Friday, April 29, 2011

"You Hit my Car?,,,,Here, have a Cupcake!"

So,,,,,,Finally, Today?  I  got to take a box of Hats/Flags/Wands and little cupcake pis I'd made to New York Cupcakes in Bell/Red (Crossroads).  If you aren't local, the "Crossroads" part, stands for Bellevue,Redmond. WA.  Home base for Microsoft and a Myriad of  other successful Tech industries, etc.

Lisa has a Fantastic cupcake business, which she established several years ago. She only uses the BEST in her Cupcakes...... Fortunately, for me, and Joyworks,,,,she's bought a lot of  Cupcake related  and birthday decor over the last couple of years, that adorn her shop. Specialty lights, linens, cake plates and fun canisters and other ceramics from Joyworks,,,Oh yeah, and I'm proud and honored to say,,,, she has also purchased several of my hand crafted paper goods! And as of late, has many more of my Hats/Flags and custom cupcake pics!  Her products and shop are "TOP of the Line," so I'm very honored to have a presence there! Thanks Lisa, for the honor...........I cannot think of a place I'd rather be represented.........

And right next store? Is Common Folk.  it is too Yummy! I met Kathryn today, and she is a Dear.....We talked about local Artists and Events. . . I really enjoyed getting to know her!

So- I'll skip the Stop at "Packaging Specialties" where WHAT? I got out of there with "Nuttin,"......

 and I stared heading home, down the backroads,,,,,,and looking for an Antique Stop my friend "Kell Bell" and I USED to make.......Only NOW? The whole "mini" strip Mall is full of Winery tastings and a Cafe.......And,,,,,,,,,BOOM! Some guy backed out of a parking strip really fast and Hit the front left portion of my car!

Okay, so, I haven't been involved in an accident for YEARS.......Okay, DECADES! And he was young, (hey, anything under 40 is young for ME these days) and SO concerned.........."His Fault" he said. Well, Duh? So, we exchanged all the info ( he works for 3M)  needed and he was still SO shook up,,,,,,,,So, What did Shell do?
I brought the "6 pack" of Cuppycakes I'd purchased at "New York" and offered him one............Okay,,,he was Cute and concerned and What is a Mom to Do?

There were a lot of other interesting "happenings" today.........Like my French neighbor asking ME if I knew a good, I am "fresh out" but not oppossed...........or the Wedding topper I'm currently working on.........or the Fun  and gracious gal, TRULY at Progressive Insurance that handled my Claim today..........

Oh, my Stars,,,,,,I LOVE this image and Colors.........

And Finally,,,,,,on my way home after ALL the Car Mayhem and info,,,,,I found a GREAT Vintage Wallpaper book.....Do you LOVE these images?  Too fun!

Have a GREAT Weekend! I'm looking forward to a BUSY weekend at Joyworks........At LAST,,,,,,the Sun is supposed to peek through all our clouds and soggy "bottoms here!"

Hugs Love and a "Cupcakey" Bus!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

"We are NOT Amused." And my Red Cross Crafting Donation......

I believe it was Queen Elizabeth that coined the phrase, "We are NOT amused." Although I often associate speaking in the third party with England's Royal Family. However,,,,,I'm sure as of late, it's somewhat consensual........the expression, that is.......

"We are Not Amused" by Record Rainfall, Cold Temps and Gray Rainy days in Washington!

"We are Not Amused" by our neighbors in the Midwest being hit by horrendous Tornadoes! (Or, that New coverage seems to put more importance on what the "Royals" will be wearing than on the Victims of these horrid storms. Sidebar here: Hey, I love a  "Fairy Tale Wedding," a tiara and the likes as much as the next gal,,,but let's keep our priorities straight!.

"We are Not Amused" by soaring Gas Prices, increasing unemployment, horrendous grocery bills and higher taxes.

Okay,,,,,Shew! I'm done-okay, almost!  Thanks for letting me vent!

"Bobby Blings" Vintage Flowers/Earclips/feathers, you name it!

So? I've been making these Hair pins? They're little embellishments on a Bobby Pin,,,,Only I call them "Bobby Blings."  I've been making them for the Salon I go to and some for Joyworks and some for an upcoming Event.  They'll be $8.50 each......... And, for everyone I sell, I will donate $1.00 to the American Red Cross.  They're small enough that I can just throw them in a standard Envelope.

