Thursday, September 30, 2010


Thanks for the well wishes on the Headache yesterday! I STILL had one most of today, as well, but the weather was SO gorgeous this afternoon, I just tried to tuck it away!

I didn't manage to take any pictures today,,,,so I thought I'd plug my friend Debra's upcoming Blog Event(s) and borrow a picture! If the weather holds,,,,as it SHOULD tomorrow,,,,I think I'll head to one of our great local farms and pick up a few pumkins and gourds!

 I borrowed this Image from Debra and Common Ground! Too pretty! I don't think she'll mind if I ALSO post her Blog Events on my Sidebar! ---------------------------> Check it OUT!

I SO wish I would have had my camera when my son Sean and I took the dogs to the local (Blackman's) Lake today! They had a great swim and Sean and I found a BIG stick, about 3ft long that they retreived together and brought in! "Kodak Moment" and moi, with no camera! Shortly thereafter I thought we were going to have to swim out and get Shadow, my black lab,,,,,,I swear she paddle halfway out in the lake after a pair of Mallards...........fortunately, it was all fun and games and both dogs got a good workout!

Afterwards, Sean and I came home and tackled some cubbies in the back of my house that were in GREAT need of pruning and cutting! Am I the only one that manages to have the birds and squirrels "Help" plant things in the yard?  Nut trees, Blackberries, and even a "volunteer" Hawthorne tree! We spent a couple of hours getting rid of these "features." Ughhh and OUCH!

I was making a trip to the little mom and pop market for Cat food, when I discovered the Snohomish Farmer's Market was STILL going! I thought LAST week was the end of it, and LAST week it was pouring! Buckets! Still in my gardening clothes, I hesitated, because honestly? I know a lot of people in this little town after 30 years. And there is grubby,,,,,,,and then there is GRUBBY!  And that was ME with a capital "G!" 

But we're talkin' FRESHLY picked Organic tomatoes, the last of the Fresh Peaches from Yakima,  the cutest little head of Red leaf lettuce and a baguette.  Oh and a square of Spiced Apple Cake that I'll share with Sean when he gets home from the College tonight. HA!  Life is too short! 

This week FLEW BY! I cannot believe that were starting October already! If  I get out and buy my pumpkins,,,,,,,I'll link to Debra's Event tomorrow night! Have a great weekend!

Hugs and Love,

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shadow Box and the Headache from HE-Double Hockey Sticks!

I worked in the studio all day,,,,,in spite of the WORST headache I can remember having in a LONG time!
You KNOW it's bad, when you can't concentrate! I took some asprin, which USUALLY works for me, but didn't put a DENT in it! Ackkk! Still have the darn thing!  I'm going to take a long soak soon and HOPE that the steam/heat helps! I DO NOT GET headaches!

My friend Dana brought this "Picture Frame" to our Garage Sale, but the glass got broken while we were setting up! It WAS a Bright Metallic Gold. She asked me if I thought I could use it for something and well, not being one to part with MUCH,,,,,,,,I said "Sure!"

I painted it Creme and well, you can see how ELSE I altered it. The Angel is a Vintage light bulb Cover  I got in a Jar full of  Vintage Christmas Stuff  back in May.........At Annie's Antique Event, here in Snohomish, on 1st Street.......

When I started this Shadow Box,  I didn't really know WHAT direction I was headed in.......I knew I wanted to put some kind of wording in it. I saw a bag of Goodies that Lynn Stevens had recently sent me with other goodies on the sewing table. It was kind of strange, because I KNEW there were Scrabble Squares in the cute orange drawstring bag she sent me,,,along with wooden tokens, Ma-Jong (sp?) squares and some other game pieces. And I decided that MAYBE there was a WORD among those Scrabble pieces...

So,,,,,,,,I dumped them out on my workbench.........and Came up with "NOEL."
Noel-The Christmas Season. So,,,,,the REST of the Shadow Box theme, came as a result of Lynn's letters! Ironic? Maybe not so much!

She's been on my mind these last couple of Days.....I hope she's doing better and will get to leave the Hospital soon! I'll have to ask her later if she had thoughts or dreams of creating today!
I am NO Lynn, trust me, she's one of the most creative people I know, but it kind of strikes me as funny that she was Kind of, involved in this project of mine today!

Wowza! I got a lot of other things done today,,,,I STILL need to go and ship things out, which was TRULY my intent my dears,,,,,,but this headache had me so "sideways" I couldn't think straight let alone drive!! If I owe you a package, I'll just keep adding,,,,,so the "Guilt Factor" will work in YOUR favor! HA!

