Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Reflections-a letter in "Victoria" Magazine and a Concept from my Friend Jill

A day or two after Christmas, I picked up a copy of "Victoria"  Magazine,,,,which, I  love. There was a letter from a Reader, regarding the New Year, which, truly, grabbed and seized my heart. I certainly don't know the author of said letter, but it was Jennifer Farnes of University Place, Washington. But,,,truth be known, Jennifer and I are "cut from the same cloth," so to speak.....I so identified with her letter!

And here, I wanted to share it with all of you. To quote her letter to"Victoria" Magazine:

"Every January 2nd, my birthday, I sat with pen in hand to write my goals and resolutions for the coming year. Despite having had the best of intentions, however, I never quite managed to keep them, as they lost importance throughout the ups and downs of the subsequent twelve months. All too quickly I was back sitting at my desk the following year, often repeating the very same aspirations.
Then, one birthday I realized how poinless this was--writing down things I never managed to achieve or achieved to a lesser degree than I had hoped. The futility and the frustration I felt had to do with the cataclysmic event: the death of our 11-year-old son, who was whisked abruptly from our lives in a car accident. I reflected on how fragile life is and that such a precious gift might be taken from us at any moment.
And then I marveled at what a treasure each day is and understood that if I look hard enough, learn from it, and move through it with joy, and, yes, bliss, that would be resolution enough. If I gather my family around me and tell them every day how much they are loved, that, too, would be resolution enough. If I take a few moments each day to really look at the beauty of this world and its creations, that resolve will take flight in me and swiftly turn to appreciation. I cannot count on another day being given to me; I cannot assume I will wake up or that others I love deeply will awaken each day. As a result, I have lived with resolve every moment of every day for the twenty years since my son died. I no longer make goals that stretch far into the future, but try to acheive, to learn, to wonder and to keep gratitude in my heart for each tender mercy. And I plant tulips in the autumn with the hope that when spring comes, I will be here to see them bloom. "

Thanks Jennifer, I couldn't have put it better. I have never lost a Child, but I too lost someone in a Car accident, My love, my dear Husband Karl. And, yes, it's been years now-that all happened back in 1994. But being abruptly widowed at 37 did teach me a few things. Many of which Jennifer expressed so eloquently. And, in recent years I've lost more loved ones than I care to count. My mom, other dear and cherished family members, friends and members of our little Community here in Snohomish.

So,  this week??  In reflection, I read a post by my dear friend Jill, of "Untie the Ribbons." "Eleven 2011 Intentions."
(I stole her header) Well,,,,kinda. Posting it here! Great  Concept Jill! Love all of yours! And here, are mine,,,,,

MY Eleven 2011 intentions,,,,,,what are YOURS???

1) Carpe Diem.....Live each day to it's best! 

2) Have a "Good China" Gathering.....Break out the priceless Meissen and have a Girls luncheon SOON! That Priceless China isn't doing anyone any favors in a cabinet display! Share it, use it! If it breaks or chips, it's worth it, if shared with dear friends!!!

3)Stay in better Contact with Family and Friends -Remind them ALL, always, how much they mean to me!

4) Travel a bit more,locally and further---(Starting with Trip in March to Atlanta to meet friend  my Dear Blog friend Jill) And plan trips to meet OTHER Blogfriends I've connected with,,,here in Washington, and beyond! I have SO loved meeting so many new faces, creative women THIS year,,,,,,I want to meet more!

5)Plan another trip to Europe to see Family AND explore NEW Countries-Italy and Greece.

6) Buy a Better Camera and LEARN how to take better photos!! (Maybe this needs to come BEFORE my trips/Visits!

7) Learn new Art techniques....try  new stuff, make  new stuff, learn from others....

8) Do MORE shows, attend classes as finances permit!

9) Think about selling house(s) in town and relocating somewhere less expensive with MORE acreage!

10) Always, Always, Always, tell Family and Friends-both Near and Far,,,,,,How much I love and appreciate them! Like I do All of YOU! Thank you for becoming a part of my life,,,,,,,,big or Small! I look forward to getting to know you all a BIT more next year. May you find happiness in the important things, overlook the little things and, like me.........

11) Consult your Dogs and Cats  about ALL of the above.......

Love, Big Hugs and a Noisy old Bus on the Cheek for the New Year to you all!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Me? Or "Dame Edna",,,,,,You decide!

So? I attended a wedding on the 18th of this month. The Groom, I've known since he got his permanent teeth! (His Brother is My Son Andrew's BF.)  So,,,Long story short? This whole family is like my second family.  I love them ALL!!! At the Reception, the Bride and Groom had a Photo Booth set up....complete with Props!

Yeah, this one is just kinda Cute,,,,,,With my dear friend Kelly, her dear sis Lindsey, "Grandma" Celia, and cuz Brian in the background,,,,and oh, yeah, me on the left! Call my Salon, I need a serious Waxing!