So, I figured, for the Month of May, if you'd like a custom  "Bobby Bling,"  email me what you'd like, or they'll also be available at Tom Walker's Hair Salon, Joyworks and the upcoming "Second Saturdayz" Event here in Snohomish in May,,,I've got oodles of  Vintage lace/mesh/ribbons/flowers/ear clips/bling, etc.  to make you a little clip. They will work on short OR long hair......just think bobby pin.....

Vintage Ear Clip "Bobby Bling"       

This may be a small contribution.....but it all adds up! I cannot imagine having my home ripped apart. My family, friends and community gone. I would imagine that a FEW of the Royal gems would restore the homes of many. Again, I DO love the excitement and festivities,,,,and yes, the "Pomp and circumstance" of the whole wedding thing........but a little bit of perspective goes a LONG way!

Hugs, Love and a "Royal and Rural" Bus!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lulu's Got a Giveaway! Duh!

I ALMOST missed my BBFF's Giveaway,,,,,,,,Ackkk!

The weeks proceeding the Easter Parade,,,,,are NOT my own, really. I dedicate my time to ASKING the merchants for prizes, coupons and THEN,,,,,,,making several trips in some instances to obtaining said prizes and coupons............So?

I neglect a lot of other stuff when all that's going on! Like Friends,,,,,ugh!

That said,,,,,My Dear Lulu is having a "Christmas in April"  Giveaway of her fabulous faux Cupcakes....Too Cute! Stop by her Blog to Enter by Friday, April 29th to Enter! (Tell her "Shell sent you!" Not because I want to win anything, but because, well, that's what friends do!)

I'd planned on hitting the Studio today, but the Grocery, banking, and supply fairies  apparently took the week off and I had to do the shopping banking, cleaning, etc. myself!  And, I'll admit, I had a mild case of ADD after I found a new Mini (?) Cartridge from Crickut at the Box store today........I "SO-don't "DO" box stores,,,,,Francophile that I am,,,,,,I was happy to give them my $19.99 and come home with a new toy........

Okay, so, tomorrow? I am "ONE" with my projects and studio! Excited to be there, once again, with NO distractions! Okay,,,,,,,other than the periodic Hound update!

Enjoy your week!
Hugs, Love and a Sticky "Bus" (Because I plan on using a LOT of glue and glitter in the next couple of days!)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Bonnet Contest and Login Problems Yesterday!

Ackk! I tried to post yesterday afternoon, pictures of the Bonnet Contest following the Parade here in Snohomish,  on Saturday,,,,But my Internet would NOT boot up.......So, here's a few pics of our Saturday,,,,,,,,,The weather was AWESOME....and I think everyone had fun! Again, I LOVE living in a Small Town!!!!!!!! You just don't get this in a BIG City!

Kelly and Brenna,,,,,,,,take prizes in Adult AND Baby!

Ruby took a CLOSE Second,,,,,,,but was exhausted after all the Paparazzi!

My "Fur Baby Friend." Stanley,,,,,,,and his "MOM" Gail win first prize for the Animal Group almost every year! This year was tough though,,,,,Stanley's been having Seizures,,,,,,,and I mean BIG ONES! Gail and Schultz held their collective breaths,,,,,,,and not only did Stanley attend,,,,he WON first prize!!!!!!!!

In the past, we've had Bunnies, Kitties, and even a Llama or two,,,,,,,,this was the first year for Calfs! Too Cute!

4-7 year olds,,,,,,,,,,Too Cute!

Oh My Stars,,,,,,,,,,the 8-12 year old Group was HUGE!!! They all did Such a Nice Job on their Bonnets! It was Tough for the Judges!!!!
There were like 32 Girls,,,,,and Robert took 1st prize with his Bonnet that had a Spinning Top piece!
More of the 8-12's...........Great Creations!
The Teens.....Small Group, but their Creations were Fantastic!
LOL,,,,Two of My friend Marcie's Boys,,,,Good sports and they SCORED- some great prizes as the number of Teens were Small.........
Not just "Kid Stuff!" Some of these Contestant's are Veterans in this Contest........Airplane Rides, Spa Days, Gourmet Meals.....Are you kidding ME? Get your Creativity ON Gals (and Guys)! We had Two men in the Contest,,,,,,I think they BOTH got some great prizes!
Adult Contestants..........Too cute!