Hoping the prodigal son will cook the Halibut I thawed- caught  up in Canada and provided courtesy of my Brother, Ross,
I'm hoping to overtake this headache so I can THINK clearly!

Hugs, Love and a "Bus" to you ALL!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Shams" And Shades" .....And Shut UP! Warm and sunny Weather???

Okay,,,,,Which hurts worse? A Glue Gun Burn or a Needle in the Finger? And come on! Am I the only one that never gets a manicure anymore, because it just isn't Worth IT?

I've been working on some Pillows (Shams) and Shades the last couple of days.

I stipped these mini shades and wrapped in Tulle and "Scrunched" creme seam binding.......two more to go, but I ran out of Tulle,,,,,,,,,Trip to the Fabric Store tomorrow! Fun for a Mini Chandelier, or some wall sconces........

I've also been making pillows,,,,, a few are still in the works. And I'm not sure that I'm quite done with any of these! I may add a BIT more lace/ tulle/etc.

Oh, This is definetly a GOOD "tease" photo! (HA! ONE way to compensate for my poor photographic skills!) But I'll have several Neutral and Black pillows for sale at  the "Ruffles and Rust" event next month!

I'm using muslins, heirloom and vintage laces, a bit of black velveteen and old buttons and ribbons.....Still have several Shams and Shades to make for the Event............

So,,,I'm going to talk weather for a moment! OH MY! I cannot believe what Ya'll are enduring in the South!
Both Coasts! CA in the 100's??? Rain in the South??????? And HEAT in the NE? We're supposed to have a couple of WARM but nice days in Washington State! Thank HEAVENS! But my heart and thoughts go OUT to all of you suffering from Flooding/Storms and record HEAT!

Wowza! What a September! Stay Cool/Dry, Happy and let us all HOPE that October brings a BIT of normalcy!!

(Happy Belated to Lisa, my dear blog friend,  of  "The Davies Dialoges", and to my friend "Jenn" of "My Three Graces" -her gorgeous blog photos can be found on my Sidebar AND  Special thoughts and Prayers to Lynn Stevens of "Trash to Treasures Art" that she's "UP and At 'Em soon!,,,,,,,,,and Mark your Calender for Lulu's Birthday,,,,,,,of Coastal Sisters,,,,My BBFF,,,,,,,and although she WOULDN'T come out and TELL ME! Ackkk! I THINK is the 3rd or 4th of October!!!!)

Love and Hugs to you ALL,,,,,,,you Truly mean the World to ME! I cannot imagine my life without ALL my Blog Friends!!! I know I've been busy and can't respond as often as I'd like to.......but I think and worry, laugh and Pray and rejoice in my friendships with ALL of you!!!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Heads up onmy Dear Blog Friend Lynn! And a Postscript on Vintage Cars and Trucks!

If you've followed or read my Blog for a while, you may be familiarized with the incredible Lynn Stevens. She's my Uber talented Blog friend, whom I've grown to know and love, living in Idaho.  She's been in Sommerset Magazines, showing her Cards, paper and Mixed Media creations more times than I can tell you. If you've checked out my Sidebar from time to time,, as in RIGHT NOW,,I do tout her talents,,,,because yes, she's amazingly creative,,,but she's also a sweetie!

Lynn's Hubby, God Bless him, posted today on HER Blog that she's been hospitalized for an "Emergency and  she will be there for 5-7 days........"

5-7 Days? What's happened? "Nonya" as my son would say. Translated to "None of your Business."
Okay, it isn't. But I also started thinking about the whole EBC -Emergency Blog Contact that I started a while back. And, also, maybe WHY it was so important for ME to KNOW about those Blog friends I've come to love and care about..........

You may or may not know, I was widowed in 1994, suddenly. My husband was a pilot, and aerial photographer, but ironically, he died as the result of a car accident on his way home on the highway, from a photo shoot.  So, I guess, as a result, no, I KNOW as a result, it's always been VERY important to me to KNOW where the people I loved and cared about were. IF they were safe. And frankly, it frustrates the daylights out of me NOT to know!

So, then, as a result of blogging, and YES coming to know, care and LOVE  many of my blog friends and finding them MIA,,,,,,,I decided to do the whole "EBC", or if you will, Emergency Blog Contact Button. Because, if you get right down to it, I felt a personal need to KNOW where and what was going on with those I'd gotten close to,,,,,and I thought, if I feel that way,,,,,,all of YOU would want to know about your blog friends as well. Well, maybe a little more emotionally near and dear to ME, but when you get attached to people, no matter the miles,,,,,,,you want to KNOW!

