Sunday, March 28, 2010

You've got to meet this wonderful lady and see her blog!

I first encountered Vicki through the whole One World One Heart Event. I "picked up" or "followed several blogs through the event. Vicki knits, yes, but she is SO much more than that! I truly felt drawn to her posts, her labors of love and, well her. Professionally, she's a neo-natal nurse,,,,how could you NOT admire her?

Vicki has recently redone her blog,,and it is a beautiful as she is! On the inside AND out! Please take a couple of minutes to stop by her blog and get to know her!  I think you'll be as delighted as I am in getting to know this remarkable and talented woman!

Hope you enjoy your visit as much as I have enjoyed getting to know her a bit!!!


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kids, Crafters and Seniors, Oh my! Fun Day!

Today was the "First Annual Bonnet Making Session" held at our lovely new Senior Center, in conjunction with the Boys and Girls Club of Snohomish. We didn't have a large turnout, but it was very fun and fortunately NO Tears or Glue gun burns. I think everyone had a pretty good time!

I reallly want to thank my friend Rita from Joyworks and her Grandaughter Melee' for helping out. Rita helped the Seniors with their bonnets and both She and Melee' helped clean up and pack things up afterwards!!! Big helpers! You guys are the Best!

Here's a few fun photos from our creative session today!

The little Sweetie on the right, was happy to just be a princess, in her crown and tulle!

Here's Melee',,,I think she has a TRUE calling as a future artist! Mom and son getting creative!

Senior Divas, getting ready for the  Easter Parade next weekend!
  Serious stuff, where are the cupcakes?                  My dear Rita  helping the Seniors!

My dear neighbors, Jana and Bella,,,,,,crafters extrodinaire! Look at that technique and concentration!

Fun Day! Thanks for all that helped out by donating supplies, equipment, the Senior Center, Boys & Girls Club, Chamber of Commerce and Sunrise Assisted Living!

Can't wait to see all the Bonnets next Saturday in the Parade and Bonnet Contest!!


Friday, March 26, 2010

Gallery experience, Blog friends and Community...or kind of how I got on this Carousel Ride!

Busy, fun AND productive Day!

I went to Art and Soul Gallery in Bothell (Country Village) and met with Susan who had contacted me about having some things in her gallery-with box of goodies in tow. I was actually kind of shy and nervous at first,,,,I know,,,ME, Shy? It's just kind of weird, like laying your creative soul on a marble slab and awaiting either adornment or slaughter......(again, I read way too many books!)

I didn't take any pictures in the Gallery, I didn't ask, but in the length of our conversation,  she mentioned as a courtesy to her artists work, she didn't allow pictures. Understandable!

This is ALL new to me, I've only been doing this type of Art/Crafting for about 8 months-after a darling couple I knew told me they were getting married, and I innocently asked, "What can I do for the wedding?" And my dear Lauren, the bride-to-be said, "Could you make me a cake topper?"

Well, I'd seen cake toppers that were to DIE for from Artisans like my friend Amada at "Over the Top Studios" or exquisite pieces from "Glitterbug" which I always admired, and loved. And then,my dear coworker and friend Jana, of Joyworks was there during the conversation and said, "Shell can do that." And my head spun a bit, but then I thought, "I'll give it a "go".

Andrew the Groom is the most gifted pianist I know. And Lauren, the Bride, sings like an Angel.
They've since moved to Nashville to persue their dreams,,,,,The cake topper below is what started the whole crafting/blogging thing.......So, there you have it,,,,it has just kind of escaladed from there! And I love doing it...So now? I'm in a Gallery,,,geesh!

So, today? I really enjoyed meeting her Susan. She has a myriad of Artists and mediums in her Gallery to chose from. Gorgeous Jewelry, Blown glass, "Marie" items, "Circus" items in mixed media, Altered Dolls,,,,,you name it! Truly, looking around at all the wonderful items she had, I felt honored to be part of her creative world! Although I thought I was consigning, she actually bought ALL the little goodies I brought,,,and we talked about some future ideas I have. Too fun!

