Monday, November 28, 2011

I've got Publishing on my mind....Whaddya Got for 2012?

Those of you that know me,,,well at least a BIT, KNOW that I am all over the creative "Board." So? One of the projects I'm working on for 2012 is a Book featuring local Artists, Gardeners, Creations, Specialized Foods, "How To" from Photgraphers, etc. So? If you are Local,,,,,,and have SOME tip/some creation/some Frosting, or Photo tips,,,,,Jump on board!  Let's create a Book of our talents/efforts endeavors!

I am SO blessed to know so Many local creative people,,,,,,Like my co-workers Jana, Kim and Jill at Joyworks,,,,,Heck even my Boss Clarice could tell you "How TO".....about a Bazillion things! (She started our store/her business with Dried Flowers and Dough Art Creations).......

I may "do" a turtorial on Crowns,etc.

So? I've been thinking, I truly want to publish a Book in 2012 of Artisan's, large AND small,,,,,But all in the Pacific Northwest area.........Washington,,,Oregon and Idaho.

I'd LOVE to do a publication eventually that features other Artists and Creative people I've gotten to know around the US.....But first? I'm concentrating on the Locals......If this is sucessful, then I will Certainly look elsewhere. And please don't think I don't admire your talents, or insights,,,,,,This is going to be a new endeavor for we'll see!

If you ARE a Northwest Artist/Crafter/Thrifter/Antiquer/Junker, Chef, Cook, Photographer/Gardener, etc. Send me a Creative Submission, a link to your blog/website AND and email addy ..........Let See what we can do!

(Hope you are all having a Great start to your week,,,,I'll be "Back" tomorrow with some crafty stuff!)

Hugs, love and a Bus on the Cheek.......

(Special Hugs and Prayers to Suz & Annie)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Not so "Black Friday"!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! As previously mentioned, mine was scheduled to be pretty "low-key," but very enjoyable nonetheless. Okay, Really? There was that ONE incident when I went to heat up the Turkey drippings on the stove top? And the pan exploded,,,,(hmmmm, I thought that Italian baking dish that I purchased could survive everything, short of a nuclear attack.....apparently NOT the case) But,,,,I managed to make a decent gravy at any rate!

So today?( I am SO not about "Black Friday!" After working at Nordstroms for 14 years,,,,I avoid Malls and Crowds like the Plague! At 10:00AM, my dear friend Deb Pate, one of my fantastic "Deb Friends" swung by and picked me up and we headed out to Monroe!  No,,,,not to go to the BOX stores,,,,but to Visit M&M Antiques-always my FAVE Antique store, and a few other Antique Stores on Lewis Street (in Old Town Monroe) and stopped in to see my friend Julie,,,,,,at her darling Shop, "Glitter and Ivy."

I just LOVE Julie (Middle),,,,she's so talented, driven and sweet. Stop by her Cute little store, "Glitter and Ivy" on Lewis Street in "old town" Monroe, Wa.  As luck would have it, her Folks were in town today from Birch Bay,,,,,,(up near the Canadian Border) and I got a chance to meet them.......Too cute!They were all headed to downtown Snohomish tonight for Family night..........

I just got home from taking the Dogs for a walk down on 1st street..........Oh Lordy! I don't attempt to do that often with lots of people around.....We stopped in Joyworks and managed to tangle up a friend of mine,,,,,Mark Henry amidst the leashes! Mark was a good sport about it,,,,,"we" got a few Pets and headed out!

I LOVE spending my Holidays in Small shops,,,,,and stores! Tomrrow is "Shop Small Business" Days,,,,,or something to that effect. I live it YEAR round, I hate the malls........and for the most part, the Box stores.....(Okay, admit to hitting Target a couple times a year, but THAT is IT!)..........

Come see us in Snohomish Tomorrow,,,,,,or support the Small business in YOUR community,,,,,,,,,Use 'em or Lose 'em! Now wouldn't you MUCH rather shop at stores where they recognize and appreciate you.......or you COULD just head to Walmart! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkk!

Hugs and Loves and a Small Shop worker Bee's Bus on the Cheek!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving Thanks!