That said, thankfully at LEAST Lynn's hubby has let us know what, to a degree is going on! Pop over to her blog (link above) and leave her a message if you'd like! I'm sure she'd appreciate it!

And,,,,,,if you DON'T have a hubby savvy enough to post on your blog, or if you'd like to add the EBC button from my sidebar with an emergency contact, and haven't yet.....Grab it, post it,,,,,,wherever, on your blog sidebar! As previously stated, "We Love You, We Worry." Who can we contact if your sick or injured?????????? (If you have any questions on HOW to DO this, leave a comment or Email me,,,,,,

Okay, still worried about Lynn, but climbing off my soapbox. Let me know if you need further info on creating an EBC .....Because you DO have people that follow your blog,,YOU DO have people that care.......Who can WE,,,,,,your blog friends contact if you are not available?????????

That said,,,,,here's what happening tomorrow,,,,,,,,In Historic Snohomish!

So, Tomorrow? Is the Antique and Classic Car Show in Snohomish!
What Vehicle do YOU Covet????????? This is MY Dream Car.......What's YOUR'S???

I've always wanted a '56 or '57 Thunderbird,,,,,,,Pink or Aqua,,,,,,,,How FUN would THAT be????

But now,,,,,I'd  also kind of like an old Vintage Truck instead,,,,to fix and paint up to take around the US of A and visit ALL my blog friends... How FUN would THAT be???

Love and hugs to you all! Stay healthy and Happy! And,,,,,,,if you don't have a hubby like Lynn to at LEAST post something on your blog,,,,,,Grab the EBC button,,,,tell a friend/blogger, so we KNOW who to contact and WHAT the heck is going  on! And if so inclined,,,,leave a post regarding YOUR dream vehicle,,,maybe I'll see it tomorrow!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

"We're gonna paint it WHITE!"

Okay,,,not WHITE per se,,,but "Heirloom White."  This is what I tried to conveyed to my son today......while he was sanding/stripping and he looked at me somewhat exasperated and said, "Mom, you DO realize if we PAINT this stuff, it loses it's value." 

This is NOT the first time I've heard this. And, if you like something kind of White/Chipppy, painted, rusty, well, you get a BIT defensive.....and I tried to explain it to my son, really, I did.....We LIKE it kind of destressed/light, altered! If we wanted a darned STAINED OAK piece,,,or dark Pine, or mahoganey,,,,well, we just would have gone out and bought it THAT WAY!

(Web Images)

I've got to admit, living in the great old Pacific Northwest, where we get more dark/drab/grey and YES WET days,,,,,I started buying BRIGHT furniture at a VERY early age.......My first furniture looked like it belonged in Miami,,,,,,,truly. Yellow Rattan with White and Green cushions.........and I mean a WHOLE room of it! Trust me when I say, I bought this at the most upscale furnishing's store at the time! And,,well, yes, it was GARISH, and BRIGHT,,,,,,but in retrospect, I think I was KIND of on track!

The Scandanahoovians and the Swiss have done it for decades! It makes SENSE! You have a lot of grey, wet, dark days and having LIGHT in your home is just appropro......

So,,,,eventually the Rattan went away,,,,I lived with Antiques for several years.....Light Oak (Gag)  and the likes.....and it felt contrived and harsh, even in this OLD house,,,,,it wasn't ME.

I found my comfort zone with the enlightenment, if you will, of the whole Shabby Chic explosion. But, I also found a love of Color, textures, metallics, and nostalgia.  This is my comfort zone. I LOVE adding the European pieces.  A bit of Dark, a bit of BLACK.

I guess, I just decorate for ME rules, no agenda. If I find a color I love,,,,I use it!

So? Getting ready for Ruffles and Rust,,,,,,,and if that weren't the case, but some OTHER show...I'd STILL lean towards the Anitique,,,,,Creamy Whites- I love 'em and it just makes sense!.....Now to Convince my SON?

Enjoy your weekend! I'll be working at Joyworks and I trust we'll be BUSY! We have been Hopping as of late,,,,,,Like the OLD days! It appears, word is OUT that Joyworks is THE place to shop for clothes, accessories and home decor......or people have decided that it IS important to support smaller/local businesses,,,,,,,,because if you DO NOT,,,,,,,you will lose them! Working on our 31st year! Go TEAM! and I work with the best!

