Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday's FANTASTIC Finds! SCORE!

Okay,,,well, if you read yesterday's post, you KNOW the first part of my week didn't go so well! But, I had a GREAT time shopping the Estate and Garage sales today! Are you ready? The VERY first sale I hit?
 I found something I'd been look for, for a LONG time!!! Score BABY!!!

Ugh,,,,horrid Photo! LOL

Let's just say, she was less than $100 Bucks,,,,and leave it at that! I think I was SO excited when I got "her" home and went to take pics, that I didn't hold very steady! This was my "Big Find" of the day, but ......

Picture Frames
The Big Rectangle was FREE, and the small wooden Oval was $3 Bucks!

Of COURSE, you have to buy a sled in July!
I LOVE, LOVE LOVE, old sleds and ice skates! This one is really small, which I've never come across  before!  How cute would this be on a dining room table as the base for a fun vignette?
And,,,,,,a steal!

Some fun Vintage Tins and a box FULL of Vintage greeting cards and tags......
I especially loved the Box that the cards came in!

I love EVERYTHING about this old tapestry! 24x24 appx....You'll be nauseous if you know how much I paid for it! Gorgeous!

25 Cents
Fun, old packs of needles...from Sears (well duh!) the Oil and heating company (because nothing says "Oil and Heating like a freebee pack of needles, I'm tellin' ya! and the fun "Stich and Sew Gals!" I'll be someone bought these at the Dime Store! Wow,,,,,I don't even know what possessed me to think of that,,,,,do YOU remember DIME Stores???

I stopped by the local Lutheran Church who was having a sale to help someone with medical bills,,,,,Found 4 mini books of Classical Sheet Music,,,,,,,and funky old adjustable piano/organ top music stand,,,,,,,,,and some finials. Just plain embarrassed for what I paid,,,,,,so I left a bit Extra!

Just plain weird/uniqe Flower Frog

Okay,,,,,I paid $4 Bucks for this baby. But have you EVER seen a flower frog like THIS ONE? I'm thinkin' it's from the 60's because the galvinized green aluminum reminds me of the old glasses we used to drink out of from that Era..........I really love flower frogs,,,,,,but I usually gravitate towards the glass ones, or the metal variety! If you've got any insight on this one, I'd LOVE to hear!

Fun day! Andrew went with me to pick up the Dress form in his 4x4 and we stopped for an Ice Cream Cone (my FIRST of the Summer) on the way home.

Could prove to be a BUSY weekend at Joyworks, as it's supposed to cool down! Have a great weekend, and I'd love to see what goodies YOU found!

Hugs and Love,

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Internet NIGHTMARE!!! Duh! Your Photos for my event! Flowers for you ALL!

So,,,Ahem, I don't know if any of you have even noticed-unless you commented on the "Photo Aspect of my Giveaway and got NO reply! (Well DUH!!!)

Okay, DEEP breath and regrouping! This has been a LONG  couple of days,,,,,with computer probs....So, take a moment, with me, to stop and enjoy, smell (sorry) envision the flowers I got at the Snohomish Farmer's Market  this afternoon! Gorgeous! 10 Bucks! And I bought a TON of produce,,,,,to Ease my mind after several DAYS of frustration!

,,,,,I haven't posted in DAYS! And commenting to Fellow Bloggers? NOPE! I had an INTERNET connection NIGHTMARE~~~ Ackk!

Okay,,,so you Too my be familiar with this! I have had a "Bundle." Internet, Phone (landline) and TV. Set up payments to be automatically withdrawn. Easy Peasy? You would THINK! Right?

Then, unbeknownst to moi, the company that HAD my account  with (Verizon) wasn't doing the WHOLE "package thingy" anymore,,,,,and sold out to a company called "Frontier." They sent me notices,,,,,,And I'm thinkin' "Who is this Frontier"?

Okay, so I am one of THOSE people! I have NO credit cards,,,,,,my Bills have come directly out of my account,,,,,,,and they're pretty basic. Utilities and insurance. My house (thank God and my Mother,is  paid off), and so I don't get many bills. I didn't get a "heads up" from my prior "Bundle" that I caught.

