Monday, December 31, 2012

Heart Swap!!

Can you all believe it is almost the New Year?? Time passes SO quickly!! I am sure you too are thinking about what you want to Do/Change in your life for the New Year!

I plan on getting rid of a lot of "Stuff" and embracing those things I truly Love!! Getting rid of "emotional baggage," negativity and THINGS in this old house that I don't love. What about YOU? What are you planning for the New Year?? I would love to hear,,,,because we learn from each other!!

But also,,I'm thinking Valentines Day......My Christmas decor is STILL up,,but I'm starting to work on a few things for Valentine's day........I SO loved making these hearts,,,,,,which were on the "Joyworks" Wedding Tree......but work anytime! And I've started working on some other Valentine Goodies,,,,,,,,,,So, How do you feel about a SWAP?

 Would you like to take part in a Valentine Swap??? I think it would be fun!! Just leave a Comment , I'll pair everyone up and we'll swap by the 31st of Jan! It can be a CARD, a TAG, a Heart, A "Sweet Treat", A romantic Book, etc.......let's just "Share the Love." Make up or assemble your creation/package with something YOU would like! (Men don't usually "Get it" right,,,,so FUN to swap with a Gal and get what you Love!)

I found some GREAT ideas on Pinterest from the Simple to the extreme ,,,,If you want to check them out, go to my "I heart you Board"...(Under Shelly Rollins).

Love  to you ALL and lets have a Creative, innovative, inspirational New YEAR!!

Hugs and a "Heartfelt" Bus!

(Just leave a Comment HERE or at my Email address below,  if you want to take part of the swap by January 15th to participate! If your blogger profile does not link to an email for you, please include that in your post,,,OR Email me at with the info,,,I will only share it with your Swap partner!) Take pics of your "Swaps" and we'll share when swaps are complete!!)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy "Boxing day! And a box from my friend Donna!!!

I hope you ALL had a lovely Christmas!! Mine was VERY low-key this year, but precious, because I got to spend quite a bit of it with my youngest, Andrew. We had Brunch here,,,,,,and then headed off to see Les Mis. Which was basically ALL I wanted for Christmas.......And we both loved it!!We shared my "Famous Potatoes" which I'll post below, if you want the recipe.

And today? I received a lovely "boxed" gift from my Dear Friend Donna, from Brynnwood Needleworks Blog fame! She and I decided to do a swap for the Holidays,,,,,,,I sent her a "Musically inspired Snowman" and a few other goodies and she send me this Gorgeous Pin Cushion and Bookmark!!

So Awesome and Donna knows me WELL!!! I LOVE to read,,,,,,,Read more than I should, Love to sew,,,,,the Pincushion in the Background is amazing!!! love the ruffled seam binding and the Vintage Button embellishement!!  And I love pink, creme and green!! My favorite colors!!! I've sewn on paper,,,,,but Donna combined paper and fabric on the bookmark!! Fun!

 And nothing like a cozy cup of cocoa while your pursing your other pleasures!!!

But wait,,,,there is MORE!!! These Photo/Card holders will be PERFECT for the Valentine Class I'm teaching next month! I can use them for Sample cards,,,,and later for my own Valentine vignette!

I added a Vintage Christmas Card so you could see how they work!! Lovely!!

Thank you SO much Donna! I love it all!!! I've been single for quite some time now,,,,,but even when I wasn't,,,,,,,always thought that our Female friends "Get it!." They know what we love,,,,,,,,,The gifts don't have to be expensive,,,,,,,and yet they are things that we LOVE to get!~! Thank you!!

Love you all!! I was hoping to send out more gifts to blog friends this year,,,just little things, but being sick this month,,,,,,,,,and trying to catch up, it didn't happend!! Some of you are going to get Surprise little gifts in the weeks and months to follow..............

Happy Boxing Day.......and a Belated Merry Christmas!!.......New Years wishes to follow!!

Oh shoot,,,,,,,,almost forgot my families Fave Potatoes!!! See Below!!

Hugs, love and a Thankful Bus!!

Shell's Family Potatoes

Servings appx 4 (YOU CAN DOUBLE)......HA! My family eats these like Crazy!!

One Bag Cubed Hashbrowns Frozen (Not shredded/cubed)
One half onion diced
2-3 Tablespoons Parsley, Fresh please!
Fresh ground pepper
4ish peeled minced cloves Garlic
One and a half pints Sour Creme ( I know but it's Christmas!)
2-3 cups grated Cheddar Cheese

( I switched my recipe up this year,,,,,so you can Add Chopped Cooked ham or not)
But I added appx 1 1/2 cup Ham this year.

