Sunday, August 15, 2010

And the Winners are..........

Thanks for all of you that entered and Shared so honestly. as someone commented, only the truly BRAVE  chose to share! LOL

Queen of Stuff!

 Using the RNG, The two winners are :
Vicki of 2 Bags Full
 Lisa of the DavisDialogues!

Now,,,,,let me know whether you'd rather have a Home Depot (for like organizing bins!)
Or a
Michael's Gift Card (So you can buy MORE Cr......Stuff!)
Your choice girls and Lisa I need you to email me your Home Address!

Now,,,,who wants the Bunny? LOL

Stay Cool,,,,were setting Records here today!



  1. Congrats to the winners, yes, only the brave came to THIS party! ha ha!

  2. Congrats to them!! It is record breaking!! It is too hot for me!!

  3. WOW thank you.. it was fun AND eye opeining.. YOU HAVE THE BEST IDEAS and BEST contests EV-er

  4. Congrats Vicki and Lisa! Take the gift card to Michaels and buy more stuff! The heck with organization!

    Thank you Shelly, for opening my eyes to my own hoarding problem. Things are going to change around here! I mean it! But not tomorrow, I'm going shopping!


  5. Congrats to Lisa and Vicki, I really got a great laugh reading the entries!

  6. congratulations are in order for the winners........however, missy, you used a random counter and i bared my soul, my crack house, for a random counter contest.
    you should read some of the comments i got............"thank you so much for making me feel so good (or so much better) about myself.
    Horrors - I'm getting that sucker organized and put together and then i'm sending you pictures that you simply must post to make up for my therapy sessions. rotf.

    i'll chat with ya later:) have a great monday!!

  7. Shell
    I so wanted to be brave and do this but then the curse of some thing took over my body for three weeks and I fell behind as your friend. How can I make it up to you.
    Love that you came up with the idea of keeping us in touch with others and that sweet Lulu is making a button. I will have to do a post about it
    Congrats to all of you lucky brave winners


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