Tomorrow, as we all know is Thanksgiving! ,,,,,,,,Associated with food, with family and/or friend and of course,,,,,the day BEFORE everyone starts their Holiday shopping frenzy!

I get to see both of my son's tomorrow. They were a Bit slow on the invite, but both will be here at LEAST for a while......
(Too funny, and I love this, both my handsome young men, last year with "Man hand's" making one of our family traditions-decorated sugar cookies, prior to Christmas.)

The rest of my family? Is scattered to the Winds. My Brother and Sister in law Mary  (below) live the closest,,,,although they are over on the Washinton state Penninsula,,,,,,a half day's drive away!

Mary and Moi.......This summer prior to Farm Chicks in the Davenport Hotel

She's more of a Sister than a "Sister in Law." I loved her from the moment she started dating my brother. They're been married forever,,,,,,and I truly, TRULY cannot imagine my life without my Mary! I am SO thankful to have her in my life......(my Bro too,,,,,but he's quiet and somewhat elusive!)

And then I've got ALL my friends that I consider family...near and far,,,,,,,and that Truly includes all of YOU! My family is small,,,,,spread apart. Tomorrow,,,,I'll just have my one son Sean for Thanksgiving. That means the world, truly. And My younger son, will be here for the morning so we can catch up on his approaching degree, and life in general..........

I always wanted a HUGE family! Cousin's, in-law's, the likes. I wasn't blessed with THAT,,,,,,but I think I've been further blessed with friends than most!

Wherever you ARE, whatever you DO tomorrow,,,,,,I wish you a day filled with Thankfulness. With Charity, with Love and Appreciation!

A BIG OL' Thankful HUG, a loving Bus to YOU and yours!

Special Prayers and thoughts going out to Suz, Anne, Annie, and  Lynn......You all mean the World to me,,,,,,,and SO many others! May God protect you, keep you and grant you solace in the upcoming days!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Cravin' Me Some Craven!"

Yesterday morning I snuck out of Joyworks for about an hour and headed out to Craven Farms! Always love Mark Craven's vintage and antique Shows!  I picked up a few goodies.........

Pink and Silver "Tabletop Lites" These were a steal, and I should have bought more,,,,

Some fun little Pastel Japanese Houses.......

Old Fushia Deer.........Lovin' the Pink!

Pine Cone Elves......too fun!

And a batch of Birds to embellish and craft with!

Hope you're having a great weekend, I'm off to Joyworks in a few! We're hoppin' with Holiday Shoppers!
Come on in!

Hugs and a Busy Bus on the Cheek~

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

And the Winnner is............But Wait,,,,,,there's MORE "mini" Winners! (5 paper Ornies going out to

Truly? Honestly? I used the Random Number Generator to pick a winner, but I cannot think of anyone,,,,,well maybe it's a toss up with my friend Suz from Katsui Jewelry, that deserves to have a little "somethin', somethin'" right now! Congrats to Annie of "Silver Crow Creations!" 

I don't think Annie would mind if I told you,,,,,because she shares on Facebook......Her husband is in the fight of his life right now. So, I'm glad that the "Powers that be" pulled Annies name out of the proverbial hat!
(Annie and her hubbs have a great site with all sorts of goodies to embellish your projects/creations! I don't have their website handy,,,,,but if you just "Google" Silver Crow Creations,,,,,,,You'll get there,,,,,,,they've got ALL sorts of goodies) That's how I met Annie,,,,,,,,from ordering things from her site and chatting on the phone about dogs/ living in an old Church in New England.........

(Email me Annie, or better yet, email me your phone # so we can talk about what you'd like! I promise to make you something that you'd enjoy wearing. You and your hubby are in my Prayers!)

And then I randomly generated 5 others, to recieve either a Paper Stocking or Paper bird Ornie. (See recent posts)
Those 5 are:
Sandy Miller
Cheryl of Chezabees Creations
Shell in Austrailia   (The OTHER left-handed Shell)
Sunflower Sue
Nancy in Gilflower, AZ

Please email me a physical addy and let me know if you want a Paper Stocking Ornie (Can be used as a Gift Card Holder) Or one of my Sheet music/book pages Bird Ornies!

