Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lulu's Got a Giveaway! Duh!

I ALMOST missed my BBFF's Giveaway,,,,,,,,Ackkk!

The weeks proceeding the Easter Parade,,,,,are NOT my own, really. I dedicate my time to ASKING the merchants for prizes, coupons and THEN,,,,,,,making several trips in some instances to obtaining said prizes and coupons............So?

I neglect a lot of other stuff when all that's going on! Like Friends,,,,,ugh!

That said,,,,,My Dear Lulu is having a "Christmas in April"  Giveaway of her fabulous faux Cupcakes....Too Cute! Stop by her Blog to Enter by Friday, April 29th to Enter! (Tell her "Shell sent you!" Not because I want to win anything, but because, well, that's what friends do!)

I'd planned on hitting the Studio today, but the Grocery, banking, and supply fairies  apparently took the week off and I had to do the shopping banking, cleaning, etc. myself!  And, I'll admit, I had a mild case of ADD after I found a new Mini (?) Cartridge from Crickut at the Box store today........I "SO-don't "DO" box stores,,,,,Francophile that I am,,,,,,I was happy to give them my $19.99 and come home with a new toy........

Okay, so, tomorrow? I am "ONE" with my projects and studio! Excited to be there, once again, with NO distractions! Okay,,,,,,,other than the periodic Hound update!

Enjoy your week!
Hugs, Love and a Sticky "Bus" (Because I plan on using a LOT of glue and glitter in the next couple of days!)

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  1. Your community is so lucky to have you. I already signed up for LuLu's cute giveaway! Love those cute cupcakes!!!
    So...a hug and a "friend"-ly bus on the cheek!


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