Again, I just have to stop here and say a BIG THANK YOU to ALL the Merchants! I KNOW not many read my blog,,,,,,but without all the Small businesses that step up to the plate every year,,,,,this event would be nothing! Thank you!

I hope you all had a GREAT Easter! I spent my morning with "My Boys"-Sean and Andrew, and my Mom's BFF, Helen....She's 90 somethin' and cute as a Pistol! I treated the gang to a Fantastic Brunch at the Cabbage Patch....Andy is fighting with a Nasty respitory Bug and has Midterms at WWU this week. My Dear Friend Laura, my Co-Chair for the Parade is fighting "it" ...or something similar, too!

Stay healthy, have a GREAT week....I'm just excited to catch up on some orders (Dani and Lisa), some packages (Lulu)  and my Contest Winners,,,,,,and hoping for another GLIMPSE or two at the Sun!

Hugs, Love and unfortunately, STILL a bit of a Soggy "Bus!"

Saturday, April 23, 2011

BIG FUN AND SUN at Today's Easter Parade and Bonnet Contest!

Well, thank you Lord for a Marvelous SUNNY day, at Last,  for our Easter Parade and Bonnet Contest......I think a good time was had by all........Here's a few Photos with minimal Comments......I hope you get a Smile from our great little Historical town.....THIS is what life should be all about! Family, Friends and Community!

Chamber Float with Some of the Bonnet Contest Participants.........
Snohomish High School Marching Band..........

Seattle's Seafair Pirates.....Up to no good, as Usual
The  Seafair Pirates Lost their Seaworthy Vessel,"The "Moby Dick" in a fire this year,,,,,and are temporarily ensconsed on a Vintage Fire Truck......Is that Jack Sparrow atop the Truck? No wonder they've had problems!
Tow Mater from the  Disney Movie(s) Cars! A sequel comes out soon!  The kids Love this,,pics after the Parade! (My friend and Joyworks Shopper Lorraine and her business sponsor this one........)
Okay, Shut up,,,,,I hate that their windows are so tinted! My Senior Friends on board the Emeritus Bus.....
I could barely see them through the Tinted Windows.......My Bonnet Session Friends! They were too fun a couple weeks ago........
Senior Center Bus....One Giant Easter Basket! Too Cute!

Kaitlyn, my dear helper for the last 3 years and I
Gearing up for the Bonnet Contest that followed the parade! Tomorrow I'll share some of those Photos!  Too cute!

Have a Blessed Easter! I hope you get to spend time with Friends and Family!

Hugs, Love and a "Bunny Bus" on the Cheek!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A couple of Giveaways and Blog Friends.....

My Friend Maggie at "Just Between Me & You" is having a "Sweet" Giveaway.  But it's about more than that. Maggie's Giveaway asks about When you started blogging,,,,Why you blog and for me, it made me look back,,,to my FIRST blog post.

Oh Lordy! I don't know about the rest of you,,,,But I had NO idea what I was doing. I jumped in with both feet back in 2008 in my first blog called "Shell in Snohomish." We'd had quite the Snow storm and I'd had the Joyworks Gang here for our annual Christmas Bash. So, I took a FEW photos and started a blog.
Well, I've gotta say, that I spend a lot of time in the ensuing weeks on apologizing for pics going on the blog sideways,,,,or just plain bad pics! Now, if you've been strong and steadfast enough to follow me for long, it wasn't until recently that I REALLY started posting decent photos......but at least they've been "upright for a while!"  And looking Back,,,,,,after reading Mag's post...I saw the friends that were with me in the beginning!

Thanks to the Joyworks Gals,,,,,,for posting and commenting, Linda Queen and Mishelle for being "Cheerleaders" and for then, my newfound friend LULU, for encouraging, posting, introducing me to other blog friends,,,,like my dear friend Maggie. Ackk!

Yadda yadda Shell,,,,,that's nice, but WHAT are you saying?.... I've met some Great Women through this whole thing. I cannot imagine my life without them. While my Blog STILL continues to evolve, there have been many great "Friend Finds" along the way......Friend I've never met...Friends at Events-near AND far, Classes, through Events held online......How fun!