Mix Sour Creme, Garlic, Onion and Parsley and Pepper in a large bowl.
Fold in Potatoes (and Ham if you want. ) Mix well.
Press into a grease 13x9 baking dish or equivalent.

Cover with a  thick layer of Cheddar Cheese.
Bake in a 350 oven for 45 minutes covered. Remove foil and allow cheese to lightly brown.......

Tada!! Hope you enjoy......this has been a family fave for about 18 years.......

Thursday, December 20, 2012

A bit of Decor for Christmas

This Christmas season has been interesting to say the Least! Between having a new kitten and being sick for a couple of weeks,,,,I had to re-think things. And I didn't "do" my usual "Winter White" Christmas,although I love that too!! I always have such a hard time, picking and choosing colors....themes, etc. Because I love it all!!! If you've seen my previous posts/picks...I went less traditional this year,,,,,with lots of Aquas,,,pinks, lighter greens,,,,etc. So, although I am NOT doing a big tree this year,,,,,,these colors carried threw.........

My Garland,,,,,,in the big old arch I have in this old house........

I hung a lot of those old pastel/Vintage ornies on my Garland, in the archway or my living/dine room!
So far,,,,,Kitten free!!!

Some of you have seen this Huge French cupboard before,,,,,,,I filled some of its "Cubbies with Santas and deer.......

And? I have this Angel, we named her Emma several years back.......

I kept her simple this year....just a Vintage feathered crown from one of my Besties, Deb Bock,,,,,and a trio of Rosaries..........

I'm truly only putting out those things that I really love this year. Those things that evoke memories and spirit. Between being sick for several weeks and THIS,,,,,,,,

(only 4 months old and HUGE) addition,,,,,,,,,,,I've made some ahem.....adjustments!!

Not to mention, I'll only be spending Christmas with one son. We're going to have breakfast together and then go see "Les Mis."

That will be my Christmas. My family is small and scattered.  I just feel blessed that I get to do one of my favorite things,,,,,share one of my favorite things with my youngest. We both love music,,,,,of all sorts.

It's not about gifts. It's about spending time and creating memories with those you love. I'm blessed to have lots of friends that fill the gaps in my family. I'm sure I'll post  at least once more, before Christmas,,but KNOW that I love, appreciate,enjoy, cherish you all,,,,,,,and wish you the BEST for the Holidays and the New Year!!!

Hugs and a "Sparkly" Bus!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Cookie Time with my "Bestie!" Tomorrow

No,,,,these aren't MY Cookies,,,,,,they are from a pretty image/Link from L&V Sweets you can find on my "Christmas Treats" Board on Pinterest.......

But Tomorrow??? I get to make Christmas Cookies with my "Bestie!" I'm taking my Camera for sure. She's not from Blogland, she doesn't Craft/Junk, and she posts on FB about twice a year. She wears suits! She works in an office or out of her car most of the time. She's conservative/practical, business centered and FOCUSED!! What in the HECK is she doing with ME???

We both love Family, Animals, Community. Other than that, it's kind of like "Opposites attract." She grounds me,,,,,,,and I think I give her Wings!!!

Looking forward to our "Cookie Time!"

Hugs, Love and a "Sweet" Bus!

Friday, December 14, 2012

And the "Lion" lies down with the Lamb

I love this,,,,,because it's a perfect today.

We can all be so different, but we stick together when our World falls apart. 

Prayers to all the Families who lost loved ones this day. Prayers to all the Children and school staff that had to witness this. Prayers to the Emergency teams that pulled bodies out. Prayers to those that had to notify loved ones. Prayers to the extended family of the Shooter, and perhaps they are going to need it MOST dealing with the Rants and Rage of this disturbed young man.

I don't like guns. But I grew up with them, as my family members were all Hunters. I wish they didn't exist, but I don't blame this on the guns.

This young man was Sick. And I'm sure it'll be a long time before we know WHY. I'm more upset that there isn't more help for the mentally ill. Healthcare is a MESS and the mentally ill are greatly affected by this. I am sad for him. Everyone says he was "Evil." Maybe he was, but more than anything,  I think he was just Sick. And maybe IF he had had the right resources, this would NOT have happened.

I hurt for everyone involved. And we are ALL involved!! We need to find out WHY this happened and what we can DO to prevent this in the Future!!!

Hugs to you all,,,,,,and I'm sure today you are hugging those you love just a bit tighter!!


Monday, December 10, 2012

Fabulous "Bling" from my Jana Girl, Joy and Thanks!

