Thursday, March 1, 2012

"You ought to write a Book"

  1. Today's Post, from my friend Anne Lory's of "Fiona and Twig" prompted a lot of memories of my mom, but also recalled yet again a "convo" I had with a local friend today after reading my blog. "Shell, you ought to write a book." Hmm,,,I started one a while back. I still have the files on my puter.... and frankly, I have had a LOT of life experiences in my ahem, 50 some years.

So Annie posted those G-Darn typewriters! And it made me think of my Mom and HER publish a book. Well, in a sense, she did, she wrote a book for our family called "America at Last," documenting experience along with her Parents and siblings of coming to America in 1929.  I have a "bound" version, as well as several of my relatives.... Not to mention her published submissions to the local paper about my brother Ross, serving in Viet Nam...A glimpse if you will of what life was like for our soldier's (my heroic brother) back in 1967... And a piece in Reader's Digest, about our Cat and another humorous antic of a friend of her's that won Big in Vegas,,,and gave it all away enroute back to Washington....

And, all? Hand typed on This....

An old Underwood that occupies a special place in my Art Studio.

You have to be of a "certain" age to know that she used Carbon Papers and a Typing erasers in her endeavors. I need to share also, that she Taught Typing, filing, shorthand at a business college at one point in her life.  And, while she didn't try to direct my future too much as a young teen, she DID say,,"You need to learn how to type." And type I did, some 120wpm, by graduation.

But she never taught me to appreciate Stories, or Literature,,which surprises me somewhat because my family was RICH with that.....Not only family stories, but a LOVE of reading. I didn't acquire that until my late 20's, although SHE experienced/enjoyed it. As did my Grandparents, who were the most well read people you'd ever encounter-who both read and spoke many languages. I don't frankly know WHY it took me so long to discover books, and even now, I CRAVE learning....the more I learn, the more I WANT to learn.

The more I experience, the more I WANT to experience.
The more I share, the more I WANT to share...
Hmmm,,,,A book? Maybe I need to get serious about this...

Maybe a new Blogsite should be a consideration, and some followers to give input/criticism and perspective.... "You should write a book, Shell."

Dangit Annie Girl, it's ALL YOUR fault! LOL

Hugs, love and a "literative" Bus on the Cheek!

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  1. Wow! 120 wpm! Impressive. I learned to type on a manual typewriter. When we got good enough we got to go to electric. When I got out of business school in 1970, someone brought some kinda' big ol' machine in and said someday everyone would have a computer setting on their desks. (Sorry, that was a ramble) Maybe you should write a book.


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