Friday, November 30, 2012

Vintage Images and Cards

My Mary Girl recently gave me her huge collection of Antique and Vintage post cards. I've been meaning to get my scanner up and running with the laptop,,,but so far it hasn't happened. But I wanted to share this image,,,,,,use it as you'd like. It's old enough that there is no copyright. I love the image and the scentiment........

Don't thank me, thank Mary,,,,

She finished her first Chemo on Tuesday. My bro,,,her "Protector" told me she got sick once. Next treatment Next Tuesday.

Mary is a "Card" Girl.Over the years she has made/sent me some of the most beautiful cards both things she's made and purchases from other artists and embellished envelopes. Her Calligraphy is Amazing!!

If you know Mary,,,,or know me Well and would like to send her a Card or note, email me personally at and I'll give you her address. She's not a Blogger/follower, a Facebook person and her emails are few and far between. Some of you know her through me or through attending or helping me with Shows/Antiquing/junking/Shopping, happy to share her addy!!

I'm still battling the bug,,,,not working tomorrow,,,and HOPING to feel well enough to work on Sunday.....Starting to feel like a snot nosed Hermit,,,,,No fun!!

Stay healthy, thank you in advance for your prayers for Mary.
Hugs, Love and a "enough already" Bus!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Alien Invasion at Bungalow Bling!!

I haven't done anything involving a paint brush, glue gun, glitter or Paper for over a week! (I Know, feel my forehead and yes, I've still been feeling like I got hit by a truck!) But today I finally got some paper Clay Snowmen started for a Class I'm  I'm looking forward to doing next week,,,,,,,,They look like Aliens right now,,,,but I hope to share with you pictures from my class!

In order to have everyone leave after a 2 hour or so class with a finished product, the paperclay stuff needs to be made a head of time!!

Hope your week is going well and that you are healthy! I am SO trying to get my energy back and hope to go to an Event at M&M Antiques tomorrow evening! Then work at Joyworks on Sat/Sun. Still feeling like that is a LOT, let alone other Holiday Stuff.

Hugs, love and an "invaded" Bus!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Surely, you didn't think I'd "Do" Red and Green,,,and Don't call me Shirley!!

Little by little, I'm feeling better and starting to get some"Stuff" Done!! Today, I worked on my Mantle for the Holidays, and of COURSE it is NOT red and green!! It's Pastel, and Vintage and "Kitch" and,,,,a "Bit" over the top,,,but I'm likin' it!

Old Lady Pink, Aqua, Creme, Silver and gold........

Here's an over view,,,,,Hard to photograph the whole thing with lights/mirrors reflecting all over the place,,,,,,,

So, More Closeups..........

Love this Vintage Hot Pink Moose I bought from my friend Mark last year,,,,,,,,,,,

But this is my Favorite Image.........

When I reviewed this image in the Middle of my Mantle, I have such happy Memories, The little Angel is one my mother bought for our Family tree at "Fredrick and Nelson's" back in the 60's. The bird is from my Co-worker/friend Jana at Joyworks, The White "Christmas Joy" tree was Given to me by my friend and Co-worker Sandi also from Joyworks,,,,but extra special, because it was made by my friend Linda Morrison. The "Clown/Angel, you see a glimpse of on the Far left was recently "gifted to me" by my friend and "Farm Chicks" Buddie Linda Jensen,,,,And the elaborate, Gilded and be-jeweled handmade "ornie" on the right was found while Junkin' with my Mary girl.

It's great to have Fabulous Decorations,,,,But I would gladly give them all away,,,except for those special pieces from Friends and Family.  Those that Evoke special memories, whether they be elaborate or handmade by our Children and ( I can only hope someday) Grandchildren.

My family wasn't big on "Saving things." I'm Lucky to have a few things my Mom saved (And my Grandmother,,,aka "Oma" gave me).  We used to have a sign in Joyworks that SO summed up my life/loves, "My Grandmother Used it, My Mom Tossed it, and I bought it!" I have a Vintage heart.......

May you truly enjoy creating your OWN Holiday Memories, new and Old!! I'm still thinking on the whole tree thingy with Beau Kitten...........But you'll be the first to know/See!!

