Monday, April 30, 2012

Lilac's and Resilience

Resilience,,,,,,That would be my old lilac trees. Today I would LIKE to think I've learned a thing or TWO from them.....They Crack/Break, continue to grow, continue to thrive, continue to Challenge.

Happy Monday,,,,,,thank you all SO much that left comments here, OR on FB about Mary. I So appreciate your support, prayers and love.

Tomorrow? I'm working at "Beat Street." A shop next door to us at Joyworks. They sell higher end clothing/shoes/jewelery and a couple of times a year, I fill in when they have Vacations or Apparel/Gift shows.

Lots of "Stuff" going on in Snohomish and Monroe right now,,,,,I'll fill you in Soon!

Hugs, Love and a Resilient "Bus" on the Cheek!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

She was supposed to BE there yesterday,,,,,,,,

Again, this is a pic of My dear, wonderful Sister-in law, Mary. This is from last Summer when we went to "Farm Chicks" together.... She's got Cancer. It showed up First in her Spine.They removed two vertebrae, took out the tumor, (cancerous) "re-built" TWO vertabrae from Pher Hip bone........She's getting radiation for THAT,,,,,and after yesterday's consult with "Fred Hutchinson Cancer Institue" ,,,,they'll be "removing her right kidney".....the Primary source of her

She was Supposed to be there,,,,,,yesterday and the day before at "Island Chicks."
To Sell, buy, "play" and mostly be my biggest supporter.......

I KNOW I've asked for prayers, insights, and the likes with her FIRST surgery. I'm asking even more now...
I simply Cannot lose her. She has lead a "Clean, sober and healthy lifestyle.She is my "BESTEST!" She's the BEST sister-in law anyone could ever ask for,,,,and as previously stated,,,,she's been in my life since I was 8 or 9.......

I love her more than I can ever tell you! Please continue to pray, "channel good thoughts" or whatever,,,,I just want and need MY Mary to be okay!
(Fun Photos from Island Chicks in yesterday's post)

.....I just got the 'Bomb' Dropped on me tonight
(Hugs, Love and need some Strength "Bus"

Island Chicks, 2012.......Fun Show!

Island Chicks was an awesome show to take part in! The promoters/organizers were the Best! We had great Vendors, great Customers, great Weather,,,,,,Did I mention it was GREAT?

Here's a few photos of my booth......

Side View of Booth

Tussies Galore!

My front Table......

Lots of Shells and Paper Roses......(Sold tons of these!)

Abalone and sheet Music stuff

Bird Cages, Lace and Nests...

Bird cage and lace.......

No offense intended, but I called this "Jesus on the Beach." I've seen a lot and even HAVE a couple of these Vintage "Shell lights," but never one with Jesus.

And of Course, always a bit of Crazy Whimsey........

"Marilyn" is always a Show Stopper.....

I sold quite a bit of this Ribbon Jewelry, headbands and hair clips

In my last post I'd stated that I was going to be "Up Front" at the show,,,but we came to the conclusion that being next to the Bay door with the waterfront breeze, that wasn't probably going to be a good idea with all my paper stuff....

Thankfully, the Island Chick crew moved me back next to Linda Morrison, where my Paper stuff wouldn't be "Gone with the Wind!"

Fun to have Vendors and Customers you know, as well as new ones! Too busy to take more photos,but feel free to link to this post if you have any! The next Island Chicks Show will be in September, so mark your Calendar now! (If you're not local, keep in mind that from THERE you can hop on a Ferry and head to the Gorgeous (San Juan Islands),,,,I'm just sayin'! And September is a GORGEOUS time to Visit Washington State!

Have an awesome Sunday! I'm off to Joyworks a bit later!

Hugs Love and a "Chickie" Bus on the Cheek!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Neutral Tussies,, "Wrapping it up!" And a quick "Mary" update.

This afternoon, I finished the last of my "Artsy" Things for this weekends Show....
Lots of Neutral Toned Tussie Mussies........

Fun to make! Using Textured Wallpaper, old lace, tulle, and ribbon.

Boxing/Pricing/ wrapping items for this weeks show! I'm think I'm ALMOST there!

