few scortch marks on it, but I thought it made it look a bit more vintage. I absolutely loved this image from Karen, and I may use it again,,,,,,,and it's twin! (Similar image in the same colors of a little French girl frolicking through the flowers and birds, too cute!)

Okay, so here is what I learned:

My iron runs HOT!!! The first transfer I used of the image immediately above, was scorched to smithereens!
I left it that hot on my second attempt-the image you see above,,,,,but moved the iron a lot faster. As stated/shown a bit scorched, but better.

I had done this because the first two transfers I used were samples that I had on hand from my HP kit when I bought my printer,,,,,,THEY said, heat your iron on MAX for 8 minutes before using. Well, besides blowing the breaker, it did scortch a bit.

So on Friday when I went to Office Max, they only had generic brand transfers,,,,,,theirs of course! And the instructions on theirs said to put the iron on "Cotton" setting. And I did. And, the images transfered better and low and behold I didn't even trip the breaker in the craft studio!!

As illustrated, my transfers were all done onto cotton muslin. Which takes the higher heat AND has a smooth surface for fine detail like these images. IF you are going to transfer on Burlap, I'd make sure you have a less complex image. AND make sure whatever you use is wrinkle free!

Okay,,,,,,coming "clean" here:

Make sure you reverse your image. It SAYS so on the transfer instructions, but on my first printing onto a transfer, this right brained gal thought,,,,,,"oh well, I don't mind if the image is facing the other way",,,,,,,,but of course the wording was TOO! Duh! I'd even read this, but STILL did it!!!

And,,,,,make SURE you put the transfer sheet in the copier "right side down." There is an image/grid on the wrong side,,,,and that is what you SHOULD see when you load it into the printer.
(I know, I know, again, probably me and that whole "lysdexic" right brain thingy!)

You may also want to start with some smaller images. You can even do a whole 8 1/2" x 11 sheet through your "print photos" program -just like you would do multiple photos. So, you get ONE full sheet, two 5x7's, 4x6's ,,,,,etc, etc. I did another fun graphic today on a transfer sheet full of multiples that I'm going to use for bags of lavendar, once in BLOOMS in Washington!

Okay,,,,,,there are other tutorials on this stuff on the Web and in Blogland, and you can go check out Karen's Brag Monday posts to see other info, but feel free to contact me if you want to try it and have any questions!

Go forth and Create!!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Blogging 101,,,,for lurkers and "wanna be's"

Okay,,,here's the scoop. WE KNOW YOU ARE OUT THERE! Those of you who read and never post because your intimidated and don't know how to get started in "Bloggerland." It's fun and easy, and believe you me, you can Blog about, your china collection, baseball, your aunt Ruby, music, literature,,,,your music box collection. Set your soul free! Okay,,,,,,so did that whet your whistle???

Jodie leJeune has fun info, tutorials, links, "Everything you wanted to know about blogging but were afraid to ask." Swing by her site,,,(You can type it in a browser) OR just click on this link and learn the basics! Go ON! Spread your wings!

Jodie will help you get going on the write track! Have fun,,,,,,it truly is easy. And if you mess up a bit ( I used to have photos post sideways or captions appear in the wrong places) Big deal! We were all "newbies" once! Just have fun,,,,,,,and we'd love to see what you have to say and what you do!!!


Friday, April 16, 2010

Swaps, "Sisters" Savories and Sweets!

Last night Penny hosted a Swap Party for a dozen or so of us in her lovely home! I'd been hearing about how cute her house was, an oh my, it is just wonderful! I told her to let the Hubby Bill know I was moving in!

Penny had a great spread of goodies for us for Dinner! I brought the baked Brie in the left corner. Shew, it turned out well, considering this was my first attempt.

Timi (rt) always the comedienne!

Loura brought this wonderful cake called "Better than Sex Cake." Well, of COURSE we all had to try THAT! And oh my heavens, it was very "satisfying!"

My Dear Kell held out the longest, I think she was try to decide if having a slice would be cheating on Michael. The cake prevailed!

Jana drew #1 in the first round! Hey, I think she did at Annies house too! Fun statuary! (I just want Penny's table in the foreground!)

Annie drew #2 and got this fun garden basket on wheels! Lucky girl!

I drew #4 in the first round and scored this wrought iron rack from Steph. Too fun! (That is my cracked plaster wall behind it, NOT Pennys!

Jana, Round 2 checking out the goodies! (She chose my funky plant book wrap) but lots of fun goodies left! (No, not the pic in the background, believe me, I asked!)

This gorgeous statue was also in the "Swap room." I told you I'm moving in!

On my second swap I scored this great "Shell" faucet from Jana! Love it~!

The photo I took of Penny had a refraction of light right over her face! Sorry Penny. Thank you SO much for a fun evening of "Sisterhood, Savories, Swaps and Sweets!"

Kell Bell's house in June!  (If you'd like more info on how we do these swap parties, see yesterdays' post!)