Hugs, Love and a "Memorable" Bus!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Comments/Coughs and Christmas Begins!

I have a Question tonight for all of you and I would REALLY appreciate any comments As soon as you read this,,,,,,,When you are trying to REALLY help someone and make a difference not only in Their life, but quite frankly in the Lives of others, yet, before you Act,,,you seek their approval. You want to help them, you are  simply BURSTING to help them, and they tell you to wait,,,,,,,so you wait. And then? The timing seems SO right,,,and you think it could be the moment. They are tentative, reluctant,,,,would you go Ahead?? Without their approval? IF What you thought you could do for them would Help??? If their mission and cause was so important, would YOU take it upon yourself to promote them, without their approval?? Please let me know. Leave a comment Asap. I am thinking with my heart,,,,,,and I need insight, because if I'm going to go out on this limb......I hope I do the right thing!!

In the meanwhile,,,,and much less important, I'm getting a BIT healthier day by day....I started sorting through Ornaments...."Beau-Proof" and Non "Beau kitty Proof." I had enough energy to START my Garland ( not done yet),,,,,and some more collectible items will go on the Mantel and in my French Cabinet in the background..........Going to be an interesting Holiday!!

Hope you are feeling healthy! Prayers and Hugs today, for my dear Sister in Law Mary, who went through her FIRST Chemo Treatment since having Cancer.  (They didn't do it when she had two Vertebrae removed with Cancer and replaced by Hip bone. They didn't do Chemo either, when the removed her Cancerous Kidney. The Cancer is Back now,,,in her neck/spine. So Chemo today.)

Maybe I'm trying to Compensate for Mary's Cancer and my helplessness. Maybe I'm trying to boost a cause, change what I can. Change what you can? And hope that others can change what you can't!

Hugs, love and a Bus for a Cause!

Please Oh please leave a comment I'd really like some insights/thoughts!! Thanks!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Hangin in there,,,,,,

Yeah,,,,,so, not happening yet ,,,this year! I think last year by this time I was pretty well decorated,,,but between getting sick and,,,,,,,,,,,,

It ain't happening yet!!

I got off track on my gratitude posts,,,,so today I thankful for Kleenex and heat! Happy Monday!!

Hugs and a Purell Bus!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ugg. Sick!

This blog has been interrupted by the FLU! Please Visit the Joyworks blog and see what they're up  while I miss work, Sniff, Ache, Sleep and have a pitty party for ONE!!

Hugs and a Stay Healthy Bus!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Gratitude,,day 20,,,My Furry Family!

Oh my, my kitten Beau is growing SO fast!! And right along with that comes More Bold moves!! I used to be nervous about the Big Dogs chasing him around or that they'd get a little TOO excited and hurt him....HA! No more fears in that department!!

Here's a Video I took this morning... (Pay no attention to the Dog hair on the rug,,,,,,they'd just had a major brushing) You can "Click" the image to start the Video...........

Love my little "zoo!" I'm so thankful I have them,,,the Joy they give me is immeasurable!

Hugs, Love and a Furry Bus!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Today I'm just thankful for a Dry Home and a Good Haircut!!

We have more names for Rain in Washington then I'd imagine anywhere else in the World!! Rain,Drizzle, Mist, precipitation, Showers, Downpour, Wet, and today, FLOODS and Deluge!!

I'm just thankful that I have a Relatively Dry (My little roof leak miraculously has not been affected today) And that I have a good haircut,,,,I've gotten drenched about 6 times today!

Oh yeah, and we've had WIND!!

We Washingtonian's are NOT afraid of a little Wet,,,,in fact most of us don't even OWN and Umbrella (Just the Transplants) But today's a BIT much!! Flooding, power outages and lots of traffic accidents!! If you're local, hope you're safe and Warm!!!

Hugs, Love and a Soggy Bus!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

day 10+7+1,,,,,Thankful my Computer still works!!