If you're local, I hope to see you Saturday up in Anacortes. It's looking to be a fantastic Show! I'm also looking forward to see many of my Vendor Friends that I haven't for a while! And meeting NEW customers!

Hope you are having a Great week!

(Sis-in-law Mary is headed to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle tomorrow afternoon. They are going to evaluate her remaining Tumor (on her right kidney) an recommend further course of treatment. I SO appreciate ALL of your support and prayers. I'll keep you posted on further updates/info. Thank you. )

Hugs, Love and a "Mussie" Bus!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Heads Up",,,,,,New Lapel Pins, Necklaces......

I've been surrounded by,,,well, a PILE of stuff, And well, one thing lead to another and I ended up making a few new Necklaces and Pins......Here's two of my Favorites today.

Lapel Pin with a Doll Head.............

I love these Colors......
Hot Rosey Pink, Black and Creme........
This is made with all Vintage materials. Old Millinery, Creme lace, and old Velvets.
Fun for a Jean jacket or a lacey top!

In the same Colorway and Materials,A Ribbon Necklace,,,,

I'll have both of these pieces, among others for Sale at Island Chicks this Saturday! I'm just about "Done." Well, one is never REALLY done when getting ready for these Venues,,,,,,it's kind of like, "I Should have made",,,or "I should have had",,,,,,I learn a bit more from each show I do. And each Venue feels a bit different.

I hope you're having a GREAT week! It seems this one is going waaaaaay too fast!

Hugs, Love and a "Heady" Bus!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Channeling my "inner" Connie Francis,,,,,,,,Paper Roses

This morning, I had an 80's flashback! I was working in Cosmetics at Nordstrom and this woman? Came running over from the adjacent Shoe department and breathlessly exclaimed, " YOU look JUST like Connie Francis!" Well, "Connie" was a good 10 years older than me, so I didn't know HOW to take it!

But today? I was thinking about "Connie" when I made "Paper Roses," (from the 1960's HIT when I was just a youngin...THE song that made her famous) amongst some OTHER paper flowers......

I LOVE Flowers,,Natural, Paper, Silk, etc. I'll have LOTS of all at "Island Chicks" on Saturday......

My Co-worker Rita at Joyworks asked me a couple months ago about one of the Crepe flower group I made, "What kind of Flower are they?" Heck if I KNOW, but it was fun to make!

So here's Connie, in her Prime....(And Imagine ME 40 pounds slimmer/without the double Chin!) Hmmmmm, Maybe we DID look a BIT alike!

Hope you're having a Good week! These next couple of days before the show are going to go REALLY fast! Ackkk!

Hugs, Love and a "Rosey" Bus!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Five Days Till "Island Chicks!"

I'm Really Excited about this Upcoming Show! " Island Chicks" is just 5days away!

All the Vendors that I have talked to that have previously done this Venue, have had nothing but good things to say! And Jackie, the primary promoter of said event has been awesome!

So? If you are Local......Come visit us all (32+ Vendors) in Anacortes this Saturday! I'm sure you'll have a GREAT Time!

(Apparently, I'm the FIRST Vendor you'll see when you enter the Venue,,,,which, well, to put it Mildly,,,,,,Makes me want to Jump out of my Skin! There are SO many Big time "Pro's at this event, I'm feeling a BIT intimidated.........)

Also, I was Supposed to "do" this Event with my Sister-in-law, Mary, who is Now battling Cancer. I'm feeling blessed because my Son Andrew, is stepping in to help me. Life throws you curves,,,,,and you try to adjust!

Hope your week is going well! I've been able (Thanks Debra @ Common Ground) to revert BACK to the Old blogger format,,,,,,but from what I've heard, It may not last long......

Hugs, Love and and "Anticipatory Bus!"

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Seriously? What is going on With Blogger/

Blogger has gone through Various Changes over the years.....But as it stands RIGHT NOW, it appears to have gone back to the Dark ages. You cannot form paragraphs, change fonts/or change to itallics, and all my pictures are in HTML format. Am I losing it? Or are the rest of you experiencing the same issues.... I'll be switching to Typepad or a Website if this isn't fixed soon. It's just plain weird and inconvenient. Pls leave a comment and let me know what YOU are experiencing if you're a blogger............ Shell ?