 So,,,,,,,, yes, PHONE line (land line) changed, TV changed,,,,and then, MAJOR problems with my Internet connection........It has gone on for DAYS! Mega phone calls on my part,,,,and, when I became too  frustrated, my Son's......, on hold for HOURS, truly,, promised call backs,  (Yeah right!) "Check your modem' (yep) check your computer (yep) ........okay, SERIOUSLY? My phone Dies! (Yep,Lulu and Maggie BOTH know THAT scenario! ) MY Final Call-- #5,,,and this gal named "Ivory" FINALLY got me  up and running again TONIGHT. . . After hours and HOURS  and DAYS of frustration on the phone and my computer!!!

So , Okay, Yeah? Post an event and have Questions from participants and THEN shut down!  NICE! (NOT!)

Sorry you guys!

Okay,,,,,so NOW, here's the deal,
Post your "Hoarding" and "Crafts gone Bad"-or unfinished projects in a photo/photos on YOUR Blog on August 13th~ and link it to my button or event on THAT day! Does that make better sense?  That gives you plenty of time for MORE photos and points!

Right now, I'm feeling SO UNcomputer savvy and frustrated! Ackkk! I got the bouquet,,,,and TONS of fresh produce at the Snohomish Farmer's Market tonight! Peaches, cherries,raspberries and MORE! It was a great distraction~ given my level of frustration! (Pre-re Connection!)

Going "junkin'/Garage sale hunting tomorrow! Lord,,,,I hope the END of the week is better than these last couple of frustrating Days!

Sorry about any confusions on my Event/Giveaway! I'll be contacting you ALL personally very soon!

Hugs and love,,,,,,and I hope NONE of you have similar problems with your servers!
Truly, lovin' my Blogger friends and feeling frustrated that I couldn't even LOG on, let alone respond!
Am I addicted, or what? LOL


Monday, July 26, 2010

Are you READY for a TRULY different Blogging event and Giveaways? Get out your sense of humor and, let's be totally HONEST here!

Okay,, so,here's the deal! Friends,,it's time to "come CLEAN"! We've all seen beautiful Crafts, finds, Studios, Blogs,the likes. They are GREAT, inspiring, and basically WHY we look at blogs! But,,,,,,I wanted to create a FUN and funny take on things which includes a couple of giveaways!! IF you have the perfect home/studio and everything you create turns out PERFECT,,,,SKIP this event! But, like most creative people, if you live in a bit of chaos or have periodically create something that, well, turned out a MESS, stay tuned!

Still here? Admit one of the following:

You've got PILES of certain things, that you Hide or squirrel away and YOU-as of date, haven't  candidly shared this obsession! Hidden behind a curtain, door,, closet,  certainly safely hidden from your blogging camera's judgemental EYE and perhaps, even  from friends and family that  KNOW you well,,,but don't openly know about your ,,,,,ahem, "Stash." Or "Stashes!"]

Okay,,,truth be told I have tons of cabinets and closets in this old house that God Forbid, anyone could SEE! I think my biggest hoarding problem would be RIBBON! I love it! Cannot have enough of it! I have yards and yards,,,,okay, maybe MILES and MILES would be more appropro! So yep,,,I "Hoard" some things,,,, in a kinder and gentler word that would be a "Collector." But Who is kidding Who, here?

Or maybe THAT is NOT you! You have everything organized, mapped out, perfectly stored. KUDOS! I may require your services, and after reading YOUR response, we may have a love/hate relationship!

But, if not the hoarding issue,,,I'm thinkin' you've got a craft project or two,,,,oh, yeah! That went awry. Maybe you haven't actually TOSSED it,,,,but think you should! A day of creativity that went amiss and you are not proud of the outcome,,let alone begin to  photograph, or SHARE it! 

Here's a sample of MY handy work! And this is only ONE example! An Easter Rabbit I worked on with Paper clay and wire. Then I covered it in Mica BEFORE I painted it's face on! "Bunnie from Hell!" LOL! Well, hopefully, we live AND learn while creating our mistakes!

Okay,,,,this is a "Come Clean" and "Share" event! And it's meant to be Fun AND Funny! No, I'm not sending the crafting or hoarding police to your home or studio!

 You have until Friday the 13th, of August, to post on THIS comment, about your experience (s) Hoarding, And, you can post images ON August 13th on YOUR blog,,,,just link to my sight and let me know that you posted  images/stories of your WORST crafting outcome!

