Friday, June 29, 2012

"In the Pink"

So Last Friday? When I was Junking I found a a small chunk of Pink striped Wallpaper for 25 Cents.. The Perfect shade of "Baby Pink." I was cleaning in my studio today and found some boards pre-cut,,,,and sure enough, the wall paper was big enough to fit.
So, I made a sign........

I had fun making this......I added some Vintage wallpaper boarder and some other goodies.....

Jana, my creative friend from Joyworks was my Horseshoe inspiration..........

Then, I had a WEE bit of the paper left, so I covered a couple of boxes and embellished them a bit......Fun, quick projects!

Hope you had a good week and have a Fantastic Weekend. I'm headed to Craven Farms here in Snohomish tomorrow morning for their Annual Tailgate Vintage and Antique Sale. It opens at 8:00am,,,,,then I'm off to work at Joyworks after the sale!

If I don't hear from my Blog winner by tomorrow morning, I'll draw a new name.

Hugs, Love and a "Bus" in the Pink!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

What lovely "Gifts" I got today,,,,,,,,A Swap and My Mary......

I was SUPPOSED to go to the Hospital today, to see My Mary girl,,,,She had her kidney out yesterday (Cancerous). And as I was getting ready to leave, my neighbor/daughter I never had/friend, called me and told me she had Strep throat! Initially I wished her well and asked what I could do, and after I hung up the phone I thought, "I was WITH her last night, giving/getting HUGS, petting her dog, in her house, etc., etc. So I dawned on me right before I left for the Hospital,,,,,Ackkk, I may have bad germs. I cannot bring them to Mary, my family, others. So, I didn't go. Talked to my Bro, she's doing okay,,,,,supposed to be there for about another 5 days........I MAY or May NOT visit,,,depending on whether it is SAFE, or not!

Anyway,,,,,I changed Channels today,,,,,,,,And did some "Stuff" and came home to a Wonderful Surprise! My Swap from Heather's (Speckled Egg) event arrived today from Marian,,of What a GREAT Gift ! I LOVE it all!

We did a Birthday themed Matchbox swap.....

Love these colors! Love the box!

Lots of other goodies! Including this "Mini Matchbox",,,,Love these colors!

Gorgeous laces, ribbons and flowers,,,,,,My faves!Thanks Marian!

Fun new "Blingy Mod podge",,,,Green "Bling" Buttons,,, rubber stamp......Love it all!

All of this came in the CUTEST Mailer including this cute zipper pouch....Ackkk!

Thank you SO Much were truly the bright spot on an otherwise dismal day! This is the BESTEST Swap gift I've ever received. "Tis Moi!"

Big thanks to all the rest of you for your love and support for Mary, my family and I. It isn't over,,,,,,although today was a Good day,,,,,,,and I'm thankful for that, even if I couldn't be there,,,,,,,
I'll keep you posted,Thanks again Marian....I SO needed this today!

Hugs, love, and a "Bus" on the cheek of Gratitude!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mary Helen, where ARE you? (Blog Giveaway Winner), working on my Studio and MY Mary......

Okay,,first of all, a Shout out to "Mary Helen" who entered my Blogaversary Giveaway and apparently has no email! Mary Helen, if you read this,,,email me, otherwise I'll draw a NEW winner from those that entered on Saturday!

I've been working on my studio for Karen's (My Dessert Cottage") "Where Blogger's Create" Event. Always makes me sort, organize, think and CLEAN! I have lots of fun Family "Tidbits" in the studio,,,,,including this typewriter that was my Mom's!

Can't wait to show you the Changes in my Studio!

And,,,on a personal note, My sister in law Mary had her cancerous Kidney removed today at the University of Washington Hospital. It took longer than expected. She is currently in ICU.....I'm headed there tomorrow to see her and hopefully connect with other close yet scattered family members. I'd be honored if you keep us all in your thoughts and Prayers......I don't know WHAT the next steps are, Just taking it one thing at a time!

Hugs, love and a weary, concerned "Bus" on the Cheek! Thank you!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Who's on First? And a prayer request......

These days? I don't really KNOW Where to post on the Internet,,,,What to read/follow/"friend"/Pin.

