Saturday, March 31, 2012

Prayers Please!

In the next couple of days, I'll elaborate. I'm certainly not trying to be secretive, but all the parties involved don't know what's going on yet. ..........

Someone I love, with all my heart, soul, and my History is very sick. Right NOW? I'm just going to ask for Prayers for my family and friends. I'll fill you in on details soon..........

I'm Hurting,,,,,,,and my heart is sad. .I'd just appreciate if you keep my Small family in your thoughts and prayers!

Hugs, Love and a Tearful bus on the Cheek,

Friday, March 30, 2012

You can Love 'em, Raise 'em, teach 'em and sometimes they fail you! Really??,

So? The recent College Grad? My Youngest? Stopped by mid morning. We had a good visit and I took him out for lunch. Afterwards? I decided I'd hit the Grocery Store for "Fur Baby food." AndWhat did I see? Estate Sale Signs! Arrows, the likes......And Where, Prey tell, did they lead me to? Why, right next door to the house my son has moved into!

Where,,,,,,,,I found this fun old rusty Vintage scale, which will be fun on my sitting porch. 

I also found a Vintage lace tablecloth, and a couple pieces of Chalkware fruit. But the Main thing? It ALMOST felt like Spring in spite of all our rain looking through piles of "Junk 'n Stuff!",,,,,,"Friday Finds" revisited! I've missed them!

Wasn't it Crosby Stills and Nash that sang, "Teach your Children Well?" Oh Andrew, where did I go wrong?? (Truly, he's the BEST, I'm sure IF he even thought about it, he'd be thinking, "Mom needs to know about this, like she needs another box of ribbon/paper/wall sconce.")

Have a GREAT weekend! Love your family,,,,,,Whatever! And Boy/Howdy if you find a Sale/Junk find,,,,,I HEAR you sister!

Hugs, Love and and "OH SO looking forward to Spring and Summer "Junkin" BUS on the Cheek!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

3rd Annual Easter Bonnet Workshop This Afternoon!

Some of the Finished Bonnets!

 Getting our
 Local Kids and Seniors together,,,,
For a Community Event

This Afternoon, I held the 3rd Annual Bonnet Contest at the Snohomish Boys and Girls Club! The class is made up of Kids from our Community and local Seniors.  The Bonnet Creator's generally take part in our Easter Parade (Which will take place NEXT Saturday, the 7th, at 11:00am) and then stop by after the parade to take part in the Bonnet Contest!

I love this workshop and it just keeps growing each year! And Love the Seniors that take part too! And I couldn't do it without helpers/volunteers and donations!
(My great "Thursday's" Helper Natalie,("Nat")- who not only helps me most Thursday's after school to "Cut/Glue/Glitter/Fold/Paste, etc."  --but volunteered her time today with the help of her handsome and helpful boyfriend Mitchell helped too!!) Thanks Guys!

Great young helpers from the Boys and Girls club too,,,,,,,Thank you!

Local Seniors from Emeritus Assisted Living making their Bonnets,,,,,,,,,,,,,(Several Returning residents, which I enjoyed seeing again!)

One of my returning Crafters,,,,,,,I think she enjoyed it last year!

Her friend and "Partner in Crafting Crime" from last year, I'm thinkin' they're liking this Workshop, to come back again!

Some of the "Gents" involved, being interviewed by the "Paparazzi!" (Snohomish Tribune Newspaper)

We had about 50 Bonnet Makers,  and plenty of Volunteers, Parents and seems to grow exponentially ever year. I would have taken more pics,,,,,,but we were "Hoppin!"

Small town life,,,,,,,,,,it's the BEST! Saying a little prayer that we'll get a warmer SUNNIER day for the Parade on the 7th! (It has SO got to be in the odds, after all this RAIN!)

Hugs Love and a "Bunny" Bus on the Cheek!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Well,,,,,You learn Something Everyday! At least you try.....Easter Images,,,,As Is.....

If you've followed my blog for a while, you know that I finally got a Laptop a couple (?) months ago,,,although I've HAD it, I finally got it up and running with a wireless Modem,,,,,I KNOW Shut UP!

