Friday, October 29, 2010

Ackkkkkkkkk! I can't even stand it! Best in Western Washington!!!

I JUST got off the phone with my dear friend Annie,,,,,,This award makes me SO Happy! I So love Annie and All the girls in her shop! They were nominated, and WON..via the Voters..."Best in Washinton Antiques........" Shut UP!

Are you kidding me? Of ALL our Antique shops, Locally And in the likes of Seattle, Tacoma, ......Sumner, et, al. Annie's Won! Well Duh!

They have a bit of this, a bit of that,,,,,and I'm So happy they won! Love All of you Girls and Congrats......Annie, Mary, and their "Crew." You girls are ALL the Best!!!

Hugs, love, a "Bus" on the Cheek and Congrats!!!!!!!! I'm SO, SO happy! for YOU All!  YOU SO deserve it!

(Next year,,,,we're going to have to find a category for Joyworks) How in the World, to you find a "spot/slot" for That?

Spooktacular Junk Swap Party at Kellys!

We had Big Fun at my Friend Kelly's last night, at one of our Jumk Swap Partys!

Because I'm going to link this Post to the Lovely Debra and Common Grounds Event, I'm going to explain our Junk Parties for a second,,,because they're too fun! We get a group of women together every couple of months and everyone brings TWO decor items that they don't use anymore. We have a Dinner at one gals home,,and draw numbers 1- however many number of guests....and #1 gets to choose a "Junk/Decor" item from the selection.....And so on, and so on. We draw Twice and Everyone goes home with two "New to them" items! We always have a great time,,,,,

Kelly's home is always gorgeous,,,,but last nite, it was all dressed up for a Spooky Good time!

 Come in if you DARE!

Grab a Beverage!

Here's our Hostess Kelly.....

Come on in to the Dining Room and have a "Bite"...........

Deviled Spiders......Yummm!
Special little touches everywhere. . . .

After a fabulous Dinner and Dessert, we drew numbers,,,,,I got I got to Choose First!

Some Junk, huh? She looks fun on my Cherub on the Mantle!

Penny Got this Fun Old Metal piece.....Lookin' pretty serious here, I'm sure she's already planning on where she's going to use it!

Sweet Loura got this great Bulletin Board............

Trish and Jana having fun.........

I took other pics,,,of course, but we all KNOW by now, what a photographer Shell is NOT.......and because some of the photos I took were less than flattering, or dark as nite....SORRY Annie, Timi, Deb, Dani and Sara! Fun to see you ALL!

Thanks to Kell Bell for an awesome Junk was "Boo-ti-Ful"

Have a great Weekend all! Hugs and Love,

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Birthday Part Deux....yeah, I know, but better pics from Jana!

By now you're saying, "Shell, get OVER your Birthday already!" But I had to post a few quick pics Jana took the other nite.....

Armed with my Glue Gun, ready to take on the Competition!

Rita, my competition my fierce competition, in the other end of the house,,,crafting away!

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!
Too Much Fun!

Tonite, we have one of our fun "Junk Swap Parties"! Kelly Called this Soiree' "Ruffles and Rust Hangover Party!" Lots of Gals that had booths or worked the show......

Wait till you see the pics of my Dear Friend Kelly's Home. . . All spiffed up for Halloween!

Hugs & Love from the "Joyworks Craft Queen!"

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Joyworks Birthday Party........there is NOTHING on Earth Like 'em!

Well, If you've read my blog for a while, and KNOW that I work with the best group of women ever (at Joyworks), you also know that we have the BEST Birthday parties Ever! Part of the success is due to "our Jill"-who coordinates everything........So, that said, THIS particular Party was for MOI,,,,and my dear Co-worker Rita.....whose Birthday and mine, are a week apart, EXACTLY! We "keep doing 50" and maybe someday we'll get it right......but we're still working on it, and we are STILL 50!

That said,,,,the sign on the way in SHOULD have been an indicator of the "theme" (and we generally have themes) for the nites soiree or event...........
This sign board SHOULD have given me some indication as to what WE -(Rita and I) were in for,,,,but I just thought it was a great sign!

So.....We all had appetizers.......including Amy's Pumpkin........