You get ONE point for each entry:
One for commenting
One for posting  about the Event
One more for following (please post EACH entry seperately)
One more for showing ONE picture (Hoarding issue) ON YOUR blog, August the 13th
One more for showing a "Craft Project Gone Bad" On YOUR blog, August the 13th
And,,,,,,if you post all FIVE, you get ONE EXTRA, just for "coming clean!"

For a grand total of Six points!

I'll award TWO prizes. One,,,,a $30 for a Michaels Craft Gift Card and One for Home Depot, also for $30.This will be a RANDOM drawing, so you actually have a chance to win BOTH!

Primarily, this event is supposed to be funny AND supportive! We've all stashed certain things away,,,,and Lord knows, we've all sat down to create something special and well,,,,,,as "special" as we wanted it to be, it turned out to be a  piece of doggie do-do!

 So, come clean. Who has 53 Cool Whip Containers Stashed away? Who made THAT Christmas ornament that they wouldn't even give their Aunt Helen? I KNOW your out there,,,,,shoot, I am too! So let's share some laughs and there will be OH so lovely "parting gifts!"
You've got some time, so I hope everyone has FUN with this! That was my intent!

Hugs and Love,

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Garage Sale Goddesses were Generous Today!

Ugh,,,I was going to head out to the Garden Tour Preview tonight, but apparently my "roadie" lunch didn't "sit well"....suffice it to say the only pots I'll be looking at is the one in my bathroom! ..... Oops, Sorry! TMI
Hopefully, Jana will go and take some fun pics!

At any rate, this morning, I headed out to the the land of Junk, treasures, keepsakes and finds to elbow in amongst fellow bargain hunters,hoarders and pickers. ( I refuse to elaborate on WHICH of those groups I fall into!)
 I hit a few sales,  blocks from home, here in the Historic District and found a fun Curio Cabinet for $5-this one is going to get a coat of Country White Paint!

Curio Cab,,$5 and very sturdy!

Then, I'd read in the paper there was an "Assistant's League" (of Everett), Estate sale.....and I've been to a few of their others and found some fun items,,,so I headed across our Valley of farmland  and up the Hill towards the BIG Cities!....

Where,,,,,,first thing you know, I run into my friend Annie (this is her neck of the woods) and she had in her hot little hands a doll hat, that she thought I may like! (Great minds think alike!)

(Currently sitting on one of the Doll heads I scored LAST week!)

So, this Estate Sale? The woman was a doll MAKER......not a collector, but a gal who took arms, legs, heads, eyes, hairs and created torso's and sewed gorgeous clothes.......Did I have my camera? OF COURSE NOT! She was a true artisan. And, IF you live locally and collect dolls,have a daughter, grandaughter, etc.....I'd seriously check it out Sat/Sun. These dolls were being given away,,,,considering the time and labour that went into them! Cases in point..........

Look at this gorgeous Dress,,,,all HAND MADE! $6. I had to have it, just because I know it was made with great joy and love....wowza! If you sew, and I do, you cannot help but appreciate this workmanship!
(Annie found the darling shoes and decided they were more "me" than her! Thanks Annie!)

Close up

I also bought a couple of slips in cotton muslin that she also handcrafted....50 Cents and $1

There was a whole TABLE full of Fabrics......I settled on two. Some yummy chocolate heavy duty Taffeta and a lace remnant of Grey, Black and metallic......I think these would both make great Fabric Roses!


Then,,,,,,okay Then? I found a "Grab Bag" full of Flowers, leaves and pearl trims

2 Bucks! Yep, 2 Bucks!

Oops, sorry, photo not so hot! Bag full of Pink and Creme mini roses, 2 Bucks,
Cigar box 25 Cents!

And there were ziploc bags FULL of COTTON Lace trims and I also found a 10yd Spool of Lace Trim

Great for pillows, the cotton laces will get Tea Stained!

And last find at the Estate Sale?.......

A Craft Kit, complete with Embossed Cardstock Victorian Ladies and Gents......and all the directions and unused clothing/crafting patterns........$1 Buck!

Oh Shoot, and I forgot to get the "Chippy/peely rusty" wrought Iron white flower baskets out of my car!
$10 bucks for 4 WITH cocoa liners AND to Wall bracket Baskets .......

I would have liked to have known this woman. She was UBER talented, obviously enjoyed what she did. Often, when I buy a piece from a sale or an antique store, I wish I knew the story of the people that owned these items. And, in THIS case, created them! I guess, in this case, I'll just sent a smile and a wave to the Heavens and thank her for sharing her gift!

