Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Amy!

Yesterday, we Celebrated Amy's Birthday at Joyworks! A few days early-given vacations and all, it was Too Fun! This years,,,,we gave her a Red, White and Blue Celebration,,,,,,complete with all the trimmings!
We haven't done this for a while,,,,,a Group Shot,,,Minus Kay, who was busy with her Granddaughters)

Here's the Birthday Girl Amy,,,,,the "Baby" of the Joyworks Gang!

I made some Pinwheel Favors for the Gang! Fun to make,,,,,,I don't usually "do" Red/White and Blue"
(a more bit sentimental about those Patriotic Holidays now, though, after having my son in the Marines )

Sandi's Yummy Yogurt Parfaits
Amy and Jana

Lots of pretty Flowers!
(Penny in the back corner, gardener extroidinair, checking out the plants!)
Yummy Dessert from Jill

Make a Wish Amy!

(I almost went up like a sparkler myself,,,,the sparks were flyin!)

Fun Brunch! Happy Birthday Amy!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Sa-WEET Treats from NY Cupcake and nite Visits!

Is it REALLY after 9:00pm? Wowza! I stopped by my BF's house and brought her some of my Fave Pink Cabbage Roses with some Calla Lillies.....Visited w/ a friend next door and Cindy from "Hailey's Cottage" walking her small "herd" of Dogs,,,,and then, thank you Lord, the powers that BE or the nightmare at  Direct TV "allowed me,,,Finally to long on!

Crown for NY Cupcake.........
So,,,,the Joyworks Day started out with, Shut UP!  Rub your Tummy and Pat your Head! Cupcakes from Lisa, at New York Cupcake.....She brought us 18 of those delicious morsels! I had a Fresh Strawberry that was to DIE for!  I brought TWO home and gave them both much as I'd LOVE to eat them, my waistline is large enough!

Lisa shopped and picked up an order of things I'd made for her. I LOVE making product for her,,,,,and it's a GOOD thing.....because, she's opening another  New York Cupcake Shop,,,,,in Madison Park, in Seattle! Scheduled to open sometime in August. Congrats to Lisa and her staff!

Well, my Computer, my Server, or Blogland is being wierd, so you just get the one photo.......

Fun weekend, Junkin', tail gaiting, crafting and licking the frosting off of the World's BEST cuppycakes,,,,,oh yeah and bringing flowers to my "bestest" and getting a lovely bouquet in return! Life is SWEET,,,,,,,and Good!

Hugs, Love and a Sugary Sweet Bus!

(Oh my Stars, my old lady kitty is trying to help me! Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! What is up with THAT?)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

"Craven" a Tailgate Sale! Too fun!

Mark Craven, of Craven Farms had an Antique Tailgate Event this morning,,,,,,just outside of Town. The Craven's are a well known Family in our little Community. Every year they grow TONS of Pumpkins...Host Halloween Events for Hoards of kids and families from all over Western Washington. But, they also hold other Events,,,,,like today! Lots of fun Antique and Collectible Vendors show up from near and far!

So? Shell had ALMOST an hour to shop before heading into  work at Joyworks! I wish I would have remembered my Camera! I've never "Done" the Tailgate party.....only the "Pre-Holiday Antique Show" was too fun! Even if it was a bit Soggy when I got there!

Fun Vintage Doll heads......I've never seen them quite like THIS before......If someone has some info, I'd LOVE to hear it....but well, just had to have them!

Mini Brides........I have a few of these already and Lord knows, I needed at LEAST a handfull more!

"Joy Jar"
Bits and Bobs in a Vintage Jar..I couldn't resist for $4 Bucks.......Heck the JAR was worth that much!
And the little Vendor was SO G-Darn Cute, I wanted to take her home!

Funky old Hat.....Green and Aqua.........a Steal at $3 Bucks!
A bit soggy though!

Chunk of gorgeous Bark Cloth..........Ackkk,,,,,,,50 Cents! But I gave her a Buck since I didn't have any Change! She told me it was the first time someone "talked her UP" in price,,,,,but come on,,,,,a Dollar? Lovely!

And,,,,,,,,,,Drumroll please,,,,,,,and you're going to have to wait to see these babies,,,,because I need to CLEAN them up first! I got TWO,,,,,,Mint Condition Gumball/Candy Machines! They are on a wooden stand,,,BUT, I'm going to take them off and use them in my Studio! And if they aren't too hard to take apart or mask I want to paint them both Gumball Pink..........$10 for the pair.....I have died and gone to heaven! I've been looking for ONE that was reasonable for quite a while, But TWO???????? I know, Shut UP!