So,,,,,,I've been playing ,,,,,,a BIT and have wanted to share these fun Antique Easter Images for you all to use for a week or so,,,,,,,But, I still don't know exactly how to edit (Mostly cropping) issues with this new puter,,,,so, Here ya go,,,,,as is.....I couldn't figure out how to crop with the laptop mouse,,,,,at least yet!

 From a 1900's Easter Card........Okay to use/copy! Love this image!

Another Old one,,,,,,,,,

It's going to take me a while to get used to this puter,,,,,but I think once I know what I'm doing, it'll make things a bit easier!

(Getting ready for a Birthday for my oldest Sean and College graduation Dinner for Andrew- both of my boys tonight!) Sean turns 31 (ackkkk!) today!

Hope your week is going well, I'll be somewhat MIA for the next couple of days, as I'm working on the Easter Parade/Bonnet Making Session/Contest. Hope to share some FUN Bonnet Class photos on Thursday or Friday though!

Have a GREAT week!
Hugs, Love and a "Bloom-filled" Bus on the cheek!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

THIS was the Perfect Day......."Booking my Room at Farm Chicks!"

For the last Two years,,,,my "Vacation" has basically been going to "FARM Chicks." In Spokane, Washington. The first weekend in June. I've been asked "Are YOU going to "DO" Farm Chicks? (Have a booth/space) And for the 3rd year in a row, I'm sayin' "Nope!" I'm going to play,,,,, socialize, buy, absorb and visit!

It's a Great Venue,,,,,,,,I'm looking forward to it once again, and FINALLY meeting my dear blog friend -Lynn Stevens-who lives in Idaho,,,,,,,,(I've been trying to convince her to come over from Idaho, for a couple of years,,,,,enjoy the Event and meet, finally! )

I've connected with a lot of  great Blog friends, Authors, stylists and the likes during this event, the last couple of years.....But Mostly? It's a fun, insightful, creative, weekend.......Serena's Fantastic event gives those Texan's and New Englander's a "run for their money."

Participating Vendors,,,,,,including some of my hard working,dear friends, help to make this a Fantastic Event!

I'm excited -I've booked my trip and can't wait  to See what This year's Event/extravaganza has in store! Hope to see you there!

Hugs, Love and Excited to Finally book my "trip!"
(Can't wait to meet you Lynn!)

Hugs love and an "Excited"  Bus on the Cheek,

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


My last couple of days have been filled with Up's and downs. A new beginning for my Son graduating from College, The loss of a Friend, and it's impact on our small community. My Renter/friend and I working on the back Cottage to make it "just so."Tons of Wind/Rain while other parts of the Country are experiencing an early,,,almost "Summer-like" Spring.

Here is Hope,,,,,,,,,,,

Hesitant,demure, if you will- yet promising Blossom's unfurling on my Flowering Plum Tree........

This is HOPE.  These are future Dreams,,,,,,,,this IS Promise. This IS Faith.

And THIS? is Adaptability. This is Strength,,,,,,this is Character and Light.

And they are Both images, not so much of beauty, but of persistence, of grace and future dreams.

That, is the Promise of Spring. Warm/Cold, Dry/Rainy- I hope you're looking for the Promise of Spring, not only in your Gardens,,,,,,but in your life.

Hugs, Love and a "blooming" Bus on the Cheek!

Monday, March 19, 2012

"The Rock" in Memory of my Friend Jodene

My friend Jodene Walker lost her battle with Lymphoma yesterday. Damn you Cancer! How DARE you take another friend, a loved one. I KNOW this family well. I KNOW their faith is strong........but this still makes me angry and nostalgic..............

I met Jodene and her husband Tom, when I was 19,,,,,,back when I worked at this little "Concept Store" while I was working for Nordstrom  and we opened, called "Place Two." I worked in the "Flagship" "Place Two" Everett, WA.......and we had a Fashion/Hair Show....hence, Jodene, husband Tom....and their trendy "hair" looks!

Some 30 years later,,,,,,,,This small town's  boulder has been painted with everything from Graduating Class momentos, to proposals over the years,,,,,,,but this, pretty much says it ALL,,,,,,,,,,for our love/dedication to Jodene, husband Tom..........And their impacts on our Small town...............

