Thursday, March 29, 2012

3rd Annual Easter Bonnet Workshop This Afternoon!

Some of the Finished Bonnets!

 Getting our
 Local Kids and Seniors together,,,,
For a Community Event

This Afternoon, I held the 3rd Annual Bonnet Contest at the Snohomish Boys and Girls Club! The class is made up of Kids from our Community and local Seniors.  The Bonnet Creator's generally take part in our Easter Parade (Which will take place NEXT Saturday, the 7th, at 11:00am) and then stop by after the parade to take part in the Bonnet Contest!

I love this workshop and it just keeps growing each year! And Love the Seniors that take part too! And I couldn't do it without helpers/volunteers and donations!
(My great "Thursday's" Helper Natalie,("Nat")- who not only helps me most Thursday's after school to "Cut/Glue/Glitter/Fold/Paste, etc."  --but volunteered her time today with the help of her handsome and helpful boyfriend Mitchell helped too!!) Thanks Guys!

Great young helpers from the Boys and Girls club too,,,,,,,Thank you!

Local Seniors from Emeritus Assisted Living making their Bonnets,,,,,,,,,,,,,(Several Returning residents, which I enjoyed seeing again!)

One of my returning Crafters,,,,,,,I think she enjoyed it last year!

Her friend and "Partner in Crafting Crime" from last year, I'm thinkin' they're liking this Workshop, to come back again!

Some of the "Gents" involved, being interviewed by the "Paparazzi!" (Snohomish Tribune Newspaper)

We had about 50 Bonnet Makers,  and plenty of Volunteers, Parents and seems to grow exponentially ever year. I would have taken more pics,,,,,,but we were "Hoppin!"

Small town life,,,,,,,,,,it's the BEST! Saying a little prayer that we'll get a warmer SUNNIER day for the Parade on the 7th! (It has SO got to be in the odds, after all this RAIN!)

Hugs Love and a "Bunny" Bus on the Cheek!


  1. Sweetest ever!!!! Way to go Shell, I'm sure you're exhausted...but, in a good way. :).

    You are so loved, and surely appreciated! Hoping the sun shines on everyone next Saturday.

    Love you,

  2. That is so sweet of you! Looks like everyone loves their bonnet! Great idea.

  3. What a great workshop, looks like it was such fun! Also looks like everyone had a wonderful time.


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