Great event and fun to see familiar AND new Vendors and Shoppers! I hope the local shoppers had as much fun as I did! Just goes to show you, You don't ALWAYS have to leave the area to find some Really great Stuff!
Thanks to all the Vendors and to Mark Craven and Family!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,,,,,

Hugs, Love and "Craven" a Bus!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday's Puddle Jumpin' for Junk.....

So, Today? I went out for Coffee in the RAIN (again) ? And I saw this Sign?
 "Garage Sale ---------->"
So, what's a Gal to do? I mean, I had my Coffee,,,,and I was GOING to go home and work on the studio and on some Orders....But, they had me at "Sale!"

Really, I mean I had NO business Junkin' Today! Too much to do. And I hit that first Sale,,,,,Nadda, Nix, Nuttin' Honey!
Only, you know what? I ran in to my friend Stephanie,,,,and we compared notes and OH MY STARS there's a Barn Sale on Fobes Hill! Shut the Front Door! Now, I know this Gal,,,Cathy and when she does a Sale it is a Junkers', Antiquer's DREAM!

Here's what I found! And since I only had like 5 bucks, it's a GOOD thing she knows me and took my Check!
Great Heavy Duty Plaster Mirror Frame,,,,and a Fun piece of Chalkware......
Cathy doesn't GIVE stuff away, she knows their Value, but lemme tell you,,,they're STILL a steal if you find what you love! And she always has plenty to love!
$12 Bucks for the Both,,,,,but that mirror frame is AWESOME!

Gold Picture Frame and this AWESOME Katherine's Collection Masquerade Piece......Signed on the back by the artist,,,
$6 bucks for these two.....Wowza!

Pretty Little China Plates.....60 Cents,,,,the yellow one has a chip, but  too pretty to pass up!

 Big Ol' Italian Wine Jug......
This one was $10 Bucks,,,but it's in Great Shape and I've seen them for 4 Times the Price!

Lovin' my "Cathy" Finds! Thanks to Steph for the Tip or I would have missed it!

Lastly, I have to show you the "Kitchy" little light I found yesterday for my Bathroom! Ackkk! You'll either Love it or Hate it!
(Keep in mind I have my ONE and only Bathroom in This Old House all done in Hot Pink/Lime/Black and Silver/Chrome....Throw in a few Mermaids and Hula Dancer Dolls oh yeah and My Hot Pink Shower curtain and you get the idea.....So THIS goes PERFECT!)

Flor-i-dah Kitch Nightlight!
 I'm Lovin' it! It's pinker in Real Life. This thing was Spendy, I think I paid $12 Bucks for it, but HAD to have it!

All in all I had an Awesome week! Got a lot of orders done, a BIT of progress in my Studio! Tomorrow, Back to work at Joyworks,,,,,it's supposed to be a GORGEOUS weekend here at LAST ......

Oh, but Wait! There's a Tailgate Sale at Craven Farms that I just MAY have to hit in the morning before we open the Store!

Enjoy your weekend, whatever you do!
Hugs, Love and a Junkin' Bus!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mirror revision and an afternoon with Helen....

So? You Know how you start out your day thinking "I'm going to (fill in the blanks here) and then I'm gonna (ditto)"  and THEN everything kind of takes a different turn?

Yesterday was one of those days for me. I was going to work in my yard,,,,,,I was going to clean and organize my craft CR**, and then, apparently the Powers that Be,,,,,had other plans!

 Sitting on the back porch in the morning sun (which ahem, didn't last long,,,,,,the "sit" OR the "sun") I spied this mirror I've had sitting around for about a year......about ready for the Trash Bin,,,,,but you know I rarely throw things out,,,just look at them and think,,,,,,"it has potential!"

So,,,,,,I brought the mirror into the house and started cleaning it up,,,,,,,,

Yes, that really IS a mirror in there!

Taking off the remaining "shutter" pieces,,,and grabbed my trusty Glue gun!

(Okay,,,,,,,I've been meaning to share this for a while,,,,, When I went to Silver Bella  in Omaha Back in November one of the Instructors,,,,,I think it MAY have been Kerry Lynn Yeary had a glue gun for our use that I absolutely fell in LOVE with.....yeah, I know, it's a Crafter or Artist thing,,,,,,,,,,,But it had a VERY precise Needle type tip! Oh Baby,,,,,,Where have you BEEN all my life???
They have them at Jo Anne's.......Best $6 Bucks I've ever spent.....glue where you need it,,,,,,NOT where you don't! Shhhhhhhh don't tell, trade secret! But if you don't have one, go GET ONE! )


