Friday, December 17, 2010

Ornament Winners and Address Update and Birthday Info Request for ALL Blog Friends!

General Note for all my blog Friends before I post the winners of the LAST giveaway! Please- even if you THINK I have your current "Snail Mail" Addy,,,,,,send it to me (Vicki, ie., I cannot find YOURS) My office/Guestroom has been occupied as of late by my oldest, and I've lost some paperwork---MY problem not his!!! So,,,to all my blog friends I am requesting BOTH a Snail Mail addy, and while were at it a Birthdate! (Or ahem,,,,at least MONTH and Year!) Send to!

So,the Giveaway "After the Giveaway............I used the" Random Number Generator" and Drew 5 people for my Paper Ornaments Giveaway....Only THEN, I "Cheated, or "Fudged" Kind of......... I only had 11 people reply to the "Giveaway after the Giveaway." And some of THEM won the LAST giveaway, OR they were already certain blog friends I'd sent off a little "Somethin', Somethin." So,, I concluded that,,,,,,The Winners ARE:

Sandi of Maximum Embellishment, Jo of My Grandma's Soul, Regan of "A Day in the Life",Lynn Stevens, and Lesley (not sure if you have a blog???)

Please Select an ornament type below and Email me your Snail Mail Addy ASAP,,,,,,,so I can HOPEFULLY get it to you before Christmas!!! Email me @

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend! (I have a BIG Wedding to attend tomorrow after working at Joyworks! Busy weekend!)

Please send updated addy info ASAP......Thanks!

Hugs, Love and a "Bus"


  1. What cute ornaments. Congrats to the WINNERS!!!!!

  2. OH and have fun at the wedding!

  3. Hi Shelly, Congrats to the winners. The ornaments are adorable.

  4. What ever method you used, happy to win one of your sweet ornaments!! My fav new blog regardless! Have a great weekend and remember to breathe!

  5. oh Shelly how FUN!!!
    I can't decide between the bird or the stocking so I'll let you decide!
    I'll send you a p.m with my address! Thanks hun!
    hugs Lynn

  6. Hi Shelly, Thank you so much. No, I don't have a blog, but my e-mail is
    My snail addy:
    Lesley Walker
    22 St. Catherine's Avenue
    Norfolk NR25 5AP

    I love all of your work, so I'll leave you to choose. I know it won't be here by Christmas, but it will give me a headstart on next year. lol. Thank you again. Blessings

  7. Oh thank you....I love winning little presents!!! I'll jot down my address at your e-mail site. Thanks again.

    Have a wonderful holiday.


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