Here's a few pics of what I brought.
Here's all the pieces....Cake topper, Crown, Rabbit box and some funky flowers

Alice Crown

Rabbit Box (Front)                               Back of Rabbit Box

Then I brought her I think 4 or 5 of these funky flowers in various colors/sizes,,,,,some on sticks ( I tried to do a panaramic shot of all of them above in my Banner,,,,,,ackkk something ELSE I need to WORK on,,,, a bit blurry!)

Also,sent goodie boxes out to  my mini-basket giveaway winners,,,,,Marsha and Julie Ann-Heather where are you?? You're going to end up with a May Day Basket instead of an Easter Basket if I don't get your addy, Missy! (Oh my, there is that Mother tone!)

Picked up some prizes for the Bonnet Contest next Saturday, after the Parade. Got cookies and Cupcakes for the Bonnet Makers, Some more supplies and  borrowed tools for tomorrow's  1st Annual Bonnet Making Session at the Snohomish Senior Center. I have to remember that tomorrow's event is NOT an art competition,,,,it's just a fun day getting the kids and the Seniors together! A bit of juice, frosting and hopefully some laughs and smiles!
I have stage fright,,,,,I just want everyone to have a good time!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ackkkkkk! Turn the volume down until I figure what the heck I did!

I was trying to change my layout graphics and it appears,I really messed things up! Two songs are generally playing at once and Karen's Graphics overlapped with Shabby Blogs, and, well, I have a mess on my hands! Will try to figure it all out tomorrow,,Geesh, why didn't I just let things be????


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My "Mini" basket giveaway!

Hey Cats and Jammers,,,,,,,,I used the random number genrerator and I included whether you POSTED on my blog, FOLLOW my blog  OR POSTED my blog Giveaway  on your site. Here are the winnners, and although I only offered TWO prizes, I have actually 3 prize winners!

1) Marsha @ Sassy Trash Mini Dolls
2) Julie Ann @ Kitchen Floor Creations
3) Heather @ Speckeled Egg

Congrats, and I hope you enjoy my little Easter Giveaways!

Please Email me your Physical  Addresses to and I'll send you all your Easter Goodies!

Thank you all for participating! I'll have another giveaway soon!

Hugs, and stay in touch! And thank you all for your comments and participation in this "mini" event!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Moi? With a Gallery!

(Photo image from a Toronto Museum)

First of all, see post below, if you haven't yet, you may want to enter in my little Easter GIVEAWAY if you'd like, I'll be drawing the winners tomorrow....9:00pm Pacific Time,,,,hey! That's 12:00pm  on the East Coast,,,and dang if I'm staying up THAT late to draw names!!!!

But here is my FUN and exciting news!

Susan from Art and Soul Gallery in Country Village (Bothell, WA) contacted me this week about putting a few items on display. In a Gallery??? Well, to say that I'm flattered is putting it mildly!

After learning a bit more about Susan and all her animal rescue, I probably would have given her a lung,,,,or at least a kidney if she asked for it. She didn't ask for a lung (probably good thing after this crud!) And I think the kidney's are okay,,,,but don't even get me started on the bladder.....

So, I'm delivering some Alice In Wonderland pieces on Friday,,,,,deep breath, wish me luck! I'll post some pics of the Gallery and my pieces on Friday, if it's okay with Susan.

(I'm thinkin' Brie, baked in a pastry shell, Kristal and oysters, lots of folks dressed in black and lots of unexpressive nods,,,okay I've read too many novels!)


Thursday, March 18, 2010

A "Mini" Giveaway

If you've read my blog the last week or so, I've been under the weather, to put it mildly! I also have been involved in "Miss Rhea's" Easter basket swap. Too fun! But I made more baskets than I needed to!

So,,,when NOT napping (or coughing), I've been glittering and embellishing yogurt cups! It's been fun and the best therapy I've had this week. That said, my "mini" baskets are done for my swap and will be shipped out with various goodies tomorrow to their recipients! . And,,,,yet I have made several extras!