The Proverbial Olive Branch......

Shadow, my Black Lab has had a sore nail the last couple of days. We went through this a while back and the vet said to bring her in if she started licking it. Well, this time, at least SO far, no real licking, just kind of favoring it,,,,AND hasn't really wanted to Play. She and my Golden generally wrestle a LOT and Kodi seems to know that she isn't in the mood right now. BUT, Try and explain THAT to a Shitz Tsu Pup and that's another story! Tommy wants to PLAY,,,all the time with the Big dogs. (I think HE THINKS he's a Big dog too!) And Shadow's been a bit cross and protective....But tonight? After I got home from work,,,,Shadow "Offered" Tommy "The Proverbial Fig leaf." A rope. I think she was saying, I'm a BIT better, and even though your a pest, you're kinda cute......So HERE! "Lets Tug!"
And, of Course, Kodi got in on the Action too!
Maybe the message here is, "Sometimes, when you're hurting, you need your friends to understand. Sometimes they just have to remember that you're a bit fragile. Sometimes they need to take whatever your capable of offering and accept your weaknesses." It's beautiful right now in Washington State! We've all needed this SUN so much! I hope wherever you are you enjoyed your day. Hugs, Love and a "Peaceful, accepting" BUS on the Cheek! Shell (The Blogger Format is STILL weird. I can't get paragraph breaks among other things. I HATE it when they start messing with the Formatting. I hope this all works out soon,,,,,,or I may changes Blogging Venues,,,,,this is NOT so fun! Please Comment if you are having similar issues!)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Chalkboards, Pinwheels ant d Matches.....trying again! Ackk!

Okay? So First of all, I was posting and apparently inadvertently hit ONE WRONG Button on my laptop and Blogger deleted it all,,,,,,Once again, they have changed the posting, bare with me! Anyway,,,,,I worked on Chalkboards today. I "stole" this Idea from my dear friends at "Whimsical Whites." Using Old picture frames to make Chalkboards! I bout one at their shop and wanted to make some of my own.... Oh,,,,GREAT,,,,so NOW, Blogger won't let me upload images..........
This one,,is a bit embellished,,,,,,,No frame, so Shell added a bit......The others are generic.....
a few more........
And some Pinwheels.......
And "Beachy" Matchboxes......
au It's supposed to be lovely in Washington this weekend! I hope YOU have a GREAT weekend, whatever you do, wherever you are. I'll be working at Joyworks, which is Always busy and always fun when we have a Sunny Day! If you're a local, I hope you come and see us NEXT weekend at ISLAND CHICKS in Anacortes! Hugs, Love and a "Creative" Bus! Shell

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mystery,,,,yet to be solved. "Emma" my Cherub/Angel, John Astor and the Titanic.....

If you've followed my blog for several years,,,well first of all, THANK YOU! Or, if you've visited my home (Please tell me it was neat and tidy! You Most likely noticed "Emma." My living/dining room isn't that big in this little Bungalow,,,so she has quite a presence. And MAYBE some Fantastic History??? I'm hoping to Solve the Mystery,,,,,,,,

She was given to me by and "ex" Man friend. I always say, she's the best thing I got out of that whole relationship......But that's a story I'd rather not revisit.

However, he worked for a man that specialized in Antique restoration, Custom furniture made out of old stuff and was a poor business man,,,,but a great artisan and antique collector.

So? "The Ex" was working in the shop one day and a little "90" something lady brought "Emma" in. Apparently she needed some "work." (Not the little old lady,,,,,but the Cherub) But I digress........

She told my "ex" that she'd bought the Cherub at an Auction in Portland, Ore about 50 years prior. Stashed her, never had her fixed. Said she was from the Original
Waldorf Astoria Hotel, prior to it being torn down to make room for Penn Station.

With ALL the recent talk about the "Titanic" anniversary, and John Astor I contacted Staff at the Current Waldorf Astoria.......

I haven't heard back yet, and I may NEVER know "Emma's" History. And that's okay, too.

The "Titanic" proceeded my OWN family by just a Couple of years. My Mother, Grandparents, Karl and "Emma," (my uncle Carl and auntie Ingrid) came by Ship in 1929 to America.