Shortly after I started this whole project, I got a call from "Little Helen," 91 who needed to go Shopping, and to the Bank, and I took her out to Lunch, and to the Pharmacy, where frankly, I felt SO so bad, when they presented her with her pharmacy bill for Glacouma Meds.......$140 Bucks, AFTER Medicare,,,,are you Kidding ME???? After which she scrutinized the price of ONE new light Bulb....and NO doubt! Well, I knew our healthcare system was Haywire,,,,but this puts the "R" in Robbery! And the Grocery Store? She counts every nickel.......And I am So going to bring her fresh fruit and Veggies after today! Those Frozen Dinners MAY be economical, but I'm thinkin' her BF,,her fur baby Mikey eats better than SHE does!
Okay,,,,,,,back home, regrouping and oh Yeah! My mirror project!

I finished it while watching an Oprah Re-run ......Frankly? I love the way it turned out! I don't know if I'm going to keep it or Sell it! But Mini Glue gun extrodinaire or NOT, it won't be cheap if I DO sell it,,,,,,do you KNOW how many Glue Sticks this baby took to make??????

Hope your week is going well! Okay, so Today? I SO hit the Garden and the Studio!

Hugs, love and an impromtu Bus!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A "Bella" Kind of a Day!

Ironically, and yet appropriate-, today was the prettiest, warmest day we've had so far this year! Ironic, because it was also my little friend and former neighbor, Bella's 5th Birthday! Her party was delightful,,,,,,,,and full of good natured children, friends and family! Here she is, in the Birthday Crown I made her,,,,,

This photo is Perfect! Bella stepping out of the house, posing for her friends and family (look at the pose!)--a BIT hesitant,,,,,,,and yet, self-assured. . . I think she got that from her Mamma.....the former Paegant Winner..........Her Mamma WAS there,,,,,,whispering in her ear- to stand "just so." To anticipate her audience.......Make and entrance,,,,,,,,and she did! I smiled and choked on the Tears......This was a Jana moment too!

I Love you Bella Girl! Happy 5!

Create your OWN Cupcake Masterpieces...........Too cute, Bella spent a good deal of time creating One of a Kind Cupcake creations and then? Delivering them to others........(her little BF delivered a Creation to Moi).........BF's are the BEST at Any age!
(Mini Cupcakes provided by "Simply Sweet" Cupcakes here in Snohomish! Yummm!)

Cupcake Design is serious Stuff!.......

Bob and Bella
Blowin' out the BIG Cake Candle......
Ya think these kids were "Jacked Up" on Sugar or Whatta?

Matching Aprons from Sondi.........
I Love this image for SO many reasons!

Thanks to Auntie for All of your efforts, for Dad Bob for manning the Grill....
For all the kids that were SO well mannered and fun to watch!
It was a FUN afternoon!

I type this with tears in my eyes and both happiness and sadness in my heart. Bella's Mommy should have been there......the Elephant in the room, if you will. But, I know, actually she WAS/IS with us all,,,
,,,,in heart and spirit.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Bella
(You can't read this yet,,,,,,but know........We all love you, support you and know that the energenic angel laughing and smiling that sits on all  our various shoulders at times,,,,your sweet mom, guides us along the path to help you Grow!)

Happy "Bella" Day! Hugs love and a "Cupcakey/Princess" Bus on the Cheek!

Monday, June 20, 2011

"Heading" into Summer...Garden "Crowns, etc.

I woke this Morning at 5:00am- made a pot of coffee and grabbed my trusty Glue Gun.....Started out making about a bazillion cupcakey pics...and then I started thinking Garden......and Summer and well, How about Summer Garden Crowns???

I had too much fun making this one!
Neutral Moss, Tulle, Vintage flowers, lace, shells and pearls......


Maybe this one was a BIT inspired by some upcoming Weddings......I think it would be fun for a casual wedding,,,,but it would be fun to throw on a piece of statuary or embellished with LIVE flowers........

And of Course, since Shell is ADD personified, I had to jump from the Neutral one into a sea of BRIGHTS!

Marla, my Muse, is sporting a Bright Garden Crown......Complete with Mushrooms....only appropro, since we've had such a RAINY Spring!

Dark Green Moss,,,,Sparkly Tulle, berries, leaves and Vintage Goodness abound! She's ready for the Solstice Party!!!!

Still feeling somewhat "Heady," I remembered what my Co-worker Sandi said when she stopped in with her Grandaughter this weekend and was looking at my stuff, "Shell, you need to make headbands with these lace rosettes." So,,,,,I made a few of those today as well!
Neutrals......Lace/Tulle/Muslin and "Poils" aka Pearls
Sorry this shot is a bit weird,,,,,,,LOL.....