Snohomish Boulder, painted in support of Jodene'sCancer battle and her husband Tom-dealing with MD............

So? Some 20 years later,,,,,,,,I gave up my Seattle/Bellevue  "lah-di-dah" stylists and starting going to that "little Salon" in my hometown. Jodene "wasn't accepting new Clients." Because, she had SO many regulars........Because she had so many regulars,,,,,for years and years.

 So, I got to know/love and Visit Ericka.......whom I've grown to know and love for over a decade now.  But I Also "kept tabs" on Jodene, hubby Tom, got to know ALL the  salon family and staff......We've done Event's together.......(I've done hair accessories/bling for the Salon)

But, truly? They are ALL a part of my life and my history. Not just a Hair salon (Now, "The Red Strand.") But Weddings/special events, growth/change and Now..........suffering this HUGE loss!

I will always remember Jodene's Smile, her classic and beautiful Style, her kindness and her always "lending an ear."

THIS is what "Living a Good Life" is all about. She is/was a model for that! I feel blessed to have had her in my life,,,,,in our Community. I want MY life to be like Jodene's. Always full of love, warmth, knowledge, acceptance, and to have an impact on my little town.............

I will miss her, more than I can say. I will Always Smile through my tears when I think of all she was!

Big Hugs,,,,,to friends/family and Community near and far that are also experiencing this great loss.......But hugs also to friends and family that help me know and learn WHAT is truly important...........and what is not.

Hold those you love a bit closer! Remind those you love,,,HOW much you love them. Forgive/acknowledge,accept
For Every day, every person in your life is dear! all my local friend hurting, Love......too ALL of you that I've come to know,,,,,,,,,and a BIG old
"Bus" on the Cheek for being in my Life! Jodene's legacy is Love,,,Grab onto it, for your OWN life!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bright's for these Cloudy, WET Days!

Enough Rain, Snow, Grey here in the PNW! Even us "Native" Washingtonians are a bit down in the mouth. I think I did some bright "Stuff" last year, about this same time! .........

Vintage Ballerina twirling amidst the Flora..........

She's quite large,,,,,,as Vintage Plastic Ballerina's go,,,,,,,about 4 inches.......

And a Party Hat to Match!

Fun Colorway for a Gloomy Day!

Hope you had a good Weekend! Mine was AWESOME with Son Andrew's Graduation from College yesterday,,,,,,and a FUN day with Customers in Joyworks today!
Some of YOU,,,,I'm sure have been OUT enjoying Springlike weather.......While we Washingtonians, Oregonians and even a few Californians have been DRENCHED, Snowed upon, or otherwise just under the Clouds.............

Here's to the promise of Spring!
Hugs, Love and a "Bright"Bus on the Cheek!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

St Patty's Day at Western Washington University,,,aka Andrew's College Graduation!

Congratulations Andrew! You're the BEST and We're ALL so Proud of you!
You didn't take the Easy Path.......
You were "offered" Monies after High School Graduation to attend ANYcollege from Family.
But YOU chose your OWN Path!
You Joined the Marines. Served your Country.
Spent TWO tours  in the Marines,,,,,,,,during the War in Iraq.
I couldn't have been MORE proud or MORE scared for you!

But Today? TRULY was YOUR Day!
Look at what you've done, look at HOW far you've come!
We,,,,,,,your friends and family and when it comes down to it, EVEN the President of your University is busting in pride for your endeavors and acheivements!
May your future be Brite my your endeavors and dreams be fulfilled!
You,,,my dear son, are the "BEST of the BEST!"

I hope you're all having a Great St. Patrick's Day, Being Half Irish, I'm feeling particularly lucky today! My son Andrew graduated from Western Washington University this morning! And, Andrew and his "guests" were invited to a breakfast sponsored by the University President, Bruce Shepard, prior to the Ceremony.

Andrew and his GF the President's Breakfast!

I had pictured some big  old Cafeteria with Hundreds of Students and families, loading plates of scrambled eggs and muffins onto metal trays...and I kept thinking,beforehand, "Why are they going to hold this "feeding frenzy" for the Masses???

Andrew, Moi and Sean, my oldest.......

Andy and Sean's Dad Kevin, and Their Step Mom Jean......