So,,,,,last nite? After my Trunk Show I "unleashed" the BEAST!! That would be the cute kitten that is Beau,,,,,,He is still to little to go outside,,,,and when I'm gone I have to put him in my Bedroom,,,with food, water and toys, of course!! With the two big dogs, I have a doggie door,,,and I'm afraid to give him the run of the house for fear he'll follow the dogs right out!! So to reiterate, he's a bit "Wound" up when I come home and let him out. (This only happens two days a week while I'm working)..........And yesterday, my son Andy even stopped by to let him out for a while to run wild, But apparently it wasn't Enough!!!

And yesterday? He went all Hell Cat on me when I got home......Running, jumping, batting at the big dogs ( They are good sports,,claws and all). And he jumped on my laptop while I was checking out FB and you can SEE my "Eight key,,,,and the subsequent "Nine" key are NOW running amuck!! I tried to "snap" them back in,,,,,,,ummm no such luck!! 

But everything else is working Okay. Maybe one of my Son's friends can help/advise!! So,,,,,I'm thankful the darn thing is still working,,,,,ahhhhh, the Joy's of Kitten hood!!

Hope you had a good weekend!! Worked at Joyworks today,,,,Now I can re-coup from the Show, work and oh yeah! Cat Mayhem!! Did I mention he is CUTE as all get out???

I'm being attacked now,,,,,so Pushing the Publish button,,,,,editing be darned!!

Hugs Love and a "Geeky" Bus!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Today? I am thankful for Facebook!!

I was trying to think of WHAT to post today about Gratitude. I truly am SO thankful for SO much! I came home from an awesome Trunk Show at Bountiful Home in Edmonds,,,,,on a "Post Show" High, if you will,,,where you are wound up and going in a Bazillion different directions,,,,,,,,,,and I logged onto Facebook!

And while Logging in/posting, sharing,,,,I got a Message from my Nephew Tristan, in Germany!!

Isn't he Handsome??? He's an aspiring Musician  and he wants to come and Visit his Auntie in Seattle!!!

Now this shouldn't be any "Big thing." And yet it is!! I didn't even KNOW I had a Tristan in my life until about 10 years ago......let alone KNOW THAT I had a half-sister, his mom,,,,,In Germany. Or that I had another Sister in Ireland,,,,,,and all together 4 nephew's total!! One of these days, I'll share the whole "Story" again, but suffice it to say, it's been Great Fun getting to know my Nephew more through Facebook! And he's connect to my youngest Andrew, too!!

He wants to come and Visit me soon and I'm so excited to spend more time with him!! Too Fun!! We're working on it for the New Year!!

FB has also put me in touch with old Classmates, old Co-workers and helped me better connect with  fellow Junkers, Artists and old Friends!! But right NOW I cannot EVEN begin to tell you how excited I am to have the Chance to get to know my Nephew better,,,,,,,,,,,,,I am thankful and Blessed!!

Hugs, Love and a "Face to Face" Bus!~

Friday, November 16, 2012

Today,,,,I'm thankful for JUNKERS!!

It's a disease, really,,,,,,you get addicted! It's in your blood and you just can't Stop!! My Favorite Addiction-Junkin!

If you're a "Junker" you KNOW you are a Junker!! You're the one who travels the Country side for Estate sales, Yard Sales, Antique Stores, Shows and oh yeah, Goodwill, Salvation Army and Thrift Stores Galore. YOU are the one that already has a car of Stuff from a Show, or just "did" a Show yourself, you see the sign, the store,,,,the Junk on the Curb marked "Free" and you slam on your brakes,,,,or do a "U Turn" in the middle of the Road. (Love you Deb, but your driving cracks me up when we are on a "Junk Mission!!")

If you're a Junker, you find little bits and pieces that all come together on a project or two! You swap with a friend- wallpaper for Vases, a Shelf for some lace......

If you are a Junker, friends "Find Things" for you,,,,,,that look like something you could use or like (Like the Chapel my friend Gail found for me and I re-did) And you find things for Friends!!! I don't "do Blue" but have Junker friends like my friend Tamara that DO......,

If you are a Junker you get bags and boxes on your Porch, at your workplace or on a "Junker Date!"