You know how when you've been sick for awhile,,,,,,okay a LONG while, and you start to feel better,,,,,,and All you want to do is the Simple Things!! Like Tidy the house,  Shave your legs, Put on your face,,,perhaps Even go OUT in Public??? Well, Thankfully that was me yesterday! Although I didn't get to Tidy the house,,,,I went back to work FINALLY at Joyworks!! And as I posted this morning (Yep, two posts today) I got through a day of work and then even rallied to go to the Joyworks Christmas Party!!!

If you missed this morning's post,,,,I'd really recommend that you scroll down to see our "Fantabulous Party!! It was a lovely nite!!!

And although I took pics at the Party,,,,I didn't get to take pictures of the fun handmade Items I kept "Stealing" in our Annual Dice game,,,,,,that Jana made!!!

Eeek!! Love the little charm/pendant, "She loves Joyworks." And the Vintage jewel "Tree" framed on a canvas!!! Their is also a fun Garland that I'll post in a couple of days.....Hey!! I'm waaaaaay behind on the decorating after the Plague!!

Hope to share with you a few more Holiday Vignettes this week! But the basics come/came first!!

I have a lot of Thanks and Joy in my heart today! Nothing else seems to matter when you are sick. But I'm thankful I have such awesome co-workers that covered for me when I was off, and a newfound "JOY" just to feel better!!!

I hope your week is starting well! I have a newfound appreciation for the simple things. Stay healthy!!

Hugs, Love and a Thankful, Joyful "Bus!"

(If you missed the post this morning,,,,,make sure you scroll down,,,,,we had Such a lovely Evening!!)

Joyworks Christmas Party 2012

Shew!! No one on the Naughty list this year!! 

What a fun evening we Joyworks Gals had last nite at our annual Christmas Party!! 

We all headed out to the Johnson Family Beach house....Too Cute!

Lots of Lovely Decor in Red and Aqua.....

The Mantle all aglow

I know, Magazine Worthy, Right??

Everything but the Kitchen Sink!

Things are Cookin' in the Kitchen!! (Sandi and Amy)

Oooooh, nice presentation Amy!

Yummy Beverages!

Let the Games Begin!! Whatcha Got Penny Girl???

"JOY" Book letters,,,,,,But don't get too attached,,,,,,someone might steal these!!

Rita's turn!!

Jill gets the grand Prize!

Fun Gift Bags full of lots of Joy from Clarice!

And Finally our Gift for the best Boss Ever!

Clarice gets a new IPad!

Always a fun Eve with the greatest group of Ladies!! I felt extra grateful this year that I was healthy enough to make it!!

Tonight or tomorrow I'll post the goodies I got in our Gift swap/game from Jana!!

Hugs, Love and a "Joyful" Bus!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fun Class Today!

I had a great time teaching a Class today with a group of lovely and eager ladies!! It was fun to see what they came up with, although some gals rushed out to pick up kids before I got  All their photos!
I think they learned a new thing or two! 

Cute Ronda, who organized the class! She's a Joyworks Shopper too!

I pre-made the Paper clay snowman since they take a couple of days to dry. Some gals did "Heads" and others embellished full bodies....

All sorts of color combos! 

I remembered all the supplies but the oh so tiny yet significant orange paint for the noses!! Fortunately, our Hostess Susie had an Orange sharpie which we toned down a bit with some Tim Holz distress pad.

Susie, our sweet Hostess  on the left .

Next Class with be on Sat January 26 at  the wonderful Bountiful Home and Nursery in Edmonds. We'll be making Vintage Inspired Valentine Boxes,  sewn paper Valentines and Tussie Mussies.  Classes will be $20 per person, classes held at 10:00am and 2:00 with a noon slot if classes are full. Email me if you are interested at

Came home exhausted and slept for 2 hours! Don't get this bug!!

Hugs, Love and a "Classy" Bus!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Winner! Class Bags for tomorrow!

Congrats to Dee Dee,,,,,,I will be making a Custom Snowman box just for YOU tomorrow! I could not find your email, but left you a message on your blog, So If you read this or That msg, let me know what colors you would like!!!

 Thank you all for your comments and entering! I wish I had time to make one for Everyone. Some of you may get a little "Somethin' Somethin" from me for the Holidays Anyway,,,,,,Just sayin'!

Putting together Class kits/ Bags today! I'm really looking forward to teaching this Class tomorrow! Hopefully, we'll have some fun pics of their projects!!

Hope your week is going well, I'm still congested but little by little getting my energy back! What a long haul! From what I saw on the news, I think it was the FLU,,with the body aches/fever and major congestion! I'll be heading to the Pharmacy as soon as I feel better for a Flu shot anyway,,,JUST in case! Stay healthy!