Okay,,,,so, I was ALMOST headed towards the, I don't have a Barn,,,it's an OLD metaphor,,,,,aka heading home. But I stopped at one last sale of the day,,,,,,in a cul de sac of new homes.......Well, you never know do you? This is what I found......

"Sawyer's Junior Card Holders" Whatta?

The box was closed but the packaging was interesting. There's about 40 of these "Junior Card Holders" neatly lined up inside of the box, between layers of paper. I've used one on the left to show you how the "Junior Card Holder" works! ........(Card from Izabella inserted)  And, I scattered some in front of the box for you to see.......But how clever! You could use them to hold your "Junior Cards",LOL,,,,,or small photos.  They are small,,,but sturdy! (Nickel)  I'm thinkin' YOU want some "Junior Card Holders Too!"  $1 Buck for the noted, the manufacturer, "Sawyers" ALSO makes "Sawyer's Satisfactory Card Holders for Larger Cards!"
 No Way!~

Maybe I'll find THEM during NEXT Friday's Hunt!I have got to Google this one,,,,,,just goes to show you, you never know WHAT you are going to find!!!

Did You find any fun stuff????

Hugs and Love,

Ack.............85 in Joyworks tomorrow? Lord have Mercy, and I'm sure there is Christmas to be priced! Nothing says Summer like 80+ and Glitter in Joyworks!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Cobwebs of my Mind" Fun Hat finds!

You have to be a certain age to Ahem,,,,remember the song reference to the "Cobwebs of my Mind." So excuse the reference and if you KNOW the song ....for heaven's sakes let me know, it's driving me BATTY! Cobwebs,,,,Spiders, Bats,,,,,,no, it is NOT yet THAT time of year, but I'm thinking about it, and what all I'm going to craft/sell at the October Event! But dangit,,,,what SONG WAS THAT??? Ackkk!

Okay, so at any rate, I headed out to Cobweb Antiques today......Now if you were a local, and have visited Loretta's "Shop/Barn/Sideyard--you'd CERTAINLY have a comment in regards to my venture! But even if you ARE  relatively local, you may never have had the experience! Cobweb Antiques is located just outside of the city/town of Monroe....10 miles or so from me.

I don't go there often....because it is overwhelming! To say that it's PACKED to the rafters with Antiques and collectibles is truly, TRULY andunderstatement. (You may gain some understanding based on the fact that when I DO go, I "stash" my purse behind the counter and walk SIDEWAYS down what COULD be considered aisles.  Yep! There is STUFF everywhere! Loretta sells items IN her shop and barn, but also in local Antique stores, Shows, the likes. There ARE some great finds,,,,,,but she doesn't give "it" away and you are better off having an agenda, a certain type of "thing" that you are looking for.

That said, I didn't TRULY have an agenda, and I perused the "cubbies," stacks, and THEN,,,,,,I found some hats. Okay Hats and boxes of hats. Hats and Bins of Hats. Hat Boxes full of hats.......Do you get the picture??? Well, I pushed back my sleeves, purse safely ensconsed behind the counter and started to dig/open/ peruse...........and TADA! Score!

As previously stated, Loretta doesn't give anything away, but she DOES deal,,,,,,and I managed to get these 3 for the price she was asking for the one!

Tons of Vintage flowers,,,,,to craft with!  I KNOW, sometimes it is hard to take these babies apart,,,,but I only "pluck" when it seems a worthy result!

Look at the fun Blue one! This was a child's hat,,,,,and I'm not sure yet whether I'm going to leave it in one piece and modify it for a lampshade,,,,,,or use it for cake topper(s)/headbands! Tons of yummy goodness!

Cremey Velvet Roses and Light Mocha Velvet flowers and leaves! Yummy!
If you look closely at the bottom, this hat originally had some red netting....Red, with the brown and creme? Well, it must have been quite the ensemble that inspired THIS hat!

And for Dessert? Look at THIS Sweetie! She's got more lucious pink flowers, Ivory buds and fun whisper pink netting! Mano, Mano,,,,,,I'm truly going to have to think twice,,,,well, maybe THREE times before I pull anything off of this! It'll have to REALLY be a special cake topper or headband! This hat is SO well made, inside and outside!

Loretta gave me 3 hats for the price of ONE,,,,so, I'm feelin' Lucky! Great "Digging" through the "Cobwebs" today!