These hat boxes, a Garage sale gift from a neighbor,,,,,the hard to see Wallpaper Chain made with Vintage wallpaper from my friend Lulu,,,,,the little themed Christmas box, made from a porcelain doll gifted to me by my dear Deb Bock.........

I love ALL my friends, Junker's or NOT, but thank a Junker next time you go to a Show, a Sale, or you get a special Package!! They/we work hard to find those little somethin' somethin's!! And a BIG thank you, for all my Junker friends that find and share things with me!!

Hugs, Love and a "Junker's Bus!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 15 of Gratitude,,My Tenant Ellen!!

I was GOING to post today that I was Grateful for my friend "Marie." She's Cheap, easy and Fast!!Oh,,,,,,,get your mind out of the Gutter, I was talking about Marie Callendar's!  Great Frozen dinners to grab when you are in a PINCH! (Not so into cooking/prep right before an Event!)

But then right around the time I finished revamping THIS,,,,,,,

The best tenant, Renter in the Whole world brought me some Amazing Pumkin/Pecan Cake with Whipped Creme!!! So,,,,,kickin' Marie to the Curb! Thank you Ellen!! (And she doesn't read me blog, I don't think, but when I didn't have anyone else's shoulder to cry on the other night  when I found out Mary was sick again, that little 5'2 frame hugged with a strength and compassion unsurpassed.) I am blessed!!

I'll get the recipe for the won't ever want Pumpkin Pie again!

And, I finished the fun Pixie "Re-do!" She was a mess,,,,,,,so I gave her a new purpose,,,,Hugging this star full of Vintage Treasures!!

 Hard to see, all the embellishments!!

Fun piece, to "Do!" Frankly I don't care if I sell her, she'd be fun to add t my Holiday !decore!! Oh dear,,,,more key's sticking,,,,,No more Glitter and spray glue!!

Almost finished up packing/pricing and a last sprinkle or two of glitter for my open house at Bountiful Home on Sat!! If you're local, hope to see you there!!

Hope you are having a good week! It's a good time for me to be busy, takes my mind off of situations I have to leave in God's hands. Your continued Prayers for Mary are appreciated more than I can say. My Prayers and well wishes to all of YOU that your are safe, happy and well!

Hugs, Love and a "Sweet" Bus!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 14 of Gratitude,,,Glad I'm Single,,,,

Oh Dear! First of all, I just posted on Todd's Elegant  "Bountiful Home and Garden" FB Page that I was busy getting ready for Our Show THIS Saturday,,,,,And THEN I decided to post THIS "Tell All" Photo????

(If you're here from the Bountiful Home Linky,,,,Please scroll down and see what else I make/do,,,,I Promise there will be lots of Vintage goodness and Crafty Stuff on Sat.)

This is pretty much the last pile of Stuff to finish up the packaging/embellishing for Saturday's Show!!  So,,,,,,I was pretty much Thankful/Grateful today that I was SINGLE!!!

Don't get me wrong, sometimes, I would really like to have a Partner to Laugh and Share with. To Travel with, loved animals and old homes as much as I do.  I've been flying Solo for the last couple of years and trust me, I would have REALLY liked someone to curl into and have a good cry the other night when I found out about my sister in law.............

But Today? I could make as big a Mess as I needed and didn't have to worry about anyone else. But I had to take out the recycling, the trash, feed and clean up after the animals,  shop and cook for and by myself, and check on the Handy Man coming to do home repairs. BUT,,,,No one commented about the Glitter and "Stuff" everywhere,,,,,well except for my youngest-who stopped by this morning before work but he know's his Momma!

Almost ALL put together, really looking forward to Spending a day at Bountiful Home on Saturday!!

Hugs, Love and a "Single Bus!"

(No further word from My bro or Mary,,,will let you know. I've been trying to give them their space. And frankly, I'm a bit afraid to "Make the Call." )

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 13 of Gratitude,,,,a Creative and ADD Mind

Some days, I hate it that my mind goes 80mph.......I can't focus and "flit" from one thing to another! It doesn't stop at night either, I get the Weirdest (and sometimes the best) Ideas in the middle of the night............