But? As it turned out, this was an "exclusive breakfast." There were only 50 of us.....
FOUR Students  whom ALL were acknowledged  in the Welcome by the President Shepard.......the Graduating Class Speaker, and  the Three Graduating Veterans-including TADA!  my Andrew.

The rest  of us were either familes of Those 4 Students- (Boy did This Mom's Chest filled with PRIDE when the President called his name) the Honorary Doctorate Degree recipient, Author and Pulitzer Prize winner, Timothy Egan...and extended members of the "Haggen" Families'  (Big time local Grocers Chain) who were recieving a "President's Award" at the Ceremony for Altruism........

Our "Breakfast Host,  later on, during the actual Ceremony......Bruce Shepard, at the Podium.......

So,,,,then there was US! Wow! I'm SO proud of Andy for first of all, his service to his Country in the Marines......Two Tours of duty during the Iraq War......His HARD work, both holding down jobs,and  helping other Veterans find THEIR educational paths......And getting his degree in RECORD time! ( No quarter breaks)

Okay,,,,,I'm doing the "Ugly Cry" while finishing the post.......At least I didn't do it earlier today!

Thanks for Sharing this extrodinary Day with me, simply by reading my post! Truly, I am So proud of him! (More pic's for Family and Friends soon!) Put a fork in me,,,,,;I'm done! After all, I "did" two tours of Iraq, too,,,,,,emotionally,,I worked his buttinski off in school,,,,,,,,So, I guess "I" graduated today too! ........Off to find the Kleenex!

Hugs and love,

Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Busier" than a Rooster in a Hen house,,,,,,,,,Pink and Blue Baskets, etc.!

Well, the "Northern Pacific Winds"" that blew threw Snohomish and the rest of Western Washington, was met with dismay, stiff upper lips" and found us donning not only our Rain coats,,,,,,,but Umbrella's as well,,,,,,,,which WE---Washingtonian's generally leave hangin in the closet, despite our regular downpours.......included in our outing's today.............

And, as we saw our friends to the EAST reap early Spring tidings......glorious days of Sun and Warmth, we, us Pacific Northwestener's, "Girdled our Loins" in anticipation of yes, MORE Rain, More Wind, more Chilly days.

So, I ask you, What's a Gal to do? After working all morning on our annual Easter Parade, with friends and volunteers,,,,,,,,,I made "Baskets!"

Italian Papers, Heavy duty "crepes" and a few vintage flowers and petals........Ready to be filled with Sweets or Treats,,,,,,,,or just part of your Easter Displays..... Available at Joyworks,,,,,or Contact me, if you're interested. I've been thinking I'll get my Etsy page up and Running again soon......I've just been TOO busy to deal with it.

I hope you're enjoying the tail-end of your week. Near and Far! Locally, I have So many friends w/ Changes and Growth,,,,,,I hope to share "Officially" Soon!

Loves,,,,,And BIG HUGS  AND Encouragement,,,,,near and Far! Going through Changes-personal and Business wise---We've talked a BIT! Change IS scarey,,,,,,,,but  I think, GOOD!

"A Bus,,,a Prayer and OH so sweet Dreams of the Future!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What has come over me??? Baking, cleaning and an Awesome new Soup!

Frankly, It still feels like Winter here in Washington! It is Cold, Wet, Windy, Rainy and they're talking on the weather about a bit of SNOW again tonite.......I think I might need to head to Omaha, where it's pushing 70!
But,,,,,,,I've also got this weird domestication thingy going on,,,,,,,Cleaning/purging/baking/cooking! Friends, you'd best mark in on your Calendar,,,,,,you may not see this side of me again for YEARS!!!

I baked. French Vanilla Cupcakes with Buttercream frosting and Toasted Coconut.
(I brought a few to my friend and co-worker Penny a couple of minutes ago,,,,,,,She is THE Cupcake expert! Although, I didn't bring them to her to judge.....just hopefully enjoy!)

I have "Chamber Rounds" tomorrow -Collecting Prizes for the Easter Parade, so- if your a local Merchant and I'm hitting you up for prizes,, you may get one or two!( Or, if you work at a certain fantastic Store that begins with "J" and happend to be a Co-worker or Boss......)