Yumm! Tasted better than it looked!

Then, Jill, our hostess,,,,sorry no photo here, I was too aware that SOMETHING was about to happen..........Jill announced a CRAFT Competition.....Between,,,,,,ahem, you may guess, Rita and I !!!

We were given 30 minutes in remote areas,,,,and Cra*** make something. Then, Clarice, our beloved Boss, and her two daughters would JUDGE the Winner!  No pressure HERE at all! Piles and piles of unorganized "goodies/supplies" and make SOMETHING Fabulous!!! Ackkkkkk!!!

So here's what I ended up making:
My Necklace........

I swear, give a left handed Girl a Glue gun on the RIGHT side of the Table,,,,,,not to mention a FULL Sized glue gun, and whaddya get? GLUE GUN Burns! I'm really not very competitive generally......Although Rita had a Stamp store for years, before she worked at Joyworks......And the pressure was ON! Burns be Damned! (sorry!)

So the judging commenced and we both shared our "crafts."

Rita presented her altered Craftbox.......and let me tell you, it was TOUGH competition, because that gal can weave a story.......well, better than I CAN!  (Maybe it's a Libra thing!)

The Judges deliberated and.................and.........Drumroll please! I WON, I WON!!!
Ugh,,,,I hope Jana got a good pic of me in my Crown she made, because mine are SO blurry,,,,,,
But here's the Crown, I WON!!!
"Joyworks Craft Star" Shut UP!!!!
Sorry, again, I hope Jana got better pics and I'll "steal" them when she posts.......this crown was Waaay cute and it is MINE! HA!

Rita took it well, although she stole my crown a couple of times.....and I thought she was going to give me whiplash at the end of the party! LOL

Oh Sure, she looks all sweet and content HERE.....don't let her fool you! And look at the yummy Pumpkin Cupcakes Jill made us all with Buttercreme Frosting! Ugh,,,,,,,I'm still in a Sugar Coma!

Okay, and overview of all the fun Goodies I got......These Gals are the Best! I love them all and cannot imagine my life without any of them!

Fun Pumpkins,,,,,front and Center from Rita ( I do love her to pieces!) and Sweater pumpkins and Velvet pumpkins,,,and pumpkins embellished with CASH! Thanks guys,,,,,too fun!

Jana always blows me out of the water with her creations......She gave me the Crown ("Joyworks Craft Star") a wonderfully embellished bird and nest,,,,,,which my camera made a blur) And this little Flag Banner.......I LOVE

The actual Banner is going in my Craft Studio,,,,,But I think I'm posting this on my sidebar.......I LOVE this!!! Ackkk!

This is a bit (duh!) blurry,,,,,,,,but I still had to post! This wonderful piece from Luanne, altered with silver, a cute little bird and vintage glass beads! Too Cute! (Luanne also gives me a "Dog" related Birthday Card every year,,,,because she knows I love animals as much as She does!)

Gorgeous Statuary from Amy,,,,,,,,I have several other pieces in this grouping! I love it! Scarf and flowers from Sandi.......Gift Cards,,,Glitter Galore from Rita,,,,Oh my stars! You girls went overboard, once again!

Jill, your home was gorgeous! Dinner and Dessert was GREAT! Thank you for SUCH a memorable Birthday! You out-did yourself!

Thanks SO much! It was SO worth waiting till after the "Ruffles and Rust Show!"

Hugs, Love and a Bus!

Monday, October 25, 2010

More "Ruffles and Rust"

Well, I got a BIT more rest today.....but NOT much! Here's a few more Pics from Ruffles and Rust......

Pic of my Dear Friend Debi Burton's Booth.......Ormalulu She is the "Queen of Antiques and Shows." She continues to encourage and guide me.......after all she's been in the biz for over 15 years!

This one is a Bit Dark........But one of my Bestest Friends, Kelly,,,,,,aka "Kell Bell" in Center........taken with gals she connected with from Prosser, WA......

My wonderful co Workers and friends , Jana and Amy in front of the Joyworks Booth.........

My dear former Co-Worker from Nordstroms, Julie, from "Vintage by the Bay"....She looks a lot different without her Clinique Coat! Her Booth was as darling as she is......

