Monday, September 23, 2013

Scoop Review

Random Images from the Scoop of Vintage Event on Sept. 7th. I need someone to create a folder file,,,,,,,,,We had a great Event!!! Going to turn all the images over to someone that knows what the heck they are doing! LOL,,,,,,Hope you enjoy the images. We had a GREAT show!! Love my Vendors and Customers, Hugs, Thanks Alll!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

A life well lived, Love you Mary!!

 Early this morning, I lost my "Bestie." My dear Mary girl passed away from Cancer.  Ironically, I was reading this letter from her, that she'd sent several of us August of last year.  She'd already had a tumor removed from her spine, and one of her kidney's was also removed.

This is the beautiful Letter she sent to us,,,,,about her life.  

August, 2012.

"Hello to my dear friends and family-

For today my one true sentence is:  My life is good.  It is the truest thing I know at this moment.  Even when I walked in that black cloud, a part of me knew that this, too, would pass and somehow, sometime, I would feel human again.  Right now I know that I have had the best life can offer.  I also know that I have to keep that thought firmly with me.

I have to keep remembering that I had the best childhood, the best growing up years.  I have the best husband, and I have the best family and grandchildren for me.  I've had the best experiences in life and love.  I have traveled, although never far enough or long enough.  And I have experienced many things:

Being loved by Ross
Being touched by a hummingbird
Being Mom to Brodie and half the neighborhood kids
Being a partner in the best of marriages
Being a big sister
Being intelligent enough to learn from life's lessons
Being a lifelong friend to my dear five muscateers (you know who you are)
Being able to work
Being able to get up each morning
Being able to go anywhere I wish

My life is good because:

I know that I am truly loved
I know that my only child Brodie, my "best accomplishment"  loves me and chooses to be with me
I know that Brodie, Mary B, my grandchildren and family and friends love and support me
I know that my health can be fragile
I know that I am capable of dealing with whatever comes
I know that I have passed my hardest tests
I know that I am not alone
I know that I have finally learned the lessons that Ross tried to teach me

Thank you, Ross
Thank you, God"

-This was and IS my Mary Girl.  Can't believe she is gone. She will always be a part of me!!

I loved this woman, body and soul.  I'm going to miss her SO!!  If you've read this far, THANK YOU~ we're all going to get through this, because that is what SHE would want!!

Hugs, Love, Thanks!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Candid Scoop on the "Scoop" Event.

A photo from my Scoop of Vintage Event. Here my sweet talented friend Tonya Cartwright, of Backroads Vintage.

It was a Great, Fun Event. I think for the most part, Shoppers and Vendors had a GREAT show!! We were a "Bit" Soggy at Set up, A bit "Misty" the morning of my show,,,,but it didn't stop Junkers, Antiquer's  from turning out!!

I'll have an array of Photos by Saturday,,,,,,Can't wait to share!! I cannot begin to say how honored I was to have so many fabulous Vendors, So many Great Workers, and Volunteers. Fabulous Music, shopping, My friend Linda Jensen, that TRULY had my back, and made things happen.

All in all, it was a GREAT show, and we'll more than likely do it again NEXT year,,,,,and maybe have a Friday Eve of shopping as well.

I had No blood family support. As you all know my Sister in law is terminal. My son's both have their own agenda's. I'm not a part of that in either of their lives. Won't share those details now, but have to say,,,,,I LOVE my "non-family" family. I had great support, both as Vendors and as shoppers!!

We do WHAT we can everyday. We love who we love regardless, or in spite of. We find joy, inspiration, hope, direction where we can!

Thank you if you're reading this. We change, we grow, we try,,,,,,,and we love, regardless!!

Hugs, Love and an "Eventful Bus!!"

More pics of the event soon!!!