Still waiting to hear any more news on my SIL Mary, and I don't want to call,,,,for more reasons than I can explain. (Don't want to disturb them, Don't want to hear about the new tests, don't want to feel more helpless than I already feel!) So I worked on a TON of stuff today,,,,Finished another wreath......

And finished one more House,,,,,

And finished a bunch of smaller stuff.  So today, I'm thankful to let my mind go a mile a minute and distract myself...............

I've had a sinus headache for several hours,,perhaps I inhaled a bit of glitter,,,,,but more likely Stress induced!

Hope you had a great day.......Sorry, between the stress and the headache, I'm not my usual upbeat self........

Hugs, love and a distracted "Bus!"

Monday, November 12, 2012

Prayers Please,,,and day 12 of Gratitude

Most of you that follow my Blog regularly know that my Sister in law Mary (right) has been dealing with Cancer. first in her Neck and then in her Kidney. I just learned that the Cancer is back in her neck/vertebrae.  They only scanned her neck today, tomorrow they are doing a full body scan.

I am SO Grateful to have had her in my life since the age of 7 (She and my Bro are 10 years older than me) and I am SO Grateful that I recently had the chance to have a "Normal" , yet Special day (of gratitude) of Junking, Antiquing, laughing. It felt SO good! Her FIRST outing after having her spine re-built and her Kidney removed was to come and see me at the "Island Chicks" Show in Anacortes.
I want MORE,,,,,,more normal healthy days. I love this lady SO!!

Please please keep her in your Prayers right now. I'm sharing because I believe in the Power of Prayer, I believe that we can create positive, healthy energy together!!

Thank you,

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A "Bountiful" Event,,,,,,and Gratitude!!

I'm so Excited and so Honored and Blessed! My dear, talented, kind and thoughtful friend Todd, from Bountiful Home in Edmonds, WA, invited me a few weeks ago to have a "Trunk Show" in his gorgeous store for the Holidays!! And wow! It is only 6 days away now! I'll have lots of One of a Kind hand crafted/Vintage inspired items, supplies as well as Vintage Holiday Items and Antiques...........

It's kind of funny, how excited I am! I've done many Shows/Events. I've been published in a National Magazine, I've sold things to stores, done custom orders, and of course, had things at the shop I work at, Joyworks. But,,,,I've yet to have someone feature "Moi," invite only me to "do" an Event! Trust me, it won't go to my head,,,but I just feel honored and blessed. Todd's store is amazing! He has a great "eye!  And I'm honored to have him as a friend!!

If you are local and you've never been to his Store in Downtown Edmonds, I'd encourage you to stop by! ( And if you follow me on my Blog or on FB, I'll give you 10% off any of MY stuff,,handmade OR Vintage items).

I have several busy days ahead of me, finishing up things and pricing!! I can't wait!!

Hugs, Love and a "Bountiful" Bus!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Days 9, 10 and 11 of Gratitude!! (Joyworks Holiday Open House)

I got a bit behind yesterday in my Gratitude posts, so today I'm posting about 3 things I'm grateful for! Cupcakes, Customers and Computers!! We had our Holiday open house last nite at Joyworks,,,,We were Busy and the store looked great! Fun time with all our Customers Old AND New!

Here's a bunch of Pictures of the Store........... (You can click on images to enlarge)

Our Deer tree out in front...........Notice Jana's Deer head on the top.......

Pastels,,,,,some of Jana's and my Favorites............

( a few of my Snowmen boxes amongst the other Pastel goodness!)

Here's our friends Lisa and Heather from NEW YORK Cupcake! Lisa generously brought over 150 minis for our event,,,,,,and lemme tell you, they make the BEST cupcakes!!!

Love you Girls!! Thank you for making our event event Sweeter!!

Pastel tree,,,,,,,,

Jana made this GREAT "Tree" On an old Vintage screen, love this!!


The Landing staircase, going downstairs......Owls, Mushrooms and "Woodsy delights."........