My Oma (grandmother), "Emma," has always been my mentor. She traveled ALL over the world,,,,,spoke at least 5 languages that I knew of. Lived in Europe, South America, Africa, Dutch Indies, and finally settled in the US. She spoke of her travels, but ALWAYS LIVED in the MOMENT! I hope/think I learned that from her.

So, "Emma" the Cherub? Maybe the Waldorf Astoria will fill me in soon. And,,,if not? I still love her. She will ALWAYS remind me of MY Emma.

Hugs love and a "mysterious Bus"

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

3 More Garden Crowns

Preserved Moss? Goes Everywhere,,,,,,So I figured while I had it out from yesterday, I'd make a few more before cleaning up! I really DO love making these. Vintage Flowers & leaves,,,Ribbons and old lace. Some of my favorite things to work with! And, well, because I am a "Shell" and my next show, "Island Chicks" takes place near the Sound, you might see a few "shells" thrown in to the mix!

This is my Fav of the 3 I made...I'm a Pink and Green Girl...Marla, my muse is too!

Fabulous Fuschia!

Hmmmmm, well, you got to see all 4 images, but I'm not sure WHY all of a sudden my photo uploads and a few other aspects of Blogger are suddenly once again in HTML......Hopefully I'll get to the bottom or top (?) of this soon.

At any rate, this is was I worked on today, along with a few other things.

***Getting ready to call my Bro and Sis-in-law to find out the latest. They were headed to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research this week to get assessment on the other tumor....

I'm a firm believer that Creativity/Art is a great stress reliever, the BEST therapy and reality escape. Most of you, that follow my blog Create Something, whether its Art, or your Garden, Fun meals, photos, writing, etc. If you don't, I'd suggest you find at least ONE thing that you enjoy and go with that!

Hugs, Love and a "Creative" Bus on the Cheek!

Monday, April 16, 2012

New Garden Crown and some Tussies........

I had a busy day working on some goodies for the upcoming " Island Chicks" Show in Anacortes in two weeks! Ackkk! The GOOD news is it was raining, so it wasn't hard to decide whether to work on some stuff or work in the yard.

Here's a new "Garden Crown."

Marla, my "Muse" was rather put out that I haven't used her in a Photo for a while.....

This one? Lots of soft pinks, pops of aqua and a few other "Surprises."

Also made some NEW Tussie Mussies.

I added some moss this time and will add some little "posies" before the Show! These Cavellini papers are so pretty, I kept the embellishments simple.

It was good to get "busy" making some things once again today, it feels like FOREVER since I've picked up a glue gun or scissors.

I hope your week is starting out well. Prayers for all those and those that have families in the Midwest dealing with the tornadoes!

Hugs, Love and a "Fussy Mussy Tussie Bus!"

(I don't know what is going on with my blog the last couple of posts, my pictures and text are all in full html text, rather than simple downloads/uploads so forgive the weird text breaks.......)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Too funny, but TOO true!

A friend posted this on Facebook.......I just had to repost. I'm SURE many of you will relate to this!

I needed this Laugh!

Hope you had a GREAT weekend, whatever you did!

Hugs, Love and a "Dumpster Diva's" Bus on the Cheek!

"Junk Therapy" before work today!

Yesterday, our local Senior Center opened a a new THRIFT STORE!

They kicked the opening off by having a big "Garage Sale." So......Before I headed off to work at Joyworks, I stopped in when they opened......Craziness! Tons of people, Tons of "stuff" and Tons of friends/neighbors and co-workers digging through the madness........

I found some great old Bobeche's

Fun old spool of Lace

My biggest "finds" were probably the HUGE bags of Vintage leaves I, of course, White in all shapes and sizes and some Metalics........Not Japanese,,(from the 40's and 50's.) These were all Korean, so more likely 60's and 70's....But if you NEED any,,,I've got em.

It was great therapy to plow through the masses and find a few treasures! Cheaper than a Therapist!

Enjoy your Sunday,,,,,,it looks like it's going to be a beautiful day here, so we'll be Hoppin' at Joyworks!

Hugs, Love and a "Therapeutic Bus" on the Cheek!