 Oh, and, One final comment.......There is a GREAT article in the latest Somerset "Paper and Mixed Media" by Quinn Mc Donald on "Creative Insecurity."  Getting STUCK, scared, anxious, etc. which I think as Artisan's and Crafter's we ALL do from time to time! Check out her thoughts and insights!
"We all stumble and fall on our creative journey. The important part of falling is not how hard or how long we fall, but how willing we are to get UP again."
This is one I'm going to put on my Studio Wall,,,,,,,right next to the paints and glue gun!

I'm going to Garage sale a bit tomorrow and then head to the Preview for the Garden Tour tomorrow night,,,,,,,have a great weekend all!!!

Hugs and Love,

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I HATE Janet Evanovich,,,,well, not SO much!

Okay,,,,,you get to know me? I'm a big time Reader! I'm sure I read more books than most publishers.
I'm addicted, okay? If there were a 12 Step programs for Readers, I'm sure I'd qualifiy to be at the head of the line!

So,,,here's my latest Favorite Author........Elizabeth George. I now finished TWO of her epic novels and I'm dying to get my hands on the REST of them! Ackk. If you're into mysteries/crimes/who "dun it's?-She is my new "Drug of Choice." And I was JUST finishing HER installment of, "A Traitor to Memory" when my son brought me the latest Janet Evanovich book......

Ughhh,,,I hate Janet's books! Why, you may ask? Because I'm in LOVE with ALL the characters.....Stephanie, Lula, Connie, Ranger, etc, etc,.......These books are FUNNY, yes, but basically "Fluff." And unreal, and delightful and "oh my Lord, I'm NOT going to get anything ELSE done today,,,,because ......well, I've bonded~! With the WHOLE group and WHAT, prey tell, are they INTO NOW?

So, best intentions aside, I "tucked into" the latest book.Oh yeah, Janet made me laugh, smile, anticipate and WANT sooooo Much more!  But truly? On a scale of 1-5,,,,,,,this book was a 3. I love the charaters, as stated, the plot was fun, but NOT as fun as some of "Stephs" quests.. I wanted MORE Grandma,,,,More Lula, MORE Ranger...........

So,,,,,Elizabeth George? Yeah, you'd be getting into HER and her cast for the LONG HAUL,,,,,,and I cannot get my hands on her OTHER Books/Epics fast enough!

And Janet? Well, dangit anyway! This wasn't the BEST of the series, but it WAS fun and I'm thinkin' about the whole "Cast" for the NEXT book in this sequel........I may need to send Janet a few insights and thoughts on the "neighborhood!"

Now,,,,,,where WAS I and WHERE is my Glue gun????

Happy Wednesday! Carry on!

Hugs and Love,

Monday, July 19, 2010

"Marie" Lamp....Before and After

I had a SERIOUS case of ADD in the Studio today,,,you know, one of those days where you "putz" and do a bit of this and a bit of that.....All I managed to finish was a shade and a "skirt" for the "Marie Lamp" I bought a couple weeks ago when the Cousins were here visiting.....You may recall...

"Before" Photo,,,,,she was $10 Bucks!

I gave her a tulle "skirt"  in creme and soft pink and added some flowers and a touch of gold glitter to their centers.......I bought the shade at Big Lots for $4, because of it's size and shape. I stripped the ugly fabric off and gave her a shade in Tulle and creme seam binding and embellished it with some matching flowers........

When she's "lit up" you can really see the vintage underskirt.....but I left "her" pretty much in her natural state.....other than giving the poor "Girl" a proper skirt and shade.....

Hope you are having a good start to your week!

Hugs and love,

Don't Forget, if you are local, the Garden Tour is THIS Weekend! Shoot, it's worth the price of admission ($12) just to see my friend and co-worker, Penny's Garden! Tickets available at Joyworks!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Hello Dollies! (And other Garage sale finds)

Busy and fun day! I left early go go Garage & Estate Shopping. Wouldn't you know, my first stop I run into Tamara (of yesterday's post)! We compared notes, but neither of us had any great places to check out. So,,,I just followed signs for a bit and then I hit Garage Sale GOLD!