Okay,,,,,,,,SO -On to a  New Soup Recipe!
Creme of Cauliflower,,,,,,,with a fun Twist!

I was having my "Hair-did" yesterday and read a recipe for a Soup. I was Going to have my stylist, Ericka, copy the recipe,,,and forgot,,,,,,while we were talking and I was getting "rolled" up,,,,,,,,Truly, I sat under the dryer with clingy rollers and when she "combed me out" I had hair like Adele! Too fun! Only trust me, you don't want ME to sing!........But as usual, I am wandering.........So SOUP! Here ya go!

Stuff you Need:
Large head of Cauliflower
One Leek
Vegetable Oil
2 Cans Chicken Stock
Bit of Butter
Non FAT Half 'n Half - (I KNOW how do they DO THAT?)
Course Salt/ Fresh Ground Pepper
Fresh Grated Parmeasan Cheese

Chop up Head of Cauliflower,,,,,remove leaves and the most dense stems.
Place on a cookie sheet or jelly roll pan and brush lightly with Vegatable Oil.

Cook in a Preheated oven at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes,,,,,or until "Florets" are lightly brown.

While the Cauliflower is cooking, Rinse one large Leek until clean, chop the "Bulb portion" and just a bit of the first greens......brown lightly in a "Pat of Butter" in a Large Stockpot.

Add Cauliflower when roasted, both cans of Chicken stock, a half of Can or so of Water (Cover Veggies w/ liquid.)  Simmer for a couple of hours and either use an emusifier OR a "Big Ole" French wire wisk,,,,,,,,and break "Cauli" apart. Add the "Non Fat" Half and Half to a desired consistency.......I think I added about a cup and a half.   Simmer a Bit longer.....

(Prior to serving, Grill or Saute' a couple 3 Scallops per bowl brushed with Butter on an indoor grill or saute' pan.)
 "Float" scallops in individual bowls of Soup and add a bit of Fresh grated Parmesan Cheese.

"Bon Appetite!"

So, after, and amidst my Homemaker's journey, I also worked on getting my/our (my new tennants) old Garage in order. Shew! I am SO NOT feeling glamous right now! But I got a LOT done today,,,,cleaning, organizing,,,,,,,,,,,,

Put a fork in my, I'm DONE for today! Feels GOOD to get it done,,,,,,,,,tell my Body that, okay?

Hope your week is starting off well! I've so SO much to do in these next couple of days/weeks, my head is spinning! Moves/Graduations/Easter Parade-ChamberStuff/ Little "Helen's" needs/New Tennant changes.

I'm sure YOUR plate is full TOO! Grab a Cupcake,,,,Virtual or otherwise! You deserve it!

Hugs, Love and a "Dora Domestic" 'Bus' on the Cheek!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Well, "Back the Truck Up!" Phone(s), Projects and Finds

Shew,,,,,I've had a busy last couple of days! Renting out the back cottage, (yessssssss!) to a gal I know, Super Busy, fun and exhausting days at Joyworks this weekend,,,,There may be a recession on,,,,but let me tell you,,,,,We are busier than all get out,,,,,,business seems to be growing exponentially!!

And, I made a few things for the Shop,,,,,,,,a  few Custom orders,,,,,,

25th Anniversary Commerative Box.......

I've also been dealing with (or NOT dealing with) my Land-line phone company, Frontier,,,,,,,you heard it here first folks,,,,whom promised to have service on FRIDAY.  (Still NO line techs have come, or emailed/called my alternate number) And,,,,,TADA!  "Back the Truck up",,,,,,,Shell IS activated,,,,,(okay really? had my "Boys") activate a CELL PHONE for me this morning!!! Oh, let me tell you, my son's really teased me on THIS one!

Never say Never, eh? I won't be texting on it, or driving on it either!

Picked up a few goodies at the "Historical Societies" Junk Sale on Friday including these fun glass globes.......$1.50 each......New, not vintage, but still had the Retail pricing on them for $24 bucks each!  SHUT UP Dawg! (The "Dawg" reference from my boys this morning) Will be fun to PUT Vintage goodness in though!!

