Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spring may be a ways off, but there was Spring Fever at Joyworks today!

Wowza! SUPER Busy day at Joyworks today,,,,,,,,,We have TONS of new goodies-New Home Decor and TONS of Cute new Clothes, Scarves  and Handbags......... and although the weather was still a bit Cold and wet, Customer's were Jumping into Spring! I'll have to take my Camera in tomorrow and take a few Photos.........I brought in a few things too..........

Some of my Easter Goodies previously posted, and  I included a few "mini" wreaths,,,,,,,,,Vintage Chickies and glittered eggs on this one...........

"Nature Inspired" Egg,,,,,,,,,,,,Bugs, Bees, Bloom's and "Shroom's"

I had fun making this one,,,,,,,,Lots of Vintage goodness, with a touch of Whimsy........

Tomorrow is SUPPOSED to be a relatively Sunny day in the Pacific Northwest, Stop in and see us if you're local!

I DO promise to charge up my camera tonite and take some photos in the store tomorrow.........even if you're NOT local, I hope we'll give you some inspiration!

Sidebar and an extended personal note: (I learned yet again today of another  dear friend battling Cancer. This time breast cancer, looks like they caught it in time, but she's got a long road ahead.

And Right now? I'm asking BIG time for prayers for my friend Jodene, battling lymphoma and down to 80 pounds. I love her and her "bio" family SO much,,,,,,,and also her extended "work and community" family members .....
I think of Jodene, and I see this kind, beautiful Face- compassion, kindness, always a shy smile,,,,,,,,and this just breaks my heart! She's the "Best of the Best!"

And Prayers for my friend Mike and his family, also battling Cancer. I've known Mike since  we were "kids." He's a police officer, husband to my friend  and former co-worker Suzanne, and always, a heck of a nice guy.)

When you live and or work in a small town, you can't help but keep a finger on the pulse of your community.
Sometimes that's a Good thing,,,,,,,and sorry, but sometimes that just "Sucks." Because you KNOW what is going on!

Have a great Sunday, Hug your loved ones, go out and do something fun or memorable if you can. "Carpe Diem." Seize the Day!" And remember, pray, and gather thoughts of those you love!

Hugs, love and a "Bus" of promise of things to come and remembrance of things now and in the past!


  1. Prayers going up for all in need!!

    Hope your day is a wonderful one!


  2. Shell,
    Thanks so much for mentioning Jud last week. We had his Celebration of Life last night and it was lovely. I need to find a way to blog about it soon.
    Now that it is spring and Easter is coming, I can get out my beautiful "Shell Egg" that I love so much. That Yard Egg that you made so beautiful!!!!
    Big hugs, my dear!


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