Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ouch! (And such nice friends!)

I've been in pain for about 4 days. I broke a tooth and have an abscess. Ugh! No fun!  Got into see the dentist yesterday, monday and started some drugs,,,,I will have a "procedure on Thursday."

On Sunday, Penny (from Joyworks)  and I went to  the Sand Point Show in Seattle and who should have the first booth inside the event?? Debi, from Ormolulu,,,  http://ormolulu.blogspot.com/, although I wanted to find a Vintage hammer in one of the booths and just knock myself out, she managed to make me laugh!

She had an awesome booth! (As usual!) YGG!

I got out of the show with a 3-lite little Italian Chandelier for my bedroom. That was all to speak of,,,so you KNOW I wasn't feeling well!

Although still resembling Popeye today, I felt a bit better and had  lunch with my Dearest (non blogger)  friend, Laura
and came home to a package from Lynn Stevens of Trash to Treausures Art

Is it any wonder she's in Sommerset all the Time???? What a nice surprice Lynn! Especially this week!

Look at the Card she made,,,,,,This is just exquisite!
(And it's blank, she wrote on the back of one of her tags,,,,,but I'm keeping this one! HA!

And these GORGEOUS altered art tags, with gorgeous vintage crochet and Hat pin!
And a gorgeous Flower she made!
Thanks Lynn, you are so sweet, Love it ALL!

Lulu called today to check on me too ,,,,,toothache or no, life is pretty good! I'm truly blessed to have such thoughtful friends! Stay healthy! And if you live in Washington STAY WARM AND DRY,,,,,,,what is THIS STUFF in August????

Hugs and Love,

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The MIA blogfriend, Elizabeth of Last Door down the Hall is Finally Back,,,,,,,and posting!

Okay, if you recall,,,,,,,,a dear blog friend. Elizabeth,,,,,,of "Last Door Down the Hall " blog  fame......was the one that inspired me to create the EBC "button" for our blogs! (Who we can contact if you drop out of Blogland).She broke her hip,,,,,,,,and disappeared,,,,,,,for weeks,,,months! Now, she is Back!
Thank heavens! But she is/was the inspiration behind my EBC.........Emergency Blog Contact Button.............

So,,,,,,,,i f you haven't yet,,,,,,,,GRAB Lulu's Fun Button,,,,,,,,,contact at LEAST ONE blogger friend and put it somewhere on you blog,,,,,,,it can be Remote,  corner of YOUR blogland.......

,,,,,Glad YOU are doing better Elizabeth,,,,,,,,and LOL look what YOU started,,,,,,,,,,,and when you have time and feel better,,,,,,,,,who is YOUR EBC??????????????I hope NOT to spend weeks/months knowing that Something happened,,,,,,,,,,but What? When? How?


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Okay,,,,,,,,this IS my last weekend of Junking, Garage Sales, Estate Sales,,,,,,,But, check out this box of silver/plate! Ackk!

I headed to ONE sale ,,,,,repeat ONE sale this morning at 800AM,,,,,,A SATUDAY only EVENT.......before going to work at Joyworks.....
And,,,,,I found THIS fun box of silver, silver plate,,,,,for  Next to Nothing! It was SO heavy, I could hardly carry it!

Okay, click to see some of the wonderful, FUN Spoons!  Ackkk!

A sampling of other things in the cute, pink lined cache of "Yumminess!

I Swear, tomorrow,,,,,,,,EARLY the Sand Point event in Seattle IS my LAST stop in buying/repuposing for my show in October! Ackkk! Finis! ,,,,,,,,,,,Kapput! DONE!

After this? Bag it/Tag it,,,,create it and wrap it up for the show!

I'll be conservative in tomorrow's finds! But will share if I find something to Die for,,,,,,,,for moi, or for crafts or something you might just be crazy about!
Enjoy your Sunday! We were Hopping at Joyworks today.....a brief show stop and then onward/upward,,,,,,,,,to Joyworks! There is SO much new stuff in the store,,,,,,,,ack! Stop in!  Or check out the Joyworks blog on my sidebar,,,,,to see the latest!!

Hugs and Love,

Friday, August 27, 2010

Fridays Finds,,,aka as "Oh NO You Didn't!"

I wasn't gonna,,,,,I mean it was raining,,,,,,I have enough,,,,,,,CR**,,,,,,err Stuff. But there was this ONE Estate Sale,,,,which, led me to,,,,,which led me to,,,,And then I ran into our Dear Luanne from Joyworks and she said she thought there was an Estate Sale also,,,,,at her family's estate and her former home.....So, ONE STOP grew exponentially! But I found some FUN Stuff! This was my Fav......Here's my Old Crabby and attention Monger Holly.......checkin' out what the heck mom is SO excited to find!

"Nothing in here for MOI!"

           In fact, it's Empty!  The shelves are BARE!  "Pie Safe?"
Shouldn't there at LEAST be a TUNA pie in here?

No pies of any sort, and well, yeah, it needs a paint job, BUT,,,,,are you eating dinner because you MAY just get nauseous when I tell  you I paid less for it than you might for a Fancy Starbucks Beverage!
I know! Stop it! Ackkk!
Heirloom White, Black or a Matte Silver,,,,,,,,What color paint do you think???

Some other Goodies..........

Fun old Wig box, a Crystal lamp,,,,,1962 Womans Day (Too fun to read! There is as readers comment about REPURPOSING old Moving Box Tags into Christmas Ornaments since her other's were still in storage from moving,,,,,Repurposing, in the 60's? And Tags, no less! Whatta?

Fun little vintage Ceramic  Bride and Groom figurines,,,,,too small for a Wedding CAKE but would be Great, I think on a Cupcake Topper!