I used to have an Email account,,,,,only. THEN I created a Blog,,,,,and everyone read/listened/followed/commented. Then I got a Facebook account,,,,,because well, everyone was on Facebook! And then there was Pinterest......I snubbed/ignored it for a long time.....and then? I got hooked! But all of this is not really the reason or Subject of this Post.

I HAVE to be Strong right now. If you are not familiar with what has been going on in my little family,,,,My sister in law Mary is battling Cancer. She's already had a tumor removed from her spine and had to disks "rebuilt" from her hip..........

Tomorrow? She has her Kidney out. Cancerous. She'll be at University of Washington Medical Hospital.

My brother has asked me to WAIT until Thursday to "Visit." Frankly, I want to strangle him and HUG him at the same time! I want to BE there! For him,,,,,,for her!
I understand that he wants to be protective, for Mary, for me, for the rest of his family,,,,,and I want to SCREAM,,,,,,,,"I love her/you and I want to be there!" But I won't I'll wait and Pray. Which I hope you'll all help me with!

Thank you. For listening. For worrying right along with me. I want my "Mary Girl" okay!

Big Hugs for all of you! Love,,,,,for your thoughts and Prayers and a BIG old Noisy "Bus" on the Cheek,,,,,,because you are the BESTEST!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Monday!

Had to share the Gorgeous flowers I got from my neighbors last nite! These old Heirloom Peonies smell as pretty as they look! They're headed down to my studio with me shortly for inspiration!

Too bad there isn't a "Smelling" App on Blogger!

I hope your day is filled with inspiration and beauty!

Now, to get BUSY! ( I had an Idea for a ECard this morning, Someone speaking at my Funeral and saying, "She was a GREAT Pinner!)

Hugs, Love and a "Flowery" Bus!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Blogaversary Winners!

Had dinner out tonight with my Dear friend Laura and her daughter Jessy,,,so my "Winners Post is a BIT late......

I'll spare you any theatrics,,,,Here ya GO! Using the Random Number Generator......

First Prize goes to "Mary Helen".....She gets the Crown and a ton of Craft Supplies!(A New follower and first time Visitor to my Blog who entered....Send me you address my dear,,,,,,My email is Shelly39@aol,com

Second Prize,,,,,the "Bird Themed Box" goes to my Dear dear Blogfriend Vicki </b>Boster! ( I swear,,,,,,I didn't "fix this!" Her number just came up!) She'll get some little goodies inside her box too!

And the Garden crown? Also goes to another friend,,Ironically local. Dani Miska. Call me and we'll connect!

Thank YOU ALL for Entering and thank you ALL for your friendships over the years,,,it has been amazing!,,,,If I had the time and Energy You'd all get a prize! For you are MY Prizes. German is NoT a pretty language. But Sometimes, it's exacting and to the point. I'm only a qtr. German,,,,but my Favorite expression is, "Du Bist mein Schatz." You are my Treasure!

Honestly? I'm going to need a LOT of support in the next couple of weeks. My dear Sister in Law Mary is having her cancerous Kidney out this Wednesday. This comes after having a cancerous tumor out of her spine several weeks ago. ...I'm gonna ask for hugs and prayers!

Congrats to the Winners,,,,,,and again, you are ALL winners and dear friends!

Hugs, Love and a "Bus" of Gratitude!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blogaversary Part III

Here is the last Prize in my Blogaversary Giveaway. One of my Garden Crowns.

Preserved Reindeer Moss/Vintage Millinery, Leaves, Spun Cotton Mushrooms, Ribbons and Lace.......Pinks, greens, cremes with bits of Aqua.

My friend Elise of Elise Marie Photography used a couple of these in her Photo shoot earlier this year you can scroll down my sidebar a way, to see the image she took of one of the others I made,,,,,,Too Cute! She does GREAT work! You can also hang it on a mirror, door, etc.

Worked in the yard today-everything here is SO overgrown,,,,,we FINALLY had Sun here in Washington State! I know many of you are suffering through heat would be NICE if it just kind of leveled out for ALL of us!

Tomorrow I'm off to work at Beat Street,,,,,filling in at a Fun shop next to us at Joyworks.

Have a GREAT week, I'll be back on Friday to announce the Winners!