Thanks for participating in my Giveaway! If I had enough time, I'd make a necklace for each and every one of you! Hope you're enjoying your week!

Hugs, Love and a Blessed Bus........for I am truly blessed with friends near AND far!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Joyworks Holiday Open House tomorrow,,,,"Magpie Ethel" and "Girl's Day at Sand Point!

Shew!!! Okay so,,,,,,if you've been around my blog lately? Things have been a bit busy/crazy! I delivered quite a bit of "Crafty" stuff to Joyworks today,,,,,,we're having our Holiday Open House tomorrow nite! Starts at 6:00pm Ackkk! Too fun, but how did it get "here" this SOON?

And this morning? I was going to make more "Hair stuff" and pins and necklaces,,,,, but when I went to see what Jana posted on the Joyworks site,,,which lead to Kelly Rae Roberts blog.....which lead to ......ACKKKKKKK! I can't even hardly stand it! A NEW kindred spirit Blog! "Magpie Ethel."

One of her pics, inspired me to use some Jello Molds I got  from a garage sale,I'd been holding onto and trying to figure out what in the heck to DO with them...... So here ya go,,,My inspirational response from "Magpie Ethel."

I switched mine up a bit from hers by using sheet Music and Mica glitter.....

Oh "Deer!" I can "Bearly" Stand it!
Too fun to create a "story" in each little cup!

Note: I do NOT "Copy" someone's Artistic endeavors. If you look at the "Magpie' blog,,,,,you'll notice she embellished a Mouse in her Jello mold. Other than the molds themselves, I used entirely different materials,,,,,however I DO think it is important to acknowledge an Artist that came up with the original "scheme of things!" I wouldn't have THOUGHT to do this without seeing what she had done......

I would like to think that IF you "model" or emulate one of MY ideas you  would take a moment to give me credit for my creation (s). That's what we all SHOULD do as crafters and artisans.......So feel free,,,,to take my crafting ideas and use them as your own, but really? Give credit, where credit is due!

That said? I'm having a girls day tomorrow,,,,totally! No Crafting, just a morning/afternoon with my friends Sherry, her mom Carol AND several Dozen other folks when we meet up in Seattle with Linda of "Willow's Nest" for an informative session on "doing junkin' and crafting shows! Looking forward to it! And,,,NO, I won't be bringing my glue gun!

In the Evening? I'll be bringing my camera to snap photos of Customers, Vignettes and laughs at Joyworks! If you are Local, I hope you can join US all in or pre-holiday celebration!

Hugs and Love to friends near and far and a special "Bus" on the Cheek to those,,,,,that have gone "above and beyond" as of late! (you KNOW who you are,,,,,and I love you dearly!)

Wowza,,,,,the end of the week already? Hope yours has been a GOOD one! Mine never seem to end as I work at Joyworks on the weekends and "make stuff" the rest of the week!

Love, Hugs and a Busy but Happy "Bus" on the Cheek!

(I'm putting my camera in the Charger before I even check for editing errors! Hope to share some FUN images of tomorrow's gathering in Seattle,,,,,,and Joyworks Open House tomorrow NITE!)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ribbons and Lace, Oh MY! (And, "how to get out of house cleaning, another Shell" and keep on headining through older posts IF you still want to and haven't yet, entered my Giveaway!)

So? Just so you know? The following photos were shot on my coffee table.....Yep, debris free! As I'm known to get out of hand with what and where I craft,,,,you might want to mark in on your Calendar! Okay,,,so maybe just me.....

Here's a few things I worked on today........
These are all pins,,,,,,You can put 'em on a jacket, hat or incorporate into your decor.........

They're all made with Vintage and high quality new materials.........

This one is assuredly a "statement piece!" a Bit larger.......but lends itself well to a Neutral wardrobe to give a holiday "Pop!"  I don't wear a lot of Red myself, but I'd put this on a Black or Creme colored outfit.

A few New Necklaces............

I LOVE this colorway in beiges, celery greens, cremes and gold. Lots of "Vintage goodness" in this piece!