A great spool of Cremey Vintage Lace,,,,,,and a couple of Packages of old Rick Rack.
Or,,,,,"Brick Brack" as either Jill or Jana my co-workers call it!

And a Rick Rack/Brick Brack ("Knick Knack, Give your dog a Bone....")
And netting Tablecloth.......
I don't remember any Rick Rack Tablecloths,,,,,but I DO remember the sheer half- aprons  with fancy metallic rick rack my mom and Auntie's wore at Christmas time. I think they were "sporting" them the year I got my Chatty Cathy!......But I digress...as Usual! HA!

Starting to feel Fall in the air here. I drove into Monroe today (the First Estate sale was there) and I passed the Washington State Fair Grounds,,,,,where the State Fair is now in progress.....Wow! Our summer here seemed to be one of extremes,,,either super HOT for US or rainy and cold. Nothing in the middle~

Although we've still got weeks of Summer,,,,,it appears, from the weather forecast and the spiderwebs,,,,that we'll be quickly approaching Fall. My Favorite time of year.....I just need a flock or two of Canadian Geese Honking overhead to herald in the cooler, crisp, colorful days that make the Northwest Glow!

Enjoy your weekend, whatever you do! Joyworks should be Hopping! We've got TONS of fun new clothes, our Halloween is out ( I promise Lulu,,,,I'll charge my camera and take pics to share with you and everyone else!)

Hugs and love~

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Busy in "Shells" little Sweatshop....aka my Studio!

Ghouls NITE OUT pennant,,,,,

Okay,,,,,I STILL take the World's Worst Photos! Me, personally, ahem, AND  those I try and take, of my crafts. etc.......Here's a pennant I finished today down in "Shells little "Sweatshop!"
Oh yeah,,,the photo is even crooked! LOL (But you CAN click  on the image to Enlarge!)

"Potions" Box,,,,
I think I'm going to add some Black Ball Feet to this one......
Again,,,,Photograhpically  Challenged, Sorry!

Halloween/Christmas/ Christmas,,,,,,Halloween....a Vintage Inspired Chenille Wreath.....

Chenille, Silk Roses, lace, tulle,,,,,,,etc........

I've had Big fun, working with a Chenille bedspread, given to me by my friend Pam,,,,Pres of  our Snohomish Chamber of Commerce. She showed up at Joyworks one day,,,Bedspread in arms,,,,,a few Rust Stains on it and said, "Shell,,,,Do you WANT this?" Well,,,,,of course! So, now,,,,,it's being turned into many Holiday Crafts! I've been having fun making these wreaths,,,,and a a few other goodies......Whaddya think?

Back to the "Sweatshop in the morning,,,,have  a custom order to finish,,,,,and I'm thinkin' working with MORE fabrics tomorrow!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Hugs and love,

PS,,,,,Lulu, where ARE you,,,,,you are Waaaaaaaay too quiet! LOL

Monday, August 23, 2010

for Locals: ONE,,repeat ONE Free ticket available for "Ruffles and Rust" Preview

I got an email today from my friend, Timi, the Event Diva for our "Ruffles and Rust" Event on Friday, October 22nd (Preview/Gala)  limited to 200 people,  at the Monroe/Evergreen State Fairgrounds.

And, with my contract, it  gives me TWO tickets for the Preview Event! Or, you can look forward to attending the show, on Saturday, October 23 at the (Monroe) Evergreen State Fair Grounds.......I'm sure booth events will be FAB!!!

As promised, because she'll be holding down the fort for me at Joyworks on the Saturday of the Event,.......my friend Penny gets ONE of my preview night tickets. So, THAT said, I have ONE to Giveaway, for the "Blogger Ball, First Selection." So, IF you want to attend the Preview event, send me an email/ OR post on one of my blog posts by Sept 1st. for YOUR exclusive/free ticket! That's it! I will NOT use a random number generator,,,,I get to pick the winner!
So let me know WHY you want to go! So unfair, and I am usually SO .......LOL. Sorry! This is SO unlike me!,,,,but I only have ONE ticket to give! If you don't win,,,,,you can STILL buy the opening night ticket(s) at the sites/location mentioned below:

I'm SO excited about this show/event! Contacthttp://anniesonfirst.blogspot.com/  to Buy tickets for the preview night OR http://comejunkwithus.blogspot.com/  for info about other ticket sales or either day's events! Or,you can follow  my Sidebar for further INFO!

If you are local, Hope you can come! If you aren't, you'd best see what US  Washington Gals are up to now!
50ish Vendors,,,,,,Come ON! You are itchin' to be here! HA!

If you WANT to enter for the ticket for the Friday nite preview,,,,I'll even put you "Up" overnite,,,,as long as you can handle a house full of  frenzied Women (only) getting ready for the Show ,,,,and a mini zoo! (2 cats/2 LARGE but loveable Dogs!)

Hope you can make it! (Will update my sidebar w/details!)
Hugs and love,

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Did you KNOW?

So, this morning before I left for work? I posted a "Help" related post. My Fonts were the size of, well FLEAS! Jumping across my blog,,,tiny, foreign and uninvited!

Some of you posted it was FINE. Legible, No prob......and all I saw were these itty bitty letters,,not just HERE, in blogland, but in my emails too! Dog Gone those flea specs! I could hardly read a THING! Ackkk!

Son Andrew? Returned to the back cottage this evening and I explained my problem! Did you KNOW,,,,that IF you hit CTRL on your keyboard While scrolling down,,,,,the Font size Changes??? Yes/No? Well I didn't......but he fixed it! Ta DA! So,,,,things on my blog AND emails no longer look they they belong in a Flea Circus Act!

Dangit,,,,I hate it when we have to learn from our offspring! LOL But note,,,,Do not, accidentally, inadvertently hit the CTRL key and scroll,,,,,unless you want to create your own "Flea Circus"......

