Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Mayhem in the Studio,,,Neutrals, Pastels and BRIGHTS, Oh My!

If you like to create or alter things, you'll understand that this morning,,,,I had a Bazillion ideas and just kind of "went with it!" I started out making a couple of Neutral-toned ribbon necklaces...which lead me to making these two......

First one,,,,a bit of Ribbon, Vintage lace, Tulle a button, pearl or two......
and another.......

2nd one,,,same elements basically, just a bit different take.......

I had fun making them,,I hope the recipients will enjoy!

Then,,,,I had a BIT more color going on...Okay, truly this one, I started on Friday or Saturday morning,,,,,and I just kept adding,,,,,and embellishing,,,,,,
"Take TWO" on the Wallpaper I used for a Custom order Crown last week....I had JUST enough to make one more.....

Vintage-Wallpaper/Lace/Flowers and Cabachon with Glitter, Tulle, ribbons, rhinestones, buttons and shells....I just love this colorway.


Okay, So? Neutrals....Pastels.......and Then? Well DUH! Brights! A few new Birthday Hats using some of my finds from Farm Chicks.....(lol,,,the Big Clown Heads)......

Party ON!

If you look closely at the left side of this Photo, you may see some white whiskers......Ugh! Never one to ignore a "Photo Op," my old lady kitty Holly on the scene!

Productive DAY! After I finished these pieces I started on some "Birdy" things,,,,,Handmade Cages and the likes for a shop in Seattle........

Hope you ALL had a GREAT Monday! I had Fun making these new pieces,,,but suffice it to say, I WISH we would have another day or two of Sunshine in the Pacific Northwest.....
As much as I enjoyed creating a few new pieces....I'd SO like to be working outside instead!

Hugs, Love and a Soggy yet Creative "Bus" on the Cheek!

PS........LOL,,,,Suz, the "Pieces" that I sign off with sometimes with Lulu,,,,or She with me, stems from when my kids we're little,,,,,,,I used to tell them "I love you to Pieces!" Which, because we said it all the time eventually just got shortened to "Pieces!" So,,,,,,that's what Lulu and I say to each other sometimes! Of course, I love you all to Pieces too!



  1. Awww love that beautiful pastel much do we love those colors? Thank you for the sweet comment Shell, meant alot to me. We'll get together soon, and catch up!

    Bless your day, May you find yourself in piles of ribbon and bits and pieces of color ;)

  2. Shell,
    I love "Pieces" and I just adore your work. The brights make me smile! I love it that you are just going to town! I can tell...


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