Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dogs, Turkeys and "Stuff!"

My  heart goes out to all those suffering from the Wrath of Sandy in the NE! My complaints are small, although with all this rain, I have a Leak in this Old Roof! 

For the most part, I like being single. Truly. But when there are things I can't take care of myself and I start thinking about all the "aches and pains" in this old House,,,,,I get frustrated!!! Not to mention worried HOW many years I can stay here, as it is a "Small Money Pit!!" So anyway,,,,,,,,

I delivered a Custom Witch Hat to a friend of mine today who owns a Printing/Copy business. I didn't take any photos of the hat because she wants it to be a surprise at a Snohomish Business meeting tomorrow!!.......But I brought her some Vintage Postcards to copy including THIS ONE.......

(Feel free to copy and use as you wish,,,,,,AND If you have any suggestions as to HOW to best Photocopy these card, let me know.....I have TONS and there is no Copyright as they are so old....)

My youngest, Andrew stopped by this afternoon with my new "Grand Dog"-Diesel. A black lab mix pup cute as the dickens!!! This is the FIRST Video I've ever taken w/ my Camera, so forgive me!!

They all had a Great time!!!

Hope your week is going well! I'll be filling in again tomorrow at "Beat Street," the Shop next to us at Joyworks! It's always Fun to see what Diane has on hand and help out!

Going to a "Junk Swap Party" on Friday night,,,,,,,,It's always fun to get together with fellow Junkers/Antiquer's and Visit,,,,,,not to mention we play a fun Junk Swap Game.....I'll share Fri or Sat!!

Enjoy the rest of your week!! Hugs and a "soggy Bus!"

Off to find someone that does roof repairs!! Ackkk!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

A bit of Nostaligia Nordstrom Style (Stew Recipe)

Hi All!

Hope you are all safe and cozy!! Prayers and well wishes for all of you on the East Coast and hope you didn't get blown away here in Washington State today, either!! It was a busy day for me, but I wanted something quick, hearty and inexpensive simmering on the stove today,,,,,so, I made a pot of "Ryans" Hamburger Stew.

You may or my not know that I worked for Nordstrom for YEARS! I worked at a few of the first stores, long before they got HUGE! I used to have lunch at "our" Ryan's Cafe,,,in The Downtown Seattle (Flagship) Store. Someday's I'd be sitting next to "Mr. John" or "Mr. Jim" (The Second generation of  the Nordstrom family.)  The Original Cafe's in Nordstrom were run by a Father and Son, whom I got to know back in the 70's. They made Great Sandwiches and Soups, and more often than not,  I'd tuck into a bowl of this........

Ryan's Cafe Hamburger Stew

(This is SO quick and easy to make,,,,the only chopping you'll do is the Onion and the Garlic. Prep time is 10 minutes,,,,,,then you just let it Simmer! Freezes well too!)

"Ryan's Cafe" Hamburger Stew........

One large Onion Minced
1 1/2 lb. Lean Hamburger
Canola Oil
1/2 teasp chopped Garlic
1/2 teasp Basil

A bag EACH of Frozen-
 Southern Hashbrowns (The CUBES not the shredded)
Peas and Carrot Mix

One can DRAINED Stewed Tomatoes
32 oz. Beef Broth

1 cup HOT water and 1 1/2 Tablespoon Flour

So? In a Large Soup Pot:

Brown the chopped onion in  appx 1 Tb Canola Oil and a good pinch of Salt to "Sweat" the Onions.  Throw in the Hamburger and brown.

Once the Hamburger is Browned add EVERYTHING else, except the Hot water and Flour.

Simmer for an hour or so. THEN, Take one cup of HOT water and wisk in the flour with a fork until well mixed. Add slowly into the Stew.  You're Done,,,,,,,,Just let it simmer a couple more hours.......

Serve with Crusty Bread or Roll and Butter.........

Like spaghetti, or many other things, it tastes GREAT the first day but even better the 2nd or 3rd day!
I hope you try and Enjoy!! I had a busy day making "Stuff," cleaning up around here, etc. Hope your week is starting off well! Stay safe and stay Cozy!!

Hugs, Love and a "Blustery Bus" (We're safe here in Washington but it was a WINDY day!!)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fun Finds!

Happy Thursday!

I think I finally found a Venue for my Holiday Event! Will let you all know as soon as possible!! 

I had to go and buy a few basic supplies today and on my way to the Craft store, I stopped in at the Local Goodwill Thrift Store. I don't know about you, but just like a Garage Sale or Estate Sale sign, I simply "Cannot pass GO!" And today, I found this darling Porcelain Sleigh......from "Lefton China."
Thought it would be fun to embellish with a few Christmas Goodies.......