And then,,,,,,,and THEN? If I didn't love you guys all so much and think you might need a laugh,,,,,,,,I wouldn't even SHOW this next one! Okay,,,,SHUT UP! Is it ME???? OR comedienne extrodinaire, "Dame Edna?" You decide!!

(Shell, Center,,,,,aka Dame Edna)

Hope you're having a good laugh, at my expense!,,,,,I know I DID!  Ughh,,,,,,I look like I'm in "Drag" Too!

(I've already started my New Years Post for tomorrow....So, Laugh now,,,,,I shed a few tears writing it......And part of my sentiment involves the lot of YOU......My Blog Readers. If you get a moment tomorrow,,,,stop by. I have a profound letter to share.......Not my own mind you, but a letter that will most assuredly make you think about your life, your path and the future! )

Hugs, Love and a Big ol' Bus!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Day After the Day After,,,,,,Custom Order and Crafting again!

Hi Kids! Hope you all had a GREAT Christmas and are enjoying this interlude prior to the New Year's Festivities! Frankly, my Brain is buzzing with thoughts of ("Shut UP-She didn't say Valentines Day or mention the Ruffles and Rust Event in February") upcoming Events. And yesterday? I had a RUSH request for a  Custom Top Hat headband for a Wedding on New Years Eve,,,,,,,in,,,,,,,,,Hawaii!!
Wedding? On New Years Eve? In Hawaii? I think I'm living wrong! LOL

So today, I commissioned, Marla, my Muse, to Model said custom Headpiece!

Honestly? Based on her attitude, you would THINK I was flying her to Hawaii to deliver it!

Yeah, well, Maybe we'll BOTH get our Big Break AFTER I get a Camera that takes better Pics and has a MUCH Better Color rendition!!!

I'm SO buying a new Camera in the next couple of weeks!
Thanks "Santa Clarice" for my Bonus!!!

(Fun Chatting and Emailing with many of you the last couple of Days! I hope you all  (Ya'll) have a good week!)

Hugs, Love and a Bus,,,,,and Aloha!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fun Gifts from Friends Today!

My Dear Friend Deb Bock, from Garden Party Fame  and my neighbor, stopped by today and brought me THIS! Ackkk! This is the MOST Gorgeous French publication I have Ever Seen! And, as Deb never does anything halfway,  it came complete with a gorgeous srunched ribbon, Card and Embellished ornament! So lovely! I'm SO excited to peruse this Gorgeous publication! Love it!,,,,,,,,,,,
Thanks Deb!!! You're the BESTEST!!!!

And then this evening? I got an Awesome Package from my Friend Krys Kirkpatrick. I met Krys as a result of working at Joyworks, and her and sis's world reknown company "Bunnies by the Bay." Krys is still involved with all the "Bunnies" Stuff, but she has also struck out on her own ventures in recent years,,,,,,,and does extrodinairy paper crafts!!! Well, if you know me at all, you KNOW, I love anything to do with papers, and textures and ART,,,,,,,,And she is simply the BEST at what she does!

Cute little "Bungalows" From Krys,,,,,complete with lites,,,,,,,,,,and this Darling Bird Ornie!
You, my friend are Too Sweet! Thank YOU SO much! There is nothing more special than geting hand crafted items from another Artist/Crafter! I love, love love it All!!!

In closing, because tomorrow IS Christmas Eve,,,,,,,I've just gotta say that I cannot begin to give THANKS, Hugs, or express the love for all those I've met this past year! Truly, each year I blog,connect, attend events, I get to know and love more of YOU!

Near friends, and those more distant,,,,,,,,,Truly, I  feel SO blessed to have gotten to know you in recent years. Your Friendships Truly, mean the world to me! May you have a blessed Christmas and I SO look forward to getting to know you ALL more in the days, months and years to Follow!

Big Big Hugs, and as always love to YOU and yours and a Bus on the Cheek!
Merry Christmas! And to all, a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Too Funny,,,,Making Fudge and Cookies with my Sons tonight!

In recent years, both of my sons expressed that some of their BEST Holiday memories ever,,,were making and Decorating Sugar Cookies. I LOVE THIS! Neither one of them talked so much about Toys, or big was the Family memories of sitting at the Breakfast Nook, sometimes with a Friend or two,,,,,And Frosting cookies and adding the Sprinkles.,,,,etc.

Tonight though?  Take Two young men,,,,throw them in the kitchen,,, and issue orders like the Chef on Hell's Kitchen while listening to Christmas tunes,,,,,,and all HE,,double Hockey Sticks Breaks out!

(Andy Making Fudge),,,while I added stuff, Sean Chopped and Buttered Pans! "Get the Sugars on the Side Andy, or it'll be Grainey!" Giving Orders to a former Marine has it's Drawbacks......... (See my Photo Below!) Retalliation,,,,,,in it MOST FUN Form!