Hugs and love, and enjoy your Sunday as you see fit!

Help! All; my fonts got tiny!

I have to head off to work, but can anyone tell me WHAT the heck I did,,,all my fonts are tiny and I now have a border on my blog that I've never had before! Weird!

So,,,did I hit "Ctrl" something while in posting mode or WHADDA? Any help guys? I'll play around with it when I get home from Joyworks! Dang,,my eyes are bad enough! I need a magnifying glass to read this now! HA!

Helllllllllllllllllppppppppppp meeeeeeee! I'm dissapearing!

Have a good one! And "Live Large!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Playing on the Penninsula Thursday!

WOWZA! Had a great "Girlfriend" -filled day yesterday over on the  Washington Penninsula!  We didn't see any Vampires,,,,,(Oh Shoot, I was gonna check Peggy's neck for Bite Marks,,,,but I forgot! She ate lunch though, so I guess she's still "One of Us!"

Eastbound Ferry Terminal Pt Townsend

I drove up North and met up with the wonderful , talented and antique expert, Debi Burton of "Ormolulu" Blog and "Eventress" extrodinaire Fame and we headed first to Whidbey Island and caught a ferry over to Port Townsend. It was actually "misting" (Washingtonian's have more names for rain than anyone else you'll ever come across! But THAT is a post in and of itself!)
Although it did start clearing up after our Lunch........But WHO Cares? LOL

Ackkkkkk! Lunch! We had TOO much fun! Here's Debi and Moi and the cast of Characters (Stop thinking Twighlight now would you???)

(L-R, Blog friend Lisa, My sis in law Mary, Peggy- Debi's Sis, Debi  and Moi (nice Chin Shell, what is up with THAT?)

Lisa, is a Blog friend I've gotten to know and love over the last year or so. She lives in Sequim (that's pronounced SQUIM-famous for the Lavendar~ And their Lavendar Festival each Summer. This was the first time I'd met Lisa although we've been blog friends for quite a while! She's big fun! Lisa took a lunchbreak from her job to join us! I'm SO glad she did! I hope I convinced her to come over and visit me soon!
(Lisa's Blog is the "Davies Dialogs")

My sister in law Mary has been my sister in law since I was 10! (My Bro is 10 years older) I  Love her dearly, YOU might recognize her if your local (anywhere from Portland, Seatlle to the "wilds of MONTANA!) from hitting a lot of Shows and shops~ In fact, DEBI,,,didn't know the connection between Mary and I, until lunch.... and Mary walked in,,,,,,and after Mary hugged me, they  looked at each other, screamed, laughed and hugged! Mary had bought several, ahem, LOVELY goodies from Debi's booth,  down at the Portland Expo a few weeks ago! Too funny!

Peggy, (Debi's sis) who also joined us, lives in Forks (Basically more rain there than anywhere on the Planet!) They are inundated with tourists this Summer,,,,there is even a Twilight Store!

We had a great time laughing and sharing at lunch! And Peggy darn near convinced my Mary to get computer AND an INTERNET Connection, Finally! She even offered drive to Port Angeles and help her get set up! I know, my Bro and Mary live in the dark ages! LOL!

 Come on though, a bonafide "Shopaholic" without a Computer? SHUT UP! She's coming round, though. When she comes to stay with me, I show her what is up in Blogland or how she can go to those Websites in the back of Romantic Homes she's  been drooling over! (I'll let you guys know if she ever crosses over to the "Dark Side!) Ha!

Debi and I had a ball! We hit a few Antique stores and Shops in Pt Townsend as well. I certainly want to head back over there. Can you believe,,,I've lived in Washington the majority of my life an had never been there! Cute Shops! Gorgeous architecture in town and the majestic Historic homes sitting above on the Bluff,,,,,not to mention the sail boats anchored just off shore. Lovely!

Thanks to Debi for "showing me the sites, the shops and doing the majority of the driving!  (And, calming my nerves when the  unexpected Naval Jet swooped overhead! Geesh, I was married to a PILOT for heavens sake!)

I had SO much fun! New friends, family, new communities, a few fun finds. Life doesn't get much better!
Okay,,,,,maybe it DOES! I went home with a whole cooler FULL of Salmon and a good sized chunk of Halibut!  Oh Debi,,,,,,I know I gave you some, but there was my brothers AWESOME smoked salmon in the cooler too!Next time. It is to Die for!

TOO Fun! Meeting two  of my Blogger friends in the last Couple of weeks......Debi and now Lisa! Hmmmmmmm,
Trying to figure out how I could transport Two LARGE dogs and two good for nothing felines in a ,,,WHAT? "Canned Ham" camper and a Vintage Truck- Cross Country to meet my OTHER blog friends? A girl can DREAM.......can't she?

( I hit a few garage sales today..scored TWO white Chenille Bedspreads, a Buck Each!) And some fun laces,,,,,,,but not my usual treasure trove today! The "Junk Goddesses" must have been off meeting new friends!

Have a GREAT Weekend! Huge Soccer Tournament in Snohomish this weekend! And the weather will be Cool,,,,,,I think we're gonna be "kickin it" in Joyworks!

Hugs and Love,

(Lyneen, Missed YOU! Gotta Connect NEXT time I'm over that way!)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

EBC Button......Questions and Answers.....

This just goes to show that I love my Blog friends. I got an email from a dear blog friend......She'll remain anonymous, but let's just "say" that her name is Jill and her adoring husband's name is Jack.

Rumor has it, they fell down the Hill,,,,,Lies I tell you, but how would you know,,,,,Unless Jill had an EBC???