Hugs, love and a Bus on the Cheek!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I truly don't know WHAT THE HECK overcame me today!

Okay,,,,Mark it on your Calendar! I COOKED  and Baked today!  I mean really, I used to do this ALL the time! And,,,,I LOVE to prepare a nice meal for company, or make a special dish or dessert for a gathering,,,,but Cooking AND Baking anymore in the same day and it wasn't even a HOLIDAY? Not so much!

I think I "Channeled" My Inner June Cleaver!

Awwww, Shoot, both of my sons are starting back to College this Qtr....the air is crisp (Thank the Lord, NO rain today!) And,,,,,,,I felt like being in the kitchen! Ackkk!

I made my "Semi" Famous White Chicken Chili,,,,,,which was actually written up in a publication for a Sailing Club,,,,HA!  I shared the recipe last year,,,,,,but many of you didn't follow my blog then,,,,so here it is:

(Feel free to take poetic liberty with ANY ingredients,,,,,,,it'll basically turn out fine anyway!)

Shell's "Semi-Famous" White Chicken Chili

Saute a A Diced Green Pepper , One Diced Onion, and Some Garlic (to taste,,,,,I use tons!)

3-4 Cups of cooked/cubed Chicken   (I cheat and buy a Deli Chicken, pre-cooked! Skin and de-bone this "Clucker"!)
About 3-4 cans of Great Northern Beans (don't drain,,,,your gonna toss them in as is)
One or two Cans of Garbanzo Beans (Drain these suckers, it's all water!)
An  itty bitty can of Diced Green Chilies
2 cans of Chicken Broth

Add a 1/4 teaspoon Ground Cloves (weird, but it works, trust me!)
A bit of Chili powder
1/4 teaspoon of Cumin IF you have it,,,but I never seem to...
Pepper,,,,yeah, yeah, white pepper IF you have it, otherwise the regular kind will work.....

Simmer for a couple of hours,,,,,,and THEN,,,,,,okay this makes it, and yes, it adds a bunch of FAT and Cholesterol, but COME ON,,,,,you KNOW you LOVE it!

Add 3 cups of  Shredded Monterey Jack Cheese just before serving!
If you want to be a BIT healthier,,,,,put it in a bowl on the side and let people add their own,,,,,,but it just takes all the fun out of it!

Fun to serve this soup with Corn Chips and a dallop of NON FAT (HA! Who are we kidding now? Sour Cream)

But wait, I didn't stop THERE! Paula Dean would be SO PROUD! I made a Cake too! Butter Cake with a Butter Creme Frosting............

And, I managed to get a FEW more Halloween hats done! Almost finished with Halloween stuff,,,,,looking forward to getting back to some "Basic" crafting ( I have some headband orders, a Custom Wedding Cake Topper and then the rest will be for "Ruffles and Rust" Event.....

Try the White Chili Recipe, I think your family and Friends will like it!

Back to the Studio/aka Dungeon in the Morning!

Hugs/Love and a Bus on the Cheek!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Pictures I'd like to be taking now and a new Camera???

Fall is usually my favorite time of year in Washington State. It's usually relatively dry and crisp during the days, although  with chilly enough in the mornings to warrant a sweater. THIS September,,,,we just seem to get RAIN, RAIN and MORE RAIN!  Not our usual, beautiful Fall. Trust me, IF and WHEN we get any of those days,,,I'll share some pics!

Ahhh, yes, Pictures!

I want to buy a new camera. I want to buy a GOOD camera! My little Kodak, just isn't cutting it. I need to learn to take better images (perhaps a class at the local college) and QUIT apologizing for the photos on my blog,,,but hopefully go even a step further,,,,,and create some fun images!

So,,,,My Dears,,,,,,any comments/advice/suggestions???Anne, Karen, Jenn, Deb, Melaine,,,so many of you take such beautiful images,,,,But, in general, I'd LOVE any input you guys have on buying a good camera! Let me know!  And,,,,if you know of  a lens that makes me look about 15 years younger, I'd give my left kidney! HA! Thanks, though, for any insight or tips on a camera!

I didn't make it "down" in the studio today. Just "plucked" a couple of lampshades to redo and  am ready to hit the ground in  the studio running! I miss my little "hobbit hole" of creativity! But I've missed catching up with all of YOU more,,,,catching up, albeit slowly!