Doll heads and Vintage Dolls!
Score,,,,,,,this  sweet Grandma had more dolls than you can imagine and she said she couldn't begin to go through and get rid of some of them, so her daughter's helped her. But I don't feel sad,,,,she says she still has TONS more! 
 Most of them were clothed, some still in the boxes,,,Madam Alexander, etc. But I kept digging and found these babies at the bottom of a box. $10 bucks for the works. A couple are porcelain.They were my big find of the day.

A few other finds:

Little pink Ballet slippers $1

Fruitcake Tin full of keys 25 Cents

Some Silver plate Goodies and a cloache' and Plate

I also got a few doillies, some chandelier lampshades (frames, as I see 'em) and some burlap...It wasn't quite as good overall as last week, but I'm loving the dolls/heads! And,,,,,,I love the Hunt!

Here's the fun Birdcage I got from Mary at our Swap party last night. I think I'm going to use this one in the studio,,,,,,it just has "Circus Party" written all over it! No Clowns though,,,,,I may be into doll heads right now, but clowns are just plain Scarey!

Speaking of "Hunts",,,,but wait, let me preface this.

I have TWO tuxedo kitties, right? "Tuxie," the one that I inherited from my mother is small, but a mighty huntress, much to my dismay! And then I have Holly,,,,who is old, lazy, demanding, (I always say Holly doesn't say "MEOW" she says "Me NOW!"

Son Andrew and I joke that Holly has only ever caught two things in in her life,,,,,both alas, birds. But we're sure one of them was drunk on berries at the time and the other,,simply died of old age. That is IT,,,,,,up until last night!

So- as I logged off after posting about our Junk Party last night, I heard this weird "meow/cry" coming from the back door. I knew it was Holly, just in the sheer VOLUME,,,but different than I'd ever heard her sound. So,,,,of course being the dedicated fur baby "mom" that I am,,,I went to investigate...She had brought "me" a HUGE Moth! Yep,,,,,,a Moth! Nonetheless, I praised her and rewarded her with some extra gourmet treats. "Good Kitty."  I laughed and went to the back cottage to tell Andrew about our mighty huntress. Of course the moth wasn't dead and I saw it on the Mudroom Ceiling.

Then,,,,,,,some 15 minutes LATER, after switching on the TV, I heard the SAME noise coming from the Back porch as she jumped over the fence and was headed back inside. ANOTHER Moth! ("Can I score more Kitty Treats mom?") Yep, the first one WAS still on the ceiling and she'd caught another!

Tonight? At Dusk? I'm keeping the camera on the back porch.......let's just see how smart this cat is!
Just when you think you've got 'em figured out!

Andy "hung" out with me a bit this afternoon and took in a few sales with me. I sprung for a pair of Swim Flippers for him,,,,for being a good sport and all. He managed to make me laugh so hard on the drive back into town,  I couldn't breathe and I had tears running down my face. We took the dogs to the lake for a quick swim and then (after we "helped alleviate a bit of the 'excess" ) the dogs got ice cream cone's from "Mickey D's!" (A rare treat, mind you!)

Have a great Weekend!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fun Girls Night at Stephanies!

We had our Quarterly Girls "Junk Swap" at Stephanies tonight! Too fun!! And Stephanies house was as always over the top gorgeous! I'd like one of everything,,,,,oh shoot, that's not the way this works!

Here's our Hostess Stephanie (rt) with her Guard Dog

So this parties theme was "Birds"-we brought TWO items to swap, one Bird related and one other.
Then, round ONE, every one draws a number-and whoever gets ONE pics first and so,on and so on.....Then we draw a second time-round TWO- and you pic one other item....Bring two items,,go home with two new (to you) items!
Fun items to choose from tonite!

Too fun! What would you pick? But wait,,remember you have to WAIT till it's YOUR turn to pick!

Annie, sneaking a peak before we begin! Put Jana's crystals down missy!

Tamara scores a fun Vintage mirror and bird's nest!

Clarice and Penny admiring some of Steph's decor.....Lots to see!

Dani and Penny checking out one of @#$#$??? Chandelier's Stephanie has...

Oh, yeah Girl! Your smilin' BIG time! THAT one had my name all OVER IT!!
But I got a really fun bird cage too! Thanks Mary!!

And, I got some from hose guards from Timi! Thanks Timi!
Stephanie, our hostess isn't a blogger,,,,,,but "Thanks anyway my dear!"
Ughhhhhhh, hard to come back to my little abode after THAT showpiece!
But I had TWO tails wagging at me when I walked in MY door! Gotcha there!Fun night! Good friends, Good food, good JUNK!

