Thursday, April 28, 2011

"We are NOT Amused." And my Red Cross Crafting Donation......

I believe it was Queen Elizabeth that coined the phrase, "We are NOT amused." Although I often associate speaking in the third party with England's Royal Family. However,,,,,I'm sure as of late, it's somewhat consensual........the expression, that is.......

"We are Not Amused" by Record Rainfall, Cold Temps and Gray Rainy days in Washington!

"We are Not Amused" by our neighbors in the Midwest being hit by horrendous Tornadoes! (Or, that New coverage seems to put more importance on what the "Royals" will be wearing than on the Victims of these horrid storms. Sidebar here: Hey, I love a  "Fairy Tale Wedding," a tiara and the likes as much as the next gal,,,but let's keep our priorities straight!.

"We are Not Amused" by soaring Gas Prices, increasing unemployment, horrendous grocery bills and higher taxes.

Okay,,,,,Shew! I'm done-okay, almost!  Thanks for letting me vent!

"Bobby Blings" Vintage Flowers/Earclips/feathers, you name it!

So? I've been making these Hair pins? They're little embellishments on a Bobby Pin,,,,Only I call them "Bobby Blings."  I've been making them for the Salon I go to and some for Joyworks and some for an upcoming Event.  They'll be $8.50 each......... And, for everyone I sell, I will donate $1.00 to the American Red Cross.  They're small enough that I can just throw them in a standard Envelope.

So, I figured, for the Month of May, if you'd like a custom  "Bobby Bling,"  email me what you'd like, or they'll also be available at Tom Walker's Hair Salon, Joyworks and the upcoming "Second Saturdayz" Event here in Snohomish in May,,,I've got oodles of  Vintage lace/mesh/ribbons/flowers/ear clips/bling, etc.  to make you a little clip. They will work on short OR long hair......just think bobby pin.....

Vintage Ear Clip "Bobby Bling"       

This may be a small contribution.....but it all adds up! I cannot imagine having my home ripped apart. My family, friends and community gone. I would imagine that a FEW of the Royal gems would restore the homes of many. Again, I DO love the excitement and festivities,,,,and yes, the "Pomp and circumstance" of the whole wedding thing........but a little bit of perspective goes a LONG way!

Hugs, Love and a "Royal and Rural" Bus!


  1. bravo for you, Shell. You are one good woman!

  2. Thanks for keeping it reel, Shell! I live in the Midwest, and and so thankful to not have had such horrendous weather as some of the other places near me. It's really scary stuff. And we NEED to know about it on the news- it certainly affects our daily life around these parts. I could give a hoot about the Royal wedding (although I wish them the best of luck)
    And gas?? Whoa... Don't even get me started on that! :/ I just paid $4.19/gallon. And it hasn't gone down.

    On a happy note: I LOVE your Bobby Bling!! I want one!! ;) I especially love the little flower one- on the very bottom left in the middle picture. Tell me how I can buy one from you! :)

  3. love your cute 'blings'... always thinking aren't you! you go girl, and so sad about the horrible weather in AL, and GA and the drought in TX... I am not going to complain anymore about our strange cold wet gray weather! not much anyway!


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