Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dogs, Turkeys and "Stuff!"

My  heart goes out to all those suffering from the Wrath of Sandy in the NE! My complaints are small, although with all this rain, I have a Leak in this Old Roof! 

For the most part, I like being single. Truly. But when there are things I can't take care of myself and I start thinking about all the "aches and pains" in this old House,,,,,I get frustrated!!! Not to mention worried HOW many years I can stay here, as it is a "Small Money Pit!!" So anyway,,,,,,,,

I delivered a Custom Witch Hat to a friend of mine today who owns a Printing/Copy business. I didn't take any photos of the hat because she wants it to be a surprise at a Snohomish Business meeting tomorrow!!.......But I brought her some Vintage Postcards to copy including THIS ONE.......

(Feel free to copy and use as you wish,,,,,,AND If you have any suggestions as to HOW to best Photocopy these card, let me know.....I have TONS and there is no Copyright as they are so old....)

My youngest, Andrew stopped by this afternoon with my new "Grand Dog"-Diesel. A black lab mix pup cute as the dickens!!! This is the FIRST Video I've ever taken w/ my Camera, so forgive me!!

They all had a Great time!!!

Hope your week is going well! I'll be filling in again tomorrow at "Beat Street," the Shop next to us at Joyworks! It's always Fun to see what Diane has on hand and help out!

Going to a "Junk Swap Party" on Friday night,,,,,,,,It's always fun to get together with fellow Junkers/Antiquer's and Visit,,,,,,not to mention we play a fun Junk Swap Game.....I'll share Fri or Sat!!

Enjoy the rest of your week!! Hugs and a "soggy Bus!"

Off to find someone that does roof repairs!! Ackkk!!


  1. Good camera work girl, sorry I can't help with that roof. I am such a "girl." Have fun Friday evening....

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