If you'd like to recieve one (It may be one of these two or something similar!) I will send one to two folks---with some Sweet goodies and a few extras!

If you leave a comment,,,,you get one chance. If you Follow and comment you get Two. If you leave a comment on your blog or sidebar you get 3 chances. If you are just having a really crummy time right now and need a bit of love, appreciation or acknowlegement,,,,send me an email-you could hit the mother lode!  Reply/post or follow by Wednesday March 24th.

Stay healthy! This bug is the pitts! (Day 6)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Memories and thoughts on Ireland

Several years ago, I found out I had two half-sisters! Both of whom were born in Germany. We shared the same Irish Catholic bio-dad, and interestingly enough our mother's were both German born.

I had the chance to go and meet them about 8 years ago now. My how time flies! My sister Patty moved to Ireland when she was a teen. She's lived there ever since!

This is a picture of Bunratty Castle, near Shannon that my sister and I visited on my arrival to Ireland. Much more primative and sparse than those I visited in France and Germany!

My Sister Patty works at a Cheese Monger's Shoppe in the English Market in Cork (Kind of a smaller version of Seattle's famous "Pike Place Market, while attending college courses (they are FREE in Ireland,,,what a concept!) She's a bit okay,,,a lot bohemian. Even lived for a while in Gypsy Caravan's and made her own "Nappies" (diapers) and knit "Jumpers" (sweaters for my two nephews.)

Cliffs of Moher,,,Gorgeous! There was even an Irish Tenor singing Folk tunes as you walked up the path!

Ireland was wonderful and gorgeous! The people are very friendly. And the dogs? You think the French hounds have the life? In Ireland, dog is king! They run freely in small villiages play openly on the beaches. Oh to be a dog in Ireland!!!

One of these days, I hope to learn how to scan pictures and will put them on my other blog about my family and childhood.

Oh and I'm not a beer drinker, but when in Ireland, I ordered a Guiness in honor of my Oldest, Sean,,,,,while his Aunt/Uncle and cousins ordered AMERICAN beers! (Not to mention mine took about 15 minutes to "sit" before being served!)

And,,,note to self, next time-DO NOT try and get in on the right side of the Taxi at the Airport,
"Ah, you'll be drivin' now will you?"
My driver, a comedian!

Happy St Patty's tomorrow, to those of you of Irish decent and those of you that just WISH you were!!(And psssssssst. WE all eat corned beef and cabbage,,,,they don't so much, I got teased quite severely one year calling and saying,,,,,,,"Guess what we're eating?"

Hugs and still have the crud and trying to keep my sense of humor!
Shell (Ryan/Flanigan)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Still Hacking,,,,,,but gotta glitter!

  • Oh dear, The image is straight,,,,,,,the photo is not! But, I absolutely LOVE the graphics of a Tea and Coffee cup that Karen at The Graphics Fairy shared with us. This photo appears a bit off kilter,,,,,I'll try and get a better photo and post,
My message added to her cups is: "One good Cup deserves Another."
 which  I adhered to an art canvas after I cut the images out,,,,,,and then used a neutral gltter around the images........Wording is just decoupaged. And, I like it because "I'm a "coffeeholic!"

Other project,,,,,,and I cannot help it, I'm obsessed with vintage postcards and images! It's a simple alteration.....ribbon/lace and if you look closely vintage flowers and glitter and a couple of rhinestones........

Not state of the art, graphic or transfer wise,  but something I alway enjoy doing! I SO love vintage post cards!

(Still trying to get healthy and this bug has knocked the winds out of my sails)
Visit Karen's Blog for "Brag Monday",,,,,,,I'm sure there are many posts much more sophisticated than mine!!!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Still under the weather,,,but worked on some craft projects today

I can't remember the last time I watched,,,or rather listened to so many movies. "My get up and go has got up and went!" This bug makes me tired, and I have a nasty cough/bark, but I can't sleep ALL day! So, I did a bit of crafting for Miss Rhea's Swap. . . Here is a "sneak peak of my swap baskets, too fun to make!

