Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wow! It's like my "UNbirthday, or something!" Yesterday, I got the lovelies from Ann in Scotland and today I came home from Joyworks (thank GOD, so good to be back at work and finally FEELING better/human!!) And, I found a wonderful surprise! Again, I'd forgotten about it,,,,Menopause is SO fun, you forget things, like titles, names dates, but then again, you can forget  fun things and then it comes as a total surprise! But enough about my hormones! Or "The Homonies."


I inadvertently became the 300th follower after visiting Elizabeth Golden's wonderful Blog! She emailed me a while back and said that she was compiling some things for me and BOY she wasn't kidding!!!! I got a package today from her and was blown away! Birthday or Christmas in April.

Elizabeth has the most beautiful blog, Truly! gorgeous photos, crafting projects AND some really lovely FREE graphics to download! She also has a great list of other great free graphic downloads sites in her sidebar to check out! Recipes, crafting techniques,,,,,,just a really FULL and delightful blog! I think her Header caught my attention first, I just LOVE pictures of doors.....the mystery of what is hidden behind,,,,the stories of inhabitants....

Here are more of the fantastic things Elizabeth sent to me, besides the fun "Muse" above.Which I truly, truly LOVE!!! (I'm redoing my blog soon and may just need to have Karen (of My Desert Cottage) incorporate this fantastic little lady!)  How Fun!
This wonderful journal, (left),  Elizabeth handmade, --Lovely textures and colors!
I love it!

This lovely book on Fabric memory books (I've been thinking about making and marketing journals JUST for lefties! Some of those thick spines on the lefthand side are just not convienent for us Lefties! If anyone else starts producing them,,,,remember YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!! "Journals for Lefties!"
Although the handmade journal Elizabeth sent me will work just fine.......No thick spine! 
And the "itty bitty journal for my purse? You can't see, but it comes complete with a pen! Too cute!
She also sent me the fun metal findings shown below and some wonderful map envelopes and vintage  and handmade papers! Love them all!

As well as a truly delightful assortment of die cut cards with vintage graphics! Ack! And my photos of the wonderful tags and ATC backgrounds she sent me, aren't even shown!Fun pack or 3-D sticker embellishments!

Wonderful, wonderful graphics on this assorment of napkins, which I love and use regularly in crafting!

Thank you SO MUCH Elizabeth, I know that you spent a lot of time, thought and effort into putting this gift together especially for me!. I appreciate it SO much! You made my day!

Please take a moment to check out her wonderful blog,,,,,,,,,,,link above, there are SO many reasons to visit,,,,,free graphics, recipies, photos, crafting tips and more! She's a gal you just have to meet!!!

Hugs and love to all, and tonight, especially to Elizabeth! (You know that phrase you see on blogs? "Sometimes it's okay to be a follower"? Well, keep that in mind! )

Hugs and love and BIG thanks!


  1. WOW, you Lucky gal. Thats a great idea to award a special # for a giveaway. I see I will need to do the same thing shortly

  2. Shelly what a wonderful surpise you got in the mail. How sweet of her to do that for the 300th person. I never thought of it.
    I love all of your pretty goodies.
    Hope your doing good and that today was a blessing to you
    Laughed at your funny comment on my site and I always love reading your comments. Wish we lived closer. lol

  3. What a lucky lady you are. How fun to get little gifts for no reason. Happy Un Birthday to you!


  4. How nice to get such fun surprises!!
    Very fun!
    Have a wonderful Monday!!

  5. wholy cow you got some lovelies there! love that muse. cherry

  6. Hi Shelly!
    Thanks for stopping in girl and giving the girls a boost to start blogging!!! I knew my friends like you would be so sweet do so!!! Thank You!

    I am working on adding pages to my blog so to answer your question...yes...I will add a link to the current post and to all of my tutorials I've done so far. I plan to do it soon, however I am leaving for Savannah for Petticoats and Parasols next week and I have not even STARTED packing yet! augh! I'm always last minute though...that's the story of my life! haha

    You were gifted with some beautiful things above! And in the post below! Lucky you girl! They are all so beautiful. I'm sure you are going to have a ball crafting with all of these goodies. Those are some sweet women...but so are you too :)

    I also see you are going to Silver Bella this year, congratulations! I've been for the past two years and decided not to go this year. I will miss not being able to meet you but you and Lulu will meet some wonderful people doubt!

    Okay...I could stay here forever and chat but life is calling!!!

    I'm so happy you visited and we'll chat again soon :)

  7. you hit the jackpot Shelly...that is a lot of fun stuff that you got in the mail...have lots of fun playing with all of your new goodies!!!


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