HA HA!! Mom drenched in Flour!!!
You THINK I'm gonna let THAT one go Easy?????

Oh Sure, they both look all CUTE and innocent HERE,,,,,and THEN,,,,,,and Then???? Sean,,,,,grabbed my Camera and erased ALL the other photos!!!!!!!  Ackkk! They were BOTH CAKED in Flour!!! I got 'em BOTH!! GOOD!!!

Regardless, we had a GREAT and memorable evening......not QUITE like the old days, when I'd give them the pre-baked/cut cookie shapes! It was TRULY priceless to see their large "Male Paws" try to cut out the dough THIS year!

Lovin' my BIG Guys! (I'll  make some pretty cookies tomorrow!) HA!

Loves and Hugs and a Big ole Holiday "Bus" on the Cheek to YOU ALLl!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Shipping Boxes, Packages and Cards! Ackkk!

Ackkk! I shipped out more boxes and Cards today,,,,some with Gifts, "Prizes and Ornies" to Blogfriends!

I have a Great Local Shipping Company that I go to,,,,,Post Net, here in Snohomish,,,,,,
they use Every Shipping company under the Sun!

And, despite my best efforts, some of you will get your boxes/cards/ornies AFTER Christmas! Sorry,,,,but I almost had to sell the Farm to ship as is! "Shut the... Front Door" Shipping is getting out of Control! I think all of us Bloggers ought to Establish our OWN Shipping company!

So,,,,,excuse me if what I promised arrives a day or two late.....I had the BEST of intentions!

Hugs, Love and a Bus!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kyle & Ellyn's Wedding

Last night Andrew and I attended the Wedding of a dear family friend, Kyle Holman and his Bride Ellyn. Gorgeous wedding,,,,and what a cute couple!

The Venue was Gorgeous,,,Hidden Meadows,,,,Just out of town ......
This was there Cake,,,Atop a Real Tree stump,,,,,,too cute! And then Cuppycakes for the Rest of us!

(Andrew and I sat at the "Reserved Table" which included Grandma Celia,,She is a Whoot!)
Definetly NOT the Reserved Table,,,,,,,,as the following photos will illustrate!

And my dear friends Kell and Her Cuz, Howard, Father of the Groom -

More of the Lorenzen Klan.....Dani and Brother Chris,,,home to visit from NYC and Virgina.....

They had a Great Photo booth set up with hats and props.....Love this one!

Fun evening! Congrats to the Bride and Groom!

It's Gorgeous and I'm off to Joyworks soon! Should be a Hoppin' Day! Have a GREAT Sunday, whatever you Do!

Hugs,Love and a Bus!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Ornament Winners and Address Update and Birthday Info Request for ALL Blog Friends!

General Note for all my blog Friends before I post the winners of the LAST giveaway! Please- even if you THINK I have your current "Snail Mail" Addy,,,,,,send it to me (Vicki, ie., I cannot find YOURS) My office/Guestroom has been occupied as of late by my oldest, and I've lost some paperwork---MY problem not his!!! So,,,to all my blog friends I am requesting BOTH a Snail Mail addy, and while were at it a Birthdate! (Or ahem,,,,at least MONTH and Year!) Send to!

So,the Giveaway "After the Giveaway............I used the" Random Number Generator" and Drew 5 people for my Paper Ornaments Giveaway....Only THEN, I "Cheated, or "Fudged" Kind of......... I only had 11 people reply to the "Giveaway after the Giveaway." And some of THEM won the LAST giveaway, OR they were already certain blog friends I'd sent off a little "Somethin', Somethin." So,, I concluded that,,,,,,The Winners ARE:

Sandi of Maximum Embellishment, Jo of My Grandma's Soul, Regan of "A Day in the Life",Lynn Stevens, and Lesley (not sure if you have a blog???)

Please Select an ornament type below and Email me your Snail Mail Addy ASAP,,,,,,,so I can HOPEFULLY get it to you before Christmas!!! Email me @

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend! (I have a BIG Wedding to attend tomorrow after working at Joyworks! Busy weekend!)

Please send updated addy info ASAP......Thanks!

Hugs, Love and a "Bus"

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Joyworks Christmas Party,,,,,Part 2.........Kim's House!

So,,,,,,If you read Yesterday's post, you know we Joyworks Gals had 2 Christmas parties, One at Luanne's house (previous post) for a Tour of HER lovely Home and Appetizers, and Then,  we moved on to her daughter Kim's-for Dinner, Games, More Merriment and Mayhem!

Kim's house, was gorgeous too, of course!  The dining room table was set and ready for Dinner......Look at Kim's gorgeous table!

And,,,,look at those DARLING Favors! Ackkkkkk!!