I also found a fun "Mc Call's" Ribbon Rose kit,,,,all in tact, for 50 Cents.

And a set of 4 heavy duty Bobeche's.......

(Spread 'em out in an old galvanized Oil pan I found that I plan to use to start some seedlings in.....)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring and Mary Update,,,,,,,,,,

If you are a gardener, you know. Life can be long or short. Life can be unpredictable. In the Garden. But for the rest of us as well. We don't know WHEN we're going to "Bloom." We don't know when we're going to "multiply", flourish, grow, die back or dry up.

We don't get to Choose the garden we will occupy. It's determined prior to our growth. We don't KNOW how we will be fed/nourished. We don't know WHAT weather will be influential in our lives, we don't know what is ahead of us. But we grow, we thrive, we struggle to resist adversities and disease.

And we grow Stronger. We cast off weeds, disease, and the richness of the soil, the light, the water Make us GROW.

This of course is an analogy. But one that I hope holds TRUE for many of us. You tend "Your garden." You live well, eat well, Do well.

And yet, you Still end up with Cancer. In this case, Cancer on your spine. They remove the Tumor, the disc's affected by the Cancer. Because,,,,THIS is priority ONE....No Paralysis. No Paralysis.
This week? Body scans. Results. Treatment scheduled. Radiation on the Spine where the tumor was removed. And Body scan reveals Primary tumor: On a Kidney.

So. This is where I step off.

Any insight appreciated.

Hugs, Love and a worried "Bus" on the Cheek!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring kick in the Backside!

Getting ready for "Island Chicks" later this month,,,,,,,Thinkin' Mother's Day, May Day, Beach and Mermaids.......I felt a BIT rusty today, getting back in the Studio...It's been WEEKS between getting ready for the Easter Parade/Bonnet Class/Contest......

Some Tussie Mussie's from Last year........I'm needing my "Creative Fairies" to help me THIS year,,,,,,,

Looking SO forward to this Show...I just need to find my Muse! ( I find out tomorrow, most likely about the tests and scans they've been doing this week on Mary. Procedures/Tests and initial prognosess..........Maybe the creative "fairies" will visit,,,,,AFTER I know what the heck is going on!

Hugs, Love and a "Up in the Air" and wishing to "Land" Bus on the Cheek!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I will love and give all I can.
I will set boundries, often hard- For for what I CANNOT or Will NOT do.
I will accept that I am Human and have both limitations and endless abilities and gifts.
I will TRY to sort out the differences between the two.
Today? I will accept that I cannot "fill-in" all the gaps,

I've been trying for some time now to take care of my little 92yo friend,,,My mom's friend, Helen. It hurts to know,,,,,,I cannot be "enough." She's going to need more care........

You DO What your can do......and at some point you have to let go.

Hugs, Love and a "Bus" of acceptance,,,,,,,

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Best "Therapy" I can think of! (Pets and Gardening)

Today was a GREAT "therapy" day! I started early weeding, pruning, planting and FINALLY later today,,,,,I MOWED! Well, at least PART of the yard, and the hardest. And, I had the "Help" of my new little neighbor "Tommy."

Here's my "New Tenant," neighbor Tommy, the Shitzu Pup......

Mom, Ellen, my "Human" tenant, chose NOT to be photographed,,,,,,and I don't blame her, we both worked hard in our mutual yards today.
Tommy, posing under my  Kodi...........Too funny- Lovin' the Green!

Truthfully? I haven't had much long term interaction with smaller dogs. I LOVE all animals, but have always preferred bigger dogs myself, other than my "Lucy" girl,,,who was a Corgie/Golden Retriever Mix,,,,I KNOW,,,,,,she was "mess," but a loveable one. 

I'm loving having Tommy around...he's got a GREAT personality and the "Big dogs" just love him. "We" have to come to terms about Holly Kitty though,,,,,SHE is NOT amused!

Tomorrow,,,,,,,the weather is supposed to turn "south." Aka Rain,,,So I'm glad I got done what I DID these last two days........I'll be headed into the Studio, to get busy on some items for "Island Chicks" later this month in Anacortes! Looking forward to a GREAT SHOW!

Hugs, Love and a "Bloomin'" Bus on the Cheek