Speaking of which,,,,,I'm headed out to some Garage and estate sales tomorrow......Look out TAMARA!!
I'm gettin' there first! HA~!


Have a Good Friday All!

(PS,,,,,,,I took more pics than this but due to my really awful photo skills and because many of these women are good friends I will NOT post the others! I'm sure it's the best for ALL concerned!)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

My FIRST Solo Event Booth,,,,,in October! Ackkk!

Okay,,,I'm excited, nervous and my brain has turned to mush thinking about what I'm going to make and sell in my friend Timi's upcoming event, "Ruffles and Rust-Un Marche' A' Inspire." A Vintage Market to Inspire, being held at the Washington State Fair Grounds, October 22nd and 23rd.

Jana, is also going to do a Joyworks booth! I'm SURE That will be Fantastic! I've sold things in the Joyworks booths before and in the store and in my dear friend Deb's booths in a couple of different venues,,,But,this will be my FIRST endeavor On My Own! Ackk! It's like leaving the NEST....
 Cannot wait to see what other Vendors/Crafters will be part of this FUN, new, event! It IS SO time to have a larger event like this locally and Timi has done a fantastic job getting ready for This one and of organizing both Events and transportation/exciting venues for Junkers/Crafters/Buyers and the likes! I'm SO excited for HER and for locals to be involved in this NEW Event!!!

As previously stated, I'm busy creating a list of WHAT  all I will create for the Event....What vintage and Antiques I'll sell and Who will be part of my first little booth for the event?

I'll just give ONE (hopeful and exciting hint),,,,,and I SO hope it works out! I would SO love her to come for a visit and  get a chance to show her around a  BIT of Washington! She's mega talented, loves to create NEW things out of old, and would be SUCH a delight to help and participate in this NEW EVENT in ANY way She would like!  Co-Vendor? Shopper? Consultant,,,because Lord Knows if you meet her, she is capable of ALL That and More! Okay,,,,,This part is NOT settled yet......but I had to give you a TEASE!  But I would be delighted,,,okay estatic, to get her OUT here! Ackkkk!  And ALL of my local friends would LOVE to meet her! And,,,,that would be an Event all on it's own! So,,,if we can work out the details,,,,,I'll let you know Soon!

All that said, I'm jumping IN with both feet. Life is too short not to try NEW things! So,,,,if you have "Done" crafting/junking/ shows,,,,,,I'd SO love your expertise and input!!! And, even if you haven't had a booth let me know about your experiences/expectations or thoughts, please!

Who would ever think that a 10x10 space could create such havoc/emotions/joy/thoughts/concerns?

Would be loving those comments right now and what will YOU be looking for in October????

Thanks for ANY input/ comments/encouragements or thoughts!

Hugs to you ALL!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Yeah, I've got Nothing"

I had a lot of fun catching up on blogs/giveaways/posts today-before and after working at Joyworks! We were HOT,,okay business was great! But we were HOT too! Ackk! Oh,,,,,and I know they'll be some "boos" from locals, but I even ..........shhhhhhhhh! Kinda,,,,,,,,,shhhhhhhhh! Miss the rain!!! Shoot me! Okay, just give me HIGH 70's or low 80's!

So I didn't post or read many blogs for a couple of days, as previously mentioned.....So a few updates!
Brynwood Needlworks-Donna, on my sidebar makes Heirloom quality creations and she is having a Giveaway,,,,,so go Check it Out!

Marsha,,,,,,,Sassy Mini Dolls has a great giveaway too,,,,,,,,you've got till the 15th~ Go Enter!

Okay,,,the Ultimate Today? And I think I now have a LOVE/ENVY relationship with Debra at Common Ground!  But if you get to know Debra, her blog, she is the sweetest, most loving and creative woman......
if you DON't Follow this blog you are SO missing OUT! Ackkk!

Debra replies to my posts even when it isn't the best......LOL, that is the kind of woman and blogger friend she IS! You'll want her to be YOUR blogger friend too!
How lovely is this? And go to her Blog to check out the other photos/vignettes! Yummy!

Special thoughts going out for my dearest Blogger friends,,,,,an absolute delight and going through some really really tough times right now,,,,,,,,,Maggie, of "Just Between You and Me."
If you've never visited Maggie's Blog,,,,,stop on over, you'll laugh, tear up a bit right now,,,,maybe get a bit angry and become a "Cheerleader" in the Maggie Camp! You cannot, will not, keep that Woman down!!

