Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy Friday! Hope your week is going well! As you may have been a Snowman kick!Once I made a few, I decided since I've got Stuff all over the place, I might as well make a few more...........
The hats take almost as long to make as the Snowmen! Last nite I got Mica all over my keyboard and the letters starting sticking,,,,,not such a good idea! Still working on a better diet and more walking every night, starting to feel my energy improve! Although I'd love to lose a few pounds, I'm primarily doing it just to feel better and get stronger! Our continued sunny weather has helped keep me motivated! I'm sure we're going to be Hopping at Joyworks this weekend, Tons of cute new stuff in and we're all decked out with Halloween and Harvest.....Great time to stop in and see us! Classic Car Show is Sunday though,so plan ahead for Parking!! Have a GREAT weekend whatever you do! Hugs, Love and a Bountiful "Bus" on the Cheek! Shell

Oh yeah, and I finally got my Etsy Site Back up and running! I'll be adding many items in the next couple of weeks.. More Holiday but also some Vintage and Antique items as well as a few Supplies.....

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I got caught up today In a book,,,,,,,But did manage to finish a couple of Aqua Snowmen......
The Book? I a new release by Jonathan Hull The Devoted. As an avid reader I'd have to say that his prose is surpassed only by a few "Greats." His first book, "Losing Julia" is one of my all time Favorites. I'm about 3/4 done (Started it this morning and couldn't put it down) I'll give you a "Review" tomorrow or Friday, you might want to pick this one up!! As part of my "get healthier" plan, Long doggie walk shortly! We're still experiencing dry, warm days here,,,My favorite time of year! Hope you're enjoying the start of Fall too! Hugs love and a Bookworm's Bus!! Shell
(Link to "The Devoted" if you want to learn more!) I've killed two Kindle's but I think you can read a Sample,,,,,you will NOT be disappointed!)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy Tuesday! Worked on a few more "Snow Friends" today...Fun to watch each of them kind of develop their own "Personality",,,,,If you've ever created a "face," you know what I mean..They start out as a blob, a circle and it just goes from there as you add the eyes, the nose, the smile and it just kinds of goes from there..... These aren't major works of art, but i just hope they make people smile!
As most of you know, I don't "Do" traditional red and green for the Holidays,,,,,I tend to do neutrals and pastels....
I always love Polka Dots,,,,this one just makes me happy. She's got Vintage glass beads and "arms" holding the "Let It Snow" sign. I'm going to reactivate my Etsy site soon. So if you're interested, and there are several other "Snow Friends" in the works. In Aqua's and Neutrals also,,,,will keep you posted! Hope your week is going well! I hope to catch up with some of you in the next day or two! The days are going SO fast! Hugs Love and a "Friendly" Bus on the Cheek! Shell

Monday, September 24, 2012

Started working on some,,,,dare I say it, Christmas, today! Ackkk! Here's a little Snowman box,,,,and they'll be more to follow. The photo looks more Grey than Green,,,,,I guess I need to adjust my lighting now that the light levels are getting lower,,,,,
Vintage Wallpaper/Paperclay head, Tulle,,,,,,More to follow! Hope you're all doing well, this is SUCH a busy time of year in so many ways! Looking forward to some days when we don't have to chose between OUTSIDE chores and Inside Chores! Hugs, Love and a "Heads Up" Bus! Shell (If you've noticed the "Button on the top of my sidebar, stay tuned,,,,I'm working on an Email Event for next month,,details to follow!)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Finished a custom crown for a one year old yesterday,,,,,,,,love this old wallpaper, wish I had more to play with! Have a great day! Hugs, Love and a "bloomin'" Bus! Shell

Monday, September 17, 2012

My Karl,,,,,,18 years ago

A Personal Post,,,,"My Karl." Eighteen years later......

(Our wedding in June 1994, 3 months before his death)

I don't stop and count the years anymore. I used to. Now I still think of my dear Karl all the time in little things. An image, a memory, a laugh, a song, an old Movie. It was SO ironic, that he came to mind on Saturday,,,,,,When after the Island Chicks show, driving home,,,,,,I saw the Mountains......that we flew over on a getaway weekend to the San Juan Islands,,,,,to Roache Harbor, where he proposed,,,,,some 16 years after we first met.

(This is a re-print of my image taken on Saturday) But this is basically where he and I spend our time when we FIRST met when I was 21. He wasn't a Pilot then, but we sailed and lived aboard a 32' sailboat. He was worldly, intelligent, driven and the father of two little kids ,,,,3 and 4. And I fell in love with them at first site.....
But I wasn't READY,,,,,,,,ready to Marry, take on kids,,,,,and more importantly he still had "issues" with his ex. He tried to reconcile. I tried to Marry someone else.
We parted and made separate lives,,,,for years,,,,,,and years....

And 16 years later, we "found" each other! He pursued me,,,,,,I resisted. He'd leave messages with my secretary,,,,"Wanna go flying?" Moi: "No, I'm seeing someone else." Him: "Want to have lunch?" Me,,,,(thinking your charming and handsome, but NO.) "I don't have time." Him: "Let's have dinner." Me: "Okay" (Me, thinking, I am SO in trouble!) I knew in my heart of hearts, once I agreed to have dinner with him, THAT was it! And it was.......