"Jill" emailed me and said, "Shell,,,I don't quite get this whole EBC button thing." (I'm using quotes liberally here, She's is much more intelligent, articulate and one of the funniest gals I know, but that's the Gist of it! )

And I said, "Don't feel bad about being confused" because I ALWAYS seem to be as of late....
So,,,I HOPE this clears any EBC confusion up a bit ~

(A somewhat modified version of my email response back to the anonymous "Jill")

"Okay,,,,,So you post the EBC Button somewhere on your sidebar,,,,,( it can be down in some little corner  pocket that folks wouldn't go to much UNLESS, they were trying to find out where YOU disappeared to......

And YES,,,,,,,,,,,,
Have a link with an Email Contact of YOUR choice. (IE: Shelly39WA@aol.comThen ---Jill would give "The Hubbs," Jack, my Phone number and my email address. He could let me know what is going on with our beloved Jill.

Then,  He can email me or Phone  me and say, "Dangit, Jill was hanging the Star on the Christmas tree and fell off the ladder and broke ALL 10 fingers and all 10 toes! " (Jack mutters under his breath, "I guess that means I'll have to do all the Giftwrap this year!")


I, being the truly devoted blogger friend that I am:  Go to Jill's LATEST BLOG POST.....(the one she posted BEFORE she eaten Aunt Edna's Rum-laced Fruit Cake and had hung said star) And I would POST a Comment there,as to what happened. Even IF they (Jills Bloggers) don't follow ME, they can at LEAST look to  her last post for comments/info. OR, they can find her Beautiful EBC button and Then they can email ME and I can pass on whatever info Jack gives me.

I hope this helps!

(At least that way people will know what is going on,, ,  that- Jill can't handle Aunt Edna's Rum Cake and that IF we were expecting a gift, it's going to look like some derranged temp from the Post office got ahold of it first! And, we may need to all chip in and buy Jill some voice activated device so she can get BACK to blogland) And, IF you could find her EBC contact on her blog sidebar......well, then You'd at least KNOW to go lightly on Aunt Edna's Fruitcake and KNOW that Jack was tending to the twenty or so appendages Jill managed to break! God Bless Jack!

Aren't you GLAD that Because Jill had her EBC Contact you KNOW what's going on? Jack MAY be a saint,,,,,but he's NO blogger! So,  with all that in mind, Give a blog friend YOUR INFO...Post the Button in the bowels of your sidebar. We love you, We worry!

***All Characters,  used in this illustration are purely ficticious. Any references to products (Aunt Edna's rum laced Fruitcakes), goods or services are stricly for educational and entertainment purposes, only, although I would LOVE one for the holidays,,,preferably without citrus and those weird green thingys.)

Love you "Jill",,,,,your email (as always, made me laugh). But I hope this helps everyone! Email or comment if you have any further thoughts/comments or questions!

Hugs and Love,

(Headed over to the Washington Penninsula tomorrow---Home of Twilight and Vampires...LOL. Should be a fun "Girl day with a couple of Blogger friends and family! Hope to take some fun pics! )

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I think this wreath needs a banner...any ideas?

I don't "DO" a lot of halloween,,,but a few things,,This wreath was fun to make, but I think it needs a banner of some sort..Any ideas of what it should say??? Love to hear it!

Click to enlarge.....

Okay, I'm headed back down to the Dungeon,,,err Studio! Last of the Hot days! Yeah!

Hugs and Love,

Don't you just LOVE the EBC  button Lulu Made US?? She's feelin' a bit under the weather : (
(Get healthy GF!)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

And the Winners are..........

Thanks for all of you that entered and Shared so honestly. as someone commented, only the truly BRAVE  chose to share! LOL

Queen of Stuff!

 Using the RNG, The two winners are :
Vicki of 2 Bags Full
 Lisa of the DavisDialogues!

Now,,,,,let me know whether you'd rather have a Home Depot (for like organizing bins!)
Or a
Michael's Gift Card (So you can buy MORE Cr......Stuff!)
Your choice girls and Lisa I need you to email me your Home Address!

Now,,,,who wants the Bunny? LOL

Stay Cool,,,,were setting Records here today!


Saturday, August 14, 2010

What do Blogfriends mean to YOU? A thought......Pls read on!

Hi! Hope you are having a good weekend! I will draw a winner for my hoarders event at 10:00am Sunday,tomorrow, so check out yesterday's posts and leave a comment if you still want to enter..But more than THAT, I want you to consider having an Emergency Blog Contact..

Please Read on and Consider..........

My Blog friend Elizabeth Golden has been MIA for quite a while.....Her last post was that she broke her hip. . .
I put a link on my sidebar about visiting and leaving a comment.........And IF you go to that link, there were at last count about 125 comments.......And still NO word on Elizabeth!  I'm concerned, worried and frustrated as I know many bloggers that know her or have visited her wonderful site are.

Which got me to thinking. What do Blogfriends mean to YOU? How would you feel if they dropped off the blogger map and you had NO idea what had happened or what was going on?

Now, when my Dear blogger friend Maggie got seriously hurt, she was able to convey to her kids that they needed to post on her blog, "what was up!"  She was fortunate that her daughter jumped in and posted on Maggies Blogs, to all of us what was going on.....Because, HEY, we care and we HURT when our Blog friends hurt.  Right? And when they plain just drop out of site like Elizabeth? It is REALLY frustrating!!!!

Some of our blogfriends,,,,(and I'm going to reference my friend Lulu as a case in point), have a Spouse that would let us know if Lulu, (God forbid)  broke her Funny bone while reaching for the cuppycake she stashed on the TOP shelf. I think Rick is pretty savvy about the importance of  her blogging community and WOULD understand it was important to advise her blog friends why she wasn't currently posting. But not ALL of us have such an understanding partner/friend of our blogging life,,especially if THEY are not a blogger!

