Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mossy Crown today,,,,,,and scroll down a couple if you still haven't entered my Giveaway!

I Woke up this morning, and despite all the things I SHOULD have been finishing/working on/doing, I decided that I wanted to make a Moss Crown. Yep, I'm fortunate that I don't have to go to "work" more than a couple days a week at Joyworks,,,,,,,But lately? I feel like one of those old "Stretch Armstrong Dolls"- Like I'm being pulled in a bazillion directions! Sure, I generally regain my original shape,,but I can look/be totally warped out of shape! Ever get that feeling????? So again, I made a Moss Crown........

Lots of Wire, "Reindeer Moss," Vintage Birds and Mushrooms, eggs and a few flowers....(Okay feel my forehead,),,,,,NO GLITTER! Okay, I take that back, a BIT of subtle Green Glitter in the tulle from Joyworks.......

 Close up,,,,, A few eggs tossed in and New and Vintage flowers and Cotton spun "berries"........

This is the first of these,,,,,,,I had a Ball making it,,,,,,the only thing is the moss is MESSY! This little Crown is going to the  Island Chicks Event,,,,,which takes place in Anacortes this weekend. I won't be there,,,,but my friend Deb Bock of "Garden Party" Fame  Deb's Beautiful Blog and of Second Saturdayz, M&M Antiques in Monroe and well, THE ultimate "Junker and Decor Wizard and Wedding Planner" Will be....She's taking just a Handful of my things. I wish I could be there, I'm just spread TOO thin!

If your local, Stop by this Great Event in Anacortes.........Click on the image above for  more details...........
Finally, Heads up on a Couple of Giveaways,,,,Mine end on April 15th, so Scroll down a couple posts if you still want to Enter! Annie at Fiona and Twig's Giveaway Also Ends on the 15th.....And Finally......

Do you Know about my beautiful Friend Vicki at Two Bags Full? She's giving away one of her wonderful Bird's Nests! Ackkkkkkk! I was "Gifted" one a while back and it is one of my prize possessions!
Where she finds time to make these gorgeous creations, let alone GIVE one away,,,is mind boggling! You can't even order one right now.....So,,,,,Check out my sidebar for a Linky to Her Event! You do NOT want to miss it! (Ends May 25th)

Enjoy the rest or your week.....I'll be "hoppin'" -working on the Easter Parade Event here on the 23rd!

Hugs Love and a Mossy old Bus,

(Again,,,scroll down a few "older posts" if you still want to Enter My "Spring Dreams" Giveaway.....I promise to work MORE on my puter skills soon!


  1. as always I love your crowns!! and It is always so fun to see what you are creating!!!! You are just a big ole ball of TaLeNt

  2. Love it, Shell! Looks like spring popping right out of your head. Maybe the dreams of spring cute!

  3. Just groovy, Shell. Love it!
    Hugs and a bus on the cheek!

  4. Holy smokes- my jaw just dropped! How creative and adorable is THIS!! I love it beyond words- way way creative and cute!

    Thanks again dear Shell for the "shout out" to all your friends about my little nests. Love you for that- ( and for a whole bunch of other reasons!)


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