Hugs, Love and a "Triple Bus"

If you've entered on the last two posts, you're already sign up.
Here's the Drill:
1 point each if you:
Post a comment OR email me
Follow my Blog
Grab my Button from my sidebar And:
Post on your sidebar
Post on YOUR Facebook Page or Pinterest

Just let me know where or what you did!

I'll announce the Winners on Friday 6PM Pacific Time. Have fun!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blogaversary Giveaway Part II

If you haven't yet entered my 3 year "Blogaversary Giveaway,,here's another chance!
A Second Prize,,,,,, And tomorrow, I'll post one more. 3 Prizes for 3 years! If you've already entered, you'll be entered in all 3 giveaways,,,,

A Vintage Bird themed box.....

This little Bird sits atop an embellished box of Vintage Wallpaper and sheet music.
I'll fill the box with "Bits 'n Bobs" too.

If you already entered, you're entered already in this 2nd prize.
If you haven't yet entered, you can enter today OR tomorrow to be eligible for any of the 3 prizes.

Leave a comment on any of the 3 days to be entered once. (1pt.)
Send me an email if you don't wish to comment on a blog post (1pt.)
Let me know if you follow (1pt.)
Post on your blog sidebar (you can grab my button on the side) for 1pt.
Post to Pinterest or YOUR Facebook for 1pt. each!

I will post one more giveaway tomorrow (you can enter any day for all 3)
And announce the Winners Friday, June 22nd.

For the most part, cleaning and organizing CR**,,,,,errrr STUFF getting ready for next month's "Where Blogger's Create" Event. (See my sidebar for link and details.) I found things I didn't even know I had!

Hope your week is going well. It's been a good week SO far, to work inside. If you look at the Nation's weather map we are the ONLY part of the Country getting rain! Ackkk! NOW they're saying "78" now for Thursday, but I'll be filling in at one of the little local shops! My yard is a JUNGLE with all this rain and now sun!

Again, Thanks for following my little Blog and thank you for all your wonderful comments! You are too sweet!

Hugs, Love and a "Double Bus!"

Monday, June 18, 2012

Blogaversary Giveaway!

Hi Blogfriends! Today is my 3 Year "Blogaversary!" Thank you for SO much for all the Followers I've come to know and love! And a "Wave" to all of you that follow or read, but don't post! My life has certainly changed since blogging and getting to know so many people all over! Thanks for 3 years of Fun, laughs and all of you sharing my tears and frustrations from time to time.

So, a Crown it is,,,,and then some!

Vintage Wallpaper, tinsel, glass Glitter,tulle, lace,,,,,etc.

I'm also including a Big stash of Vintage Goodies,,,a "Tussie" and one of my FAVE Archipelago Candles....

Ribbons, Lace, Dresden, French Vocab Cards and Vintage Postcards, Millenery, spools, Vintage Wallpapers.....

They'll be lots of other Vintage Supplies too when it's Shipped!

You can:
Leave a Comment for 1 point
(OR you can email me at and leave a comment THERE if you don't want to post on the blog.)
Tell me if you follow for 1 point
Post on Your Blog,(sidebar is fine),,Facebook or Pinterest for 1 point EACH-Just let me know.

I'll draw a Winner This Friday, the 22nd!

Have a GREAT Week!

Hugs, love and a "Bus" of Gratitude!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

"If you Write it,,,,,,,they may come!" Wow,,,,,,the power of the Internet!

I came home from work at Joyworks today and Logged on to the Internet. Checking my Emails, I went a bit Crazy! A Handful of you may have ever read a little Blog I started called, "Willowbrook Lane," about my Childhood. I had a mere handful of followers, (Debra, Carole, Lulu, etc) and I didn't really CARE,,,,,,it was just a way of expressing some thoughts/memories of my Childhood.

Well, I "did" a post on a family that I truly loved, truly felt a part of-with their 6 kids. The Appleseth's. And often, I WAS the "7th Appleseth." I Googled them, tried to FIND them several years ago---and TODAY, I got an email from Jeff, a year my Junior and the "5th" of the Children....I am Overjoyed! Here's my post from my "other little Blog,,,,,,,Growing up in "Alderwood Manor" -then, the 60's and 20 minutes or so from Seattle,,,,,,It was the developing "Sticks!"