So, case in point.......and this isn't about me, but I've thought of it before, even prior to NOT knowing what was going on with my Blog friend Elizabeth.......I climb down a narrow staircase heading down to the basement of this old house,,to my studio, more often than not, with supplies in my hands thinking, "If I take a digger down the stairs,,whose going to know? " Sure, my son checks in Sometimes......and yet......
If I break my femur/neck/Casaba, who is going to know that it's important to tell  blog friends what happened?"

Now,,,,,for those of you that have followed my blog/posts for some time,,,,,I'd hope you KNOW I'm a Glass Half Full,,,,,,shoot Brimming over the TOP ,kind of Gal........BUT! I also live in Earthquake Country,,,,and some of us locals, have a FEW emergency plans in effect.

So, my thought was this, simple and yet to the point. You post ONE Blog friend (in the Very bottom corner of yourBlogs "Never Never land" ) as an Email Contact. Pick ONE blog friend and let them know that they are your emergency contact. Get their phone number and/or email and switch infor with  your partner/neighbor/local friend-whomever, as your emergency contact! It's your EBC.....Emergency Blog Contact.

I love the blog friends I've gotten to know,,,,,and if something happened to them,,,,and I didn't know what was going on,,,,like NOW, it would drive me Crazy! So,,,,call me Crazy, you wouldn't be the First. As stated, I'm concerned about my Friend Elizabeth,,,,as I'm sure others are, because we don't KNOW what is going on! If THIS kind of system was in place,,,we could learn from a blogger/family member what was going on! Does THIS make sense, or is it just me?

If you are like me, you want to do more than just sit idly by and wait..not knowing. You want to be PRO-Active! But HOW, when you have NO means of contacting anyone directly involved? Frustrating,
 ya think?

Okay, so/ My BBFF Lulu of Coastal sisters , read THIS just as I was finishing and is going to create an "EBC" Button for ALL of us to post on our sidebars~ Ackk! This is Great! So YOU can list an emergency contact! Thanks Sweetie!  I will post YOUR link and Button on MONDAY!
I think it's important and so awesome that YOU stepped up to the plate! 

 Lulu will have this posted on her Blog on Monday and I will post a Link!

Yep, blogger friends ARE Real friends. We get to know them, love them and worry about them~ I think we should ALL do this,,,,,even IF you have a child that is a saint and fills in for you,,,or a hubby that thinks you're the best thing since Cupcakes!

Thanks Lulu! You ARE the Best!

Hugs and love and enjoy the rest of your HOT weekend! And Lord, I wish SOMEONE would let us KNOW what's going on with my blog friend the sparked this whole line of thinking, Elizabeth!..........


Friday, August 13, 2010

A Bit Late for my own Blogging Event! Ackk!

I Thought I had it set up to post this morning,,,,before I left to go Garage and Estate sale Hunting!~ Sorry!

I've already shared ONE of my Crafts gone Wrong photos......

But here is a "Closet from Hell.!"

I'm a firm believer in, "If you can't see it, it isn't there!" Well,,,the tracks on the closet door broke,,,,and this was my stash place......30 years worth of MY stuff,,,,now some of my moms,,,,,and undoubtedly STILL some of my adult boys things are in here! Can you say "Intervention?" IF I knew you were coming for a visit,,,,,the STUFF would all be piled in the Garage and I'd put up a curtain or new "Track for the levers."
But you haven't mentioned coming yet!!

Pay NO attention to the pillow forms from Joanne's and the frame I got free at a garage sale.......they will,,,,ahem, be GONE if you come!

The problem with an old house is all the "nooks and crannies,,,,,and live in one for almost 30 years,,,,and ahem,,,,,those NOOKS and Crannies get filled with S...um,,,,,things!

Okay,,,,a couple of things, sinces I'm a BIT late posting,,,,I'll draw the winner(s) on Sunday morning instead. So post and comment when you get a few.......$30 buck Gift card from Home Depot..and/or $30bucks for Joannes. Drawings will be  through Random number Generator, so you COULD technically win both!

One for Entering
One for Following
One for Posting on your blog for EITHER a "Bad" Craft or a Hoarding Issue. Two for both!
One for Sidebar for the Event
For a total of 5 Points..........

Again,,,,,,all posts/sidebars/followers and comments from the original day of my posting about the event Count!

And,,,,,,,I think I'll put the Bunny on a base and give it a SASH,  "First Annual Crafts Gone Bad" Event!
Want it, as a token? LOL let me know!

A few quick garage sale photos from today,,,,Like I need MORE Stuff???

 vintage Christmas Finds.....10 Cents each...

Oil Painting,,,,,

old ribbons,,pepper grinder

Oval Lace table cloth and crochet topper.....

Fun finds, but again, like I needed MORE stuff! But seriously, if you DO come and visit in the Future, I promise to whip my Guestroom into shape!

Hugs and love,,,,,,,hope to see some of your posts and comments! Have a GREAT weekend,,,it's going to be hotter than Blazes in Washington State this weekend!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Literature, crack and "don't kill the messenger!"

I Finally put the book that I've been reading down and at LEAST. bought some art/crafting supplies and hit Macy's to see what was the latest this afternoon!

Yesterday, I was AWOL. I managed to hit the grocery store because the felines were having FITS about just getting DRY food! But, I'd read myself BLIND!

Ugggh! I bought this book LAST week at a Garage sale for a BUCK!This is the second, apparently, in a series,,,,,,at least at THIS point, ONE of three! I think I "hate" this author as much as I "hate" Diana Gibaldon,,,,,for HER books! They,,,,,truly, are like "CRACK!" a drug! As apparently is at least THIS book! Now,,,,,,,I'm going to have to invest time/energies in reading the FIRST book, and well Dang,,,,,,the THIRD is already OUT THERE!