So all THAT said....Maggie's got a  "Sweet" Giveaway about the whole blogging/friends/posting thingy.....
Stop by Just Between Me & You before May 1st

And, My friend Jody, of Home & Heart,,,,,,who actually WON MY Giveaway yesterday, has a Gorgeous Necklace Creation on Her blog for some lucky Lady!  Ends April 30th!

Jody's Blog,,,,,necklace giveaway For some reason, I can't open the picture.......but it's gorgeous! She does amazing jewelry! So, "Click on over, and check it out!"

So,,,,,Case in point, I still have "glitches" when I blog. But I have learned a LOT and the friendships I've formed are priceless! I cannot imagine life anymore without my blogfriends!

Have a GREAT Sunday,,,,,,,
Hugs, love and a "Bus" still wearing a SWEATER! it is COLD and Wet this April Day!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Winners, Winners and Giving Community Thanks!

I hope you all had a good week, wherever you are and Whatever the Weather! Geesh, Rain/Snow, Tornadoes,,,,,Is it REALLY April????

Here are the Winners of my Little Giveaway! Thanks for All of you that took part and your sweet Comments! I wish I had the TIME to make something for each and every one of you,,,,,,But if you tune in often enough the odds are you your favor!

5 prizes, so scroll through...

***Winner of a Custom "Spring Dreams" Box-Jody of Home and Heart!***
(Send me the Colors you'd like and I'll do my best to make one just for you. I think I have your snail mail,,but you'd best email it to me again!)

4-Mini Flag Winners........

Donna of Brynwood Needleworks
Carol of Firecracker Kid
Maggie of Just Between Me and You
and Amy of Cottage Prisms
(Again, Send me your Color Choices,,,,and I'll do my best to make one just for YOU!  And do you want, "Make a Wish or Dream? or Happy Birthday?" (The Primative Girls should be a BIT of a Challenge,,,,but I'm always up for that!
Send me your Snail mail addy's to:

(Jody's name/number actually came up a second time in the Random Number Generator for a Mini-Flag......What are the odds....okay, they were like 1 in 61,,,,but STILL!)

Again, Thanks to all that Entered! I had a VERY "Thankful" Day. Today, I picked up a lot of the prizes/certificates for the Easter Bonnet Event NEXT Saturday! Again, I have to say, I live in a GREAT little town! Every year, I "sweat it"-getting enough prizes for the kids, primarily, but ALL the participants. The Entries increase,,,,and the sponsor's cut back. Very few Corporate sponsors,,,,it's the locals, God Bless them, that make it exciting and fun!

I'm sure we're going to be "Hoppin'" once again at Joyworks this weekend! If you're local, stop by.

 And IF YOUR a LOCAL gal and reading this, I could use some  More Help Wed. and Thursday Evening this next week putting prizes together for the Parade! Call me/Email me or Stop by Joyworks if you want info on helping!

Have a GREAT weekend!
Hugs, Love and a Big ol' Bus!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mossy Crown today,,,,,,and scroll down a couple if you still haven't entered my Giveaway!

I Woke up this morning, and despite all the things I SHOULD have been finishing/working on/doing, I decided that I wanted to make a Moss Crown. Yep, I'm fortunate that I don't have to go to "work" more than a couple days a week at Joyworks,,,,,,,But lately? I feel like one of those old "Stretch Armstrong Dolls"- Like I'm being pulled in a bazillion directions! Sure, I generally regain my original shape,,but I can look/be totally warped out of shape! Ever get that feeling????? So again, I made a Moss Crown........

Lots of Wire, "Reindeer Moss," Vintage Birds and Mushrooms, eggs and a few flowers....(Okay feel my forehead,),,,,,NO GLITTER! Okay, I take that back, a BIT of subtle Green Glitter in the tulle from Joyworks.......

 Close up,,,,, A few eggs tossed in and New and Vintage flowers and Cotton spun "berries"........