And here's a little mixed media box I finished. "It's a Chick Thing." I love the fuzzy chicks and I even found some this year that were in colors other than yellow~too fun!

I hope you all stay healthy,,,,,,trust me, this bug is NOT fun! I hope you had a great weekend-mine was weird not working this weekend,,,,,,I'm not sick often! And I missed my "regs" and co-workers!!

My son's roomie has his darling gf, Anastasia, visiting from Virginia they are preparing and bringing me dinner! Hope I can taste it!!

Please don't get this bug/flu? It isn't fun!


P.S.-so just a thought,,,,,,do I "spray" my crafts with Lysol or stick them for a bit in the microwave before I send them?  I'm somewhat joking, but if anyone has any insight/experience with this, let me know!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Fever?

I found the vintage basket/vase in my Header, somewhere last year. Has a flower frog already glued into it's bottom. Too fun and easy to get just a touch of spring in the house!

Ugh, I think I may be getting a bug! And SO not good timing! Sore throat and ear ache(s)

Stay healthy!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

One World One Heart event,,,,,lovely gifts I won..and wonderful new blog friends as a result!

I recently participated in the One World One Heart Blogging event.....There were over 1,000 participants all over the world. I'd highly suggest that any of you bloggers  that didn't participate Do So Next year! I found SO many interesting blogs and participants. What I didn't like was people that just linked onto a blog, without really LOOKING or learning about the blogger and posted "pick me, pick me." Frankly I think in a lot of cases, the people that posted didnt even get to KNOW about the bloggers giving something or even knowing what they were actually in the running for. I don't think that was/is Lisa Swiftka's intent, who has orgainzed this lovely event for the past several years.

 The premise was, you went and checked out new blogs and posted a comment and you may be eligible to win their giveaway(s). I never had a chance to visit ALL the blogs,,,,,,two weeks was a long time, but not to visit and explore over a 1000 blogs and I kind of chose the blogs I visited based on the names,,,,and their interests.

That all said,,I won 6 prizes, from six amazing women and blogs. Here's some pics of some of my booty!

I won, I won, I won! Gorgeous Pearl and Tiger's eye hand crafted earrings from Nancy in Grand Rapids:
 See Nancy's other creations at:
I wore them with my pearl necklace to Luanne's "Joyworks" Birthday Celebration the first day I recieved them from Nancy! With my "100 inches of Pearls"-Coco Channel style. They were the perfect compliment!!They are  SO lovely and I will think of you and the event everytime I wear them! Thank you again, dear Nancy, for choosing me!

In additon, Some of you know, I am an avid , okay, voracious reader, and I was delighted (and yet I currently curse her!) to recieve this wonderful book "Possession-a Romance" by A.S. Byatt,  from the "Ravenous Reader." Wonderful, delightful, cereberal, symbolic and addictive!
Thank you  my dear, we will share dialog of this somewhat shortly!

Although I read books as quickly as most folks drink or breathe, this is a very poetic and very cerebral read! I'm enjoying it so! But also cursing the "giver" for it is hard to set aside. Visit her blog about books and critiques! Thanks,,,,,I THINK, I'll get back to you on this one.
(I tried to click and Drag book cover pic up here, but the program didn't allow me, therefore, book cover is last image on post!!!)

Look at this fun brooche/pin! This is from the wonderful Jill, of "Untie the Ribbons! Too fun on a Jean jacket or part of one of my bohemian get ups! Thanks Jill! Stop by her wonderful blog and say "hi.!"
Her creations are awesome, and she seems to be a DEAR! thanks again, Jill!!!

Und, haben Sie heir, schoenes bilt aus "Sabine." Sabine im Berlin leben und ist sehr Artistisch! Ihre English ist schrecklich, und meine Deutsche ist schrecklich, aber Sie meine Freundin hast beckommen! Toll!