I had BOTH of my son's show up for Coffee before I left for work this morning. That may not sound like a big deal, but the Last time they were both home was at Christmas.  And My oldest Sean, has been living in town for over a year now,,,,,,And,,,,,drumroll please,,my youngest, is moving back to Snohomish too! At least for now. I haven't had BOTH my boys living in this area at the same time in over 18 years. I am beyond elated to have them close by,,,,,again, at least for NOW!

Frankly? I'm Tired and SO, sore tonight, having some weird aches and pains,,,,,and I'm just sayin' right NOW? I am NOT getting a bug,,,,,my youngest, Andrew, Graduates next Saturday from Western Washington University!
(That's up north in Bellingham, WA if you're not from this area.) I am SO proud of him, my buttons may burst! This is my Son that was formerly in the Marine Corps, had two tours in Iraq.  Trust me, they'll be lots of pictures from next Saturday's Graduation!!

I hope you  ALL had an awesome Week/end. I'm going to do a bit of blog hopping before I either fall asleep in my dinner,,,,,or the long hot soak I have planned for the tub!!

Hugs, Love and a Happy/Tired/Achy/Excited/Proud "Bus" on the Cheek!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Frontier "Un" Communications........I have NO phone service right now......

Not sure WHAT is going on,,,,,,I've had Ton's of problems since "Verizon" dumped all of us with "land lines" and we've been bought up by "Frontier Communications."

I got a FEW calls today,,,,,,and they sounded like they were from 3rd World Countries,,,,,,,,and now, tonight? I've go nothing......I can't call out,,,,,,,trust me I've tried several times..........So? Send me an email if you're trying to get ahold of me. I'll be checking this all out tomorrow. I don't use a Cell,,,,,,,,,but after THIS I'm going to activate one! What a PAIN!

Hugs love and and "elusive" Bus,,,,,,,,,,,Not liking this! ( I can't get hold of anyone, let alone having my "Little 92yo Helen" being able to get a hold of ME!)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Glimpse of Spring in Joyworks......

As I've shared before, I work at the cutest store in the whole World! And as I generally take and share pictures of our Celebrations, full of co-workers and festivities, I thought it would be fun to share a few photos of our store right now! Once again, we had a busy day, but between customers I managed to grab a few shots to share,,,,they're not fantastic, but give you a "taste" for what we have on hand........

Our store is kind of broken up in "themes" and Color groupings,,,,,,,,,
Lots of Yummy Neutrals here.
Clothing, Home Decor, Accessories....and recently cut Pussy Willows fit right in!

Another vignette in our "entry" Blushes of Pink and Cremes...........

Heading downstairs to our home decor area,,,,,,,,,,Neutrals and Spring Greens...........

Another Stair landing Shot..........

Do you LOVE this table or WHAT? More Neutral's and Springtime goodness!

A touch of turquoise ,,,,,,,,,,

"Just Beachy",,,,,,,,,,

We have other "sections" too, in our home decor,,,,,,,but this was about 2 minutes of free time today. I'll have to share more, soon.

A portion of one of our Window Displays.........."We're Hoppin'!"

More Easter goodies inside! This is our "Spring Craft" area, complete with new glitters/mica/crepe,,,,,,,including a few of my creations.

So,,,,,there you go! I hope you enjoyed this Joyworks "Mini-tour!" Again,,,,,,,there is SO much of the store that I didn't share,,,,,,,and I gave you a "taste" of of cute new clothes and accessories. But Honestly? We were SO busy and we're SO full of new cute clothes that those photos will have to wait till ummm, we "tidy up" a bit after all the customers this weekend!  I'll share more soon! And, again, I know some of you follow or visit the Joyworks Shop blog, but some of you don't, so I thought it would be fun to share some photos!
But this fabulous store wouldn't be what it IS without the best co-workers, the best Owner/visionary, and the fantastic customers we have....Old and New! So, am I Lucky or WHAT?

Hope you had a GREAT weekend, whatever you did!

Hugs love and a "Bus" on the Cheek filled with JOY!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spring may be a ways off, but there was Spring Fever at Joyworks today!

Wowza! SUPER Busy day at Joyworks today,,,,,,,,,We have TONS of new goodies-New Home Decor and TONS of Cute new Clothes, Scarves  and Handbags......... and although the weather was still a bit Cold and wet, Customer's were Jumping into Spring! I'll have to take my Camera in tomorrow and take a few Photos.........I brought in a few things too..........

