Friday, July 2, 2010

Amy's Party Part Deux...........

Okay,,,,,,Here's some more of the pics I promised you  from Amy's Parisian Party.........Keeping the comments SHORT,,,,,what, ME???


Grab a Glass of Bubbly!

Flower's from Clarices Yard, for us All!

Mini Crown I made Amy

Crown in a Crown....

Eiffel Tower Charm Necklaces and a French Coin for all....

I had fun making these assorted French Cones using Vintage poodle paper!

Half time Entertainment provided by our Mime in Residence!
"Oui, oui, oui, oui oui!"

"Mr Bill" Coming home from hitting a couple of Buckets, making a retreat for the office upstairs~

Cake Time~

Rita almost lost "it" over the railing~ I can just see her diving for our dessert!

"Houston, we have Lift off!"

Our Great Chef, Winding Down!

Little Shell Crown I made for our Hostess,,,and, a bottle of Bubbly!

Here's a few Glimpses of Pennys wonderful Garden! She'll be on the upcoming Garden Tour! Well Duh!


Don't you just want to sit here?

Or here?

Well, that's about it! We had a great time! I think Amy enjoyed herself.
 Thanks Penny (and Bill) for sharing your lovely home!
Don't forget to check out Jana's pictures over at she's got more photos,,,,

Well, to give you a laugh for the weekend here I am,,,,,,,,Oh yes I Can Can!
And I did did!


Although Standing next to Itty Bitty Amy, I look more like a Guy in Drag!
Had fun making the Corset and Headpiece though!

If you missed yesterday's post,,,,,,,scroll down to see more FUN PICS of the "Cast of Characters" at the Party!




  1. Wow what a great job!! Looks like everyone had a fantastic time. Thanks for sharing the great pictures.

  2. what fun!! and YOU, the life of the party!!! love your crowns!
    YOU need to have a crown theme party, can't wait to see what you come up with next!!

  3. This was the sweetest party to throw for your friend! You are the life of the party and I love the picture of u the most. lol
    How you guys pulled off such a party is beyond me. I have never seen anything like it.
    Thanks for sharing these great pictures. I hope she has lots more Birthday parties

  4. I just realized that was YOU wearing that sexy HOT MAMA green top! LOVE this - priceless! You are one fun chick! Adorable dear Shell - it really is all in the fun!


  5. Shell - Whose idea was this party anyway! I cannot believe the creativity that went into this - unbelievable! You guys spent so much time on this and had so much fun - you need to make these memories last forever - YOU MUST make a photo book of these pictures! (I always do this with our travel pictures - makes such a wonderful way to keep your memories alive.) This would be fabulous to have as a memory book - priceless. Love the costumes, the food, the garden - oh my! I can hardly wait to see what you have up your sleeve next!


  6. Oooh!! I love your crown and crown in a crown!! It looks like you had a blast!! Tres bon!


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