Here's my Post,,,,,,,a Couple years old,,,,,So be Careful WHAT you post,,,It can come back to Find you,,,,,but in THIS case, that is/was a GOOD thing!
(my Older Post, from an Unused Blog, but found by some Search Engine:

"The Appleseth's,,,,,,or My introduction to "White Bread."

Some of the homes my father built started filling up with families as the 60's continued. And boys, lots of boys,,or girls too young to play with. I liked the boys well enough and I knew what to do with boys having all my brothers,,,we'd play "kick the can" or "frozen statue," do stunts on our bikes on the newly paved asphalt of our cul de sac, or we'd head to the Creek and look for big bull frogs or cute little green tree frogs and the occasional garter snake. I'd head back home soaked through to the bone-dirty and wet and change my clothes for the umpteenth time. I always seemed to have wet feet and my little cotton anklets-now all stretched out, would scrunch down inside my shoes.

But other than those girls in my classrooms during the first years of school, girls seemed to be in short supply. Then came the Appleseth's. My father said he'd sold the house across the street from us to a family with 6 kids that were from Minnesota. "Were there girls, I'd asked?" He wasn't sure.

So, shy thing that I was NOT, I stood on the blacktop next to their drive and watched them unload their possessions-odd antiques and loads of matresses and I tried to figure out who, or rather WHAT was moving in. There were boys, older, younger. Girls older, younger and finally someone my own size AND a girl! Jeannie, and I knew she'd become my fast and best friend.

The Appleseth's settled quickly into their new home. In fact Mr. and Mrs. Appleseth seemed to do everything quickly. Jean, the mother was always rushing about while at home in her housecoat (I'd never seen one before) and in her perpetual rollers issuing orders (I'd never seen those either, my mother had her hair "done" every Saturday at her hairdresser, Fran's.) But mother Jean rushed around in a kindly manner. And Mr. Appleseth appeared to be gone quite a bit. There was a household, yes, but also a business to be run!

And run it all did, and at weird hours of the night. It was not uncommon to hear the vaccumn running close to midnight or the kids making sandwiches with white bread-white bread? At odd hours. This was truly a new and foreign land,,and yet exciting.

I soon learned that the family ran a cafeteria above the Medical Dental Building in Downtown Everett,North of Alderwood Manor. It was an important cafeteria in it's day, serving meals for professionals along Colby as well as families with appointments and business in Everett. Everett was in it's hay day in the 60's. With all the new development in the Snohomish County area timber production and shipping was going strong. The Paper Mills were doing well and there was also the shipping trade to provide these products to the Nation and abroad. Prosperous and busy indeed!

There were no Malls in those days. Colby Avenue, where their building was located was populated by prosperous clothing stores, jewelers, stationery's, and of course, Woolworth's and JC Penney's. Everett, being the County seat was and actually still is the epicenter of local legalities and legislation.

That said, the Appleseth's were hopping. If the kids weren't in school, they were helping out in the Cafeteria. Washing dishes, cleaning tables, stocking stainless bins of spaghetti, turkey, green beans, you name it-under the heat lamps and tray warmers! And the establishment had a state of the art Ice Cream Machine where you could make your own cone or sundae.

Somewhere in the process I became the 7th Appleseth kid. Me and me alone. There were no other friends or neighbors or classmates involved in their family dynamics, just me. And I loved it! I'd go with the kids to help in the Cafeteria, I learned to wash dishes just like the rest of them in cav ernous stainless steel sinks with hot water sprayers and conveyor belts. We'd work hard on the weekends and be rewarded with lunch and the ice cream the ice cream! Or anything else your heart desired for helping out. I was in heaven to be part of this wonderful family.

In the 60's, everything pretty well stopped on Sundays. And I think even more so in Washington state and other states that had what were later appropriated Blue Laws. You couldn't buy meat, dairy or seafood in the Grocery stores on Sundays. Nor could you buy beer or wine. And most businesses were closed. As was the Appleseth's dining establishment. In fact Colby Avenue generally a hub of activity itself, darned near rolled up it's sidewalks on Sundays,,,,it was a ghost town. But the bells from local churches rang strong and loud.