Some of my Easter Goodies previously posted, and  I included a few "mini" wreaths,,,,,,,,,Vintage Chickies and glittered eggs on this one...........

"Nature Inspired" Egg,,,,,,,,,,,,Bugs, Bees, Bloom's and "Shroom's"

I had fun making this one,,,,,,,,Lots of Vintage goodness, with a touch of Whimsy........

Tomorrow is SUPPOSED to be a relatively Sunny day in the Pacific Northwest, Stop in and see us if you're local!

I DO promise to charge up my camera tonite and take some photos in the store tomorrow.........even if you're NOT local, I hope we'll give you some inspiration!

Sidebar and an extended personal note: (I learned yet again today of another  dear friend battling Cancer. This time breast cancer, looks like they caught it in time, but she's got a long road ahead.

And Right now? I'm asking BIG time for prayers for my friend Jodene, battling lymphoma and down to 80 pounds. I love her and her "bio" family SO much,,,,,,,and also her extended "work and community" family members .....
I think of Jodene, and I see this kind, beautiful Face- compassion, kindness, always a shy smile,,,,,,,,and this just breaks my heart! She's the "Best of the Best!"

And Prayers for my friend Mike and his family, also battling Cancer. I've known Mike since  we were "kids." He's a police officer, husband to my friend  and former co-worker Suzanne, and always, a heck of a nice guy.)

When you live and or work in a small town, you can't help but keep a finger on the pulse of your community.
Sometimes that's a Good thing,,,,,,,and sorry, but sometimes that just "Sucks." Because you KNOW what is going on!

Have a great Sunday, Hug your loved ones, go out and do something fun or memorable if you can. "Carpe Diem." Seize the Day!" And remember, pray, and gather thoughts of those you love!

Hugs, love and a "Bus" of promise of things to come and remembrance of things now and in the past!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

"You ought to write a Book"

  1. Today's Post, from my friend Anne Lory's of "Fiona and Twig" prompted a lot of memories of my mom, but also recalled yet again a "convo" I had with a local friend today after reading my blog. "Shell, you ought to write a book." Hmm,,,I started one a while back. I still have the files on my puter.... and frankly, I have had a LOT of life experiences in my ahem, 50 some years.

So Annie posted those G-Darn typewriters! And it made me think of my Mom and HER publish a book. Well, in a sense, she did, she wrote a book for our family called "America at Last," documenting experience along with her Parents and siblings of coming to America in 1929.  I have a "bound" version, as well as several of my relatives.... Not to mention her published submissions to the local paper about my brother Ross, serving in Viet Nam...A glimpse if you will of what life was like for our soldier's (my heroic brother) back in 1967... And a piece in Reader's Digest, about our Cat and another humorous antic of a friend of her's that won Big in Vegas,,,and gave it all away enroute back to Washington....

And, all? Hand typed on This....

An old Underwood that occupies a special place in my Art Studio.

You have to be of a "certain" age to know that she used Carbon Papers and a Typing erasers in her endeavors. I need to share also, that she Taught Typing, filing, shorthand at a business college at one point in her life.  And, while she didn't try to direct my future too much as a young teen, she DID say,,"You need to learn how to type." And type I did, some 120wpm, by graduation.

But she never taught me to appreciate Stories, or Literature,,which surprises me somewhat because my family was RICH with that.....Not only family stories, but a LOVE of reading. I didn't acquire that until my late 20's, although SHE experienced/enjoyed it. As did my Grandparents, who were the most well read people you'd ever encounter-who both read and spoke many languages. I don't frankly know WHY it took me so long to discover books, and even now, I CRAVE learning....the more I learn, the more I WANT to learn.

The more I experience, the more I WANT to experience.
The more I share, the more I WANT to share...
Hmmm,,,,A book? Maybe I need to get serious about this...

Maybe a new Blogsite should be a consideration, and some followers to give input/criticism and perspective.... "You should write a book, Shell."

Dangit Annie Girl, it's ALL YOUR fault! LOL

Hugs, love and a "literative" Bus on the Cheek!