(This is art work that Sabine sent me. She is from Berlin and very artistic and sweet! Her English isn't very good, and  my German is terrible anymore! I have forgotten SO much of my basic German,,,,but we are friends, "freundlich" and working on our language barrier!! We have become online friends! Nice! Thank you Sabine!!!!"Du bist artistisch und Karte/ Bilt ist Ausgeseichnicht!" Danke!
My photo doesn't do justice to this cute little fairy from Martha Brown in Toronto, Canada! She also made me this darling handmade card, which I cherish in SO many ways! Martha is a dear heart, and such a dedicated Teacher! I'm so Glad that this event lead me to learn about all that she is, and all that she does! Thanks Martha, and hugs to all your wonderful kids! This was a delightful win and finding BOTH your blogs, were truly a joy!!!
I think I still have one more item coming from Scotland, which actually delayed this posting a bit. Ann, in Scotland has been quite ill. I wish her well AND if she is up to it and finally her giveawy, I will post a link and picture. Mostly, I just hope that she gets healthy. And thank her for considering me!
Thank you thank you thank you! For all the lovely comments/links and prizes from this event! I feel blessed to get to know you gals and your worlds. I hope that some of my followers will take the time to
 Check out the blogs, not just "enter"
Very fun to meet and connect with Bloggers ALL over the world!!!
Again, thank you ALL for the goodies and giving a glimpse of yourselves and your blogs!!!
Hugs, Shell

Possession-A Romance by A.S Byatt. One World One Heart prize from

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Snohomish Antiques and Arts Faire-May 15th, register now!

Well, there you have it. Your going along, working on your event and SOME (Ahem, a certain dedicated  City employee who is very dedicated and zealous woman comes to mind!)  SHE comments that you need to promote another event! (See comment on yesterdays post). Not a problem, because I love and support this event!!! But missy, you'd just better come "armed" with a glue gun to help make Bonnets at the Senior Ctr!!

So, here's the deal. Last year Annie from Annie's on First initiated and organized our first Antique and Arts Faire here in Snohomish. It was WONDERFUL!!! Our main historical corridor, 1st street, that runs parallel to the river (and chalked full of normal delightful shops including Joyworks (plug) ) was host to Antique, Crafting and Artistic Vendors. It was a wonderful event, especially for the first year!

This year, we are sure to have a larger turnout of both vendors AND shoppers.
 Make note:
Antiques and Arts Faire
Saturday, May 15th on 1st Street in Snohomish, Washington
Antique appraiser Mike O'Dell will also be on hand to appraise your antiques at no charge!
for Vendor registration or more information~

Do I live in a great communty, or What????
I will post the other city wide events in my sidebar very soon as a reminder of events sponsored by the Chamber, the Historical Society,  and Garden Club through December of this year.

But for now, I'm getting ready for the Easter Bunny and all the kids!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Busy Bee,,,,,,,getting ready for Spring and Chamber Easter Events!

I had a really busy day helping to get ready for our big Easter Celebration here in Snohomish!

(Couple of last years photos-)
This will be our 30th year for the Easter Parade,,,,,,,,,one, if not the only on the West Coast.  And, our annual Bonnet Contest -open to All ages and "Critters"- ( We've even had goats, donkeys and of course rabbits--but mostly dog entries)

The Parade and the Bonnet participants  (and prizes)for the event are really fun! And VERY family oriented! I really enjoy working on this event. The corporations for the most part are "cutting back."
BUT the local merchants REALLY  are stepping  up to the plate again,  as they did last year, and donating. It warms my heart. I'd rather see "XYZ hair salon donate than the big Corporations because THIS is what this town is all about! For, those little guys and gals are truly what keep this town what it is,,,,,,,and  they all gain business from  their advertising and more word of mouth!

Support Your Local Small Businesses!!! And On-line Artisans!

Thanks again,  to all the little "girls and guys" that donate each year! We hope to promote your shops, services and specialties to both visitors and  members of  the community!!!
(I'll be crafting and posting a bit, but this event is like my  community "job" for the next month!"

If you have "old crap" - Flowers/hats/ribbons/ easter smashed goods that would be appropriate for kids or Senior citizen bonnets,,,,,,email me! I'll pay for the shipping!
Again, I will make SURE you get PR and advertising in our local paper IF you , your blog/business donates items/supplies for this event!)