18th Century London and Paris,,,,,,,costumes, architecture,,,,,scandal/ politics/ humor........Ugh....I'm TELLIN' you, it's CRACK!

I'll forewarn you,,,,,,some of the relationships are scandalous and incestuous.....There are references to various relions and paganism OF THOSE times.....if that offends you you may want to SKIP these books. However, the author, Karleen Koen, apparently is Quite well read/versed as to what transpired religiously, traditionally,socially, sexually, and  politically, etc.  So,,,,,,,I'd say, take it all with a grain of salt.

I so Enjoyed the elaborations on lodgings, the fashions, costumes, the politics, the social structures, art, "old wives tales and remedies , customs and even medicines of the time......

 I would enjoy any feedback or comments from those of you that are familiar to this series,,,,,,,or IF you are NOT familiar, and pick up the books down the road! Please share your insight or thoughts!

I am SO putting this book away,,,,,,well at LEAST until the early hours,,,,,,,,,I need to get stuff DONE!

Hope you are having a good week! Two Days until my "Hoarders and Crafts gone Bad event!" Hope you have some FUN images! and Laugh at your mistakes/misdeeds!

Hugs and Love,

Monday, August 9, 2010

Anne's Fantabulous Giveaway and Where and How did I MEET her?

Okay, first of all, my dear young friend Anne, of Fiona and Twig is having a HUGE and I mean HUGE CSN giveaway- $125 BUCKS~! To celebrate her FIRST year Blogging! Are you Kidding me? That's an awesome gift,,,but if you go over to my sidebar and click on her giveaway "Button" you'll see for yourself what kind of FOLLOWING she has,,,in a YEAR?  And that is NO coincedence! If you will,  please take a minute or two to first to read on...........

Her blog, is lovely, her antique booth is lovely and she is one of the best photographers that I've EVER come across!(Plug here also for my friend Jenn @ Amazing Graces on my sidebar) But Anne's images are ALL so lovely and I wish I could  just "bottle her up" and just take a BIT of her creativity/her eye and add it to MY blog!

But, More important? Is her Heart! I love this young lady, her creative spirit, the resillence and fortitude I've come to know. She's been through some tough times,,,,and comes back smiling and taking on NEW challenges!

By all means,,,,check out Anne's blog if you haven't already........and enter her great giveaway. But truly, she is the PRIZE!

This last week? After meeting Debi, from Ormolulu,,,I got to thinking.........I KNOW what your saying, "oh Geesh...where is she going with this?" Because I never to seem to suffer for a loss of words...Ya think?

But, Debi and I were talking when we met for the first time and trying to decide When/How we started "Chatting" through blogs and emails.....And I thought about OTHER blogfriends that have become really close friends thinking.....I met Lulu when..and how? I met Lynn where and how?  I THINK I met Vicki..........

I DO know at SOME point I found these wonderful blogfriends and started "following" and commenting,,,,and for the life of me,,,,the ONLY blogfriend I knew for SURE HOW I'd found was my now dear friend Maggie....whom Lulu had introduced to me.

It would be NICE if "Blogland" had a log or something that told us WHEN and how we found a new blog or When we started Following a particular person or site.....yeah, well, too much to hope for there! But as we all know, "one thing leads to another.......which lead me to .......whom lead me to..... and how I met..........Makes you stop and think though. doesn't it?

Regardless,,,,of how I met/found came to know my Blog friends, (thats YOU too!)  I'm sure glad I DID and it has certainly changed my life!

Are you getting ready to post  pictures or comments at my "Hoarders and Crafts Gone Wrong EVENT on your blog THIS Friday??" My prizes aren't as BIG as Anne's.......but I'm truly hoping it'll be a Funny and fun event!

Enjoy your week!
Hugs and Love,

Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Funny,,,,,,if you will!

Okay,,,If you have or look at someone's "Live Traffic Feed" you get to see who has been there,Right? I have one,,,,, on my Blog sidebar,,,,,,,,and sometimes  I look at the Flags from different countries sometimes and think,,,,"Oh wow! Someone from Lithuania or some 3rd world Country in Southeast Asia,,,,,is looking at MY blog!" Amazing, exciting, a bit weird,,,,and you just wonder HOW or WHY they are visiting YOUR blog! Ya know? 

                     So anyway,,,,,,,,as of Late? I've had this "Stalker" or Spy  popping up on my Blog,,,,,,,,from of all places, Stanwood, WA!  I KNOW! If your local your thinking, what????????
If ONLY said Stalker looked like the divine Sean Connery!
"Bond,,,,James Bond"

I even mentioned the said "Stalker" to Jana and Clarice today while we were working at Joyworks!
"This is Really weird. you guys,,,,,because EVERYTIME I look at my Blog,,,,there is" this person"  from STANWOOD that is looking at ME, looking at MY blog! It's in my traffic feed!"

Well,,,,If you don't live around here,,,,,and even if you DO,,,Stanwood is a small town community up ,,,,about,,,,30/4O miles north. Not a HUB of anything......except, maybe NOW they are!
"News at 11:00....Spy Ring in Stanwood!"

But alas, no. If you've read my blog regularly......you might recall, " I Bundle." I have phone, internet/satellite and the provider, and, much to my initial dismay and nightmare has CHANGED companies. The expression, "I am my OWN shadow" is apparently appropro! I log on in Snohomish,,,,,,,some 40 miles away,,,,and "Traffic Feed" shows activity in STANWOOD now......Too weird!

But at least I KNOW who the "Shadow/Spy is!" It's me!  Dang,,,No Sean, no Liam, no Sam, no Val.....I am totally bummed up! 

 Well,,,,,,they'd best straighten THIS out! Or,,I guess,,,I can continue to "Stalk" myself!