Thank you all for Entering. I'm still thinking a Holiday Tag Swap might be fun next week! If you're game, leave a msg. I am NOT a Tag specialist,,,,,,but I think it would be a fun inexpensive thing to make and share......Leave a comment if you are interested.....I'm thinkin' 5 tags/ 5 swaps. Would cost no more than a card to send.......Let me know!

Hugs, Love and a "Busy" Bus!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Last day to Enter!

Last day to Enter, if you haven't already!! I'll draw a name tomorrow morning!

Thursday, I'm teaching a class and in the process, I'll make a piece to Give away! I favor Pastels and Neutrals, but if you leave a comment and let me know what colors you would like,,,,,I'll create a OOAK piece for you!! Traditional Christmas is fine too!

Just leave a comment today, if you haven't already, for a chance to win!

Hope your week is going well. I'm still stuffed up a bit,,,but the coughing and aches have gotten better! Get your Flu Shot,,,,,because it appears that is what I've had!

Stronger again day by day,,,,want to get Back to all the things I love!

Hugs love and a "Frosty Bus!!"

Today is the LAST day to Enter, as tomorrow morning, I hope to touch base with whoever "wins" so I'll know what to work on, on Thursday!!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Snowman Giveaway,,,,,Enter by Wed!

Just a reminder, if you haven't entered yet, I'll be drawing one name for a Custom Snowman box of your choice, on Wednesday. I posted a couple examples yesterday,,,here is one more. Just leave a comment by Wednesday to Enter!

Hope your week is starting off right!!

Hugs, Love and a "Snowy" Bus!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Custom Snowman Box Giveaway

This Thursday, I am giving a paperclay Snowman class. I'll be demonstrating different things,,,,,and in the process creating a Snowman box myself. So,,,,I thought it would be Fun to give the box I work on away,,,to one of YOU!

It doesn't have to be neutrals or pastels,,,,,you can pick your own color/glitter.......Top hat or Cone....

Just leave me a comment  here on my blog,,By Wednesday, December 5th,  and I'll send it out to you by Friday!

You can review some of my older posts and if you see a snowman there that "Floats your boat," let me know! There are "Full body snowmen, some with flags/banners in other colors. So Just let me know what you'd like!!

Happy Sunday! Hope you are having fun gearing up for the Holidays. I'm feeling a bit better, but still have the crud. Didn't work today,,,although I really, really wanted to!!

Today is the Anniversary of my Mother's passing. 5 years today. It just makes me want to hold those I love and care for a bit tighter!!  Just leave a comment before Thursday and your entered .....

Hugs, Love and a "Snowy" Bus!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Vintage Images and Cards

My Mary Girl recently gave me her huge collection of Antique and Vintage post cards. I've been meaning to get my scanner up and running with the laptop,,,but so far it hasn't happened. But I wanted to share this image,,,,,,use it as you'd like. It's old enough that there is no copyright. I love the image and the scentiment........

Don't thank me, thank Mary,,,,

She finished her first Chemo on Tuesday. My bro,,,her "Protector" told me she got sick once. Next treatment Next Tuesday.

Mary is a "Card" Girl.Over the years she has made/sent me some of the most beautiful cards both things she's made and purchases from other artists and embellished envelopes. Her Calligraphy is Amazing!!

If you know Mary,,,,or know me Well and would like to send her a Card or note, email me personally at and I'll give you her address. She's not a Blogger/follower, a Facebook person and her emails are few and far between. Some of you know her through me or through attending or helping me with Shows/Antiquing/junking/Shopping, happy to share her addy!!

I'm still battling the bug,,,,not working tomorrow,,,and HOPING to feel well enough to work on Sunday.....Starting to feel like a snot nosed Hermit,,,,,No fun!!

Stay healthy, thank you in advance for your prayers for Mary.
Hugs, Love and a "enough already" Bus!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Alien Invasion at Bungalow Bling!!

I haven't done anything involving a paint brush, glue gun, glitter or Paper for over a week! (I Know, feel my forehead and yes, I've still been feeling like I got hit by a truck!) But today I finally got some paper Clay Snowmen started for a Class I'm  I'm looking forward to doing next week,,,,,,,,They look like Aliens right now,,,,but I hope to share with you pictures from my class!

In order to have everyone leave after a 2 hour or so class with a finished product, the paperclay stuff needs to be made a head of time!!

Hope your week is going well and that you are healthy! I am SO trying to get my energy back and hope to go to an Event at M&M Antiques tomorrow evening! Then work at Joyworks on Sat/Sun. Still feeling like that is a LOT, let alone other Holiday Stuff.

