Saturday, December 4, 2010

Quick! Maggie is having a Giveaway! (The Maggie/Lulu/Shell Connection)

If you've followed my blog, or Lulu's (Costal Sister's) at all, then you know that we are the best of Blog Friends. And Maybe,,,,,if you've followed either Lulu or I for a while, that we Both have a very "Near and Dear"Friend, Maggie down "there" in the "Wilds of Texas."

Do you KNOW Maggie? OH MY STARS,,,,,she's the BEST! And she's having a Giveaway! And, what pray tell, IS she giving away? Well,,,,, a $25.00 Certificate at my BBFF's, Lulu's "Coastal Sisters" Etsy Shop!

And, as a Second Prize,,,,,you could win homemade Fudge or Peanut Clusters......and lemme tell you, from the Comment's on Mag's Giveaway,,,,I dunno, these handmade treats may rival Lulu's generous giveaway!
Sometimes, I think chocolate is better than S**, but I'd probably be biased anymore,
as well, I sleep with Dogs!

SO, head on over ASAP to Maggies site and  sign up for the Giveaways! And by ALL means, hop on the "Maggie" bus! and join her blog. She's the Best! And you'll absolutelyl LOVE HER ANTICS, her characater, her values and her HEART! Mags ,,,,,,,aka Maggie,is one of the best gifts I've ever recieved in "Blogland." Truly.
And,  I cannot WAIT to meet her one day! IF You win her giveaway,,,,,from Lulu, or the Treats, it would be lovely, but TRULY,,,,,,just signing on to follow this amazing, funny, kind, insightful woman is the best prize/gift you'll ever receive!

Stop on over NOW if you're going to enter.......because this giveaaway is gonna end FAST! And If you read her posts and come to love her as much as I HAVE,,,,,,My Prize would Be just YOU telling her ,"Shell" said I needed to meet you! " Truly she is one in a Bazillion,,,,,as is my dear LULU for her giveaway for the event!
We can be scattered across the globe,,,,,,,but sometimes you just connect! If you DON'T already know Maggie,,,,,,take the time to meet her and enter her Giveaway,,,,,,,but truly, Maggie is The Prize!

Love and BIG HUGS to Blog friends OLD and New!!!

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