Have  a GREAT Sunday,,,,,,whatever you do!

Hugs and Love,

Friday, August 6, 2010

What a delightful BOX on my Front Porch today!

Okay,,,,,so I was out hitting the Garage and Estate sales? And I got home too late to watch the "Part Deux" of Oprah's Hoarding segment.....Ironic? Ya THINK???

But,,,,when I arrived home..........Look what I found next to my door!!! Okay,,,,,STOP IT! Do you know my DEAR, DEAR blogger friend Vicki? Of 2 Bags full? Vicki-2bagsfull.blogspot.com   LOOK WHAT SHE SENT ME!!! Too, Too Gorgeous!!!

As previously stated, I am NO photographer,,,,,,and my images will NOT do it justice..........But look how gorgeous!!!

The Textures? Are you Kidding me? So wonderful! And, I'm a "Green Girl" so,,,,,this is just the BEST!!

Okay,,,one more image,,,,because,,,,,,,this is SO YUMMY!

It even "Feels" Good!

I SO love this little Nesty......it is going to hold a special place of honor in my livingroom! My photos do NOT do it justice,,,,,,

Vicki and I just "Clicked" after the OWOH (One world, One Heart) Global event at the beginning of the year. There were just certain people during that event that I have grown to love......Vicki, is a neonatal nurse,,,,,and creates gorgeous things in her down time.......She has the biggest heart of anyone I know!
What is not to love? She is one of those blogger friends,,,that SOME DAY and SOMEHOW,,we will meet! It's a given! In the meantime,,,,we swap emails and share.........

Handcrafted items,,,,,especially those made by friends.....Like this wonderful nest that will  most certainly adorn my livingroom, a Faux cake from my friend Lulu (Coastal Sisters) that takes "Best of Show" in my French Cabinet......... and goodies that adorn my studio, as well, WOW! They make me smile....Especially since I've had a chance to learn about the HEART behind the inspiration!

Fun Week! I got to meet Debi,,,,,from Ormolulu and we had a Blast! I got to chat this morning with Lulu,,,,,,about our upcoming trip ( and First face to face MEET) in November at Silver Bella! I recieved this wonderful Nest,,,,,,,,from Vicki,,,whom I love to pieces,,,,,,and it means SO much!
Lovin' the Blogland!

Have a great weekend! I think we'll be BUSY in Joyworks,,,,as it's only supposed to be about 65! Sorry to those of you enduring the HEAT!

Love and Hugs,

And don't forget....ONE week from today, is my "Hoarders and Crafts Gone Wrong!" Event and Giveaway! Get some pics together and POST next Friday! It should be Fun!!!Geesh,,we're ALL human!
"I'll show you MORE of MINE,,,,if you show me Yours!"

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yesterday's Finds,,,and a Prototype,,,whaddya think?

As I mentioned yesterday (ughh,,,typing is NOT coming easy as I have a cat on my desk, who has her tail "a twitchin' over my keyboard!),,,,,,,But as I STARTED to say......I had a blast yesterday with Debi from Ormolulu!

Before I met up with Debi Conway/Mt Vernon, I stopped in a shop I'd seen advertised in the local paper. "The Vintage Violets." And,,,,she has a blog, thevintageviolet.blogspot.com which via her business card, doesn't seem to work! But,,,, her shop was darlin'-located about a block and a half from where I "rented" my first HOUSE.

Yeah,,,it was the size of a postage stamp,old, but NOT cute,,,but I had a fireplace and a BIG yard and I was 20 years old at the time!,,,located right in Downtown Marysville,,,,,,right on 3rd. I paid $78.50,,,,,which was ALL inclusive and I got a HUGE discount on my dry cleaning and alterations to boot, which came in handy in my early Nordstrom days!. Okay,,,I had an "IN." We'll leave it at that,,for now!

Anywhoo...........The Vintage Violets  shop was Cute,,,I will certainly be back! I found some AWESOME Chenille pieces at a GREAT price!
I've been crafting some items for the show in October,,,,,,and these will be GREAT to add to the "mix!"
Most of what I'm makingiin Chenille, is Christmas,,,,,which I'll save for a later post,,,,,,,

So? OFF the "shopping/buying" topic," I recently got a piece of Chenille from my friend Mary Larsen......(Thanks Mary!)  And have been "playing" with it.

This is just a tester,,,,,prototype if you will,,,,,But I'd LOVE to hear what you think of this funky little pumkin I made today,,,,,out of the Chenille Mary gave me,,I added some seam binding and some green wire........Whaddya think?

Retro and fun to add to your other "everlasting" pumkin collection? Feedback please!

That aside, I also had a couple of other Fun finds in Marysville, and I might add, I have NEVER gone junking or looking for Antiques there! But there WERE some Fun shops!

Fun Vintage Hat find in Marysville, and a GREAT price! $12

I loved this little Porcelain Doll,,,,,,same price as a Frozen Charlotte,,,,,Only She is intact AND has moveable arms! Too Cute!

The rest of my "Finds," were up "North" in La Conner and Mt Vernon, while in the company of the fun and astute Debi! I picked up a few other things that I'll not show here,,,,,,but here are a couple of my other fun Finds of the Day.....

I think I darn near "stole" this spool of vintage ribbon from "Egg and Dart" in La Conner.......it is ALMOST full and near 50 yards!,,,,, you cannot see from the image that amongst this yummy gold with black, it also has hints of Gold!

I found this fun Floridian Pin Cushion in Mt Vernon! I HAD to have it......the fabric is my Fav color,,,,that warm, "Flamingo Pink" like my bedroom walls,,,,,but this lovely lady will be placed in the sewing area of my Studio! $10 Bucks,,,,and I've gotta say, she was a STEAL!! Lovin' those encrusted shells!