Hugs/Love/ and a Bus on the Cheek!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Wow! Feels like I've been MIA for a while! and see below,,,,, linking "My Meissen" China to Vintage Inspiration Friday!

Today was "Garage Sale" Day here in my Old Garage with my friend Dana. We did pretty Well! But also had a fun time!

Things were FLYING out! Okay,,,,maybe more Dollars than Twenties!

But, we sold quite a bit and had fun visiting with friends and neighbors and members of the community we both knew! Shew! I think, last tally that Dana and I each made about $250 Bucks. So not a bad day!
And,,,,,,we learned a LOT about how to do it NEXT time!  The Soggy Washington weather held,,,,,and actually holding it in my Old double detached garage helped!

But shew! Glad it's over now, Lots of work and "Purging" in the process!

NOW, it's on to Crafting and getting things ready for  the Ruffles and Rust Event in October,,,,,and then getting ready for "Silver Bella" with Lulu in Nebraska in November!

I feel SO behind on SO many blogs and catching up with all of YOU right now! Ackkk! Packages, certificates, WILL go out next week!  Promise!!!

And, as It's also Friday, which means it's Debra's Vintage Event over at Common Ground!

I'd promised Debra a while back I'd take pictures of my Meissen China.

Meissen Teapot

If you are not familiar with Meissen China, in general, they are/ were so ornate/cherished unique that many European Kings/Queens and Aristocrats sought Meissen out. In fact, they STILL produce China in Germany and many works are one of a kind/priceless.

If you "Google" Meissen, much of what you will see is very ornate figurines and then, they too, also made a RELATIVELY common (although coveted) type of Blue Delph pattern....

What I have, my Grandfather bought piece by piece for my Grandmother DURING WWI and afterwards, in Germany, howevever long before WWII. ( My family left Germany for the US in 1929).

So,,,,the set that I have,,,is priceless in more ways than one! This is a really bad photo (sorry!) and yet....

IF you look closely, the cups AND the Teapot all have Swans Necks! My OMA (my DUTCH Grandmother) and my "Poppy", my German Grandfather met at an upscale Hotel on the Rhine, Aptly named, "Der Schwann"......or if you will "The Swan."

Again, if you look up Meissen, most of it is VERY ornate,,,,,,24k gold trimmings, complicated statuary commissioned and collected by royalty. ...

So the China I have? Is basically "everyday" Meissen......and it IS very valuable now, but even more important to ME is the sentiment! And part of a SMALL group of items that was shipped, to the US in 1929-30.  There is more, of course here than what I've photographed! And, I love it SO! They were together over 50 years,,,,,,,,"Karl and his Emm's." Quite the love story!

(Debra,,,,I promise to give a TEA soon, with friends and set the table with these gems! Life IS too short not to use and appreciate them!) And given that my "Oma," my wonderful, exotic, fun grandmother would want us to enjoy sweets! Oh MY, I must, and soon! )

Promise to catch up with you ALL this next week! Love you guys, miss you and can't wait to see what you've all been up to!!!

Hugs and love and a "Bus" on the Cheek!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Garage Sale,,,,,,,or What I have in Common with Oprah! Found great Pic of my Mom.......

I don't know if any of you caught it today,,wherever you live.....but I watched Oprah's (Last) Season opener this afternoon. Well, at the End, Paul Simon came on and sang a song about 25 years,,,,,and I thought, Jeebus, Oprah and I have something in common! I've been accumulating things in this old house for about 25 years!!!

Photo of a Street Sale in Paris.........

My oldest son Sean,  is helping me sort and organize. "Save," Toss, Give to Charity, etc. Oh my STARS, you should SEE the chaos!

This Friday,,,,,,ONE DAY ONLY, I'm having a Yard Sale, here at the house with my friend Dana Gilpin.....I've arranged Tents/canopies as it is supposed to rain LIGHTLY ....WHEN??? Yeah, well, even if we'd had one earlier this summer it would have either been 90 something degrees OR raining buckets,,,,there was NO in between......So 70ish,,,,and chance of rain,,not too bad!

I found this pretty pic of my mom,,,,while going through things. .she'll be "Gone two years in December"  I miss her SO! ...She was the "Bestest!" I shed quite a few tears today,,,finding pictures of family members, friends and even Wedding pics,,,,back in 1994 with my hubby Karl,,,,who is now, LONG gone, but certainly never, ever, forgotten.

