Sunday, September 16, 2012

Island Chicks Fall Show- Too fun!

I had SO much fun Doing the Island Chicks Show! Wow,,,,,where to even begin? What a great show,,so many wonderful friends, Vendors and good STUFF! Not to mention the most beautiful setting and weather......

Just a little road side stop before getting into Anacortes,,,Islands, water and sun all around...

This was our lunchtime view set up on Friday,,,,not bad, eh? The Island across the way is Guemas Island,,,,(Where I adopted my Golden, Kodi)

More scenery later,,,,,lets take a look at the STUFF!

Booths being set up outside the Building.....

Linda Morrison is somewhere in her booth,,,,,,,,

Pretty Autumnal Vignette......

And Guess WHO showed up while I was setting up my booth??? My Mary Girl!! I was so happy to see her and have her there! After a long drive and recouping from all her Cancer treatments, we had a short visit and met up later for a Fabulous dinner.......

Here's my booth

Some Halloween......

Pink and Romance.......cuz that's how I roll....

My ribbon and some Vintage jewelry.....

Enough of MY stuff,,,,,let's look at some of the fantastic Stuff and Vendors that were also there....

The lovely and Talented Poppyseed gals from Camano Island,,,,their booth is always to die for!! : )

Great space from Backroads Vintage!

My friend Tamara's booth is always Fab!!!

Hey great top Tamara,,,did you get that at Joyworks?? (Shameless Plug)

And don't you just want ALL of Rose Marie's Clothing and accessories???

Somehow I didn't get her in the photos.....More of her gorgeous creations

Susan's gorgeous booth,,,,,,

And the Fabulous Space of Ormolulu,,,Debi and Jim

Somehow I managed to miss taking photos Of JohnBob's Cool Junk space all together! Everytime I looked over they were so busy and I forgot to get back over there! Always fantastic! My friend Carla found a great Mid Century Chandy!! Hugs Guys!

It was Such a busy and fun filled 2 days! So fun to see all the Friends and Customers!
I had two High School friends Pam and Carla that surprised me with a visit! I meant to get the picture, but somehow they eluded me! So fun to see everybody!

Mary and I spent a great Evening Friday having dinner and catching up. It was SO great to see her, Hug her and have some laughs. She stopped by briefly Saturday before heading home. This was her first "outing" after cancer treatments. I'm blessed that she chose to share her time with me.

Two last Photos on my drive home last nite,,,,,Amazing drive, goregous ALL the way home!!.....I think I live in one of the most beautiful places in the World,,,

Near La Conner,,,,Mt Baker in the Background!

Farmland near Conway, Skagit Valley.......

And one last shot of "Island Life"........

Thia achy lady is off to work at Joyworks in a couple of hours! Have a wonderful Day!!

Hugs and love and a "Chickie" Bus!


  1. What a beautiful spot for a show. Lovely scenery and fabulous booths! Thanks for sharing.

  2. My credit card would have been in serious danger with all those fun things. Best of all is seeing Mary out and about. Keeping her in my prayers. Take good care and have a sweet week.

  3. beautiful... all of it! thanks for sharing.

  4. I think you live in one of the most beautiful places too.....I'm just a tad green with envy. :) But i'm so glad you share these wonderful photos! How did sales go? Great i hope! Hugs! deb

  5. Sales were good Deb, my best for a single day show,,but interestingly, I went home with nearly all my furniture. People were buying my crafty stuff and ribbon jewelry, my Vintage clothing, handbags, belts, flew out...My average sale was about $15 dollars. (Things they could easily transport.)


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