Monday, September 23, 2013

Scoop Review

Random Images from the Scoop of Vintage Event on Sept. 7th. I need someone to create a folder file,,,,,,,,,We had a great Event!!! Going to turn all the images over to someone that knows what the heck they are doing! LOL,,,,,,Hope you enjoy the images. We had a GREAT show!! Love my Vendors and Customers, Hugs, Thanks Alll!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

A life well lived, Love you Mary!!

 Early this morning, I lost my "Bestie." My dear Mary girl passed away from Cancer.  Ironically, I was reading this letter from her, that she'd sent several of us August of last year.  She'd already had a tumor removed from her spine, and one of her kidney's was also removed.

This is the beautiful Letter she sent to us,,,,,about her life.  

August, 2012.

"Hello to my dear friends and family-

For today my one true sentence is:  My life is good.  It is the truest thing I know at this moment.  Even when I walked in that black cloud, a part of me knew that this, too, would pass and somehow, sometime, I would feel human again.  Right now I know that I have had the best life can offer.  I also know that I have to keep that thought firmly with me.

I have to keep remembering that I had the best childhood, the best growing up years.  I have the best husband, and I have the best family and grandchildren for me.  I've had the best experiences in life and love.  I have traveled, although never far enough or long enough.  And I have experienced many things:

Being loved by Ross
Being touched by a hummingbird
Being Mom to Brodie and half the neighborhood kids
Being a partner in the best of marriages
Being a big sister
Being intelligent enough to learn from life's lessons
Being a lifelong friend to my dear five muscateers (you know who you are)
Being able to work
Being able to get up each morning
Being able to go anywhere I wish

My life is good because:

I know that I am truly loved
I know that my only child Brodie, my "best accomplishment"  loves me and chooses to be with me
I know that Brodie, Mary B, my grandchildren and family and friends love and support me
I know that my health can be fragile
I know that I am capable of dealing with whatever comes
I know that I have passed my hardest tests
I know that I am not alone
I know that I have finally learned the lessons that Ross tried to teach me

Thank you, Ross
Thank you, God"

-This was and IS my Mary Girl.  Can't believe she is gone. She will always be a part of me!!

I loved this woman, body and soul.  I'm going to miss her SO!!  If you've read this far, THANK YOU~ we're all going to get through this, because that is what SHE would want!!

Hugs, Love, Thanks!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Candid Scoop on the "Scoop" Event.

A photo from my Scoop of Vintage Event. Here my sweet talented friend Tonya Cartwright, of Backroads Vintage.

It was a Great, Fun Event. I think for the most part, Shoppers and Vendors had a GREAT show!! We were a "Bit" Soggy at Set up, A bit "Misty" the morning of my show,,,,but it didn't stop Junkers, Antiquer's  from turning out!!

I'll have an array of Photos by Saturday,,,,,,Can't wait to share!! I cannot begin to say how honored I was to have so many fabulous Vendors, So many Great Workers, and Volunteers. Fabulous Music, shopping, My friend Linda Jensen, that TRULY had my back, and made things happen.

All in all, it was a GREAT show, and we'll more than likely do it again NEXT year,,,,,and maybe have a Friday Eve of shopping as well.

I had No blood family support. As you all know my Sister in law is terminal. My son's both have their own agenda's. I'm not a part of that in either of their lives. Won't share those details now, but have to say,,,,,I LOVE my "non-family" family. I had great support, both as Vendors and as shoppers!!

We do WHAT we can everyday. We love who we love regardless, or in spite of. We find joy, inspiration, hope, direction where we can!

Thank you if you're reading this. We change, we grow, we try,,,,,,,and we love, regardless!!

Hugs, Love and an "Eventful Bus!!"

More pics of the event soon!!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I simply cannot believe it's been almost 2 MONTHS since I have blogged! Where does the time go??

As you can see from the image, I'm promoting my first Venue in 10 days!!  I have SUCH amazing Vendors, Volunteers, at the most Wonderful site,Snoqualmie Ice Cream.  We will be setting up in their mini-farm, 30 some fabulous Vendor (friends) are taking part in my first event.  They are coming from ALL over Western Washington, with various "visions" and goods!!  I am SO blessed to have them all coming to this first time event!

Top it off with a "Scoop" of Ice cream from a local business, a dear friend that told me, "Sure, No problem!" It's all fallen into place so beautifully, I'm a bit nervous!! "What if, Can we, Should we, ????"  All up to ME.

We are donating $2.00 of all Ticket Sales to Fred Hutch. That is to say, "Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center."