In retrospect, I understand why I've saved boxes of photos, cartons or albums and framed images and haven't managed to plow through them all. My husband,My mother, a dear friend, my step dad, a favorite cousin.....are gone, but certainly NOT forgotten. Hard to go through, and yet I did laugh at many photos, relived fun and memorable times. . .

But? I have my two sons, young men, here, close by. What a treat! What a Joy! I know they'll both be off in different directions soon enough. But I'm SO thankful to have them here RIGHT now! And we, all three of us, are "tripping" down memory lane.....THIS is a GOOD time! One,,,I'm cherishing RIGHT now!

Okay,,,,,tomorrow, the Kitchen (not much) and UH OH! The Basement,,,,aka the storage area,,,,,,aka, EVERYTHING DOWN THERE that is NOT my STUDIO and has no other "HOME"! Ackk,,Wish us luck and if your local, stop by on Friday and buy some CR**,,,,errrrrrr Good Stuff!

Hugs and Love,
(I don't think I'll be posting any crafts this week,,,,,unless we get done ahead of schedule!)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

And the Winner of my Giveaway is.......

Hi Guys! Busy weekend! We were busy at Joyworks and I've been spending a LOT of time catching up with my oldest,,,Sean, who has moved back to Snohomish! I just finished drawing the winner of my 200th post Giveaway. Thanks again for all of you that entered and your kind words.

But mostly, here again, for allowing me the opportunity to get to know many of you in places and "crannies" I'd never imagine! HA! I bet most of you don't even know how to pronounce Snohomish!
Okay,,,quick lesson and then I'll quit the tease! "Snow" "Home" "Ish".....Snohomish! There ya go!

So the winner,,,selected by using the Random Number Generator IS.......CONNIE, from "She Dreams Big!"  I met Connie through other blogs that I've come to enjoy and we email once in a while and laugh and laugh....She's BIG fun! So Connie,,,,,I'll email you and get your snail mail Address and send you a box of "Girly Goodies!"

Thanks again you guys, for being a part of my life, for allowing me to get to know you all and opening my eyes to just WHO and what we can experience,,,,in the nicest of ways through technology! Big Hugs, Love and a BUS on ALL of your wonderful Cheeks!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

September ,,,,already?

I cannot BELIEVE it is already September. The local kids started school again yesterday. I miss watching my boys,,head off to new adventures, new friends, new teachers and experiences! How fast the days go!

Andrew, my youngest, is finishing his Associates at the local (Everett Community) College this qtr. With plans of going on to Western Winter Qtr. He's doing this after serving 4 years in the Marine Corps. And TWO tours of Iraq. I try and remember to thank God, every day that he came home safe. Not just in body,,,but in spririt.

I just have to say here, because I am SO proud of him in SO many ways, that he COULD have chosen an easier path. My brother, 10 year older than me, offered to send Andrew to his School/education of choice after High School.  Wowza! What an offer! But my son, chose the Marines and took the GI Path instead.
Pride? Dignity? Conviction to his Path? My son's never really said. As a Mom, I would have preferred that he took a "safer" route, but that wasn't Andrew.  He's working and creating his OWN path....I admire him for that. The "Road less Travellled," if you will.

So Fall in Washington? It's usually one of the most beautiful places you can be! The Colors, the smells, the "Frosting on the Mountain tops of Rainier,,,,,,Baker,  a "hint on the Cascades, the Olympics." Of Winter to come, yes, but just a tease, with days full of sunshine and harvests and hot air balloons and the beginnings of "crunching through the leaves........."

I got a taste, a finality, if you will today of our local Farmer's Market.

I bought a Bouquet of Sunflowers and ornamental Corn........too pretty and $5 dollars as I asked my favorite flower vendor, a Vietnamese woman of a certain age, "Do your hands ache from all this twisting and cutting?" She replied with a smile, "Yes."

Thank you, for making my home a bit more homey. With a week or two more left of the Market,,,,,,,,,I will miss her, and her creations!

My friends Loura and Gater helped me with a Chandelier I'd bought at Sand Point in Seatttle. Gater re-wired it for me and offered to put in an inline switch and plug AFTER I got the needed Chain. But today,,,,I took the fixture he'd rewired back to my old stomping grounds and Seattle Lighting and an old collegue Greg, finished it off,,,,,,,,following the instuctions I'd gotten from Gator.......Gator heads back up to Alaska on Monday,,,,,,I didn't want to bother him anymore! Time with his wife, Loura, is MUCH more important than my measly fixture~ .

