Saturday, October 13, 2012

True Confessions,,,Another year older and Gifts!

Look at this Woman..........

She is going to be 56 years old tomorrow,,,,,,Ackk!! Yeah, yeah, I don't have Pink in my hair anymore,but I want you to look at that FACE! It was much cuter and more innocent when she was little,,but I have a CONFESSION to make! SHE was ONCE a Peeker!!! Not for her Birthday mind you, it was Christmas,,,,,and her mother wasn't very good at hiding things. But she FOUND the "stash" of Christmas gifts from her Mom, and Santa,,,,and Even her Favorite Auntie that was going to be out of town for Christmas? She peeked! And when Christmas rolled around, she new EVERYTHING she was Horrid! 

Lesson to SELF? Never Look to spoiling a surprise!! I will NEVER peek again,,,,in fact in later years I used to ask my mom, "Where did you hide my STUFF?" Because I always wanted it to be a surprise!! Yep,,,no longer a "Peeker!"  I got a few gifts early today from Co-workers....Some lovely things out in plain site,, - and I'll share tomorrow or Monday, and I got a couple of early Facebook "Virtual" Birthday gifts,,,and yet still,, I'll wait till tomorrow! You do that ONCE as a kid,,or at least for ME,,,,and you NEVER do it again!!

And,,,in case you didn't see this adorable baby on Facebook,,,I think this is going to be MY present to ME,,,,He is SO cute!

I've seriously been thinking about going to a Shelter to adopt a kitten, since I lost both of my Cats this year, But this little Darlin' belongs to a friend of a friend,,,,and I think he's coming HOME with me on Wednesday!!! I'll let you all know this week! Is he the Cutest???

Hope you're weekend has been going well! I had a GREAT night last night at "M&M Antiques" in Monroe, hanging out and shopping with some of my Favorite people and Vendors! (Thank you for those of you told me to Continue my Blog and encouraged me to just "write from the heart" as I always have. ) I really do NOT care about Comments,,love them, but if you don't know HOW, don't have time, I understand!  Love you all! Thank you.

Hugs, love and a "Furry and NO Peeking Bus!"


  1. I peeked once as an adult never again.
    Love the kitty it's beautiful.

  2. i peeked, too... gave myself away when i kept hinting that i would like "this" and "that..." things that i had found. lol. so long ago! i was about 8, i think... wow, 45 years ago. thanks for visiting and following my blog! it was a wonderful surprise to see!! hope your day is blessed!

  3. Shell, first and foremost happy day to you ,<3; I peeked too, it was horrible. I knew I was getting a Kodak Camera with the square bulb/flash, a "Bash" game, a Mickey Mouse watch and more I can't remember. I had to act surprised and I NEVER did it again. Thank for the great topic. Hugs, cm

  4. Hi Shelly!

    I was a peeker and professional re-wrapper!!! I did it until I got married and my husband caught onto my my family refuses to put gifts under the tree for me with my name on it!!! Hmmm, tough getting caught!!! Happy Birthday:)


  5. Shell- it's still your birthday week--- so Happy Birthday girlfriend! Keep celebrating!
    Love your sweet little "birthday present"!!! That little kitty will be your best buddy!!!

  6. I peeked on Christmas presents when i was 10 and thats how i found out for sure there was no Santa Claus.....The only thing i found was a plastic candy cane filled with MM's. Christmas morning i asked my mom twice....'are you SURE these are from Santa?' and when she said yes then i knew.....and i never peeked again! Hugs! deb


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