Personal "Staple" Colors for Moi.....Black, Creme and Silver........a few pearls, a touch of lace and a few Austrian Crystals for "bling."

And finally this piece, with Golds, silver and Cremes......

There is STILL time to enter my Custom Necklace Giveaway,,,,,you just have to be patient enough to scroll down a couple of posts. I'm Sorry that my "tech" skills leave something to be desired.....I've tried a couple of times to do a recap/button/linkie you name it......So if you want a Freebie, you're going to have to put up with me! HA!

On that note,,,,,,I had a fun message left on my Giveaway today from Another "Left-Handed Shell!" She just happens to live in Austrailia,,,,,,,which got me to thinking,,,,,,,I wonder how many OTHER "Left Handed Shell's there are in the world that I've never met! Oh Lordy,,,,,The Internet is amazing!

Hope your week is going "Amazing" too! I've had fun working on upcoming Events! Truly? This afternoon, I started some major cleaning projects,,,,,,,and my vaccumn ( I can't even SPELL it right which should give you SOME indication) ..My "sucking device "ATE" the cord!......I looked towards the heavens and asked, "Really?" Well, I guess I'm not supposed to Clean today!

Hugs, Love and a Creative albeit Cluttered "Bus" on the Cheek!

(Was getting ready to post and my new dear friend  and neighbor Kelly stopped by ........We walk our dogs together as often as possible! Long walk, lots of laughs! Thanks Kell! You're the Bestest!)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kitch to the Max.......Or why the birds kept me up!

So? If you caught yesterday's post, and even if you didn't- I feel like I've got a LOT going on right now. Frankly, I'd invite you in for a cup of Coffee or Cider and tell you  all about it,,,,,but at present, you wouldn't find a surface other than the ONE "sacred" kitchen countertop that didn't have STUFF on it!

As formerly mentioned, my living/dining room WAS somewhat clutter free, although depending upon whom you ask, that too is open to debate.......Truly? I STARTED to make hair clips/ bands/ etc this morning,,,,,,But I kept thinkin' about these dang BIRDS,,,,,and the Sheet Music nest I made yesterday,,,,,,,and well, one thing lead to another,,,,,and before you know it, I'd scooped up my 1st hours work  (Again, seeing Where in the World Matt was) and started on some "Bird Boxes,,,,,,,,,and a bit of other Kitch." Or, as my dear friend Deb Bock would say,,,,,"Mid-Century Modern."

I had fun,,,stepping out of the "Traditional" Christmas colorway and making these items! Some will be available at Joyworks, other's at the "SecondSaturdayz" Event in December in Seattle......

A look at the end results............

So THIS Vintage Bird (and it's sibling, got me thinking (around 2:00am) about doing a couple of other bird "boxes"......with nests and the likes..........

And, I'm all about the turquoise right now,,,,,,so This one got a "Crepe nest" instead.......

And, well, when I found these birds at some garage sale, or whatever, there were also 'mini" retro birds in the bag.....which ended up in "ornies".......

Retro Bird Reflecter Ornie..........

Another Bird ornie,,,and oh yeah? Reflectors???

So, am I the ONLY one that starts on ONE thing that leads to another,,,,,,,and another????

And Finally? Pink Tissue tree. Okay I'm comin' clean here! This "beast" is STILL not finished! HA! It sounded like a good idea at the time.......Using those darn "Martha Scissors..."cut some "fringe" but leave enough "solid' edge to wrap the tree. .....What a Pain in the backside! So, honestly the "tree" is about 3/4's done,,,,,,and tucked itself nicely behind my boxes to NOT show what Shell hasn't yet finished!  Hey, "Foodie" photographers cheat all the time!

Tomorrow,,,,,,truly, I'm back to hair and neclace "stuff!" I got quite a few "roses" done today to hit the ground running tomorrow and finish product! (Okay, I'm ADD,,,,,,but for the MOST part it still all comes together in the end!

I'm blaiming "The Creative Fairies!" I had an agenda this morning, started out on track...and at somepoint, those DANG birds just called my name!