So,,TA DA! It's now in the corner cubby of my bedroom! The walls look bright Orange in the pic,,,,,they are more of a Flamingo though....somewhere between a pink and a coral............But I LOVE having the Chandelier there!

Mini Chandelier I bought at San Point,,,,,Gracing my bedside now.......Score! Thanks Loura and Gator! And thanks to Greg at Seattle lighting for finishing it off!

Here are my "Drugs of Choice" this week! I have a love/hate relationship with this Author. Her books are addictive......oh sure, here's ONE more! And I blame my sister in law for not getting anything done for 24 hours! Add a Chocolate Cupcake with Vanilla frosting and welll, life doesn't GET much Better!

Ackk! Crack AND a Cupcake! I am a WEAK woman!

Do NOT start these books unless you are in it for the LONG Haul! Don't Hate me because you learned of these books from Me! HA!

Enjoy the rest of your week! Don't forget to Enter/Post about my Giveaway~

Hugs and love!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

200th Post Giveaway!!!

Wowza! This is my 200th Post at Bungalow Bling! What a fun journey it's been! I've made SO many wonderful friends in Blogland, I could never have imagined meeting such a great group of people! I wish I could give you ALL something special! It so amazing, to meet and get to know the likes of all of you! (Or to the Southern contingency that I've grown to know and love SO much, "Ya'll!")

 Your friendships, your advice, your humor, Your, support, your creativity mean the World to me! There isn't a box big enough or a prize worthy of what I've gained! So, yep, this is just a token, but I hope you all know how much you've come to mean to me! Thank you !

So, I put together kind of a "Girly Girl" Package,,,,,,,I'll probably add a few more goodies to the box,,,,,but I thought these might be FUN! 

200th Post Giveaway, Enter by Sept 12th to be Eligible!

A "Ghouly Girl" hat, hand crafted by Moi, a Fun embroidered towel, "Did you say Cook?" "When wearing a crown and holding a wand, I never EVER cook." A cute little Bird journal, Of COURSE gourmet Chocolates,,,,, Pommegranate Bath Salts, "Be Yourself, Everything Else is taken." Votive and Sachet...etc.

I will DRAW a random selection Sunday, Sept. 12th.  One Entry for Leaving a Comment, One for Following, One for Posting my Giveaway on your sidebar........For a total of 3, if so inclined!

Love and Hugs to you all, have a GREAT week! And good Luck!


Monday, September 6, 2010

Okay,,,,,,am I losing it? Goosebump Post!

Okay,,,,so, here's the deal. I have never done much Halloween. Let alone photograph it for my blog posts......But the photo's I've TRIED to take,,,,,and you know me, I am NO great photographer,,,and yet the photos, of crafts,,,,,have just done WEIRD things! I tried to take a pic of a Halloween wreath I made a couple weeks ago,,,,,and I got all these strange images..........Kind of creeped me out and yet I took more, and finally got an image that was Blog worthy.

So Today? I took pics of the hats and whimsical skulls I've been working on......

Here's a little hat I made,,,,,,it says, "She's always been a bit Batty."
And THIS is one of the Good photos without all the weird lights and reflections............

Then,,,,,,,,, finally, after about 40 photos, I got THIS. image............

It says, "Glamour Ghoul"

But the REST of my craft images,,,,,,,,in the basement and a couple, like these, on the dining room table, had light sphere's and reflections that well, I've just never seen or experience before working on my Halloween projects, this year~ Weird!

I've always felt that "This Old House" was a happy one. If there are "ghosts" they made me feel at home/safe.
I've talked with several people over the years, in this Historic Community about Ghosts/a "Feel" of a house, whatever.......and I always laughed and said IF I did have ghosts, they were nice ones..........
But the pics I've got the last couple of weeks,,,,,,,,are really different. I have never seen anything like them.

I only have a FEW more Halloween crafts to finish up. It's really not my "thing." So,,,,,if I do get any more weird photos,,,,,,,I'll share.  I just ignored or deleted them before...........

I still think this is a "Happy" home,,,I don't know about things that go "bump in the night." Kind of fun to think about though,,,,,,as I've had no BAD experiences,,,,,only weird photos!

Comments? Experiences? Am I losing my mind, or just a bad photgrapher? LOL

Hugs and Love,

(Next Post will be my 200th post Giveaway!)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Eating "Crow" among other things!