Sunday's meant family and church and rest/play time. For me Sunday still meant getting up early-military style and having one of my dad's tremendous southern style breakfasts but then donning a dress either handmade or store bought by my mother and,,,,in those days, often heading off to the Lutheran Church with the Appleseth's.

My mom always encouraged me to attend church, and at times that meant the Community church with her, because she thought it was "good for me." but then again, she was just as happy to let me go off with our dear neighbors and get a little bit of Jesus with the Norwegians and stay home and iron, bake,read, sew, whatever before her new work week began.

So,,Me and the Appleseth's? Or should I say the Appleseth's and I? At any rate, we'd often stay for cookies and Kool-aid,,again, a foreign substance in my household where we either drank water, whole milk or juice. But after church socialities would wind down I'd head out with the Appleseth's in their light blue Ford family station wagon with Jeannie and her family (If we were lucky we'd get to sit in the rear facing seat, although we'd have to share it with her baby sister Jan or younger brother Jeff.)

Jan was sweet, and was truly babied by all for many reasons. She had severe bouts of childhood arthritis which would send her off to Children's hospital in Seattle for tests and treatment, and on several occaisions, I was in attendence.

But generally, after church, off we'd go,,,to the Seattle Aquarium on the Waterfront or the "Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe" to look at shrunken heads and have our fortune told for a penny from the Gypsy in the glass case. Or we'd all head off somewhere for hamburgers or the "Bakers Dozen" of glazed Donuts.

Some afternoons,after Church, we'd just go back home and listen to records and sing to folk records songs such as "If I had a Hammer" or we'd make a simple lunch. Or we'd all gather the other kids in the neighborhood for some sort of outdoor was always great fun and I even enjoyed helping with family chores, because they were my extended family.

I remember when their Grandmother came to visit from Minnesota. She talked funny,,,she'd say like, Min-a-sota with this funny kind of lilt. And to this day,,,I still periodically say "Uf Dah." It seemed to cover so many explitives so eloquently. Jeannie didn't like her Grandmother's visit much, saying that her older sisters were too busy and she had extra chores to do while her Grandmother was there. She wanted to run away. And I decided to go with her. for emotional support . .

We went down to the Creek under the blackberry brambles where several of the local older boys had managed to provide a roof using various chunks of siding and sheetrock and we hid under the canopy. I sat with Jeannie and let her talk & cry. She was my best friend and I loved her family and her Grandma and I didn't want her to work hard, but I couldn't understand. And yet I stayed with her and thought about where we would go and what we would do,, , right up until I saw the furniture truck pull in across the street at my house that started to unload my new bedroom furniture. I had to go.

This furniture was like something out of a dream. I'd seen it on a shopping trip with my mother and had fallen in love with it. My mother ended up purchasing it out of her own salary to surprise and treat me. I apologized to Jeannie and said I had to go home.

I worried about Jeannie and her Grandmother though and I wondered where she would go, and how long it would be until she could see my new bedroom set?

So, I got my new wonderful furniture and Jeannie went back home later that day, and soon, we were in her front yard with the door open and the hi-fi cranked up, singing Beatles songs together. I have a picture of that day,,,and I hope to find it and scan it to my sidebar soon. We both wore long crocheted vests in lavander and berets to match.
Noneless, without the photo, it is a memory I have burned into my cornea.

There were other major memories of the Appleseth's-mostly involving my brother. They eventually had these cute little Spitz dogs....Kind of like a Pomeranian,,,but pure white and slightly bigger. One year,,close to Easter, my brother Ross(again let me remind you 10 years older than me) dyed one of the purebred dogs Green. He only got caught because shortly thereafter I was dyeing the Easter eggs in the old fashioned way of using Vinegar and Food Coloring that I noticed that all the Green was missing. I asked mom about it and he was caught in the act. Poor little Lady was green for months!

And another time. I must have been 10 or so, and had gone through confirmation as a Lutheran and Christmas was upon us. And my brother SWORE that I peaked at the gift he had for me, and I simply turned to him and said, "Lutheran's don't lie." I swear,,,,,Some 40 years later he still brings that up at family holiday functions. "Lutherans don't lie." And I SWEAR I never peaked!

