Monday, October 22, 2012

Mittens and Kitten's, Oh My!

Brrrrrrr, Cold and Wet here , so this morning I spent a little bit of time in my  cozy Studio working on a few projects,,,,,,,

Finished these little Mittens, and my  new helper Beau, took a nap ......(After he was "initiated" by walking through a container of Glitter!)  I just carried him back upstairs in the Paper Mache' Box! It's a BIG world out there when your just weeks old!!!

A couple of things,,,,,Heather at Speckled Egg is having a fun Giveaway!

She's listed over on my Sidebar of Favorites,,,,_Love this talented sweet lady! Hop on over and Share your Fave Halloween Costume Memory!!! I truly loved thinking about those Old day's Halloween memories as much if not more than entering her Fantastic Giveaway!!.....So, go say "BOO!"

And finally, if you follow me on Facebook, you know I'm trying to put together a Holiday Show.....and the response has been SO overwhelming and positive that I have Outgrown the Venue that I thought I could use!! So I'd appreciate it if you say some Prayers and think some Positive thoughts that I can FIND a bigger Venue...... And Fast! Working on it,,,,Everyone has been SO helpful and enthusiastic, I really want to do something special!

Just another Manic Monday!!

Hugs, Love and a "Warm" Bus!

(Tomorrow is White Chicken Chili Day,,,,,the good thing about cooler nites is a warm hearty bowl of Soup!!)


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    1. Thanks Mary! I made some last year,,,but not with the feather boa trim,,,I love it!! More to come!!!!

  2. the kitten is precious! i have 5 outside cats... when it starts to get cold, they know where they are supposed to go to get warm! one in my laundry room... one on the front screened porch... one in my den... one on my bed and the last one won't come in so she has a warm bed in the garage! they go straight to their places because i have each of them a warm blanket. hope your show goes great!


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