Hugs to all!

Thanks for your thoughts, support and donations to this forthcoming Event!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Junk "Finds" from Timi's wonderful event last night and a moment of silence,,,,for "Huey"

Okay, so last night??  I posted about Timi's wonderful "Collection's" Event in Bothell.

 It was very fun! But very crowded  (but I'm sure that was a good Event  for my dear Timi and her Vendors.) So, my pics weren't very good,,and my dear friend Kelly was ready to wrap it up and head home to her hubby (She's an ER nurse, and has been working extra shifts and was ready to go home after about  90 minutes of hunting/shopping  and have dinner with- "
"the Hubbs", aka, Michael.)
 So,,,,,,,I said ,"give me a couple" and I ran around snapping photos like a mad woman for a  very few minutes  (see yesterdays post) and I MISSED so much and so many! Not Kell Bell's fault, as there were just so many bodies in front of booths,,you couldn't take photos!,,,,,,but I think that was a GOOD thing for Timi and her Vendors!!

Ackk! But here are pics of what I found,,,,,and a few links below  you should check out if you haven't. These women are wonderful,,,great creations and "finds" abounded,,,,,,,and I wish I could tell you about ALL the vendors, for it truly was a lovely event! ,,,But here's what I found.......

Check out my lovely "Star Wand" from Melaine,,,,"Me-laine",,,,,NOT Melanie......... please make note! Of "My Sweet Savannah,",,,,,,,her blog and her creations, interior design and photos, her insight and her spirirt- okay and I LOVE her music choices,,but I am a Country Girl! They are all  SO beautiful! If you have never been to her blog, You aren't really living!!! Truly! Go to:
I found some great vintage velveteen ribbon in one of the booths, as well as some vintage cupcake picks of various birds!
The wonderful Vintage "Poodle paper" that Mary gave me or "stuffed in my bag" from Annies on first.
Please check out their blog,,,,,the store is wonderful and I love all these women!!! (Thanks Mary, see my blog post yesterday for "Mary's Shop"

And then there were, "Huey and Louie",,,,from my childhoood cartoons,, or maybe yours, too? You might remember, Huey was the big lovable one with NO brain,,and "Louie" kept him in line, Well, my Black Lab "Shadow" saw Huey, apparently and it was love/lust/or threat at first site,,,,,that said, "Huey has gone to the great beyond," the great "duckpond in the sky" for while I was posting about the event last night...........Moment of silence  please, for "Heuy." I'm not sure of the Vendor that had these darlings,,,,I'd love to (God forbid, not replace, "Huey" but give "Louie a companion!

Sidebar: Thanks for the update, here is the blog link for the cute little duckies as of 3/9/10
Her booth was darling and I may add to my duckie collection!
Thanks for sharing the info!

Before the "Union," But this didn't turn out pretty..............

Destruction and Mayhem,,,,,,,,,,"thanks Shadow",  my love, for saving me from the "apparently" EVIL duck in our midst. "Dewey" is now safely ensconsed on the mantel! (Bow your head and give a moment of remembrence for Huey,,for "he was brave and strong",,,,,although NOT all  that smart!) Shadow saw fit to "send" him to a "better place" apparently.

Blogs you might like to visit, given said event:
Cute and Creative Trisha, my Junk Swaping  Party friend had a  Great booth,,,,,,and given the alloted time  and photo restraints I didn't post any pics,,,,,BUT, she is SO fun and creative,,,,,,, click on her link above, stop BY and say hi!

Queen of Tarte had a lovely booth!
That's where I got my fun "loving cup, or trophy that I will embellish! Their booth was Too fun!

And, as shown, I bought that cute Yellow floral chest of drawers with the Vintage print paper for my studio/craft room! Too fun!  This came from Her booth was amazing! I look forward to seeing her at future events and following her blog!