This is the first of these,,,,,,,I had a Ball making it,,,,,,the only thing is the moss is MESSY! This little Crown is going to the  Island Chicks Event,,,,,which takes place in Anacortes this weekend. I won't be there,,,,but my friend Deb Bock of "Garden Party" Fame  Deb's Beautiful Blog and of Second Saturdayz, M&M Antiques in Monroe and well, THE ultimate "Junker and Decor Wizard and Wedding Planner" Will be....She's taking just a Handful of my things. I wish I could be there, I'm just spread TOO thin!

If your local, Stop by this Great Event in Anacortes.........Click on the image above for  more details...........
Finally, Heads up on a Couple of Giveaways,,,,Mine end on April 15th, so Scroll down a couple posts if you still want to Enter! Annie at Fiona and Twig's Giveaway Also Ends on the 15th.....And Finally......

Do you Know about my beautiful Friend Vicki at Two Bags Full? She's giving away one of her wonderful Bird's Nests! Ackkkkkkk! I was "Gifted" one a while back and it is one of my prize possessions!
Where she finds time to make these gorgeous creations, let alone GIVE one away,,,is mind boggling! You can't even order one right now.....So,,,,,Check out my sidebar for a Linky to Her Event! You do NOT want to miss it! (Ends May 25th)

Enjoy the rest or your week.....I'll be "hoppin'" -working on the Easter Parade Event here on the 23rd!

Hugs Love and a Mossy old Bus,

(Again,,,scroll down a few "older posts" if you still want to Enter My "Spring Dreams" Giveaway.....I promise to work MORE on my puter skills soon!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Bonnet Making Session....Too Fun! And scroll down if you Missed my Giveaway Post!

We had TOO much FUN Today at my "Second Annual" Easter Bonnet Class/Session. I started this LAST year,,,,to tie into the Easter Parade and Bonnet Contest that takes place here in Snohomish on April 23rd.
I wanted my "Classes/Bonnet Making to have a Twist." Get the KIDS and the local Seniors together for a Creative afternoon!  I KNOW I had a Ball today,,,,,I had so much fun with the KIDS, Mom's and some of the Local Seniors just warmed my heart!  A few Pics from Today's class.................

Folks from Ameritus,,,,,,Formerly Sunrise Assisted Living,,,,,,,,I wanted to adopt them ALL! And the helpers were GREAT! Thanks Guys! Hugs to you ALL!

One of our Younger Bonnet Designers............

Can you event STAND IT? How cute is SHE?????????
I just wanted to adopt all these Ladies........And the Gent that came along!
These two were Totally in to IT! I hope they had as much fun as I did helping them!

I've got more pics,,,,,,,,I don't know if I used the same file name as last year and that's why it's not allowing me to add the other photos...........

Snohomish now hosts the ONLY Easter Parade (Saturday, April 23rd) in the State!

Next Stop, the Parade in TWO weeks (where the Bonnet Gang can ride on the Chamber of Commerce Float) and in in the case of Many a Senior,,,,,,,,on the Coaches provided by their local Facilities and Venues!

Thanks to ALL of you here in Snohomish that donated Supplies for this Event! And,,,,,,,thanks also to those businesses that donate PRIZES/Candy and the Likes for the Bonnet  Contest Participants! That's is SO indicative of what it means to live and/or work in a Small Town!

I hope you ALL have a great weekend! Stop and smell the "Glue Gun" or whatever it is that makes YOUR life and others a bit Better!

Hugs, Love and an "Easterly" Bus!

PS.......Spend time with the Elderly,,,,,,,,If you don't have any of "your own," Adopt some (one). It will enrich your life and make you forget your problems!
Spend time with your local Youth..........If you don't have any of "you own, Adopt some (one.) It will
enrich your life and make you forget your problems!

If you're interested, my Last post was a Giveaway,,,Scoll Down for info!...........

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Okay, I Give UP,,,,and a Giveaway!

Oh Lordy, First you get to hear my Whine about the Weather....some more! Today? Rain/Snow/Hail/Sleet/Sun/Rain/Hail,,,,Mix and Repeat! Are you Kidding ME? It's April and today Chains were required in the Mountains! Whatta?

Spring Dreams

Well, After my Parade meeting and a few Stops I came home and finished This,,,,,,I figured if I couldn't get out and See the sun, the flora and fauna,,,,,I'd create my OWN! HA! Take that Mother Nature!