I added a handfull of Vintage glass ornaments, a little White Bottle Brush tree and a Vintage White deer. Don't know if I'll keep it or sell it, but was fun to assemble. 

Worked on some other things today too,,,and Beau "helped." He's a tired Kitten!!

Hope your week is going well! 
Hugs, Love and a Happy Bus!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Vicki's Blogger Event, My ADD and a little Angel!

Happy Wednesday all!

Hope your week is going well! It always seems like by the middle of the week I am going a Bazillion directions! So here's what's up,,,

My dear, sweet Friend Vicki  a is having a Blogger Event called, "Grow your Blog." http://2bagsfull.blogspot.com  to help us all link together, find like minded bloggers and have a "meet and greet!" I think it's a great idea. So if you have a blog, pop on over and register on Todays post! Always love meeting new Bloggers and finding new friends!!

I worked in my studio a bit. My friend Deb Bock gave me this little Ceramic guy,,,,,,who needed some TLC.  So I added him to a little embellished box......

He's only about 3 inches tall,,,so you can see how small the box/tree and deer are......I had fun embellishing him.......

He's got such a sweet little face!
Hope he's happy with his new home!!

I worked on several other projects in the Studio,,,,,,,,but some of them take longer......and trust me when I say I'm ALL over the board,,,again! 

I'm STILL looking for a Holiday Venue and I feel a bit like Goldilocks. This Bed ( building) is too small, This Bed, (Warehouse) is too Cold, This Bed (Chapel/Meeting Hall, doesn't have enough,,,,,,parking, electricity, high enough ceilings,,,,, I'm still looking for a building that is JUST Right! Which is frustrating as ALL get out because everything else has fallen into place, (Vendors, Volunteers/Interest) Where IS that place that is "Just Right?" I'll give it a few more days/hunts/phone calls and then I'll have to reconsider! Frustrating as all Get out! (What is a "Get out" anyway?)

All that aside, I've had GREAT fun with my new Kitten Beau,,and for some reason today was an especially BUSY BIRD DAY! The Robins love my "Tree of Heaven" for it's berries right now and my yard was FULL of birds! That and SO many birds migrating through,,,,I heard Birds today I've never heard before,,,maybe Swans? They DID sound like Trumpeters. It's getting cold tonight I'm sure they're getting out of Dodge! (I'm starting to see that I use a LOT of expressions that I have NO idea where they came from!,,,,,,Dodge???)

Enjoy the rest of your week!
Hugs, LOVE and a "Flighty" BUS on the Cheek!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

By Request,,,,White Chicken Chili ( and how can something so good, hurt so BAD?)

So, Yesterday? I was thinkin' it was White Chicken Chili time again! And ironically,  my Blogfriend Donna from Brynwood Needleworks posted a recipe  she received from a friend,that sounds absolutely divine!! (With creme and sour creme and cheddar cheese) Yeah well I could pretty much just eat those 3 ingredients and be in heaven already!)  And I'd love to try it,,,but being my waistline is already large enough,,,for now I think I'll stick to mine!

But first off? I proceeded to burn myself while cooking the onions and peppers and then ya know those $30 can openers you buy at some Pampered Chef party, because you felt  like you had to buy something??? Well,,,,yeah, not working so good. Okay, not at ALL! SO?

I pulled out the old one that I think I've had since I gave birth to my first child, (Which was the START of the demise to my waistline,,,but I'll save that for another day) and that darn thing nearly broke my wrist!! So much for "Pinning" anything tonite because it still hurts like the Dickens!! (Who IS Dickens anyway,,,,,,,)

So,, Now that I've shared my pain,,,,Here's the darn White Chicken Chili, which I've posted the last two Autumn's  But it is great for this time of year!,,,,,,the recipe is EASY, as long as you keep your fingers away from hot surfaces and have a good can opener,,,,,I'm just sayin.......

Stuff you'll need,,,,

Appx 6 cups of cooked Chicken ( I buy a deli chicken pre cooked) skinned and diced
One large Onion Chopped
2 Green Peppers, Cubed
Canola Oil
2-4 Garlic cloves,,,minced
One Quart Chicken Broth (I use Organic)
Salt, (I use Sea Salt)
Fresh Ground Pepper OR White Pepper if you already have it
Cumin 1/2 Teaspoon
Ground Clove  1/2 Teaspoon
Chili Powder to Taste,,,I usually use about 1/2 Teaspoon,,but be careful, some of these are a lot more potent than others,,,,but if you like it HOT???.....
One small can MILD Green Chili Peppers (These are NOT hot, just add "Tang"
3 cans GREAT Northern Beans (DO not Drain)
1 Can Garbanzo Beans

Monterey Jack Cheese, Shredded*

Take all that stuff and,,,,,,,
Put the chopped onion, green peppers, and garlic in a BIG Soup Pot with a Tablespoon or two of Canola oil, add a pinch of Salt,,,lightly brown....
Then add:
Everything Else Except the Cheese........Simmer for Several hours: Done!