There were Many other Vendors and Visitors! Stop by Deb Kennedy's  fantastic and creative blog: (Waves out to her hubby! He is a good sport!)
Check out:

(Lisa, come to Snohomish and I'll give YOU lunch and the grand tour as I did Beth!-My treat, my dear!)

And, of course, my dear co-worker/ and dear friend Jana, that took some awesome photos and posted last night:

Oh shoot! I'm sure there are many more links and blogs,,,,,and IF I think of or hear of other links, I hear of, I'lll post them later to this post!
But it was SO fun to see you all and DO this event, and again, thanks Timi. for getting us all together, in one way or another!!

Hugs,,,,,and I'll rack my brain/posts and emails  and maybe add a few!!!


Friday, March 5, 2010

"News at 11:00"-Mass Exodus of women headed towards Bothell! Junk!

Tonight was really Fun! I'm sure if you follow any of the local blogs that I follow, you'll hear quite a bit more about the event, But. . .

Timi is having a Junk Event- "Collections," tonight and tomorrow in Bothell. (For those of you not local, that's just north of Seattle and just SOUTH of Snohomish.) FUN FUN FUN! Food, wine tasting, girl time, crafts and handmade items galore and JUNK!!!

I participated in Timi's Last big event which was awesome so I knew this would be fun tonight! I snagged my dear friend Kelly, aka Kell Bell (As we are the "two Libra Lefties of 1956) We stopped by Joyworks and picked up my dear boss Clarice and headed south to the "Come Junk with me" event/extravaganza!!!

Well, between the other Joyworks Gals that showed up-Jana and Penny, and bloggers I know such as -Debi Kennedy, Beth and (hello, nice to meet you finally Lisa) from Salvage Studios we were buying, not making creating or particpating in  this particular event.

It was one of those, "If I'm not selling, I'm buying" OR If I'm not buying, I'm selling." Such as my dear friend, Mary (Right), above. (You do NOT want to shop when this woman is at an event.....I swear, she has a sixth sense and scours the snatches up the goodies, long before you have reached for your wallet!) But ,tonight,,,,,she wasn't shopping she was selling,,,,,in "Mary's Store"  as she most pointedly exclaimed.(Annie her cohort  of Annie's on 1st , in Snohomish (far left),  helped out but THIS was Mary's stuff aka "Mary's Store.) Geesh, I love these two! And Mary shoved a roll of vintage poodle wrapping paper in my bag for future birthday hat creations,,,,,Stop it! You guys are the BEST!

Okay, okay,  so then there is Tamara, she's so fun and creative and she works and sells some of her crafts and "Annies on First." (Of Annie shown above.) I know confusing isn't it? These women split up and multiplied!!!
Tamara (above) had her daughter helping in her booth,,,,,,,,Very fun stuff!  And how CUTE is her daughter?  But here's the deal..... I ran into an old classmate in Tamara's booth extrodinaire and handed Tamara my digital camera. Her daughter sighed heavily and rolled her eyes as her mom was fiddling with my camera to take a pic. Now, I only mention this because I had to post this picture of Lisa and I and well, you can SEE that it's not the best of me. She looked at the photo preview in my camera lens and said, "OH, cute." NOT!!!
Tamara, we're going to have a camera lesson or check your eyesight!

I also ran into an old Coworker from Norstrom, Julie (from the late 80's). She has a shop in  Garibaldi, Oregon called, Vintage by the Bay.
Now, here is something you may or may not know about me,,,,,,,,,,I'm one of those people who remembers just about everyone from their past encounters,,,,,in fact I get teased about it all the time by co-workers at Joyworks. Rita, for instance will tease me, "Oh yeah, that is Shell"s friend from 1966, and they had baton lessons ONE afternoon"......but still you get my drift, I don't forget people or old events/experiences.

Seriously? I walked up to a woman one time  at Joyworks and said to her, "Okay, I don't want to freak you out, (because I have people before) But, you and I went to Kindergarten together and your name is Cathy," right?" And we ONLY went to kindergarten together, no further school years. Kind of a weird trait, but often fun! Like Julie today,,,,some 21 years later, and we had worked together, but it was a HUGE group of women and I walked up to her and said, "Julie?" (Of course I'm always looked at like I'm from another planet, or they get that "Deer in the headlights expression, because more often than not, they can't place me initially.)