A Mixture of Vintage and New......with a bit of Glitter thrown in for good measure!

Hold on a Minute,,,,,I'll tell you about my Giveaway shortly,,First, I have to subject you to a few Party Goodies..........(Nothing like a Captive Audience!)

Sweet Cakes.......

I started to put some wording on this one, but I just thought it looked finished,,,,,not to mention, made me want a Cupcake! Ackkkkkk!

Whoooooooo's Birthday?
Dot Dreams..........

Okay, so there are other images/projects, but I'll spare you,,,,,and get to the point of why you've probably read THIS far!

So Here's the "Dealy-O" on my Giveaway:

I will create ONE  Custom"Spring Dreams" styled Box in your Choice of Colors....
Three Mini Flags
(also, in your choice of colors/themes)

To Enter, Just leave me a comment  on THIS Post by Tax Day- April 15th,,,,,,(You wanted something to brighten your month, didn't you?) 1 Chance

Post a Separate Comment that you Follow my Blog-Second Chance
Also, Post on your blog or Sidebar and let me know that you did-3 Chances to Win!
If you do ALL Three and tell me WHY you need a "Spring Dream" I may either enter you a 4th Time OR, just send you something for the HECK of IT! -4 or MORE Chances to Win!

(Ahem, Just so you know,,,,,,I've got TONS of flowers and at the moment a pretty good stock of these cute little Cotton Vintage Birds,,,So the color choices are Endless!)

In spite of the weather, wherever you are, I Hope you all stay Happy & Healthy!
Hugs, Love and a Colorful "Bus,"

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cupcakes and Antiques!

Today, again, was a bit of THIS and a bit of THAT! A bit of Creating,,,,,,,Little Cupcake Picks,,,,,,, a bit of stocking up on Supplies,,,,,,,,which involved heading to one of OUR local craft Stores, Ben Franklin. It's a hit and miss there. Sometimes they have some Great new items,,,and their Frame Shop is Awesome! I saw my friend, artist, Jody Cain,  ( while I was there, She's not a big Blogger, but her Artwork is GREAT!  And if you go to her blog, it'll link you to her Etsy Site Too! Check it out! We've been talking about doing a few local Classes Together.......

I was primarily picking up papers at the Craft Store, for some Cupcake Picks,,,,,,,,,
( I'll post more about THE Cupcake Shop when I get a few more Goodies done! Really excited about this Venue! for my Craft Stuff!)

And, ohh yeah and I added Minute amounts of Glitter to all of these images below, prior to their packaging,,,,,,an "eye" here, a "dot" there,,,,,,
Crown Picks..........

Flowers and Butterflies.............

Bird Picks


Nothing Fancy, Just some fun goodies to put in Cupcakes!

Other "Cupcake Stuff" in the works.........Which I'll share at a later date!

I also stopped in (Shhhhhhhh! This is TOP SECRET), because It's my Favorite Antique Store and their "finds," prices and Variety is A-Mazing) But DON'T TELL  ANYONE,  because I find some of my "Favorite Things" there! Oh Shoot,,,,,,,I just told some 200+ People........M&M Antiques in Monroe, is TO DIE FOR!

Okay, and my Friend Deb Bock's  Brand Spankin' New Booth at M&M?,,,,,,Too Stinkin' Cute!  I told Melanie, the owner of M&M,,,"Don't Tell Me!" "I'll Find it!" But, She was too excited to have Deb there,,,,,,and HAD to show me just WHERE it Was!

Well, it had "Deb" written all over it! I'll tell you, that Gal has an "EYE!" It just made me smile, and made me Happy! I wanted it ALL!

On My Next Visit to Monroe? I'm  SO Bringing my Camera! You will simply LOVE this Shop and all the great Vendors!

(Tomorrow, I've got Chamber "duties".....the Easter Parade is mere days away now!  (April 23rd) It seemed like we had TONS of time, since Easter falls so late this year! But I've got a "Bonnet Class" on Friday.....and a whole BUNCH of prizes to collect (Vendor's willing) in the next couple of weeks!

Stay Warm, Dry, Healthy and Sane........I just KNOW Sunshine and Better Days are ahead!!

Hugs, Love and a "Bus" covered in Sprinkles!