Lots of great memories there. Great family. And I was so lucky to be part of it all in my childhood! I will never forget........

So today? I got an email from an "Appleseth!" Jeff, to be exact, just slightly younger than me. I was SO excited...........He sent a long email and I sent him back an even longer one! I cannot wait to hear about the whole big family, share pictures, more memories, etc.

Amazing that several years after I posted about the family, the name, he stumbled upon my little Blog post......It goes to show you, "If your post it, write it,,,,,they will come!"

My own little family is SO small. When I was part of THIS family, I felt included, accepted, special.

Blog giveaway tomorrow,,,,,my 3rd year of "Bungalow Bling!" I promise to make it a
Great one! But I got a HUGE gift today,,,,,,,the gift of old friends, memories and a chance to make what was once again!

Hugs, Love and a "memorable" Bus!

Friday, June 15, 2012

I've got Junk in my Trunk! (Friday Finds) aka as How I avoided yard work....

This morning I woke up about 5:30,,,,the sun was shining, the birds were singing,,,,the weeds were growing! So what's a girl do on a Sunnny Friday? Jump in the car and hit the yard sales (did you REALLY think I was going to pull weeds today?)

So,,,,,I got Junk! And a Trunk!

(Pay NO attention to the worn out Golden Retriever and the shredded raccoon)
It's got a bad paint job,,,,but it smells good (if you've bought these old trunks or suitcases you know that isn't always the case- no pun intended) and the "innards are in pretty good shape. $10 Bucks,,,,

Ceramic Cherubs,,,,"Japan",,,,,a was repaired,,but I love 'em.

a couple of 22k gold goblets (25 cents ea.) and a china plate ($1) to add to my mismatched collections of both and a cute little Chalkware gal (25 cents)

a Silver plate teapot $3 Bucks,,,,,and an AWESOME hand crocheted cotton tablecloth $2---I ran with this one, before they changed their mind!

and finally, this fun Mirror....Creme and Gold. Love this and a STEAL at $2 bucks.

So, as for the weeds? Apparently they're going to be "safe" from harm in the next couple of days, between working this weekend and rain again ....

Hope you've had a good week! Have a great weekend whatever you do, whatever the weather!! I'll be back at Joyworks tomorrow, always love my job there!

Hugs love and a "Junkie" Bus!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hats Off to my friend Deb Bock Today ( Subliminal Links/Advertising?) see below

So? Last week? I called my dear Friend Deb Bock? And asked her if she had a "few minutes free" to come over and give me Ideas to "revamp" my Studio. Deb has a gift like no one I know...She truly takes a "bit of this, a bit of that, and puts in all together and you just sit back and go Wow!

Deb's owned her own store, fantastic floral design, and wedding planning, garden design, home decor consultations, Has an awesome Space at M&M Antiques in Monroe and many a Show.......Farm Chicks/2nd Saturdays/Ruffles and Rust,,,,etc, etc. Her amazing talents are ONLY surpassed by the size of her heart!

So again? My intent was to have her come "down" to my Studio in "This old House" and just give me some ideas..... "Move that there, put that on top of that,,,switch this with that.." and Then I'd take her out to breakfast and do the changes myself.

Not only did SHE bring ME a Latte' and breakfast,,,,,but she asked for a hammer and nails and just jumped in and started helping me! We moved things around!Spent about 3 hours and made a pretty good "dent" changing things up...and the inspiration and ideas she gave me are priceless!

(The Vintage hats I have-which were just the beginning) and a few other Vignettes we finished,,,And I'll share my final "re-do" at Karen's "Where Blogger's Create" Event in about a month!

I can't believe I actually have this many Vintage Hats! It's fun to see them all "out in the open! And,,I can't wait to show the the changes that I'm making in my Studio,,,Thank heavens though I have a month to get it all put together! I needed this inspiration today!

Deb gives me SO much support, inspiration and more than anything, reminds me of what a good friend she has become over the years!I try and reciprocate in my own way, but I truly feel that ANY time spent with Deb is the "Bestest" of times!

Giveaway info to come soon! If you missed the last post,,,scroll down and tell me what YOU'd Like to Win!

Hugs, Love and a "Flowery" Bus on the Cheek!