Anyway, I'm going to go catch the last half hour of Ghost Whisperer,,,,,,,,and if I'm not too tired after what I expect to be a busy day at Joyworks tomorrow,,,,,,,because it's going to be SUNNY again and everyone has spring and decorating FEVER. I'll show my little goodies from tonight and share some links, to these awesome women who were both Selling AND Buying!!

Congrats Timi dear, on a lovely event!!! Fun evening! Let's do it every Friday, K? But at least I hope you have fun tomorrow and huge crowds, Everything was lovely! I'll post links tomorrow!

Hugs to all and a special wave to those "lurkers" that I talked with tonight that follow but don't comment! Shame on you! Show yourselves......Just kidding! Glad to have you in my life in any respect!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh my! Kindle withdrawal!

I bought a Kindle about 18 months ago through Amazon. If you are not familiar, it is basically a electronic book device. You download, you read, and then you download the next. I read about, in my estimation about 175 books a year,,of all genres. I love mysteries, political thrillers, historical fiction, classical fiction, with the other odds and ends thrown into the mix. Golden Retriever went on a "search and seizure" tonight in the neighborhood and ended up at the end of the leash of my Best Freinds hubby, while he was out walking one of  his  dogs- a lab mix  and brother to my other dog, Shadow.
Long and short of it, Doug, my friend and neighbor arrived with his golden lab mix and my purebred Golden retrieve,,,,,aka the escape artist,,,,,,,in tow and we talked books, while the dogs wrestled for an hour or so. So,,,,I lent Doug,,,,,,for the first time ever, my Kindle for 5 days or so to peruse all of my downloads and potentially read my latest read and/or reads,,,,,,which I thought he would really enjoy!

No Kindle for 5 days? What was I thnking??? Ackk! Okay, get a bit more of OTHER things done rather than picking up a book, or in my case an electronic device!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

It all started innocently enough,,,,,and Brag Monday

My bathroom was White and Green, with touches of Silver hardware. Then, one day, I stepped through the doors of Calico Corners, and I fell in love with this wonderful combination of fabrics and trims,,,,,,,,,and I knew there were curtains in the making!
I had fun making these curtains and they certainly livened up the bath!
So of course, I started adding a bit MORE Rosey Pink to the mix, including some signs that I had found in France.

Well, it grew rather exponentially, the Pink, the green and mermaids started being added to the mix. I LOVE mermaids. Have since as a child my mother told me the story of " Die Lorelei" a mermaid of folklore, that lived in the Rhine in Germany not  so far from where she was born.  The tale of the "Little Mermaid" has nothing on her,,,,,and in retrospect, it's primarily what the movie was based on. Lorelei was a legendary "siren" that lured sailors through her songs.

Well, as said, this bathroom scheme/theme has seemed to grow exponentially, and as as single gal, I have NO restrictions,,,,,,,so, over the top it is!

While working one day  recently at Joyworks, my boss Clarice showed me a wonderful shower curtain she had ordered for the store in white,(shown also in one of  Jana's latest blog posts- when I read that it was also available in PINK!  Or rather, more of a dark Raspberry Pink, that would be perfect for moi~!
Well, she special ordered it for me! (There is still one available, I believe, because she had to order two)I could have ironed it, but I kind of like that scrunched "crepe paper" kind of look. I may iron it out down the road, but I love it right now, as is!

Well,,,,,back to the Mermaids. . .Which leads me to artwork that Karen and the Graphics Fairy posted. And I fell in love with one of the images and decided I needed to embelish it and include it in my Girly/Funky/Fun Bathroom.


                                              This is my "Brag Monday" submission  that will now be part of my funky bath!Fun Graphics! Thanks once again Karen for all that you do for us!

(Marla, my mannequin head and Muse, informed me that she likes the current "digs" and is not so sure she wants to be put back down in my studio!)