I WAS ready THIS time,,,and he was so GOOD with my young boys, my Mom, and treated me like a queen. Always. Always. He was SO intelligent, kind, funny, loving, caring, sharing and I lost my heart,,,,THIS time for real! A year later, we were married.....That was June 11, 1994. He died 3 months later September 17, 1994.

I asked myself for years, WHY? Why we got back together after all those years,,,Why he died so young,,,,,a Million questions to God. I would give the world, my heart and soul to have him back. But I know God had a different plan. His death changed me. It changed me for the better, I know that now. I look at life differently. I don't "sweat" the small stuff. I think I love deeper, care more and have a perspective that I HOPE at times I reflect on others.

I'll always, always MISS my Amazing Karl. I think sometimes about how our life would be NOW,,,,after his first grandchild has arrived,,,,How we would grow old together,,,,But it wasn't meant to be....He still helped make me the person I've become. And I hope his passing has made me a better friend, mother, member of the community and world!

Big Smiles through the tears,,,It was a lovely "ride"-Both Times!

Hugs, love and a "Memorable" Bus!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Island Chicks Fall Show- Too fun!

I had SO much fun Doing the Island Chicks Show! Wow,,,,,where to even begin? What a great show,,so many wonderful friends, Vendors and good STUFF! Not to mention the most beautiful setting and weather......

Just a little road side stop before getting into Anacortes,,,Islands, water and sun all around...

This was our lunchtime view set up on Friday,,,,not bad, eh? The Island across the way is Guemas Island,,,,(Where I adopted my Golden, Kodi)

More scenery later,,,,,lets take a look at the STUFF!

Booths being set up outside the Building.....

Linda Morrison is somewhere in her booth,,,,,,,,

Pretty Autumnal Vignette......

And Guess WHO showed up while I was setting up my booth??? My Mary Girl!! I was so happy to see her and have her there! After a long drive and recouping from all her Cancer treatments, we had a short visit and met up later for a Fabulous dinner.......

Here's my booth

Some Halloween......

Pink and Romance.......cuz that's how I roll....

My ribbon and some Vintage jewelry.....

Enough of MY stuff,,,,,let's look at some of the fantastic Stuff and Vendors that were also there....

The lovely and Talented Poppyseed gals from Camano Island,,,,their booth is always to die for!! : )

Great space from Backroads Vintage!

My friend Tamara's booth is always Fab!!!

Hey great top Tamara,,,did you get that at Joyworks?? (Shameless Plug)

And don't you just want ALL of Rose Marie's Clothing and accessories???

Somehow I didn't get her in the photos.....More of her gorgeous creations

Susan's gorgeous booth,,,,,,

And the Fabulous Space of Ormolulu,,,Debi and Jim

Somehow I managed to miss taking photos Of JohnBob's Cool Junk space all together! Everytime I looked over they were so busy and I forgot to get back over there! Always fantastic! My friend Carla found a great Mid Century Chandy!! Hugs Guys!

It was Such a busy and fun filled 2 days! So fun to see all the Friends and Customers!
I had two High School friends Pam and Carla that surprised me with a visit! I meant to get the picture, but somehow they eluded me! So fun to see everybody!

Mary and I spent a great Evening Friday having dinner and catching up. It was SO great to see her, Hug her and have some laughs. She stopped by briefly Saturday before heading home. This was her first "outing" after cancer treatments. I'm blessed that she chose to share her time with me.

Two last Photos on my drive home last nite,,,,,Amazing drive, goregous ALL the way home!!.....I think I live in one of the most beautiful places in the World,,,

Near La Conner,,,,Mt Baker in the Background!

Farmland near Conway, Skagit Valley.......

And one last shot of "Island Life"........

Thia achy lady is off to work at Joyworks in a couple of hours! Have a wonderful Day!!

Hugs and love and a "Chickie" Bus!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Island Chicks was So Fun! Can't wait to share more!

Just home from the "Island Chicks" show in the gorgeous Anacortes, WA! Can't wait to share the whole experience,,,,it was So much fun and so many amazing FRIENDS, Neighbors, Vendors and Promoters!!

This pic was taken by the sweet and talented Mary Beth from "Poppyseeds" on Camano Island, (I'll share their link when I post my pics tomorrow) Too Tired to do anything more tonite, just ,,,,

Wanted to thank everyone for making it the BEST event I've ever done, for so many reasons!!

Hugs and love and a "Joyful but exhausted" BUS on the Cheek~

Oh my Stars,,,,,I work at Joyworks tomorrow~~ Come see me, great new stuff, and I'll be funny, I'm sure I'll be punch drunk from such a busy weekend,,,,HA!~

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A bit of Whimsey for Island Chicks........

Packing up for Island Chicks.....I'll be bringing a Bit of Whimsey........

Hope to see you in Anacortes on Saturday if you're local! I'll take lots of pics! Have a great week!

Hugs, Love and a "Whimsical Bus!"