I'll make a few more of these Neutral pieces.....I think the gals at my hair Salon will like them too! Good idea Sandi! 

So Tomorrow? On Tuesday? WE ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE SUN! Okay,,,,I wouldn't normally shout about it,,,,,,but it IS the first official Day of Summer and us Western Washington folks? Have had THE wettest, coldest Spring on record EVER! 

Don't mind us if we're all doin' the Happy Dance! That sounds like a Video waiting to happen! Happy Summer All,,,,,,,

Hugs Love and a "please oh please!" Sunny Bus!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Problems with Frontier Communications? Anyone? Is this thing ON?

Please READ and Respond Here or on FACEBOOK if you have a FRONTIER Account..........
(Aka Nightmare communications)

Okay,,,,I THINK maybe I've grasped  that last STRAW! I tried to log on (Again) after work,,,lemme see, that was at about 5:40/6:00pm??? And my computer went into basically "sleep" mode... I couldn't log on for HOURS,,,,again,,,,,and again and again!.....until JUST now....and I then, checked my Facebook and my friend Todd Waddell asked me about a Farm Chicks Photo I took......

(Katie Kay, Maxine and Todd)

Well, Facebook uploaded the PIC and I posted it, but I couldn't even Type a message~! Ackkk!

And this is JUST my computer stuff,,,,,,,I have a Bundle! HA! Phone/Internet and TV,,,don't even get me started on the TV where I have to shut everything down because the sound quits,,,,,and I have to disconnect everything and reconnect everything.......Trust me, I've talked to techies for the TV and the Computer and WHY am I paying an arm and a leg for this nightmare??????

IF YOU have any Frontier issues,,,,please let me know, here or on Facebook......We need to ask for price adjustments....for all this baloney!

Hugs, Love and a Happy Father's Day tomorrow! I have NO Dads in my life, well unless I count my brother....I think there should be a "Both" Parents Day,,,,,as I played both roles and am sure I'm not alone!

Okay,,,,,Happy Thoughts! Love you all!
G-Darn communication companies anyway!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Big Thanks! Hats and Junkin'!

Thank You ALL for your insight yesterday. You really helped me to put it in a better prospective. I've been doing some deep breathing and prayers and well,,,TWO things happened! My tennant FINALLY paid part of his rent AND I got a lot more orders in the last 24 hours....

So,,,that said, this morning I got up at 5:00am and started on some Birthday hats.....Quick view.....

I dropped a few hats and things on Wednesday at "Simply Sweet" Cupcakes here in town....and several pieces already sold within the first day,,,,So,,,I got a few more made....These are all in their Store Colors,,,,,I'll add other stock next week.......
Birds and Vintage flowers.......

Vintage "Princess"....

A few other hats.........

Clownin' around......

 Pink Ballerina Hat....

And then, I went Junkin'.........

Tapestry Panel.......Gorgeous! $2 Bucks!

About $6 Bucks worth of Lace,,,,,,Most of it Cotton Ackkk!

Vintage European Liquer Bottle,,,,,I have it's mate and I won't tell you what I paid for IT,,,,,,, But, this one was $2 Bucks!
Little Ceramic GREEN Santa Boot,,,,,25 Cents....Never saw a GREEN one before! Score!

Thanks again for all your support! I'll get it all figured out....LOL or not! Have a GREAT weekend, whatever you do!

Hugs Love and a thankful Bus!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Reality Check........Not sure what to do? Would LOVE any insight!

Well,,,,,I know I've got friends near and FAR that read my blog,,,even though many of you don't always POST....I see you in my "Feed," my Blog stats and I have a REALLY big FAVOR to ask.......No, this isn't about Crafts or Junk finds.....It's about my future,,,,,,,and I'd love ANY insight or help.

Okay, so? I got a current "Property Assessment" from the County. This has scared the daylights out of me, honestly. My two LITTLE homes,,,USED to be worth  about $500k........then they dropped to about $330 with the Economy, and NOW,,,I get an assessment for $243K???? FOR two Houses????? Frankly, I'm scared. These two little houses are completely paid for. And yes,,,,,I am blessed with THAT. But the Taxes and Utilities keep growing and the Value keeps shrinking!

What do I do?.......Accckkk! Try and find a full time Job once again? Sell every piece I own to keep both houses and  continue to pay the taxes and keep fixing TWO OLD homes that continue to depreciate?

