Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday's Puddle Jumpin' for Junk.....

So, Today? I went out for Coffee in the RAIN (again) ? And I saw this Sign?
 "Garage Sale ---------->"
So, what's a Gal to do? I mean, I had my Coffee,,,,and I was GOING to go home and work on the studio and on some Orders....But, they had me at "Sale!"

Really, I mean I had NO business Junkin' Today! Too much to do. And I hit that first Sale,,,,,Nadda, Nix, Nuttin' Honey!
Only, you know what? I ran in to my friend Stephanie,,,,and we compared notes and OH MY STARS there's a Barn Sale on Fobes Hill! Shut the Front Door! Now, I know this Gal,,,Cathy and when she does a Sale it is a Junkers', Antiquer's DREAM!

Here's what I found! And since I only had like 5 bucks, it's a GOOD thing she knows me and took my Check!
Great Heavy Duty Plaster Mirror Frame,,,,and a Fun piece of Chalkware......
Cathy doesn't GIVE stuff away, she knows their Value, but lemme tell you,,,they're STILL a steal if you find what you love! And she always has plenty to love!
$12 Bucks for the Both,,,,,but that mirror frame is AWESOME!

Gold Picture Frame and this AWESOME Katherine's Collection Masquerade Piece......Signed on the back by the artist,,,
$6 bucks for these two.....Wowza!

Pretty Little China Plates.....60 Cents,,,,the yellow one has a chip, but  too pretty to pass up!

 Big Ol' Italian Wine Jug......
This one was $10 Bucks,,,but it's in Great Shape and I've seen them for 4 Times the Price!

Lovin' my "Cathy" Finds! Thanks to Steph for the Tip or I would have missed it!

Lastly, I have to show you the "Kitchy" little light I found yesterday for my Bathroom! Ackkk! You'll either Love it or Hate it!
(Keep in mind I have my ONE and only Bathroom in This Old House all done in Hot Pink/Lime/Black and Silver/Chrome....Throw in a few Mermaids and Hula Dancer Dolls oh yeah and My Hot Pink Shower curtain and you get the idea.....So THIS goes PERFECT!)

Flor-i-dah Kitch Nightlight!
 I'm Lovin' it! It's pinker in Real Life. This thing was Spendy, I think I paid $12 Bucks for it, but HAD to have it!

All in all I had an Awesome week! Got a lot of orders done, a BIT of progress in my Studio! Tomorrow, Back to work at Joyworks,,,,,it's supposed to be a GORGEOUS weekend here at LAST ......

Oh, but Wait! There's a Tailgate Sale at Craven Farms that I just MAY have to hit in the morning before we open the Store!

Enjoy your weekend, whatever you do!
Hugs, Love and a Junkin' Bus!

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  1. Hi Shelly,
    I haven't been blogging in so long, visiting or posting. Trying to get back at it~ I missed my blogging friends! I Love your finds, and for .60 I would have bought the chipped yellow plate too!!
    Huggs, Nancy


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