Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What has come over me??? Baking, cleaning and an Awesome new Soup!

Frankly, It still feels like Winter here in Washington! It is Cold, Wet, Windy, Rainy and they're talking on the weather about a bit of SNOW again tonite.......I think I might need to head to Omaha, where it's pushing 70!
But,,,,,,,I've also got this weird domestication thingy going on,,,,,,,Cleaning/purging/baking/cooking! Friends, you'd best mark in on your Calendar,,,,,,you may not see this side of me again for YEARS!!!

I baked. French Vanilla Cupcakes with Buttercream frosting and Toasted Coconut.
(I brought a few to my friend and co-worker Penny a couple of minutes ago,,,,,,,She is THE Cupcake expert! Although, I didn't bring them to her to judge.....just hopefully enjoy!)

I have "Chamber Rounds" tomorrow -Collecting Prizes for the Easter Parade, so- if your a local Merchant and I'm hitting you up for prizes,, you may get one or two!( Or, if you work at a certain fantastic Store that begins with "J" and happend to be a Co-worker or Boss......)

Okay,,,,,,,,SO -On to a  New Soup Recipe!
Creme of Cauliflower,,,,,,,with a fun Twist!

I was having my "Hair-did" yesterday and read a recipe for a Soup. I was Going to have my stylist, Ericka, copy the recipe,,,and forgot,,,,,,while we were talking and I was getting "rolled" up,,,,,,,,Truly, I sat under the dryer with clingy rollers and when she "combed me out" I had hair like Adele! Too fun! Only trust me, you don't want ME to sing!........But as usual, I am wandering.........So SOUP! Here ya go!

Stuff you Need:
Large head of Cauliflower
One Leek
Vegetable Oil
2 Cans Chicken Stock
Bit of Butter
Non FAT Half 'n Half - (I KNOW how do they DO THAT?)
Course Salt/ Fresh Ground Pepper
Fresh Grated Parmeasan Cheese

Chop up Head of Cauliflower,,,,,remove leaves and the most dense stems.
Place on a cookie sheet or jelly roll pan and brush lightly with Vegatable Oil.

Cook in a Preheated oven at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes,,,,,or until "Florets" are lightly brown.

While the Cauliflower is cooking, Rinse one large Leek until clean, chop the "Bulb portion" and just a bit of the first greens......brown lightly in a "Pat of Butter" in a Large Stockpot.

Add Cauliflower when roasted, both cans of Chicken stock, a half of Can or so of Water (Cover Veggies w/ liquid.)  Simmer for a couple of hours and either use an emusifier OR a "Big Ole" French wire wisk,,,,,,,,and break "Cauli" apart. Add the "Non Fat" Half and Half to a desired consistency.......I think I added about a cup and a half.   Simmer a Bit longer.....

(Prior to serving, Grill or Saute' a couple 3 Scallops per bowl brushed with Butter on an indoor grill or saute' pan.)
 "Float" scallops in individual bowls of Soup and add a bit of Fresh grated Parmesan Cheese.

"Bon Appetite!"

So, after, and amidst my Homemaker's journey, I also worked on getting my/our (my new tennants) old Garage in order. Shew! I am SO NOT feeling glamous right now! But I got a LOT done today,,,,cleaning, organizing,,,,,,,,,,,,

Put a fork in my, I'm DONE for today! Feels GOOD to get it done,,,,,,,,,tell my Body that, okay?

Hope your week is starting off well! I've so SO much to do in these next couple of days/weeks, my head is spinning! Moves/Graduations/Easter Parade-ChamberStuff/ Little "Helen's" needs/New Tennant changes.

I'm sure YOUR plate is full TOO! Grab a Cupcake,,,,Virtual or otherwise! You deserve it!

Hugs, Love and a "Dora Domestic" 'Bus' on the Cheek!


  1. That soup sounds wonderful! The NonFat idea is great. Especially with the poundage I have accumulated!

    Now it the time I get out the BEAUTIFUL egg you made for me. You remember...YARD EGGS. That still makes me laugh.They are the ugliest old things and make such beauty!!!

    I want a cupcake...right now....those look fabulous. Come to Minneapolis where we will be having five warm days in a row!!!

  2. Hey Shelly,
    FYI You are so not allowed to leave lol and I agree those cupcakes look yummy! I will have to tryout the soup recipe as well it sounds delicious. I was also looking at your garden crowns and the romantic wreath, I would like to order them from ya, just let me know.


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