Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Frontier "Un" Communications........I have NO phone service right now......

Not sure WHAT is going on,,,,,,I've had Ton's of problems since "Verizon" dumped all of us with "land lines" and we've been bought up by "Frontier Communications."

I got a FEW calls today,,,,,,and they sounded like they were from 3rd World Countries,,,,,,,,and now, tonight? I've go nothing......I can't call out,,,,,,,trust me I've tried several times..........So? Send me an email if you're trying to get ahold of me. I'll be checking this all out tomorrow. I don't use a Cell,,,,,,,,,but after THIS I'm going to activate one! What a PAIN!

Hugs love and and "elusive" Bus,,,,,,,,,,,Not liking this! ( I can't get hold of anyone, let alone having my "Little 92yo Helen" being able to get a hold of ME!)


  1. oh no! Hope you get service back soon, we never know how much we miss it till its gone!
    hugs Lynn

  2. cell can get a pay as you go from radio 2 year plans...just sayin...



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