My Friend/Artist Rhonda Addison had a GREAT booth!  She came over from Montana for the show..I was going to buy one of her newer images,,,,,,and frankly, I ran out of time.... to get to her booth! Delightful! Rhonda AND her booth! (Rhonda, if you read this, I'll email you!)

Tons more fun photos on Facebook........I'll probably share a few more in the next couple of days. Or again,,,look for "Ruffles and Rust" Topics on my Blog list for more........

Booked my Tickets today for Silver Bella in just a couple of weeks! Lulu and I are going to have a Ball!

Going to catch up with many of you in the next Day or so! I feel SO out of touch!

But wait,,,,,,my Belated Joyworks Birthday with my dear Co-worker Rita is tomorrow NITE! Ackkkkk! PARTY TIME! I have NO idea what Rita and I are "in for." Too fun to stretch your Birthday out for several weeks....

Hugs, Love and a "Bus" to all!
(If your'e on Facebook...go to "Come Junk with Us" for a Ton and I mean a TON of fun photos from the Event this weekend!)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Ruffles and Rust" Event...Part Deux.....

I cannot remember in recent years EVER being THIS TIRED!  LOL,,,,By now, I'm running on Fumes,,,As I'm sure many others are as well! You own or work in a shop and you WORK the day after the Event????
Last time I felt like this, in my recollection, I'd spent 4 Days in Vegas,,,and was hallucinating Craps tables and listening to Slot machines ringing in my ears even after I was Far, Far away.

It's official, I now have a sign! (Wrapped in a feather boa, duh!)

Maybe I shouldn't even post until my head is clear..and although no hallucinations ,,,and no <"Ka-Chings"> in my head, awwww heck, why not? But I'll post and share more links/photos after some of the other more sane, less exhausted people post!

Friday nite,,,,,people were dressed up in fun "Finery." I wore a Corset I'd made several months ago.....

(Impromtu photo taken by Rene' Groom) as I was getting ready Fri Eve........

There were such great "Glam Gals"- I was SO busy Friday,,,,,,,,,Check back at the next post or TWO for some great Costume/Dress up  Pics!"

( The Pro, and and dear friend Debi Burton,,. of "OrmaLulu" Fame was just next door!....She was a GREAT cheerleader for me during my first Event,,,,Thanks for everything Debi)! 
My little and somewhat "ADD booth...

"Creams and Neutrals" Stage One,,,,,,I sold most of this.....

My "Original " Chenille Trees were a Big hit!

I didn't sell the Child's piano,,,,,But remember this lamp I re-did a while back? She was a BIG hit and sold did  the creme floral wall hangings I re-painted......

I sold ALL my Halloween......other than the Funky wreath I made in the background.........and that was MY FAVE,,,,how weird is that??????? 

This Cabinet,was in the back corner of my booth was ALL wrong for my headbands, hairclips and pins......I still sold several, but I just didn't do it quite right. They were too remote.......No matter.......I'm doing a Hair/Salon Show soon, and they WILL sell there and I'll make more for the event.....BUT, if you have any ideas on how to display them better......let me KNOW,,,,,I'd love it!

My dear, dear friend Penny, provided greens for my Urns and Shopping Basket in the front of my booth......I simply could NOT have done this Event without HER help and I cannot even begin to thank her Hubby, Bill........for all the hauling/loading and moving he did! And, I don't even have a Pic of either of them to post! They were my "Fairy Booth Angels........." Along with my "Sis in Law", Mary.
I can never thank them all enough........

And? I'm just saying,,,,,there is NO logic to WHAT people buy,,,,,,and what they don't! I'm blessed to have Joyworks and other Vendors and Venues that will take my stuff  display it and sell it elsewhere.......

Okay,,,I THINK I hit a wall,,,,and there are Ton's more photos,,,,blog links,,,,,,,about THIS wonderful  event!

It was awesome! Timi did a Great Job for her second event.......the location, the Vendors,,,,,the clientele were great for a first ,,,,,okay second event! I think her shows will just get better and better.....

Where is my pillow? I think I've  finally HIT the Wall of exhaustion!