Jana's fun Owl Picture.........I love my Co-worker/friend/Artist........You see and find her creativity ALL over Pinterest, and she doesn't get the credit she deserves! I see her ideas/displays/arts "Pinned all over the World,,,,,,,,,," and whenever I "re-Pin" it,,,,,,as I do my other artistic/crafty friends I add, Jana from Joyworks,,,,,( Sidebar: Or for that matter ANY images/creations I see made by ANY of you!) And,,,,,,I've even come across my own creations in "No man's land....." I see how things get lost in the "Shuffle" but I you see something come up on Pinterest and you KNOW the creator, artist, origin, I think it's important to acknowledge!!!) So,,,,,,onward.......

"Case in Point!"

Cute vignette in a Suitcase...........

"Suits" Santa Well,,,,,,,,,,,a little Vignette......

Another great tree,,,,,,

This USED to be "The White room." And it's evolved,,,,,,,,bits of Aqua,,,,,,,,,Love this Vignette,,,,again "Click on the image to enlarge and see Jana's Sweater wrapped Candles! Lovely!!

Fuzzy image,,,,,sorry or our "Wedding tree." So cute,,,,,,a lot of my Felt hearts on this one........


Had fun making these,,,,,,,,,fun on the Wedding Tree...........Felt Hearts........

Another Heart.............

Great Idea!!! I SO love This!! Jana took an old French Print  and added the ribbon and Glittery "Joyeaux Noel" to it,,,,,,How fun!! That's our Jana Girl!!

Gingerbread tree............

And of course, we have our "Beachy Area!!"

I could have taken a LOT more photos, vignettes, but we were getting super busy! I helped with the Food re-stocking,,,,which moved FAST, as we were SO busy! And Shopping baskets, and re-stocking and back stock,,,etc.! It was a FUN eve,,,,,and once again I was SO thankful that I worked at Such an amazing shop with Such amazing talented and creative women! AND, That I have a Computer that currently has no problems ....a Camera that's working and Cupcakes!!! Could life be BETTER?? I think NOT!!!

Hugs and Love and a "Sweet, Creative, High Tech" Bus on the Cheek!!"

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 8 of Gratitude,,,Vintage and Antique Goodness!

I LOVE Vintage and Antique goodies,,,and I'm grateful to have them in my life! It doesn't have to be expensive or Fancy,,,,some times it's just something that reminds me of my Childhood, or sometimes it's something from a more glamorous or romantic time. I lean towards the Chippy/Pastel/Frou-Frou/European stuff, but I still love me some "Kitch!"

I had fun putting this wreath together will little bits from the 50's and 60's, aka My Childhood.


I truly don't think I had a big love of those goodies from my Childhood until my mother passed away.They always evoked fun memories, but after she died, I think I wanted to grasp those  happy carefree years and hold them a bit tighter....

True for the Holidays, but for all the days of the year. I still gravitate towards the more romantic in my own decor, but will always have a soft spot for the "Kitch," the "Mid Century Modern Stuff." 

I'm feeling a bit "Vintage" Myself today, working away at Holiday Goodies,,,,,no more gluing, cutting, or glittering tonight, my fingers are a bit achy!! 

(In looking at pictures of this wreath, do you think it needs more Mica glitter?? I'm thinking maybe so, let me know what you think, please!)

Hope you are safe and WARM, My heart goes out to all on the East Coast, given the double Whammy! 

Hugs, Love and a Whimsical Bus!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 7 of Gratitude! Sunshine......

We were blessed with Sunshine here for the most part in Washington State and I was SO thankful! Thankful because my leaky roof finally got checked out! And thankful that the expense will be minimal,,,,at least for the next year, then I'm looking at a new roof! <Ouch>

I've been working on a lot of things for my Trunk Show at Bountiful Home on the 17th, including embellishing a few Antique Postcards! I love these old images!

 I PROMISE to get my Printer/Scanner hooked up to my laptop soon and share these Christmas images with all of YOU! My dear Mary gave me a TON of Vintage/Antique cards and originally I thought to photograph them and share,,then I had one of those middle of the night epiphanies --DUH! Scan them! (Why is it that some of our best ideas and clarity's come in the middle of the night?)