 Easy right? Especially if you didn't have to cook the Chicken,,,I don't think you save any money when you do it yourself,,but YOUR choice!! Sometimes I Splurge and buy Organic Chicken Breasts,,,but it is more work....

You can do one of TWO things with the Cheese,,,add 3 cups shredded right before you serve to a large group,,,,(It makes it really creamy) and you can still add it all even if you are NOT going to eat it all......

But it burns easier when you reheat it with all that Cheese,,,and if you add it "as you eat" you can control the Fat intake.

I've shown it here with a side of Organic Whole grain Corn Chips and Paul Newman's Salsa,,,but you can create a "bigger spread" with Guac, Sour Creme, etc.....This makes about 14 Cups,,,so you can freeze and pull out and enjoy as you'd like!

Bon Appetite!

(I'd forgotten the Mild Chilies when I started making this, so Shell's got a new Can opener now for the Low low price of $6.99)

Happy Tuesday!
Hugs, Love and a "Spicey" Bus!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Mittens and Kitten's, Oh My!

Brrrrrrr, Cold and Wet here , so this morning I spent a little bit of time in my  cozy Studio working on a few projects,,,,,,,

Finished these little Mittens, and my  new helper Beau, took a nap ......(After he was "initiated" by walking through a container of Glitter!)  I just carried him back upstairs in the Paper Mache' Box! It's a BIG world out there when your just weeks old!!!

A couple of things,,,,,Heather at Speckled Egg is having a fun Giveaway!

She's listed over on my Sidebar of Favorites,,,,_Love this talented sweet lady! Hop on over and Share your Fave Halloween Costume Memory!!! I truly loved thinking about those Old day's Halloween memories as much if not more than entering her Fantastic Giveaway!!.....So, go say "BOO!"

And finally, if you follow me on Facebook, you know I'm trying to put together a Holiday Show.....and the response has been SO overwhelming and positive that I have Outgrown the Venue that I thought I could use!! So I'd appreciate it if you say some Prayers and think some Positive thoughts that I can FIND a bigger Venue...... And Fast! Working on it,,,,Everyone has been SO helpful and enthusiastic, I really want to do something special!

Just another Manic Monday!!

Hugs, Love and a "Warm" Bus!

(Tomorrow is White Chicken Chili Day,,,,,the good thing about cooler nites is a warm hearty bowl of Soup!!)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Reality Check! (6 days w/o Internet)

This last week has been SO crazy! I lost my Internet of Sunday, my Birthday! Thank you ALL for all your Birthday wishes here and on Facebook!

I've had a GREAT week and caught up on a lot of Junk I should have done MONTHS ago! Having NO internet does that!

This sweet little guy is my NEW kitty BEAU.......and You'll be seeing a LOT more of him!

Glad to have my internet back,,,,,,,and will TRY to catch up!

Have a Great weekend! Hugs, Love and a Purrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!


Saturday, October 13, 2012

True Confessions,,,Another year older and Gifts!

Look at this Woman..........

She is going to be 56 years old tomorrow,,,,,,Ackk!! Yeah, yeah, I don't have Pink in my hair anymore,but I want you to look at that FACE! It was much cuter and more innocent when she was little,,but I have a CONFESSION to make! SHE was ONCE a Peeker!!! Not for her Birthday mind you, it was Christmas,,,,,and her mother wasn't very good at hiding things. But she FOUND the "stash" of Christmas gifts from her Mom, and Santa,,,,and Even her Favorite Auntie that was going to be out of town for Christmas? She peeked! And when Christmas rolled around, she new EVERYTHING she GOT.....it was Horrid! 

Lesson to SELF? Never Look to spoiling a surprise!! I will NEVER peek again,,,,in fact in later years I used to ask my mom, "Where did you hide my STUFF?" Because I always wanted it to be a surprise!! Yep,,,no longer a "Peeker!"  I got a few gifts early today from Co-workers....Some lovely things out in plain site,, - and I'll share tomorrow or Monday, and I got a couple of early Facebook "Virtual" Birthday gifts,,,and yet still,, I'll wait till tomorrow! You do that ONCE as a kid,,or at least for ME,,,,and you NEVER do it again!!

