Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Well,,,,,You learn Something Everyday! At least you try.....Easter Images,,,,As Is.....

If you've followed my blog for a while, you know that I finally got a Laptop a couple (?) months ago,,,although I've HAD it, I finally got it up and running with a wireless Modem,,,,,I KNOW Shut UP!

So,,,,,,I've been playing ,,,,,,a BIT and have wanted to share these fun Antique Easter Images for you all to use for a week or so,,,,,,,But, I still don't know exactly how to edit (Mostly cropping) issues with this new puter,,,,so, Here ya go,,,,,as is.....I couldn't figure out how to crop with the laptop mouse,,,,,at least yet!

 From a 1900's Easter Card........Okay to use/copy! Love this image!

Another Old one,,,,,,,,,

It's going to take me a while to get used to this puter,,,,,but I think once I know what I'm doing, it'll make things a bit easier!

(Getting ready for a Birthday for my oldest Sean and College graduation Dinner for Andrew- both of my boys tonight!) Sean turns 31 (ackkkk!) today!

Hope your week is going well, I'll be somewhat MIA for the next couple of days, as I'm working on the Easter Parade/Bonnet Making Session/Contest. Hope to share some FUN Bonnet Class photos on Thursday or Friday though!

Have a GREAT week!
Hugs, Love and a "Bloom-filled" Bus on the cheek!


  1. Sweet little images!!!

    I can't believe you got a new puter with a WIRELESS too!!! Lawd!

    Busy as a bee here and trying to catch up on a few Blogs. This work thing is cutting into my socializing time! Tee hee!!!


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  3. I'm fairly new to (and immensely grateful for) this blog o' yours - lifts my spirits & fuels my creative juices.
    Have to comment today on your computer escapades - I know someone (me?) just as old school as you :) I did get a good chuckle - thank you very much! So tickled to have stumbled upon your blogspot.



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