Lots more to catch up on and share! My Title,,,,is once again compliments of my youngest, Andrew. LOL He'll bust into a room or conversation and when he doesn't REALLY have anything to complain, boast, or elaborate on he'll just look at me and say, "Yeah, I've got Nothing."

I've got "Nothing",,,,,,,,other than praise and respect and concerns about other's right now,,,,,that is where I'm focusing my energies!

Hugs and LOVE to all!

Friday, July 9, 2010

"I'm Schmitzen like a Schmuzel!" and Garage Sales are for the Birds!

I've really only been "Junking" and garage Sale shopping for a little over a year! I KNOW, but I always worked,,,Fridays, Sat, Sundays! So, it's relatively new to me and BIG fun!

It's hotter than a match head here for us Washingtonian's who have NO AC and rarely break the 80's! Just visited son Andrew in the Backhouse,,,,,87 inside the house!   I haven't posted the last couple of days because it is TOO blazing hot in my office! "I'm Schmitzen like a Schmuzel!" Apparently this is a Yiddish expression, which I am NOT,,,,but I LOVE it!

Times like this make me wish the old PC would DIE and I could buy a laptop- substantially more portable, but I refuse to buy ANY new appliance till the old one(s) die, because we DO live in a Country of Waste/dispose of, cast off! But today, some of the cast off's of others became my treasures!

My first fun find was this Bird Cage and Stand! $4 Bucks for the kit and kaboodle!
I KNOW,,,Shut up! $4??? I'm going to hang some lobelia inside of it for now, on my sitting porch. Of course I went to Annies and bought a wire cloache' that I'm going to invert and plant  that was $18 bucks,,okay, a modified bargain,,,,,but I'm loving it!

I found a bunch of vintage doillies at various stops -a Qtr Each~which kind of makes me sad,,,,LOOK at that Handwork,! Geeesh!
The white ones will get tea stained and used on some pillows I'm going to make for an upcoming show....

Fun Vintage hat,,,,,,photos not the best, sorry! Loved the brooche/button on the top.
This one won't get torn apart for a cake topper or other crafting, just thought it was CUTE!

I got an old Campfire Mint Box full of Postage stamps of various locations/dates for a Qtr! This is just a "sprinkle" of what is in there! Fun for crafting!

Tons of Vintage Pearl Strands on the Cheap!

Kinda liking those old Clip Earrings, they remind me of something Gloria Vanderbilt would have worn!
I may not exactly be petite, but at least my EARS are smaller than hers!

Vintage (?) Ceramic Liquer Bottle and an old marmalade Jar,,,,,,$1 each And, at this point, I'm really "Schmitzen!" Shew! Should have grabbed a lemonade about 5 houses ago!

I got this cute little container of Chicken and Hens from a Senior couple that were "set" up in their yard next door to another sale I stopped at,,,,,they were SO Cute,,,,well, the couple AND the Chicken and hens! $.25 cents!
And YUMMY!  Raspberries at another stop just picked this morning...$1-Can't get THAT at the grocery store! They are heavenly!

And my last little find was another Bird Cage I picked up for $3.

Not sure WHAT I'm going to do with this one yet,,but it's in great shape and I love the color!

So,,,Okay, I've lived in Snohomish for going on 3 Decades, but I explored places today in Snohomish that I didn't even know existed! To give you an idea,,,,Snohomish has the largest School District and School Bus Service in the State of Washington. Our little Historic Downtown area and even the other parts of the City Limits are pretty small,,,,,,,But our ZIP Code? The overall area that encompasses "Greater" unincorporated Snohomish is HUGE!!! I think I logged  close to 100 miles today,,no joke, and IF I left Snohomish at all, it was only briefly to touch on the outskirts of Monroe! Fun to find all the "knooks and "Crannies."

But it is STILL hotter than Hades and I hope it cools down before working this weekend in Joyworks! Ackkk-Makeup? Okay honestly,,,,,BRA? Oh my Stars!

(Andy's BFF Erick is headed to the Back Cottage soon and bringing his Beagle, Latte'- who will inevitibly end up HERE with my two Hounds! Or Lord, let the Canine Games Begin! )

Have a GREAT weekend!  Hope you stay Cool!