Happy Tuesday!
(If you haven't YET entered my Necklace Giveaway,,,,,you can STILL scroll down a couple of posts to Enter! I'll be drawing a Winner on the 15th~)
Hugs, Love and a "Kitchy" Bus on the Cheek!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Oh Joy! (Also known as a Bird in the hand is worth 25Cents!) Monday's Stuff and an Artist's Serenity Prayer

Well, I don't know about the REST of you,,but with the time change this weekend? I was up at the crack of black! So, I grabbed some tools and supplies from my Studio (brrrrrr, cold down there!) and started up the glue gun.....

One bird, one box, a bit of sheet music lead to this......

I was playing around with those Martha fringe scissors while trying to figure out "Where in the World was Matt Lauer?" And thought maybe I could make kind of a "nest." ....

And well, what the heck was I going to put "said nest" on?

I glued sheet music around a small unfinished box.....added a crepe paper medallion and a bit of "frou frou"
Oh yeah,,,,,,,and the Bird? She came from a Vintage Cake Topper I found for a Qtr!

After the house warmed up a bit, I got busy making some paper stockings out of Cavalleni Papers. I LOVE their images! These little stockings are JUST big enough to hold a Gift Card..........

Some Traditional Colorways...........

Others with Birds and bits of Aqua...........I have a pretty good supply of Vintage
stickers from the 40's and 50's -they were fun to add to these!

Practically, I should probably work on a few more "paper" projects tomorrow, since it looks like Santa's little helper's blew confetti and paper bits all over my Studio..........but I've got a holiday hairshow coming up soon,,,,,,,so to pull out the ribbons/lace and the likes or NO?  (Well the livingroom isn't looking TOO bad after I moved things down to the Studio this morning...... I COULD leave the paper mess down THERE,,,,,,and start a Whole new MESS upstairs!)

Oh My Stars! I just thought of a New "Serenity Prayer!"

Artist's Serenity Prayer
God Grant me the Serenity to accept the messes I cannot Change,
To Change the messes I cannot Accept
And the Creative Wisdom to know the difference!


Hope your week is starting out well, whatever you're doing!
Love, Hugs and a Creative Bus on the Cheek!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Boot Scootin' Christmas!

(Scroll down one post for my Necklace Giveaway if you missed it!)

I found a couple Dozen or so of these fun Vintage Christmas Santa Boots last year when I was in "Walnut, Iowa" with some of my Silver Bella Co-horts. (Lulu, Kim, Jessi and Cheryl) when we were "junkin' and Antiquing. Here's this years take on the handful or so I have left.........

Vintage elements and, added a bit of Sheet Music this year..........

These 3 are in Joyworks and I'll probably have a few more at Second Saturdayz in Seattle in December...

Speaking of Joyworks and "Silver Bella?" We've been Hoppin' in Joyworks and there are So many fun things to come and see,,,,,,,including TONS of cute clothes and Home & Holiday decor!

Working on these boots? Made me think of ALL the wonderful women I met at Silver Bella  in Omaha last November! Most importantly "my Lulu." Ya'll would LOVE her if you haven't yet met her! And all the other GREAT and talented women I had the opportunity to meet..........It was amazing!

In my wildest dreams, I'd love to have an opportunity to meet all the wonderful women I've met in "Blogland." Each one has a Story.....We need a "Super Bella" or something like that,,,,,,,where we can ALL get together!

Hope you had a GREAT weekend!
Hugs, Love and a Boot Scootin' "Bus on the Cheek!"

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Giveaway Time! Custom Lace Necklace........

I've made quite a few of these for custom orders and shows in the last year or so.......I use as many Vintage materials as I can get my hands on.....along with a few new/quality supplies. Here's a chance to get  one of your own in Custom Colors.......Hopefully, a FUN and romantic addition to your Holiday wardrobe!

 Other Examples:

(Pinks and Black)

Browns, Greens, Neutrals.

Coral, browns and Cremes

I will create a One of a Kind Necklace based on your color choice(s) for your size....
(smaller if you're petite, larger, if you're well, like My height...5' 10".)