Oh my, do you LOVE this hand crochet bag/pouch??? Debi and I BOTH did! I think this one will go on my new dress form,,,,,in some capacity! Love it!

As previously stated.....I worked in the Studio today,,,,hence the pumpkin above,,,,,,,and I thought after spending several hours in there I should RENAME my blog........ADD Arts and Crafts! I played with MORE materials, ideas, concept and things.........thinking, " WHERE are YOU headed?.....WHAT are you doing,,,,,,,I alternated between BLISS at trying new techniques/materials and pacing the floor thinking "okay,,,,,you wanted to do WHAT???"

Ackk,,,,going to try and go junking/garage sale hunting and the likes tomorrow.......But I dunno........I may pull the PLUG early and try and make sense of what in the HECK else I'm doing!!!

Would love some feedback on my funky Chenille Pumkin........I think it's kinda cute ,,,,,,,let me know! I can take it!!! LOL

Hugs, and love,,,,,,,,and if I don't "see" or talk to you first, have an AWESOME weekend!!! I'm TRYING to work on some Catch ups!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fun Day in Skagit With Fellow Blogger Debi from Ormolulu!

TOO Fun! Had a "Girl Day" with fellow blogger and new friend Debi, from Ormolulu! http://ormolulu.blogspot.com/

We "Met in the Middle," this first time, so to speak.....she came "down from Bellingham and I came "up" from Snohomish and we met at Skagit Valley Gardens for Lunch and well,,,,DUH! Some Shopping!

Here's Debi outside the Nursery by this funky vignette, complete with an old truck and plow! (If I would have tried to climb up in there,,,I'm sure the picture would have been entirely different!)

Lunch was GREAT! I would highly recommend it!  It was a bit "toasty" in the nursery, but I figure I'd sweat off a few calories in the process! Yeah, right!

Debi does shows all over the PNW,,(Pacific Northwest),,,,including Farm Chicks, 2nd's Saturdays at Sand Point (in Seattle), Portland Expo and the likes. She also has an ongoing space at Pacific Galleries in Seattle. (Yummy!) That's how we decided we'd first connected,,,,,,(after my visit there and she'd read my post and commented that she had a booth!)

Another fun old Truck, this one, INSIDE the nursery!
After a late running lunch, getting to know each other a bit better, we headed to La Conner for a SHORT visit! I went with her to Egg and Dart,,,,,where I found some awesome Vintage Ribbon! We went to a great lighting Store too, where Debi introduced me to a dear friend of hers,,,,Ugh, the cards are in my car,,,,and I'll post about the shop tomorrow or Friday, along with my "fun finds of the day!"

Then we Boot Scooted over to Mt Vernon for a FEW quick stops! Ack......One hour, so we hit two shops......Red Door and Dilly Dally!  So much shopping, and so many laughs (not to mention insight from Debi on our Upcoming show!) Too soon,,the shops were closing and it was TIME for us to both head home!

I had a SUPER time! Hope Debi did too! I see a visit or TWO in the near future,,,,with more laughs, sharing and exploring!! And,,,,we're BOTH getting ready for Timis extravaganza in OCTOBER! Ackkkk!

Oh,and PLEASE PLEASE note,,,,,,,I have had  some trouble lately POSTING images/jpegs and the likes. I feel bad, because there are Giveaways, Events/acknowledments that my software didn't recognize--- (Such as trying to upload my friend Lynn  Stevens, of Kuma, Idaho's recognition in TWO recent Somerset(s), Timi's Poster for OUR event, etc.) I Think I have figured out SOME of the problem (I changed some passwords recently but not ALL) So, hopefully, I'll be able to update some things soon that I attempted to, but my computer/blogland wouldn't LET me! Gotta love technology! Yeah Right!

'Puter problems aside,,,,,,,I had a GREAT time today! Debi was lots of fun and I'm SO glad I got to meet her face to face! And,,,,she is ONE smart lady! How FUN to get to know a talented blogger friend! I HIGHLY recommend it!

Hugs and love and Computer be,,,,,ummmm Darned!
(Thanks Debi, for a FUN Day! How come I spent ALL the money? LOL)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Blogger Friend Joann and Crafter Extrodinaire!

You need to meet this woman and enter her AWESOME giveaway!!

Okay,,,I kind of came across Joann and her blog somewhere.....LOL. I'm frankly not sure WHEN or HOW. But, she primarily "Does" a lot of  media paper and mixed media crafting, like I like to do....And well, one thing lead to another and somehow I found out that she KNEW and SOLD Stuff to Jana and Clarice for the shop I work in, Joyworks.

Jana and Clarice met Joann, LONG before I "met" her in "Blogland."  Joann was selling her crafts and wares at the BIG "Atlanta Gift Show." She has sold her wonderful  hand crafted items all over the US,,,,,,,,to various shops and venues..........But, Her blogsite is still, pretty new, undiscovered and, pretty small,,,,,but "Ladies and Gentleman,,,,she is BIG "Potatoes!"  Ahh,,,I guess I need to say for you YOUNGER bloggers.....she has done well, has been successful in her crafting,,,,in spite of being unacknowledged by Bloggers and Blog followers) So,,,,,what are you waiting for? GO......Check OUT her fantastic Crafting blog! Follow!

She's the BEST- in SO many ways!! Let her know what YOU think, by commenting on her giveaway, which ENDS Wednesday the 4th of August!  and YOU might just be lucky enough to win one of her unique, handmade, embellished and wonderful crafts!

Her talents, sense of humor and fortitude! Couldn't meet or get to know a better blogger or crafter,,,,,in MY mind!


Hugs and love to you ALL,,,,,,,,And special HUGS to Joann!