Saturday, April 24, 2010

Amendment to my Giveaway! (Per Sassy Mini Dolls Comment)

Okay, FYI,,,,,,,I do NOT own a cell phone any longer! (They all GASP!)

I used one for YEARS, and in some cases before some of you reached puberty! In fact, I had one of the first models (working close to Microsoft in Washington State) -It was the size of a small suitcase and could pull in Tokyo.....I kid you not!( I'm waiting for the Brain tumor to kick in anyday!) Then, I had one that fit into a (large) purse. And eventually a smaller model.
I've even been known to purchase a cheapie at the drug store if I'm going on a road trip and just need something for emergencies.  That said, I currently have NO cell phone! I know, weird, huh?

So here's the dealy-o.......Obviously I don't Tweet/twitter either. BUT,,,,,if YOU do,,,,,,and you want to tell post about it,,,,you CAN post on my blog giveaway  from yesterday and get ONE extra point too! Only ONE condition!

And here, I'm going to go all "Oprah" on you! I was widowed in 1994, as many of you know. My husband Karl, died in a car accident coming home from an aerial photography sesssion (he was a pilot and photographer.) I never could determine from Police reports whether he was physically on the phone, talking to ME at the time of the accident. The cell phone records weren't as accurate then. Maybe, he wouldn't have been in the accident IF he weren't on the Cell phone to me,,,,,,,I'll never know.

So, I've gotta say,  I'm a biggie for "Hang up the phone and drive." I'm also a "biggie" for hang up and actually interact with the people/environ which is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!

So, Cell phones? Yes, they have their purpose. But be safe, curteous and interact with the people that are right THERE in front of you!

Twitter/tweet, facebook, whatever, just be SAFE and truly think about how others could be affected by your actions, and by all means, be curteous!

Hugs and love,


  1. so sad....i just recently got a cell phone we keep in car for emergencies, i dont know anyone i need to talk to immediately lol. sounds like you have made a nice life with your sons and pets.. so just remember the good times..hugs JoAnn i am entering below lol

  2. My Dear Jo Ann, it WAS sad,,,,,and the "not ever knowing" whether the phone call was the biggest culprit,,,,was a BIG factor!

    But, I learned from Karl, that life and loved ones, in ALL forms are precious! Live in the moment and think about how WHAT you are doing may affect someone else!

    Whether it is words of kindness, appreciation, and,,in my not so humble opinion, leave the electronic devices behind and just "love and interact" with those who are currently WITH YOU!!


  3. Words to Live by! I'm with you and Oprah on this one!

  4. Oh, Shell, I am so sorry. I did not know about your husband. That is one of my biggest fears, a fatal car accident. My husband is always on the road and I worry constantly.

    You can go Shell on me, but not Oprah (I am not a fan of hers nor Martha, now people will go, you're kidding?!? ha ha) but I HEAR you loud and clear!

    I never TALK and drive or text and drive (which really has become a huge problem) and quite honestly I really don't like talking on the phone, either cell or landline, but I am addicted to EMAIL and blogging and that's where my cell phone is essential for moi **wink**


  5. Hey Ya'll!

    I thought I was the only one that didn't have one of those fancy phones...the Iphone, Blackberry, etc....I have a disposable one for trips only in case of an emergency which the Commander WILL insist I take when you and I go to Silver Bella.

    I am off to look at flights!!! Weeeeee!!


  6. Oh, Shell... I did not know this... I am so so So sorry!! *Sending you big big hugs!*


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