Tuesday, March 20, 2012


My last couple of days have been filled with Up's and downs. A new beginning for my Son graduating from College, The loss of a Friend, and it's impact on our small community. My Renter/friend and I working on the back Cottage to make it "just so."Tons of Wind/Rain while other parts of the Country are experiencing an early,,,almost "Summer-like" Spring.

Here is Hope,,,,,,,,,,,

Hesitant,demure, if you will- yet promising Blossom's unfurling on my Flowering Plum Tree........

This is HOPE.  These are future Dreams,,,,,,,,this IS Promise. This IS Faith.

And THIS? is Adaptability. This is Strength,,,,,,this is Character and Light.

And they are Both images, not so much of beauty, but of persistence, of grace and future dreams.

That, is the Promise of Spring. Warm/Cold, Dry/Rainy- I hope you're looking for the Promise of Spring, not only in your Gardens,,,,,,but in your life.

Hugs, Love and a "blooming" Bus on the Cheek!


  1. Shell hang in there, please know that you are thought of a lot.

  2. Shell,
    There is always hope. It sometimes shifts and changes, and we hope for different things than before, but it never disappears.
    You are a wonderful person and that is why you care and hurt!

  3. Shell- I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. Perhaps the breathe of spring will help to ease the hurt. The warmth of the sun can do wonders to lift your spirits.


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