As I write this, I'll say, that I don't KNOW what is "going on" with my dear Sister in Law, Mary. I've left Phone messages with my Brother. Unanswered. I DO know she is on Hospice, and can no longer walk.  I truly don't KNOW whether HE is trying to protect me, protect HER, or just can't cope.

I will DO this Show. I will always KNOW as my Junking/Antiquing partner in crime, that She will be "There" for me. I will KNOW that she will smile and wish me the Best.

We cannot Chose a timeline for important events, or "Life." We can only move forward, and Know that we are surrounded by LOVE, Hope, Challenges,,,,,,,,,,,,and understanding!

Make Each Day, each moment Count!! Hugs, Love and a "Bus" (It's been Too long!)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy 4th of July! Vintage images for your Use!

Wishing you ALL a wonderful 4th with Family and friends!!

I'll be having lunch with my "Daughter from another Mother," Kelly and staying in the neighborhood with my animals. IF things aren't too crazy, I'll wander down to the neighbors that have a "display" and live Music. If things ARE crazy I'll just hunker down with the drugged Black lab (Shadow) and my oblivious Golden Retriever! (Not sure WHAT my kitty Beau will do yet,,,,,,,this will be his 1st 4th!)

Here are some images from Vintage Postcards from postcards given to me by my sweet Mary girl. Yep,,,,she gave me a stack for almost every Holiday, because she knows I love them!! ( I love the fun/old messages on the back sometimes almost as much as I love the images.

I don't have a scanner hooked up,,,,,,,so sorry, they are just pictures, of the images. But feel FREE to download/print and use THIS bunch in whatever way you would like!!

Have a lovely 4th!! Hugs Love and a Patriotic "Bus" on the Cheek!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Losing the Cancer Battle,,,,,Stuff

If you've known me for a while, followed me here or on FB, you know that my Sister in Law Mary has been battling Cancer. And, the Cancer is winning.  During a visit yesterday my brother hugged me as I arrived, and after saying a word that I've never heard cross his lips, said, "She's dying." 

NO!! I cannot imagine my life without her. She's been in my life since I was 7. I'm not taking this well, to put it lightly. She is my life long confidant, my Junking/decorating friend, my Joker, my inspiration, my grounding, my heart.

I was blessed to have two friends with me yesterday when we journeyed for several hours to get to see her for 45 minutes or so. We didn't talk "sick", we didn't talk Cancer and we most assuredly didn't talk death. 

Since Mary has been sick, she's starting giving me Antique and Vintage stuff. When I filled my car with the first "Load" about a year ago, I was worried. Then boxes of things started coming in the months to follow. Her Antique Postcards. A Box FULL of Vintage Rhinestone jewelry. Books she knew I would love,,,,,,and yesterday she tucked a few things under my arms and gave me a heavy shoe box ,,,,which she said was full of "Buttons!"

When my friend Debi Burton and I were in the Ferry line to go home,,,,,,,I was already a mess. She's got nerve damage in her hand. (Which I held and massaged while we visited). The tumor is back on her spine and no chemo or experimental drugs have helped. And my brothers words kept ringing in my ears. "She's dying."

After boxes and cars full of glorious treasures,,,,,,some of which she and I found together and I KNOW how much she loved them,,,,,,(And I knew how much she knew I would love them) I sat there with Debi in the Ferry line with this box on my lap. A French Pillow case on top. (No, she never got to go.) And underneath that,,,,,,,a single postcard.

And I lost it all over again!! She'd already sent me near 100 Antique postcards,,,,,,,for every season, for every reason,,,,,,,and this one tucked amongst the contents broke my heart!!!

Oh Sweet Sweet Mary,,,,,,,I will Always remember you!! And HOW are we going to live without you???

If you're read this far, thank you. Yeah.....I'm a mess. And I'm glad I got a visit yesterday. And I am SO thankful that I had friends with me to help hold me together!

Debi Burton and her Sister Peggy. 

Pretty "Stuff" is great. But family and friends are the "glue of life!" We need to stick together when things start falling apart.

We move on,,,,,,one Day, one Week, one Month at a time. Some days? One Breath, one memory, ond moment at a time.

Keep us in your prayers if you will. We are broken.

Hugs, Love and a "remembered" Bus,

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hats off to Summer!

Happy Summer!!

Been busy making hats for a couple of Cupcake stores,,,,,,,,,,

Hope you have a great weekend! Off to Joyworks soon!

Hugs and Love,