Hugs and love to So many......I've got several other pictures/links(duh!) regarding this First Ruffles and Rust Event.....,,,,,I'll share soon!

Hugs, Love and a Bus,,,and ,at this point, I'd tuck my dear Event buddies IN Bed!

Stay tuned for more photos/link from the Show.........Good night Irene! Okay,,,,No Irene,,,,but  "Niter's All!"

Saturday, October 23, 2010

BIG Fun at Ruffles and Rust Event,,,,,And Shell, GO TO BED!

Oh my Stars! I had so much fun doing my First Event........Ruffles and Rust......and Truly, I'm exhausticated........(Shell it is almost 10:30pm.......get your backside to BED,,,,,you're "a workin' tomorrow/Sunday at Joyworks) But I'm also STILL Wired from the Event! Lots to share,,,,,Links, photos, STORIES.....oh Lord, how you know how I LOVE to tell and share Stories!!!

 Pic of my little "10x10"...........More to follow!

I'll share more,,,and links to other  Vendors (Check my sidebar also in the next couple of days  under the  "Blogs I follow" for other pics of this Great Event!)

(My favorite part  of the Event, was seeing SO many friends-local gals I've come to know through Joyworks, Vendors I have come to know and love that helped and encouraged ME on my first event and the gals that had never seen my crafts before and their encouragement and enthusiasm!) I've only been "in" this whole crafting thing for a little over a year,,,,,,,,and Wowza! What a FUN ride!

More pics and well Duh!, Stories to follow about the show.....I THINK I'm getting close to calling it a Nite!

Hugs, Love, a Bus on the Cheek and Thanks to all for Everything, truly, the last couple of Days!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ruffles and Rust....Is going to be FABULOUS!

Oh My Stars!!! I SO wish you all lived Close By! I got my meager little "First Show Ever" Booth set up primarily today. A few "Tweaks" in the morning.........and I'm done....finis,,,,,das ist alles, kaputt!

You should SEE these Vendor Spaces! Ackkkkkkkk! Too cute! As we were all still working and prepping for the Event,,,,,,,No pics yet! Unfair. I'll take photos tomorrow,,,,and Sat and share after the event.

We are no Texas extravaganza (yet), no Farm Chicks Fame (yet)....But the list of Vendors and Artisan's is FANTASTIC! And then you get a FEW folks like me, where we're just getting our "whistle wet," doing our FIRST Booth/Event! But I am surrounded by so many talented folks.......Shew! I feel honored.

Okay,honored AND tired! I've got a few hours in the morning to "fluff" a bit, price things that aren't and then we HIT IT tomorrow eve! I assure you, it's going to be a GREAT Event! 

Ladies and Gentlemen,,,,,,the "Ruffles and Rust" Cheerleader is leaving the building........She's excited, anxious and tired,,,,,,,but she's hit the "Wall!" More to follow!

Hugs, Love and a Bus on the Cheek to you all!

(Come see Debi, Debra, Deb, Amy, Tamara, Cynthia, Jana, Annie, Julie, Mary, Timi, Lulu, et. al, tomorrow night OR Saturday.........You are going to LOVE it!)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shut UP! Look at this CAKE!!!! And dear friends, near and far..............

I was packing , pricing, painting and gluing this afternoon, when there was a knock on my door.....
On my Porch were my dear friends, Penny,,,,,,aka Penny Girl and her hubby Bill,,,,,aka "Mr. Bill." And Look what they brought me for a belated Birthday Gift!

A Birthday Cake from my FAVORITE!!!!!! L'Artisan Bakery!

Here's a closeup and then a Story,,or Stories,,,,of COURSE you know I love to share a Story!
How Gorgeous! And just let me tell you that it TASTES Better than it Looks! Ackkk!

Thanks Penny and Bill! This is wonderful in SO many WAYS!

The Bakery,,,,,,,and my Memories:

If you don't already know, I worked as a Lighting Consultant for several years (if you ever have a lighting design question, let me know,,glad to help!) Anyway, one day, this gal came in looking at fixtures and she was French. Well, being somewhat of a Francophile, I asked her where she was from and she said Strassbourg.
(Oh my heavens, I absolutely positively fell in love with Strassbourg! In fact,,,if I ever "dug up my American Roots and lived abroad,,,,,,I think I would move THERE,,,,,I love that City!) Not to be confused with Salzburg.......which is a whole other Ball of Wax...........