Too Stinkin' Cute! Kim made all these DARLING Snowmen for each of us,,,,,and Mom, Luanne, made the darling Felt Hats!

Kim's  whole House was just as Festive and Cute as her Mom's!

Check out all the Joyworks Gift Swaps around the Tree! Ackkk!

Tons of Snowmen on the Tree, and this Face, just made me Smile!

Well, I don't know who loves Kitties more- Me, or Jill,,,,,,,,Kim's Kitty Leo, wasn't the LEAST bit put out by having all these women in the house! His presence was VERY much noted throughout our Festivities!!!

So, after a GREAT dinner,,,,,,,,once again, we played our annual Dice Game........ ( I was too busy eating take any pics! Awesome Dinner though!!!!!) So,,,,the "Dice Game"........

Our Annual Gift and Dice Game.....(Sandi-Checkin' out the Loot!)

Luanne's Selection-First Round,,,,,,But Will She get to Keep it????

Ahh,,,,,,,,the Annual Embellished just keeps getting Better and Better! More Bling, more add-ons! Who will end up with it THIS year and what will they ADD for the Next recipient??????

I Got Jill's Gorgeous package the first round and it was TRULY to die for! But,,,,alas, I didn't get to KEEP it! (All is fair in Love and the Annual Dice Game!)

This may be one of my "Worst Photo's Ever!" I totally forgot to take a pic of the Bird I bought at SILVER BELLA from Lisa Dailey....a one of a kinder,,original,,because she SOLD OUT of all her originals in like 10 minutes, Vendor Nite in Omaha.....I'd decided it would be a fun Joyworks Party Gift,,,,and I made a  Retro Christmas box that it was SUPPOSED to fit into.....Clarice ended up with my Gift.
Ackkkkk! Partial Image of Lisa Dailey's Bird on the Left,,,,and the Retro Container I made to Hold it.......Oops! Sorry, NOT great images or either!

Clarice gave each of us TONS of Goodies for Christmas
Including these fun Mercury Glass Buckets full of Holly!

And, she also gave us all these darling "Joy" plates! Too cute!

Sandi made everyone these Wonderful Bird Ornaments! Too G-Darn Cute,,,,,with Silver Glitter, Burlap and handmade tags..I LOVE it Sandi,,,,,,,thanks!

I also made Custom "Stocking's" for the Gang...Complete with Candy, a Lottery Ticket and a Pipe Cleaner "Candy Cane."
Then, we gave Clarice her Present from ALL OF US this year......Lots of Cashmere,,,,,,and warm Silken "woolies."

I created these Goodies to tie onto her Packages! Shoot,,,, I lost the photo of Clarice opening her Gifts!

We ALL had a GREAT time though....again, a nite to remember! Truly, I look forward to this Joyworks Party and Celebrating the holidays with ALL the Special women I work with! Thanks to Kim and Luanne for opening your homes to ALL of us ,,,,it was magical and Wonderful!

Hugs, Love and a BUS to all of you,,,,,,and with SPECIAL regards to THIS post, especially all the wonderful, loving, caring, creative and delightful women I have the HONOR of working with at Joyworks!  You are all my extended family  and My love and admirations goes out to ALL of YOU!  I cannot imagine my life without all of you!


PS,,,,,,,,(I've been crafting like a Maniac! You should See my Coffee Table,,,,or Maybe NOT so much!) Still flooding here,,,,my Studio included!~)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Joyworks Christmas Party -Part One

We had our Joyworks Christmas Party last night, or I guess you could say we had TWO Parties! We Started at Luanne's Lovely home with Appetizers and later, drove over to her daughter, Kim's for Dinner, gifts and games! So here is Part One, in

Luanne's Beautiful Home!

Entry Hallway

Did I mention Luanne Collects Snowmen? No? Well,,,,,,you be the Judge!


Time for Appetizers! And What Else? But a Darling Snowman Cheese Ball! (Good thing there was a "backup ball", because nobody wanted to tear into this Cutie!

Goodies, Laughs and Hostess Gifts for Luanne!
(Amy, Jana and Clarice)

Kay and Sandi
(I swear, if that Sandi Girl is not the most photogenic person I know!)

Pretty Rita
 Luanne, opening her "Loot!"

Oh Shoot, we have ANOTHER House to go too, Ummmm, "Kim, We're Running a BIT LATE!"

Before we head on over to Kim's,,,,,,Perhaps you might want some Friendly  Advice!

"Advice from a Snowman"

Be a Jolly Happy Soul * Spend Time Outdoors
Stay Cool * It's Okay to be a little Bottom heavy
Avoid Meltdowns * Be Well-Rounded
Live Well, Life is Short

Thanks Luanne, Everything was  SO Lovely! Next Stop,,,,,Part Two- On to Kim's!
Stay Tuned and Have a GREAT Monday!

Love, Hugs and a "Bus"!