Friday, August 13, 2010

A Bit Late for my own Blogging Event! Ackk!

I Thought I had it set up to post this morning,,,,before I left to go Garage and Estate sale Hunting!~ Sorry!

I've already shared ONE of my Crafts gone Wrong photos......

But here is a "Closet from Hell.!"

I'm a firm believer in, "If you can't see it, it isn't there!" Well,,,the tracks on the closet door broke,,,,and this was my stash place......30 years worth of MY stuff,,,,now some of my moms,,,,,and undoubtedly STILL some of my adult boys things are in here! Can you say "Intervention?" IF I knew you were coming for a visit,,,,,the STUFF would all be piled in the Garage and I'd put up a curtain or new "Track for the levers."
But you haven't mentioned coming yet!!

Pay NO attention to the pillow forms from Joanne's and the frame I got free at a garage sale.......they will,,,,ahem, be GONE if you come!

The problem with an old house is all the "nooks and crannies,,,,,and live in one for almost 30 years,,,,and ahem,,,,,those NOOKS and Crannies get filled with,,,,,things!

Okay,,,,a couple of things, sinces I'm a BIT late posting,,,,I'll draw the winner(s) on Sunday morning instead. So post and comment when you get a few.......$30 buck Gift card from Home Depot..and/or $30bucks for Joannes. Drawings will be  through Random number Generator, so you COULD technically win both!

One for Entering
One for Following
One for Posting on your blog for EITHER a "Bad" Craft or a Hoarding Issue. Two for both!
One for Sidebar for the Event
For a total of 5 Points..........

Again,,,,,,all posts/sidebars/followers and comments from the original day of my posting about the event Count!

And,,,,,,,I think I'll put the Bunny on a base and give it a SASH,  "First Annual Crafts Gone Bad" Event!
Want it, as a token? LOL let me know!

A few quick garage sale photos from today,,,,Like I need MORE Stuff???

 vintage Christmas Finds.....10 Cents each...

Oil Painting,,,,,

old ribbons,,pepper grinder

Oval Lace table cloth and crochet topper.....

Fun finds, but again, like I needed MORE stuff! But seriously, if you DO come and visit in the Future, I promise to whip my Guestroom into shape!

Hugs and love,,,,,,,hope to see some of your posts and comments! Have a GREAT weekend,,,it's going to be hotter than Blazes in Washington State this weekend!



  1. Shell - You are one brave woman to post a picture of that closet!!! Hilarious! On the other hand - seeing that makes me feel better because I have a room like that at home!

    Your flea market/garage sale finds are fab! You sure know how to shop girl!

    Just got in from a wonderful walk on the beach~~~


  2. Okay My dear, dear Vicki! Go take a quick photo and post it on your blog! Show your imperfect side! I showed you MINE!

    Hugs and Love you to pieces!

  3. Okay.
    I'm entering as you well know - I should win for posting all of my shamefulness, not just ONE CLOSET. Come on, shell. i know there's more. LOL

  4. and, i posted all of my shame on my blog.
    if this effects any of my relationships, well, i have you to thank - they weren't real friends anyway, right?? :)

    and, i didn't think to put the sidebar pic on my blog - darn. so i only get three entries because, honey, none of my art projects ever don't turn out amazing.

    and, the bunny??
    oh, my. poor soul. she would make a great companion for Baxter, I think.

    And, the Christmas stash you bought today!!!!
    SHARE!! i love all of that:)

    love you, jan

  5. ok LOVE your garage sale finds, you are lucky with a capital L. My new rule for garage sale-ing is that I can only buy what I NEED now want...and that closet...mmm just think what treasures are hidden there? I tried to show my hoader side... but I'll offically call me an organized hoarder!

  6. hahaha, That closet is priceless!!! and your bunny reminds me of one my hubby did when he was in 1st grade. but his is purple! I do have a picture to post tomorrow, my hat gone wrong. I'll be back.

    Those Vintage Christmas goodies were an awesome find! I never made it out today. busy painting...

  7. Shell I posted on my sidebar. slapping myself upside head. I thought I had already done it!

  8. OMgosh! I thought the 13th was NEXT week! I have about an hour, I'll see what I can do! I don't keep my crafts gone bad, I just can't stand to look at them!

    I'm hurrying now to get up a little post!


  9. Hey,Shell, I wondered what happened to you, but I do have my post up! I've had it on my sidebar all along and I'm a follower. I'm not too into crafts right now, so that saves me a lot of aggravation, ha ha!! We've been on a massive clean up this summer so I don't have as much "stuff" as I used to!
    Great garage sale goodies, have a great weekend!!

  10. Okay Shell, I bared one room of my nastiness! Just a quickie, but you'll get the picture.

    Oh, and you wouldn't have to hide or put a curtain up over any of your treasures if I came over! You are my kind of people! Keep bringing home all of your lovely loot!


  11. hehehe!!! I am late for the party, but your blog is so fun and I love your tunes..

  12. O.k its up but can't even compare to your other entries. Wouldn't you know it I cleaned my studio last week :0)

  13. just found your blog today! to late to enter but i have taken before pics of my craft space! yet to take pics of the after, meaning clean and organized lololol! love snohomish, my sister's address but she lives in the highlands. we try to get downtown snohomish when i get over to visit, everyone should it's such a great place!

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  15. Great finds at the garage sale....

    I am glad I missed posting pictures... I am a little over the top with my mess. I really need to get it under control!!!



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