PS,,,,,PLEASE NOTE! I am posting in HTML as Blogspot has recent reverted to,,,,,a Couple of the Words in this Post,,,,,are HIGHLIGHTED and DOUBLE Underlined,,,,,I noticed this in my post yesterday. Apparently Blogger is using certain Keywords (Bold and double underlined that LINK to OTHER Venues/Advertising.) Again, this is nothing I have done,,,,I only typed in the words and the Links are appearing....let me know if you've had this happen as of late,,,,,if Blogger is doing it, it is wrong! I do NOT endorse the links they are inserting into my posts,,,,I'm sure you don't/wouldn't either! Feedback???

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fun and Busy day in the Studio Today! And a Blogaversary Giveaway Question.....

I spent the better part of my day in the Studio because little Helen (92) decided it wasn't a good day to "Do Lunch." And,, after reading Debra Oliver's post over at Common Ground mentioning HER "Blogaversary," I looked at MY stats, and low and behold, my 3 years is the 19th of this month!.....So a Giveaway of some magnitude is in order,,,,,,and I have some questions for you. But, first a "sneak" of what I worked on today..

So? I finished a couple of Swaps I've been working on for an Event Heather at Speckled Egg ( is putting on......I'll share the event link and the goodies later...... (But this is a bit ironic too, because I think Heather was one of the FIRST people I met in "Blogland.")

Here are a couple of "Teases.

Vintage Cabachons, pearls,shells and little old flowers.....

Music stars and blinged out Ballerinas........

More stars and flowers.......

I'm planning a BIG giveaway for my 3 year Blogaversary! Wow, time flies!

So? Other than a bunch of FREE goodies, if there is one thing I make/made, what would you like to see included in the works? A "themed box," a crown of some sorts, ribbon flower necklace? a "magic wand," wreath? Again, I'll decide VERY soon and put a box together, but I'd love your input!

Hope your week is going well, it's still raining here like crazy. I guess, that's good in a way, because you don't have to decide whether you're going to work inside or out!

Hugs, Love and a "Glittery" Bus!
(Lord knows, I'm covered in it today!)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Candles,,,,,,,A new Favorite!

We have sort of a Joke in Washington State..."Summer" doesn't start until JULY 5th! We've had some nice days, of course,,,,,but lots of wet ones and today was no, for part of the day, I read a book (The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield) and lit a Candle........

Voluspa Candle "Gardenia Colonial"......Love it!

I love the scent and the warm light it offers from my mantle........

Happy Tuesday, thank you ALL for your comments yesterday here and on Facebook. I LOVE that you "Got it." That maybe you thought about Life and Loss and Dreams and,,,,Safety! Tomorrow? I'm headed back down to my Studio and a lunch w/ 92 yo Helen if she's up for it! Look forward to seeing what you are up to!

Hugs, Love and a "Flowery" Bus!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hopefully an inspirational Post........

I picked this Bouquet today? It's not as "lush" as I'd like,,,we've had more rain than sunshine and the roses aren't happy,,,,,,But the bouquet flowers are full of memories.

18 years ago today, I married the love of my life. My Karl. He was smart, gorgeous, adventuresome and for SOME darn reason thought I was Amazing. Well,,,,,maybe he took a few years to come to that conclusion,,,,,as we'd actually met /dated/sailed/dined and "played" together back when I was 21.....So some 15 years later,,,,he saw the light (or had blinder's on-we'll just say he saw the light.)

He pursued me for about a year in my mid 30's and I finally agreed to "see/date" him again. I KNEW, quite frankly, when I said "yes" to him taking me "up in a little "Tin Can" of a 2 seater Cessna,,,,,,,that I would spend the rest of my life with him.

Shortly before we were married, he transferred this rose from the house he was living in,,,,,,

I'm not much of a "Red" gal in my garden, but I loved the fact that he was "putting down roots."

When we married, we kept it fairly simple, but had bouquets of Peonies and Old Roses,,,,,,,Including this ancient bush from my yard........

I love this old Rose, we used in our wedding flowers,,that perseveres, smells like "heaven" and thrives in spite of neglect on the NORTH side of this old house.......