Just leave a comment on This post to Enter,,,,,,, Post the giveaway on your blog or sidebar to Enter twice.

I will draw a name on November 15th....
One point for comment, One point for posting on your Blog......

Hugs, Love and hope your Fall is starting out well!
Big Bus on the Cheek for all my followers and YES, I AM catching up, bit by Bit!

Love my Blog Friends!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"Foil Goils" .....Too fun to make! (And a soup recipe!)

So,,,,a couple of months ago? I found these old spun-cotton heads (in a bag with some kind of creepy rubber ones) for a Buck, and I've been dying to use them! Add some foils from the dollar store, some vintage pipe cleaners and,,,,,,,here are the "Foil 'Goils'"!

Too fun to make! I've made bunnies and dolls before and I'm sure you know what I mean, that when you start working on them, they take on a life and personality of their own.......

These gals are KIND of like their Vintage cousins from Japan in the 50's and 60's-and although they all have wings, or at least a halo of sorts,,,,they're a bit more "glam!"

Blondes, redheads, brunettes,,,,,some a bit THICKER, some a bit more petite! All have Vintage "accessories." They're all glammed up for the Holidays at any rate! I think I'll keep One,,,,,,and sell the rest! Do you see a "Fave" and if so, what would you name her??

Halloween Re-cap and scroll down for the Scoop,,,,,err Soup!

I was GOING to take pics last nite of the Thousands,,,,,okay not thousands but at least 600 or so Trick or Treaters,,,,and my camera wasn't charged. (Note to self, do NOT leave camera plugged into the puter!)
But yes, my Friend/Neighbor Kelly and I gave out Candy to the cannot even BELIEVE this little Historical  (Hysterical ?) community on Halloween!

So Kelly? She's a Vegetarian........and so I attempted to duplicate a recipe that Deb Bock (Garden Party Blog Fame and dear friend) had up in Mt Vernon a couple 6 weeks ago or so......And Shut UP!
My soup turned out GREAT! So here's the dealy-0.

Vegetable Peanut Soup

Stuff you need:
Half a Large Onion/Diced
Olive Oil
3 cans Vegetable Broth
One bag Frozen Cauliflower (is that spelled right, because it sure looks wrong)
One can Garbanzo Beans (Or Chick peas, depending on where you live)
3/4 Cups Creamy Peanut Butter
One Bag Frozen  Mixed Carrots, Peas and Corn
Sea Salt
Fresh Ground Pepper
Red Crushed Peppers
Powdered Clove

(1/2 Cup Half and Half Optional)

Okay,,,,,,So,,,,Easy Peasy!

In a Large Soup Pot
Brown Diced, Onion in Olive Oil and a couple pinches of Sea Salt

When Browned, Pour in the Vegetable Stock/Cover
Bring to a Boil

Once Boiling, Add Cauliflower
Continue Boiling until Cauliflower becomes Soft enough to:
Use an Emersion Blendor/ Potato Masher or Wisk and break Cauliflower into small pieces.

( I used a  large wisk, which worked just fine after cooking the Califlower about 6 minutes or so past the "normal" stove top cooking time.)

Add all Remaining Ingridents EXCEPT Frozen Mixed Veggies and Half and Half!

Your adding....

 Garbanzo Beans undrained
Peanut Butter
1/2 teaspon of Cumin
1/8 teaspon of Ground Clove
appx 1/4 Teaspoon of Crushed Red Pepper
(for starters, you can taste it after it simmers for a while and add more, if you'd like)

Simmer for about an hour.
(Taste and see if you want more Bite and add a bit more Crushed red pepper if desired.)
Increase Heat to Medium
Add Frozen Veggies and  *Half and Half
Cook for about 20 Minutes and Serve.

* About the Half and Half,,,,,,I think next time I make this I'm going to leave it out. Truly, between the pureed Cauliflower and the peanut butter, it's pretty creamy as it is........

I served this with Corn Bread Muffins. 

If you try it, let me know what you think!

Hope you had a GREAT Halloween and are having a good week!
Hugs, Love and a "hearty warm" BUS on the Cheek!