Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Sa-WEET Treats from NY Cupcake and nite Visits!

Is it REALLY after 9:00pm? Wowza! I stopped by my BF's house and brought her some of my Fave Pink Cabbage Roses with some Calla Lillies.....Visited w/ a friend next door and Cindy from "Hailey's Cottage" walking her small "herd" of Dogs,,,,and then, thank you Lord, the powers that BE or the nightmare at  Direct TV "allowed me,,,Finally to long on!

Crown for NY Cupcake.........
So,,,,the Joyworks Day started out with, Shut UP!  Rub your Tummy and Pat your Head! Cupcakes from Lisa, at New York Cupcake.....She brought us 18 of those delicious morsels! I had a Fresh Strawberry that was to DIE for!  I brought TWO home and gave them both much as I'd LOVE to eat them, my waistline is large enough!

Lisa shopped and picked up an order of things I'd made for her. I LOVE making product for her,,,,,and it's a GOOD thing.....because, she's opening another  New York Cupcake Shop,,,,,in Madison Park, in Seattle! Scheduled to open sometime in August. Congrats to Lisa and her staff!

Well, my Computer, my Server, or Blogland is being wierd, so you just get the one photo.......

Fun weekend, Junkin', tail gaiting, crafting and licking the frosting off of the World's BEST cuppycakes,,,,,oh yeah and bringing flowers to my "bestest" and getting a lovely bouquet in return! Life is SWEET,,,,,,,and Good!

Hugs, Love and a Sugary Sweet Bus!

(Oh my Stars, my old lady kitty is trying to help me! Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! What is up with THAT?)


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!! We spent Saturday evening out for our anniversary and came home to all the pillows off the couch, magazines on the floor and the phone off the hook....guess the furry ones decided to party it up while we were gone!! Tee hee!

    Love you!

  2. Hooray, hooray. You will benefit from the new store!!! I think NY Cupcakes sounds wonderful. We are about a mile from the Cupcake Cafe. I cannot stand it. I am so out of control when it comes to cuppycakes!!!!

    Have a great weekend coming up! We are off to South of illegal fireworks! Hooray!!!

    Big hugs and a firey bus on the cheek!!!

  3. Is that the same "Hailey's Cottage" that used to be at Bellevue Square??? Oh, I used to shop till I dropped in that store!!! Then they up and moved!! I was devastated. I still have many of the treasures from my shopping forays there and often recall the blissful rush from the retail therapy! :))

    Wishing you blissful 4th of July weekend ... may it sparkle!!


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