I have to smile, because this isn't a "Fancy Bouquet." Just clippings from my yard.
As previously mentioned, my husband was an absolutely "Gorgeous" of these days I have to dig out the old photos and scan them.

And I have to smile because Karl loved trying and doing new things. The sailing, the diving, extreme skiing, cooking, photography, studying law, Eastern and Western philosophy, history, explosive engineering (in his spare time) and flying. Oh yeah,,,and the lambing in New Zealand. In other words,,,,the man lived as if life was both important,,,,,,,and short!

So? In memory of my dear Karl, I'd ask of you TWO things! Try something new,,,don't put it off. If something has been gnawing at you,,,,,DO IT! Life is Short! That's the First thing.........

And the Second? Is as much for ME as it is for him. Stay off your Cell phone while you are DRIVING! With the car accident and cell phone records and the likes, we/I never quite learned if he was talking to ME when he caused the accident that ended his life. Ended his life. Ended my life and my future dreams. So,,,,,again, I'd just ask, for me as your friend, for your family and loved ones, Hang up and Drive!

And by all means,,,pursue those dreams you've been shoving aside!

I'm not a sobbing mess as I post this. I'd do anything to have him back in my life and shake my head and smile at his antics. I'd love to have him hold me again and say all those things he say that I never felt I truly deserved. I'm sharing this because he taught me a GREAT life lesson,,,,,,Carpe Diem,,,,,seize the day, live your dreams and hold those you love a BIT tighter!

Hope this post gives you a BIT of inspiration to start your week!

Hugs, Love and a "Rosey" Bus!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Meet Angel.........(Or what I brought home from Port Angeles)

Yesterday, my youngest Andrew and I went to Port Angeles to see my dear Mary and my brother Ross. It was a special day and I came home with "Angel."

Isn't she gorgeous? An old, delicate creamy goodness dress form........and check out her backside.......

I mean REALLY check out her backside,,,,,,she's gorgeous!

Love everything about her,,,,,,,,

She'll be headed down to my Studio soon,,,,I'm cleaning the joint up for Karen Valentines "Where Bloggers Create" Blog event next month! Karen always kicks me in gear and it's always inspirational to come home and add "Bits and Bobs" from Farm Chicks Show,,,,,,,,,,

Mary also gave me a bag FULL of Antique and Vintage Post Cards,,,,so I'll be sharing one or two in the days/posts ahead. Feel Free to Copy and use the image for your OWN personal use,,,,,,Just not for resale.......

Some days? The moments seem so special you want them to last forever. Yesterday was one of those days. Hugs that couldn't last long enough. Memories that you cling to.
Yesterday was one of those days. With my son, with my brother and with my Mary.

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Hugs, Love and "Angel Kisses!"

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Farm Chicks Finds 2012

Well, needless to say, I had fun shopping at Farm Chicks,,,,,there were SO many fantastic Goodies! and So many great Vendors. Serena put on a great Show! Here are my finds,,,,,,

I bought Tons of lace,,,,,,,

More lace and a couple of swans.....

a fun cubby from "Poor Pitiful Pam"

Cloth Hat Form,,,,,also from Pam

"Heads" from Vain and Vintage from Pocatello Idaho,,,,,I always find goodies in their booth!

Wonderful Millinery from Dyan and Jennifer.......

fun old "45" Case (if you're under 40,,,,that would be a record case,,,,I'm just sayin'!)

Jewelry from Lisa Souers

Hat Boxes!!!!!!! Ackkk love 'em! The larger ones are From John and Bob,,,aka Johnbobscooljunk Fame...

Buttons and Pearls......

And,,,,,,if you know me at all, you know I've gotta have some Whimsey!........

Fun Turquoise and Pink Hat from Lisa at "A Thing for Roses."

Party Goodies,,,,

Turquoise Tins,,,,,,,

Cabachons and Roses....

A bit of "Bling",,,,Thanks Lisa for the Pin!

Little Vintage Charms,,,,,

And this little Cutie just called my name when I was walking by,,,,

Love Chalkware......

And Finally, the piece I bought from my Friend Rhonda Addison....This one's a gift for a certain someone who wasn't able to go with me this year,,,,


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Enjoy your week, now I'm off to Clean! Ackkk!

Hugs, Love and a Chickie Bus!