Ahem,,,,,anyway.....We got to chatting a bit and she asked me if I knew about the Bakery in Everett (Silver Lake area) because they had TRUE Parisian Pastries and Cakes! HELLO??????? Ring Ring????? Well, guess where Shell heads ASAP? L'Artisan Bakery, of course! And well, everything they make there tastes BETTER than in looks.......and it all reminds me of my wonderful visits to France................

SO? The Cake from Penny and Bill? It's not just a cake,,,,although it tastes like's the memories too!

Penny knows that,,,,,,,,,,,,She knows WHY I love the Bakery,,,,yes the treats, but also the memories!
I shared the experience with her when we had lunch there one day. But even BETTER than the Cake, the Memories of France? Having a friend that wants you to Re-experience those memories is the BEST!

I've gotten to know Penny and Bill quite a bit better this last year. She's working with me at Joyworks now. And Bill had some health scares earlier this year,,,,,and I just felt it was important to BE there with the two of them when he was ill, in the hospital. They are treasures in my life. I feel very blessed to have come to know them both better! I cannot, simply imagine my life, without my "Penny Girl!" And her Bill!

They've offered to help me haul a Truckload of Stuff to "Ruffles and Rust" on Thursday, and Penny's going to help me set up as well. Wow! She's got a great "Eye."  Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Also need to mention, to MANY of YOU,,,,, because I feel like there are Blog friends that I haven't written or talked to as much as of late,,,,,,I SO haven't forgotten you all! I've just been SO busy getting ready for this Show! And,,,,,,,,after I check into my Airline tickets on Monday for the Nebraska Event..........Silver Bella........I PROMISE to be a better Blogfriend, once again! (Man oh Mano,,,,,how do these women,,,,some of whom I know and love do these Shows ALL the Time?)

Love and Big Hugs to you ALL,,,,,,And thanks for helping me with the show if you're near.....and Thanks for all the encouragement if you are far!!! I feel truly blessed to have So many great friends!!!


Loves to you all,,,,,,,this is my LAST post until were at LEAST staged for Ruffles and Rust! If you are local....hope to see you there,,,,,otherwise I'll have photos and links to follow!!!

Hugs, Love and a "Bus" on the Cheek to you all!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

What a GREAT day! Hairclips, Pins and Headbands......

Wow! Do you Ever have one of those days where you just feel truly inspired? One of those days where you start early in the morning and just work on creative projects for hours and Hours? Do you ever have "one of those days" where you Destroy your studio workspace, livingroom and or kitchen- tables, floors and just "Go with it", No Matter?
I finished a LOT of other projects Yesterday too...Some pillows, some Christmas stuff,,,,some hairclips ......
As you can see, I was kind of "all OVER the board" -Baby clips, and "Big Girl" hairclips here! I had fun using a bunch of different materials and colors old and new.....I'll work on a few more tonight!

I also made some Pins,,,,which could be worn or, if  used in decor........again, too much fun to make, especially incorporating some vintage millenery.......

Some of the Pins........using vintage millenery, tulle, a few rhinestones here and there . . .

I made some headbands again, but everytime I've tried to load that image, my puter freezes up! Weird! I think this little old Gal is about ready to expire! No, not ME, silly friends, the Computer!

Today was a fantastic day at Joyworks! We were really busy~! I think the weather really brought people out and to our nearby pumpkin patches (we have many with all the "horns and whistles" just minutes away).

Jana and I compared notes on next weekends "Ruffles and Rust" Event,,,,,,Ackk, it's sneaking up! I need more days or more energy,,,but "It is what it is."

Well,,,,,,,gonna go visit a few blogs IF this old lady lets me! I've "frozen up" more times in the last couple of days,,,it is SO frustrating!

 Let's hope I sell a bunch at the show, I need a new puter, a camera,,,Okay and "I need a Pony,,, a Rainbow, some Unicorns and Fairy Princesses", while were at it! ( A line from some movie,,not sure which.)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Hugs, Love and a "Bus,"