Monday, September 10, 2012

Trying to get Healthier!!

With several friends having health scares/issues, my Mary battling Cancer, not to mention I'll be 56 in a couple of weeks,,,,,,(Ackkk!) I've really gotten on a health regime as of late.......Walking more (drinking mo,re water Deb) eating better, taking my Vitamins,,,,etc. etc. I have gained SO much weight since hitting Menopause and I'm feeling it! But frankly, I don't CARE so much about losing weight as I DO care about feeling better, less achy and having more Energy!

Tonight's dinner turned out Yummy,,,,,,,,,,

"Dave's Killer Bread"--(21 Whole grain, organic bread) out of Oregon, a "tease/swipe" of Mayo, Turkey Breast, Local Organic Tomatoes sliced, Avocado, Mozzarella Cheese, Balsamic Vinegar, Olive Oil, Fresh ground Pepper/ Sea Salt and fresh Basil (This purple variety from my friend Todd Waddell of Bountiful Home),,,,,,Toast under
the Broiler.........

Had a LONG dog walk,,,my two with my tenant Ellen and her "Shit-zu" (I know I never spell it right and he really IS a little (cute) Shi**!)

Workin' on this old Body! Hope to start "Gentle Yoga" after my Show this weekend!!

Happy Fall,,,,,there was a Chill in the air here tonite!

Hope your September is starting off right!!
Hugs, Love and a "Bountiful Fall" BUS on the Cheek!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

"Whaddya Doin'?" (Friday Junk Finds!)

Up, (not yet dressed) on my second cup of Coffee, phone rings.
Caller ID. My sweet friend Deb Bock.
My greeting, "Hey Deb Bock!"
Deb: "Whaddya Doin'?"
Moi: "What are YOU Doin'?"
Deb: "Going to get Gas and Cash. Estate Sale."
Moi: "Let's do it!"

We had a GREAT morning!!! Ever notice how sometimes the impromptu events are the MOST FUN! Because you have no expectations!!!

Some of my "Finds" in no particular order......I love this " Old lady Pink" Coverlet/bed throw. Love the colors and the floral pattern....I may have to keep this one!!

Creme lace Lingerie Bag,,,,,Love this. I'll bring it to the Show next weekend, but if it doesn't sell, it's MINE!! Ackkk!

One of my FAVE finds today....This Vintage Old lady pink Ornie...... old Austrian Crystals, brocade and peachy-pink Velvet.....Not going to sell this. LOL Love!!

Awesome HEAVY duty hand knit Turquoise and creme flecked Cardigan, some fun crochet hangers and a vintage aqua tin....

Fun old Collar box,,,with a drawer? I've never seen one with a drawer. (Deb found me these Vintage Christmas Angels,,,She knows me well.) Another fun little case.......I'm going to have TONS of Vintage cases and boxes and tins for the Show.......I'm always drawn to them.

Do YOU remember These?

Colored Drip Candles from the 60's...........I loved these as a kid, hope they'll find a good home at Island Chicks,,,,or I may have to buy a bottle of Chianti and use them myself!!!

We stopped at one sale on the way home that looked like your typical Garage sale,,,,you know, Kids clothes and assorted glassware? Ugh! But I found half full grocery bag of ........

Vintage creme Cotton lace trims!!! (Sometimes amidst the cast off kid clothes and old juicers you find a handmade treasure!) I just grabbed a couple to show you, but they are all lovely!!

This picture does NOT do justice to these finds,,,,but I'm hot (almost 90 here) and tired and I just don't have energy to make it look better! LOL But a GREAT Wool creme Vintage jacket from "BESTS",,,before Nordstrom and Best Joined the venture,,,and then eventually JUST became Nordstrom. A great Vintage Hat and some of the most lovely vintage tafetta and lace slips I've ever seen.....Some ladies are going to LOVE these!

And finally,,,,some fun Vintage aprons.

It was a GORGEOUS day and What a GREAT day to spend with a dear friend! We drove through farmlands beneath a clear blue sky and marveled at the old farm houses, shared our joy at seeing the gorgeous flowers, delightful animals and BLUE sky that graced us today. Surprise? Delight? Laughter? Joy? Appreciation. Re-living old memories, "Remember THESE?" And making new Memories. Which all started with a simple "Whaddya Doin?" Love my Deb Girl!!

Hugs, Love and a "Memorable" Bus!!

Thanks to all of you that left comments on yesterday's post-here or on Facebook.......You are all SO dear for your support! I cannot even begin to say what your comments mean. From old friends to new,,,,I post from the Heart and I hope that somehow it helps others. Whether it is for understanding/enlightenment, encouragement or inspiration.

When I post of personal struggles, crisis and adversities I do so primarily to share how I've gotten through OR how those I know and love have gotten through. I don't need a "Pitty Party" and quite frankly none of you have ever given me one. I've been through a lot personally, and life,,,well we ALL know never stops giving us new challenges. I always always appreciate the support, but KNOW you are all going through your own challenges. Thank you for the Love/hugs/support and I only WISH that I can do the same for all of you!!