Wowza!! What a week! I woke up feeling a BIT better! No pain (hurray!) but kinda worn out! (And for you former Dental assistants and Nurses, yes, I have been on a HEAVY dose of "Anti-B's." ) The swelling has gone down quite a bit too.  Thanks you guys, I appreciate your concern and thoughts! I don't feel "alone" very often....mostly I feel Single and really kind of like it at this stage of my life. But the Animals didn't exactly greet me at the door with Chicken Soup and a blanket......So, all of your kind thoughts and wishes meant a LOT!

So,,,,Friday morning, feeling a BIT better and a beautiful one at that, WHAT's a Gal to do? (Jill, stop laughing!, these were extenuating circumstances!) I went Yard and Garage Sale hopping! DUH!

Fun little Retro Table, HEAVY duty Doll Wardrobe and an old suitcase...

Of course, the minute I got down on the floor, my "Photo assistants" decided it was "Wrestle Time!!"
Kodi and Show,,,wait, maybe they're "Photo Hounds," not assistants!

Here are my other Finds of the day,,,,I especially loved the vintage Nativity, complete with it's original box and if you look closely the little German porcelain baby doll......

I am not so much of a "Red and Green" Christmas Gal.....This Nativity is all done in pastels, with wood and old moss........Gorgeous!

And this Dress?????

Anyone a size 10 that needs a LBD? (little black dress) Oh my , to be a size 10 again!
Ballerina length,,,lace overdress/taffeta lining-sheared elastic back!
I don't think it's Vintage,,,but it's a classic,,,made in the good old USA by the ILGWU,,,,,
How FUN would this be to wear with cowboy boots and a jean jacket!! Anne, I think it's too BIG for you,,,,but I could SO see YOU make this work!

I know it'll fit my dress form,,,,but if you've an event or reason to WEAR it,,,let me know!

Still tired, but it was a fun "Hunting Day." And,,although Fall is in the air in Washington State, it was absolutely beautiful!

Enjoy your weekend! And again, thanks for all the well wishes and sympathy! I'll hold YOUR "virtual" hand, next time!

Hugs and Love,

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A little Inspration from Common Ground and Dental Woes

Boy oh Boy was I glad to have something NICE and FUN to post about today! I'm linking up to Debra over at Common Ground for her "Vintage Inspiration Friday" So here's my Inspiration and Lord Knows I need it today!

This is Emma,,,,,she's pretty big, about 3ftx3ft. She is one of four cherubs that came out of the Original Waldorf Astoria Hotel in NY,,,before they tore the first Hotel down to put in Penn Station. Her garland is from Hops that I just harvested from an arbor in my yard yesterday. . . I love to switch out garlands and ribbons for the various Holidays........

I feel like doggy-do. There is no better way to say it. I had a molar extracted today that was infected. And the pain meds didn't want to work. He kept giving me more and more and it STILL hurt like the Dickens,,and he NEVER hurts me! His asstant told me afterwards it was because of the infection. So it Hurt. "I will NOT cry, I will NOT cry",,, but I came home and bawled. My whole HEAD hurt! It still does, albeit much better than it was,,, and now  nauseous because of all the G-Darn drugs before, during and after! Ughh!  I So want to feel BETTER!!

It was too pretty of a day to feel like something you'd inadvertantly stepped in on some pretty little Parisian Street.......But tomorrow is another day!

Go check out Debras Blog and see the other Inspirational Pics,,,,,,,she always has great posts and ideas!

Hugs and Love
And Remember, "It's okay to sit on the Pity Pot once in a while, as long as you remember to flush when you're through!" 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gypsy Brocante Rosette Swap

Hi All! Feeling a BIT better today, thanks for all the  Well-Wishes! (Or that could be "Well Witches" since I worked on quite a bit of Halloween today!)

I participated in Jill from Gypsy Brocantes Rosette Swap. Today is our day to post our goodies!
Here are the sweet items I got from Melani Abecrombie of

Cute little Vintage Hankies, all tied up with lace and pearls.

And Inside.......

A cute little Pink and white  rosette necklace and two other fun rosettes! These are really fun and different from others I've seen. Melani made these out of really soft fabrics! I think I'm going to put pinbacks on the other two and add them to a sweater or jacket!  Thanks Melani!

Fun to see all the swaps....all so different! I forgot to take pics of the stuff I sent! Ackkk!
Click over to Jills Blog for the Link!

Uh, oh! Dentist tomorrow, with me LUCK!  I may have to go garage hunting on Friday just to make myself feel better! HA!

Hugs and Love,