I don't want to leave my Home. And, in my thoughts,,, Worst scenario is- I'd move into my little Mother in law rental in back and rent out the "Front" house where I am currently living. . These are indeed scarey times. And,,,,,it angers me that I do NOT have any Debt......No Mortgage, no Credit Cards, no "Nothing!" So,,,,,,,where truly IS the line in the sand for people who have bought Cars, Homes, things that they cannot afford ON CREDIT and the rest of us suffer???

I'd love YOUR Take/insight event if it isn't what I want(ed) to hear!

PS......Yep,,,,,I'm doin' this all alone,,,,,,,No partner, and the kids are gone......So, I need all the advice I can get! If YOU don't know,,,,,,maybe you know someone that Does! I'd appreciate any insight!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gifts? For Me? You shouldn't Have,,,,,No Really you SHOULDN'T Have!

Whomever coined the expression, "It is better to Give than to Recieve," wasn't kidding! I know she means well,,,,my "Huntress" kitty Tuxie......when she brings me a "gift." But really she shouldn't have!

This morning? Before I even had my first cup of coffee, I was "gifted" with a Robin. I hate that! I tried to get it from her, all the while praising her for her catch, to no avail. Yeah, the two "Bird Dogs" were a BIG help,,,,NOT!

And, not to be outdone,,,,my old lady kitty,,,,whose only caught a handfull of things in her whole life, "gifted me" with a dragonfly! I kid you not, I think she was jealous of all the attention Tuxie was getting and decided to get off her backside!

As for giving,,,,,I created a crown on Monday and Tuesday for Bella's 5th Birthday. If you recall, Bella is the little sweetie that lost her Mommy earlier this year. I still can't believe it,,,,,I keep expecting to see her, and I'm sure I'm not alone! But Bella is surrounded by a lot of people that Love and support AND her extended "Community Family."

Shhhhhh! Don't tell Bella,,,,here's her Birthday Crown!
This was another color way of the wallpaper samples I used for the last two,,,,,which worked pretty well,,,with a fuzzy Pink Vintage Lady Bug I put front and center............

If you checked out my Farm Chick Posts,,,,you might remember the fun old Vintage Bits I found....The Bug was Perfect for Bella Girl,,I think,,,She LOVES Bugs! Kind of like the Kohler faucet commercials,,,,,instead of a house,,,I "built" the crown around the Bug! I hope she enjoy's her Birthday Crown!

And now,,,,at least, the Sun is out here in our Soggy Pacific Northwest! I may get in a dry walk with the Dogs tonight! And Please NO MORE animal presents!

Hugs Love and  the "gift" of a Bus on the Cheek!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Mayhem in the Studio,,,Neutrals, Pastels and BRIGHTS, Oh My!

If you like to create or alter things, you'll understand that this morning,,,,I had a Bazillion ideas and just kind of "went with it!" I started out making a couple of Neutral-toned ribbon necklaces...which lead me to making these two......

First one,,,,a bit of Ribbon, Vintage lace, Tulle a button, pearl or two......
and another.......

2nd one,,,same elements basically, just a bit different take.......

I had fun making them,,I hope the recipients will enjoy!

Then,,,,I had a BIT more color going on...Okay, truly this one, I started on Friday or Saturday morning,,,,,and I just kept adding,,,,,and embellishing,,,,,,
"Take TWO" on the Wallpaper I used for a Custom order Crown last week....I had JUST enough to make one more.....

Vintage-Wallpaper/Lace/Flowers and Cabachon with Glitter, Tulle, ribbons, rhinestones, buttons and shells....I just love this colorway.


Okay, So? Neutrals....Pastels.......and Then? Well DUH! Brights! A few new Birthday Hats using some of my finds from Farm Chicks.....(lol,,,the Big Clown Heads)......

Party ON!

If you look closely at the left side of this Photo, you may see some white whiskers......Ugh! Never one to ignore a "Photo Op," my old lady kitty Holly on the scene!

Productive DAY! After I finished these pieces I started on some "Birdy" things,,,,,Handmade Cages and the likes for a shop in Seattle........

Hope you ALL had a GREAT Monday! I had Fun making these new pieces,,,but suffice it to say, I WISH we would have another day or two of Sunshine in the Pacific Northwest.....
As much as I enjoyed creating a few new pieces....I'd SO like to be working outside instead!

Hugs, Love and a Soggy yet Creative "Bus" on the Cheek!

PS........LOL,,,,Suz, the "Pieces" that I sign off with sometimes with Lulu,,,,or She with me, stems from when my kids we're little,,,,,,,I used to tell them "I love you to Pieces!" Which, because we said it all the time eventually just got shortened to "Pieces!" So,,,,,,that's what Lulu and I say to each other sometimes! Of course, I love you all to Pieces too!