Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy 4th of July! Vintage images for your Use!

Wishing you ALL a wonderful 4th with Family and friends!!

I'll be having lunch with my "Daughter from another Mother," Kelly and staying in the neighborhood with my animals. IF things aren't too crazy, I'll wander down to the neighbors that have a "display" and live Music. If things ARE crazy I'll just hunker down with the drugged Black lab (Shadow) and my oblivious Golden Retriever! (Not sure WHAT my kitty Beau will do yet,,,,,,,this will be his 1st 4th!)

Here are some images from Vintage Postcards from postcards given to me by my sweet Mary girl. Yep,,,,she gave me a stack for almost every Holiday, because she knows I love them!! ( I love the fun/old messages on the back sometimes almost as much as I love the images.

I don't have a scanner hooked up,,,,,,,so sorry, they are just pictures, of the images. But feel FREE to download/print and use THIS bunch in whatever way you would like!!

Have a lovely 4th!! Hugs Love and a Patriotic "Bus" on the Cheek!