Hugs, love and an "invaded" Bus!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Surely, you didn't think I'd "Do" Red and Green,,,and Don't call me Shirley!!

Little by little, I'm feeling better and starting to get some"Stuff" Done!! Today, I worked on my Mantle for the Holidays, and of COURSE it is NOT red and green!! It's Pastel, and Vintage and "Kitch" and,,,,a "Bit" over the top,,,but I'm likin' it!

Old Lady Pink, Aqua, Creme, Silver and gold........

Here's an over view,,,,,Hard to photograph the whole thing with lights/mirrors reflecting all over the place,,,,,,,

So, More Closeups..........

Love this Vintage Hot Pink Moose I bought from my friend Mark last year,,,,,,,,,,,

But this is my Favorite Image.........

When I reviewed this image in the Middle of my Mantle, I have such happy Memories, The little Angel is one my mother bought for our Family tree at "Fredrick and Nelson's" back in the 60's. The bird is from my Co-worker/friend Jana at Joyworks, The White "Christmas Joy" tree was Given to me by my friend and Co-worker Sandi also from Joyworks,,,,but extra special, because it was made by my friend Linda Morrison. The "Clown/Angel, you see a glimpse of on the Far left was recently "gifted to me" by my friend and "Farm Chicks" Buddie Linda Jensen,,,,And the elaborate, Gilded and be-jeweled handmade "ornie" on the right was found while Junkin' with my Mary girl.

It's great to have Fabulous Decorations,,,,But I would gladly give them all away,,,except for those special pieces from Friends and Family.  Those that Evoke special memories, whether they be elaborate or handmade by our Children and ( I can only hope someday) Grandchildren.

My family wasn't big on "Saving things." I'm Lucky to have a few things my Mom saved (And my Grandmother,,,aka "Oma" gave me).  We used to have a sign in Joyworks that SO summed up my life/loves, "My Grandmother Used it, My Mom Tossed it, and I bought it!" I have a Vintage heart.......

May you truly enjoy creating your OWN Holiday Memories, new and Old!! I'm still thinking on the whole tree thingy with Beau Kitten...........But you'll be the first to know/See!!

Hugs, Love and a "Memorable" Bus!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Comments/Coughs and Christmas Begins!

I have a Question tonight for all of you and I would REALLY appreciate any comments As soon as you read this,,,,,,,When you are trying to REALLY help someone and make a difference not only in Their life, but quite frankly in the Lives of others, yet, before you Act,,,you seek their approval. You want to help them, you are  simply BURSTING to help them, and they tell you to wait,,,,,,,so you wait. And then? The timing seems SO right,,,and you think it could be the moment. They are tentative, reluctant,,,,would you go Ahead?? Without their approval? IF What you thought you could do for them would Help??? If their mission and cause was so important, would YOU take it upon yourself to promote them, without their approval?? Please let me know. Leave a comment Asap. I am thinking with my heart,,,,,,and I need insight, because if I'm going to go out on this limb......I hope I do the right thing!!

In the meanwhile,,,,and much less important, I'm getting a BIT healthier day by day....I started sorting through Ornaments...."Beau-Proof" and Non "Beau kitty Proof." I had enough energy to START my Garland ( not done yet),,,,,and some more collectible items will go on the Mantel and in my French Cabinet in the background..........Going to be an interesting Holiday!!

Hope you are feeling healthy! Prayers and Hugs today, for my dear Sister in Law Mary, who went through her FIRST Chemo Treatment since having Cancer.  (They didn't do it when she had two Vertebrae removed with Cancer and replaced by Hip bone. They didn't do Chemo either, when the removed her Cancerous Kidney. The Cancer is Back now,,,in her neck/spine. So Chemo today.)

Maybe I'm trying to Compensate for Mary's Cancer and my helplessness. Maybe I'm trying to boost a cause, change what I can. Change what you can? And hope that others can change what you can't!

Hugs, love and a Bus for a Cause!

Please Oh please leave a comment I'd really like some insights/thoughts!! Thanks!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Hangin in there,,,,,,

Yeah,,,,,so, not happening yet ,,,this year! I think last year by this time I was pretty well decorated,,,but between getting sick and,,,,,,,,,,,,

It ain't happening yet!!

I got off track on my gratitude posts,,,,so today I thankful for Kleenex and heat! Happy Monday!!

Hugs and a Purell Bus!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ugg. Sick!

This blog has been interrupted by the FLU! Please Visit the Joyworks blog and see what they're up  while I miss work, Sniff, Ache, Sleep and have a pitty party for ONE!!

Hugs and a Stay Healthy Bus!