And,,,in case you didn't see this adorable baby on Facebook,,,I think this is going to be MY present to ME,,,,He is SO cute!

I've seriously been thinking about going to a Shelter to adopt a kitten, since I lost both of my Cats this year, But this little Darlin' belongs to a friend of a friend,,,,and I think he's coming HOME with me on Wednesday!!! I'll let you all know this week! Is he the Cutest???

Hope you're weekend has been going well! I had a GREAT night last night at "M&M Antiques" in Monroe, hanging out and shopping with some of my Favorite people and Vendors! (Thank you for those of you told me to Continue my Blog and encouraged me to just "write from the heart" as I always have. ) I really do NOT care about Comments,,love them, but if you don't know HOW, don't have time, I understand!  Love you all! Thank you.

Hugs, love and a "Furry and NO Peeking Bus!"

Sunday, October 7, 2012

PMS,,,"Poor Me Syndrome"

My mother used to say--- into her  60's and even 70's that she KNEW when "The School Picnic" would have happened....(That was the term she USED to write on the Family Calendar in earlier years, when she was/or started her Period). I could never quite understand how you would KNOW when you period WOULD have been,,,years and decades after they had ceased. But yesterday? I think I was having "PMS" even though THOSE days of the "School Picnic" are LONG over! (I'll have to mark it on MY Calendar and see if I am still having emotional "School Picnics" Even NOW!)

Instead, I'm calling it "Poor Me Syndrome," because YES, I was hurt Badly, but IF I still have a Hormone or TWO left if my body,,it kicked in! (Maybe the desire to Clean and eat sweets should have been an indicator).  Or, as they said in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, "It's the Hormonies!" Huh? Do I still HAVE any of those???

And I Know we all like different things. It was a respect issue. And I always try and respect things others do, create, love. Even if it's different from my own. I always HOPE that I "Lift" other's UP. That's why it hurt so bad......not because they didn't like my "Stuff," but because they didn't respect me enough to be KIND.

So,,,,I thought about it a lot today,,,talked with one of my "Bestest's" this morning.(Thank you!,,,you mean the World to me!)  And Truly? Was embarrassed after I read so many lovely Comments!,,,,, I wasn't asking for a "You're great, don't Go!" kind of thing,,,,I just hurt.  But thank you ALL!

And,,,,as Lisa Swiftka commented on Facebook regarding my  Blog post,,,,We are ALL torn in a million directions these days,,,,,Blogs/FB/Twitter (I don't do that but understand), Pinterest, etc...And as Mary P. C. Commented on my Post from Friday,,,, We partially do this "Blog Thing" to record/Journal, what we've done.

I'm going to lick my wounds and Continue doing what I love to do,,,,,,Sharing the Day to Day,,posting Stuff I make, Junk I find and Life,,,,as I see it! Thank you. Thank you for reading even if you don't comment. And thank you for letting me have a "PMS",,,Poor Me Syndrome Day!

We've got a COUPLE more Sunny Days In Washington State,,,,,,I should just get OUT and take some Photos of the beautiful Place I live,,,,,,and count ALL my Blessings!!  That would include all of YOU!

Hugs, Love and an "Extra" Bus of Gratitude on the Cheek!

( Sometimes it's HARD to find the Good,,,,when things are Sad, or negative, I always try and look toward the Light,,,,,That is one of my most God driven, spiritual beliefs. Lift up OTHERS,,,,and you yourself will be lifted!. We ALL need to lift each other up in Good and in Bad times,,,,,it's WHY I hurt so bad,,but also WHY I believe it is SO important to do for those in our lives!)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

I'm seriously thinking about closing down my Blog.......There are SO few comments that I think no one cares or reads anymore............
I also got a "Punch in the Gut" today, which is making me re-think a lot of what I've been doing/making. 

If I decide to close this blog down,,it'll make me sad, but I'll always Love all of you and hold you close to my heart. You can still follow me on Facebook (Shelly Rollins) or on Pinterest. And at THIS point, I'll still keep my Etsy site going. 

 I'm going to give this a day or two before I decide what I'm going to do/persue,,,I'm not "OUT",,,,,but maybe I need to make some life Changes!!

Hugs, Love and a  "Tearful Bus" Because I have So loved getting to know you all,,,and how can I NOT do this anymore???