Hope your week is going well! Be safe & Warm! Hugs, Love and a "Sunny Bus"

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 6 of Gratitude-Small Business

If you know me at all, you know I'm a fan of small business & Artisans. I LOVE doing business with people that take the time to learn your name, maybe a bit of your "history" or personal needs & quirks!  From my local mechanic Paul, who knows my driving history ( "Shell, your brakes are bad because you don't drive this car enough! Your Mileage is low, but they're rotten") and drops off my car or pics it up, to my friend Barb who does my printing ("Okay, so you needed this yesterday and brought it in today??"), my friends that Ship my packages and offer me a fresh baked cookie- Moi, "You have Lynn's Address is your computer, right?"-and they Do while I munch on my warm cookie, or my friend Todd, at Bountiful Home in Edmonds (Cute little town near Seattle on the Water) who asked me if I wanted to do a Holiday Trunk Show of Christmas Creations and Vintage goodies! Heck Yeah!

(Gorgeous Autumnal Entry to Bountiful Home)

Todd is the perfect example of a Small Business owner who promotes Other small businesses and artists!! And I feel Honored to have a "Bountiful Day" in his lovely Store! I'll be there
 Saturday, October 17th from 10am-5pm,,,,,

Tomorrow I'll pick up Cards/Flyers from my friend Barb, mentioned above and take them to some of my  other Small Business friends to promote the Event! And don't forget, Friday is Joyworks Holiday Open house (Details on my Sidebar) .....

Support Small Business, unless of course you'd rather buy all your Cra*,,,,,stuff at the Box Stores,,,because if you don't support them, that's gonna be your selection!!

Hugs Love and a "Small" but Oh so important "Bus"

Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 5 of Gratitude,,,Community (Little Pink Houses)

I am SO Blessed to live in such a Great little Town and Community! Full of GREAT neighbors, merchants and community activists. But it took me a while to find them all.................

I have lived here in little Historic Snohomish for over 30 years now. Wow! When I first moved here, I lived in the little back Cottage with a roommate, a dear friend from High School. Eventually I married and we stayed in the little house until my oldest Sean was about 3. I didn't know many folks in town other than a few close neighbors, because I commuted to the Seattle area for years working at Nordstrom. Time at home was precious, but I didn't have much time to get to know people. Soon I had another child and I got to know families at the local pre-school, and then grade schools and on and on. Amazing how your kids open the "Social" gates!

Eventually, I left Nordstrom and an Advertising Exec job and started working at Joyworks. I guess that's when I REALLY started to learn and meet so many amazing people in this area. It has just grown exponentially over the last 15 years or so, and I truly cannot imagine living ANY where else. Snohomish has grown,,,,but we have primarily maintained the Historic, quaint, small town feel. With Garden clubs and an Awesome Historical Society, Small unique Shops, and "Little Pink Houses" to peruse in our Historical District!! I'm blessed to live here!!

You won't find THIS house in the Historical District,,,,,But there are lots of fun REAL homes to see!!

I really had fun making this one! I'm not sure if it's going to end up at Joyworks or Bountiful Home for the Trunk Show I'm doing on the 17th........

I had ONE more of these Vintage Italian Christmas Angels........She needed to go front and Center!!

Hope your Monday has been a good one! I both cleaned up Messes and MADE The them!! I hope you take/took the time to Vote, no matter your persuasions! I'm looking forward to the "VOICE" later tonight,,,,it's been my favorite show this fall!

Hugs, Love and a "Little Pink Bus" today!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 4 of Gratitude,,,,,,My little Cottage

I am SO blessed to have my Cute little Home! I love all it's "Old Bones," History and Character!

(No, not THIS one! But this was fun to Make!) 

Nor am I the Vintage "Angel" dancing out front.......

My house looks a BIT more like this....................

This depiction by artist Patty Simpson Ward......although at the moment there are a Lot more leaves scattered about........

But I love my little Bungalow and my little Cottage in the Back! I used to want a Big old house,,,,but this has just been perfect for me all these years! I am Very Grateful!!

Happy Sunday, turned your Clock back Day!! Hugs, Love and a "Homey Bus" on the Cheek!!