Friday, October 5, 2012

Anne Lory's (From Fiona and Twig) posted this sign from the Shows in Fredricksburg, Texas today,,,,,and I absolutely LOVE IT!! Some days, when I make things, I think, "Will anyone like THIS?" And then I stop and think,  well, I like it,,,,,,,and that's okay! If something I create, buy, love doesn't attract "the masses" because it isn't "On Trend," I've learned that's okay......because I Loved creating, buying, displaying it! You might love Blue,,,or Red. Not me so much. But I LOVE that you love Blue or Red,,,or Purple or  whatever.(My Mom loved blue,,,,,I think I got and overdose,,,and my Oma, my Grandmother, loved Orange)!  As my Friend Kelly once said, "It's a good thing I don't love everything, I'd be in trouble!! 

So, I make things I love,  mostly in Colors and Textures and themes I love,,,,,And I guess that's why you stop by,,,,unless of course you just  think, "I could make that in BLUE!" or you just like to stop by anyway.......Anyway.... a few new things I added to Etsy today....My Studio AND my livingroom  looks like Christmas Blew UP right about now......Alas, Creativity has once again taken precedence over Cleanliness!!!

Fun LITTLE vintage Tart Tins with little Vintage Angels, Sheet Music and various Embellishments.....Not sure WHERE I got these little Angels  or these tiny tins (Garage Sale or from a friend?) Too fun to put them all together...............

And at this point,,,you might be saying, "Shell? Another Snowman Box? " They've been fun to make and because I have the Cr** still all over,,,,,,,What's one or two more?

Side View,,so you can see the Polka Dots........

and the Fun little sign..........

Just Go to the Linky for Pinterest on the Top of my Sidebar if you want to see more!

Back To Joyworks tomorrow,,,,,We've been SO busy in the store the last couple of weeks! The clothing area has grown in inventory (Including some Larger Sizes XL's, 1X and 2X's with some REALLY cute stuff) If you are local, stop by and see us,,,,,,Great new Home and Holiday Decor and accessories/jewerlry too!

Have an AWESOME Weekend,,,,Whatever you do!Loving these "Dogs Days of Summer" here in Washington!!

Hugs, Love and a "Polka Dot" Bus!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

All that Gliitters........

This has been a REALLY busy week! First of all, I have to Share a GREAT pic of my Friend Deb Bock,,,you know, the one I go "Junking" with sometimes, The one that does Fantastic Weddings and these days has a space at M&M Antiques in Monroe...The Friend that always makes me laugh and Smile, that has the BIGGEST heart ever and more talent in her little finger than most of us can EVER hope to have........

On Tuesday I helped her"fluff" and re-do her Boothspace, because they were expecting Company the next day next day from None other than Heather Bullard, who was accompanied by our friend Melaine  and Serena from "Farm Chicks" Fame, to get ready for a Photo shoot for Country Living Magazine,,,,,

M&M is one of my favorite "Haunts" and some of the Most talented women I know have Antique booths there,,,Here's the link of all the Photos on Wednesday,,,but mostly I wanted to share the beautiful photo of my dear Deb,,,,,,

You can see the rest of the Pictures from Wednesday on Facebook,,,,,just "Like" MMAntiques"
(No & sign in their page)

I'm looking forward to seeing the final Magazine layout with a few special touches from Friends!!

Today, Much less Exciting,,,but fun, nonetheless, I worked on some little Christmas Stockings......I'm really into the Turquoise this year,,,,,,and I found this fun Vintage Rick Rack trim that was fun to work with,,,,,,I'll post these on ETSY.

You KNOW I love my Glitter,,,,but I think my Friends are even MORE Sparkly and Shiney! That includes all of YOU!

Happy Thursday! I hope you're getting to do some of what you love to do,,,and BE with some of those you Love! Life is Good!

Hugs, Love and a "Sock Full" of Buses!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hi All,
Hope you week is going well! I've had a busy week helping out some friends. I worked on Monday for the Shop next to us at Joyworks, Then yesterday I helped my Friend Deb Bock with her Space at M&M Antiques,,,,,it was sort of last minute, so I didn't bring my Camera,,,,Shoot (or not "shoot").

Finished another Snowman today and listed it on Etsy and then proceeded to get a bad Sore throat,,,,,,Ackkk,,,,Lost of "Junk" going around here in Washington State. I think I'll be in bed soon, I'm really tired too,,,,,,

Anyway, Here's "Oliver,,"

Too funny, because when I started to post him earlier the default/word fill Tried to name it "Debbie Oliver." Gotta Love Computers!

Stay healthy,,,,,too pretty here to get SICK!

Hugs, Love and a "Sunny" Bus!!